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The 50+ Ultra Best Bar Stools Reviews & Experts Buying Guides[In-Depth Guidance]

Getting the best bar stools have been more and more popular around the world, multiple colors and pattern design make them great decor at home and other commercial places.

Do you want best bar stools?

Do you have trouble in seeking for ideal types for your need?

What types of bar stools will be popular?

If you have above problems, we are here to help solve all your troubles.

In this post, we provide you with 50+ best bar stools reviews on the market that NEWLY UPDATE, besides, there are professional buying guides to help you.

Now let’s get started!

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Our Top Pick:

#1. Best OverallUrbanMod 24” Stool
“Handheld design on the stool helps moving it easier, brilliant quality level with super sturdiness function meets all your demands.”

#2. Best SwivelSUPERJARE Set of 2 Adjustable Bar Stools
“Soft padded seat with air lift height adjustable system, rubber ring protective feet protects your floor from scratching effectively.”

#3. Best UpholsteryStone & Beam Carson Tufted
“Modern tufting on the back together with gray fabric makes it super attractive, sturdy wooden legs guard your safety all the time.”

#4. Best Country TypeWinsome Wood 53624
“Great combination with white and natural wood, swivel function makes chatting more convenience.”

#5. Best Modern TypeFlash Furniture 2 Pk.
“Light gray adds up its modern appearance, ergonomic seat design relax whole body down immediately.”

#6. Best CheapWinsome Wood 83224
“Natural wood appearance design, reasonable price and stable using experience, all make up its highly popular trend on the market.”

What Do Bar Stools Mean?

Bar stools are a type of tall chair, often with foot rests to support the feet. The height and narrowness of bar stools make them highly convenient for use at pubs and bars.

Nowadays different types of bar stools are available, having variety in construction, material, and model. Bar stools are often made of metal or wood. They are available with or without backs, armrests, upholstery or padding on the seat surface. Bar stools can range from basic wooden designs to complex ones with adjustable heights.

In commercial settings, swivel and floor mounted type of bar stools are commonly used. Floor mounting makes the stool immovable, thus preventing it from being stolen or used as a weapon during bar fights.

The normal height of a bar stool is around 30″ on an average. Shorter bar stools with a height of 24″ to 26″ are used in kitchen and bar counters. Extra tall bar stools with a height of 36″ are increasingly being used in contemporary style pubs for a visual effect.

Some bar stools use foam padding for comfort. Rattan or bamboo are also used in making bar stools, and such bar stools are commonly used in tiki bars.
Bar stools have gained a different kind of popularity in recent years and their market is constantly increasing. Online purchase of bar stools is a booming business.

Nowadays buyers can customize their bar stools according to their requirements. There is a wide range of choices regarding fabric, finish, material, height, etc, from which the customers can choose from.

This article is your ultimate guide to bar stools, and will definitely help you in finding the perfect bar stool you need, whether you are a homeowner or someone new in business.

Best Overall Bar Stools – UrbanMod 24″ Stool

best bar stool


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When Were Bar Stools Invented? Why Not Chairs?

It’s hard to say exactly when our modern day bar stools came into being. They have always been a popular place to sit on, and proofs of their existence can even be found in ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations.

In the early days, stools were considered lowly and only common people and servants sat on this. This tradition of status continued well up to as late as the 1800s. However, their practical purpose can never be denied and some of the earliest pubs still boast bar stools!

The wooden stools of the past were simple wooden models with three legs and were the most basic structure to provide a person with a place to sit. Often they were not a part of a table setting and occasionally an extra “bar” was pulled up, which is how it is believed they have got the name “bar stools”.

Best Wooden Bar Stools – Stone Beam Carson

best breakfast bar stools


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Bar stools being narrow and high are used instead of chairs, in bars and pubs. They are space-saving, as more number of bar stools than chairs can accommodate in a fixed amount of space.

Sometimes drunk people may pass out on chairs with their arms thrown on the back of the chair, and their heads are resting on it. This can lead to the permanent paralysis of that arm and is medically known as “Saturday Night Palsy“. Bar stools prevent such a mishap from occurring and allow a drunk person to rest his or her head on the bar counter until they feel better.

Best Bar Stools For Home – SUPERJARE

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Why Are Bar Stools So Tall?

The actual bars that the type of establishment is named after is actually designed for people standing up.

The bartender behind the bar is meant to be standing in order to be able to do his or her job reasonably, and a certain percentage of the patrons, who are just there to order a drink to take to their table or just prefer to watch the bartender work and have their drink at the counter, will be standing as well.

Due to the involvement of the bartender and frequently changing composition of the crowd, who again have their inhibitions somewhat lowered, the bar becomes one of the spots where the most interesting conversation takes place in a joint or club.

So, it became very popular to spend a lot of time there. Bar stools were added to the bars more as an afterthought so that people who wanted to become a part of that crowd could sit down if they wanted to.

Best Tall Bar Stools – Tobbi

best bar chairs


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In order to bring people in level with the standing bartender, and other people who are standing, the bar stools were made of a greater height than ordinary chairs or stools.

The bar platforms are so high that if the bar stools are not high enough, a person will sit facing the platform, without any view of the bartender, which is not at all practical.

It is also easier to pick up a drink from the bar counter by sitting on high bar stools because it prevents the person from bending over to collect their drinks. It is also very easy to climb on these seats and get off them. The modern bar stools, are not only high but also are often padded, along with footrests that make sitting more comfortable.

Most Comfortable Bar Stools – HomePop Upholstered Barstool

best bar stools ever


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How Tall Should Bar Stools Be? Why?

Nowadays bar stools are not just confined to bars. They have become ubiquitous– from restaurants, diners, coffee houses to even home kitchens and dining tables are incomplete without a few bar stools.

The height of your bar stool depends on the purpose you are planning to use it for.

Best 30 Inch Bar Stools – Furmax 30 Inches Gun Metal Bar Stools

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In a domestic environment, bar stools are meant to be used in that part of the kitchen counter which is higher, normally by 6 inches, from the rest of the counter. Usually, this part of the counter is 42 inches instead of 36 inches. Bar stools with a height of 24 inches are perfect in such

Bar height stools are commonly used in pubs for their high tables. These are usually 30 inches in height.

Bar stools should be high enough so that you can rest your elbows on the bar. This dictum should be strictly followed when you purchase your bar stool.

The tallest type of bar stool is known as a “Stadium” or “Spectator Stool”. They are designed for a 48 inch counter, so their height is within a range of 34 to 36 inches. These type of stools are often used when extra height is needed, like viewing the television.

Best Adjustable Height Bar Stools – NOBPEINT Contemporary Chrome

best rated bar stools


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Are Bar Stools Good Or Bad For Your Back?

Okay. Let’s make this clear. Whether you hurt your back while sitting is not a matter of where you sit, rather it’s all about how you sit. If you can maintain a proper posture for a long time, you don’t have the slightest chance of injuring your vertebral column.

But most people can’t do it. They often tend to sit in a bad posture even if it’s a cushy couch. And that’s where all your ‘ache’s come in. If you spend a considerable amount of time in a couch, there’s a high chance you’ll end up with fatigue and ultimately arthritis. So it’s time you choose something different like a bar stool. Who knows, this may help you avoid improper postures.

Best Bar Stools With Backs – Nova Microdermabrasion Modern Ajustable

best counter height stools


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Now, at first look bar stools don’t actually seem to be ergonomic. But these simple inventions have got a lot more up their sleeves than you think. The sitter generally leans against the bar and thereby, sits erect. It’s science! Thus the brilliant design prevents your swayback.

The spine automatically gets support. Muscle sprain, exacerbated arthritis, etc. have always been a common complaint among elderly office goers. And most often its root lies in bad sitting habits. So when you have a chance of avoiding this nasty business, why shouldn’t you?

Bar stools help you sit in such a way that it extends the spine. Thus it will compensate the damage people do to their back by slouchy walking. It corrects and maintains the curvatures of the spine.

Best Backless Bar Stools – Chantal Backless Brown Counter Stools

best wooden bar stools


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So, believe it or not, bar stools are always good for your back. After all, old is gold, right? This traditional ‘sitting device’ will surely keep your heads up.

Why Bar Stools Are Higher Than Normal Chairs?

Bar stools were originally used in pubs. Their increased use in domestic settings was completely eventual.

At a bar or pub, the bartender likes to be swift. He or she needs to select from an array of ingredients and cater to different customers. Also, to keep the atmosphere entertaining and exciting, the bartender resorts to performing various extravagant mixing tricks like juggling the bottles, etc. For all this, he or she needs to stand.

Best Counter Stools – WOLTU ABSX1003blk Swivel Adjustable Barstools

best modern bar stools


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The bar counter becomes a special feature of a restaurant. It dominates automatically. It also provides some privacy to the bartender when he or she uses the under the counter for mixing drinks and other such activities. Hence the counter is higher than usual.

The customers, on the other hand, who want to be there for long time and drink their drinks at the counter to watch the bartender perform, prefer to sit comfortably and enjoy. This is where bar stools come in. They provide a raised place for the patrons to sit while allowing them to immerse in conversation and participate in the social life of the bar actively.

Bar stools allow those to be who is seated to be in close eye contact with the people who are standing to facilitate conversation. They also provide a clear view of what’s happening around.

While normal chairs are great for a comfortable dining experience, using chairs in a bar can be quite cumbersome. They take up more space and is not convenient for the high bar counters.

Best High Counter Bar Stools – Stone & Beam Alaina 

32 inch bar stools


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Nowadays high bar stools with added backs support and armrests like a normal chair are also available. They provide comfort along with the added perks of sitting in a normal bar stool. These type of bar stools are the ones generally preferred for domestic use like in kitchens counters, as well as in regular diners and restaurants.

What Are The Important Features Of A Gas Lift Bar Stool?

Gas lift bar stools have become quite a rage since their inception. They are widely used around the globe in restaurants, diners, bars as well as in homes. They attract a wide range of customers because of their versatility and appeal.
The biggest and most important feature of a gas lift bar stool is its adjustable height.

The normal bar stools do not go up to a height of more than 40 inches, but these gas lift bar stools can go up to an additional height of about 43 inches. They can also be adjusted to a minimum or maximum height.

Best Gas Lift Bar Stools – SUPERJARE Adjustable Bar Stools

sturdy bar stool


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Another key feature of these bar stools is their ease of use and simplicity. There is almost no complexity in operating these stools. Adjusting the height of these stools is so easy that even a child can accomplish it.

The gas lift bar stools are very versatile. You can find different types of them for your different need. They offer numerous advantages when placed in kitchens or any other places. Some of these bar stools are padded, with back support which makes them very comfortable to sit on. Plain, unpadded ones are also available for a more minimalist approach.

Gas lift bar stools occupy very less space. Their compactness makes it very easy to move them, and a lot of people can be seated in a smaller place with the help of these stools.

They are mostly made of metal which makes them very durable. They almost look unbreakable. Their compactness and durability make them the ultimate choice of bar and restaurant owners.

These sleek and shiny gas lift bar stools are whatever modern house needs. Your swanky and futuristic home decor is incomplete without them.

Best Adjustable Swivel Bar Stools – SUPERJARE Swivel Barstool Chairs

sturdy counter stools


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Are Bar Stools Good For Posture?

Bar stools are the best choice for working on a high surface like bars, café tables, kitchen counters, and standing desks. Recently it’s been said that bar stools not only improve your posture but they boost your productivity as well!

Bar stools keep your feet under your body, and your spine remains straight, giving you a healthy alert posture which makes it easier to focus on your work.

Sitting on a bar stool can get your blood pumping when compared to slouching in a low to the ground chair. This increases the blood supply to your brain and muscles, making them ready to perform. That’s how it must feel to sit on the top of a mountain!

Best Folding Bar Stools – Linon Home Decor Keira Pad Back Folding Counter Stool
sturdy kitchen stools


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One of the many reasons you can stay alert in a bar stool is that, because of your good posture, your lungs have opened up. You can breathe deeply now, flooding your brain with oxygen which gets your creativity flowing.

It has become a common knowledge that you should break up bouts of sitting with standing and movement. It becomes easier to go from sitting to standing and again back to sitting with a bar stool. They help you stand and work at the same time as well.

If you are lucky enough to have a swiveling bar stool, just whipping back and forth can create the movement and motion necessary for all sorts of rich insight to pop up, and it is also claimed as ab work out!

Best Ergonomic Bar Stools – Milliard Bar Stools

sturdy counter height chairs


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Bar Stools vs. Counter Stools

Perhaps you have always wondered what the difference between a counter stool and a bar stool is. They are more or less the same; however, they do have a basic difference in height. Modern style homes have started to follow a trend of having an island or counter space in the kitchen area.

This new feature eliminates the need for a formal dining table, especially in small homes and apartments.

counter height bar chairs

A counter stool is something you use to sit comfortably at a counter. Standard counter height is about 36 inches from the ground, so counter stools are around 24-26 inches high. They are perfect for office and residential settings. There are a plethora of styles to choose from– backless stools, swivels, counter height stools with backs and a lot more.

If you are planning to use these chairs at your kitchen counter, which also happens to be your only dining space, be sure to use comfortable counter stools that will provide you support, while complimenting your existing decor.

Bar stools are just what their name suggests– they are made for the bar. These stools are a bit taller than your regular counter stools. They are manufactured for counters that are taller than your kitchen but are mostly used in bars. Bar counters range from a height of 40 to 43 inches; therefore bar stools used at these counter are about 30 to 33 inches.

If you have a bar in your home, be sure to purchase bar height stools and not counter or stadium stools because you don’t want to find yourself or your guests struggling to rest your arms on the bar table, or lean over because you are seated too high.

So to sum up, bar stools are always higher than counter stools, but you should keep in mind that both of them are taller than your traditional dining table chairs.

Bar Stools vs. Chairs

While there are many similarities between chairs and bar stools, their contrast in purposes define the key differences in their design. From what they are used for and where they’re used, to what way we sit on them and the extra features that enhance their usage, there are a lot more variables you can think about. You should keep in mind these key differences while choosing the ideal product for you.

Best Chairs – Flash Furniture 10 Pk. HERCULES Series

bar stools and chairs


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A very obvious dissimilarity between regular chairs and bar stools are their differences in height, due to the varying locations they are intended to be used in. Meant for use at a table, whether in restaurants, office, kitchen, dining tables and beyond, the majority of chairs are fixed at standard dining table height.

Dining tables generally measure 29 inches from the ground, so we recommend a chair in the range of 17-20 inches height for a comfortable fit. On the other hand, bar stools are designed for use in a variety of environments like pubs, beauty salons, and clinics.

They are also used at home in kitchen counters and bars. So an average height of 30-33 inches is used, keeping in mind the height of a standard bar counter.

We are accustomed to sitting on chairs for a longer period of time than on stools. What’s more, we sit on them in different ways. Our posture greatly helps in determining their design. As it is the tendency to lean back and relax in a chair, they require higher backrests to support our back.

Best Comfortable Bar Stools With Back – 3-Piece Avery Adjustable Height Barstool

high quality leather bar stools


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In contrast, large backrests are never required in a bar stool as the inclination is to lean forward and rest our elbows on the counter. There is also an aesthetic reason for bar stools not having large backrests, as they would look completely out of place if they did.

Things You Should Consider On Choosing The Best Bar Stool

best price outdoor bar stools

Measuring The Height You Need.

There are different heights when it comes to bar stools. You need to keep in mind the height of your countertop before fixing on a bar stool.

For perfectly accessing the height of your bar stool, first measure the height of your counter (preferably in inches), from the ground to the top. Now, just subtract 10 to 12 inches from it and voila! You have the height of your bar stool! The extra inches are for comfortably fitting your leg under the counter.

Ideally, you should also consider extra features present in the bar stool, like the height of armrests and upholstery, to make sure you can tuck them under you counter without the arms or padding in the way.

Adjustable Height Swivel Stools – SUPERJARE Adjustable Bar Stools

adjustable height bar stools


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Speaking of practicability, it’s obviously wise to keep in mind how much room you have. Don’t be too hasty in buying bar stools if you have not taken the measurements properly. It’s always advisable to strike a balance between what will be aesthetically pleasing and who will be sat there.

There is no point in getting two bar stools if you are a family of five and all of you regularly sit at the counter. Once you have figured out how much space you have and how many stools you will need, you can begin to picture what you want to purchase.

Try to follow the general rule of thumb which says to maintain a distance of 26-30 inches between the centers of each bar stool, to prevent overcrowding.

Small Bar Stools – Jaeden Backless Faux Leather Bar Stools

small bar stools


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Bar Stools Or Counter Stools.

There is obviously a height difference between bar stools and counter stools, as stated earlier. Many times, the height of your countertop may not be anywhere close to a standard. In such a case, keep in mind to buy such a stool which leaves ample leg space for you to sit comfortably.

Obviously you can get over this hassle by opting for a height adjustable gas lift stool, but generally, it’s advisable to go for a bar stool for your bar and a counter stool for your kitchen counter.

Best 24 Inch Industrial Bar Stools – Andeworld Tolix-Style Bar Stools

stackable counter height stools


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Seat Width And Comfort.

Once you have settled for style, the next important thing to consider is a comfort. It’s good to keep in mind who will be sitting on it, adults generally value comfort over anything else, and so do restless young children.

For a bar stool to be comfortable, it’s very important for it to have wide seats. It should at least be able to accommodate your buttocks without feeling like you are falling off.

You should consider a bar stool which is a wide seat but is narrow, which makes them great for tucking perfectly under your counter.

Best Wide Seat Leather Bar Stools – Rivet Malida Mid-Century

leather top bar stools


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Measure The Feet.

Footrests will definitely make things more comfortable if you don’t mind dangling your legs of course. However, most adults appreciate the value of a footrest, so make sure you look out for it. It’s the kind of thing you don’t generally think about, but notice when it’s not there.

Best Bar Stools With Multiple Footrest – Winsome 29-Inch Square Leg Bar Stool

durable bar stools


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What To Look For In Bar Stools?

Home Decor

Matching your new bar stools with your existing home decor may be harder than it seems. You have to keep in mind the cosmetic property of your new furniture. If you are a fan of interior designing and have given a lot of effort in perfecting your desired home decor, it’s of utmost importance to buy such bar stools that will amp up your style.

Bar stools tend to be noticeable because they are tall. A bright, modern stool or three can make your area look contemporary if that is your aim. If the style of your space happens to lean towards industrial, metal, wood, leather and their combination may be perfect for you. Likewise, different choices of bar stools are available to match your taste. It’s just a matter of identifying and implementing it.

quality bar stool


Bar stools are mainly available in three main materials– wood, metal, and fiber.
Wooden bar stools are durable and look great in traditional and older homes. They can also amp up your retro style home.

Metal bar stools, generally made of aluminum or steel are great for a modern and contemporary look. They are durable and provide ample support. However, they are not well suited as outdoor furniture because there’s a probability of damage due to rust and oxidation.

Fiber is a lightweight material that makes it very effortless to move the furniture around. It’s very popular because of its weight and durability and is a very good option for outdoor purposes.

A variety of other materials, like bamboo and rattan, are also available and can be experimented if they match with your tastes.

breakfast bar stools with backs

Height Adjustable

Height adjustable bar stools are in the rage nowadays. They are very popular because of their sleek design and ease of use. You can use it anywhere you want, be it a kitchen counter or a bar. They are a great option if you choose convenience over everything else.

However, some people prefer wooden and fixed height bar stools because they look more stylish and more in going with their home decor.

Height Adjustable Bar Stools – Duhome 2 PCS Swizzle Gloss

counter stools with backs

Back Support

Make sure to take into consideration whether or not you want a bar stool with back support while purchasing one. Backless bar stools will give you a sleeker and cleaner look and will take up less space, which is a key consideration in a small space. But, it may not be the right decision if you spend a lot of time sitting on this stool.

If you plan to sit a lot of time on your bar stool, one with back support is the right way to go. Also, if you have little kids in the house, having a bar stool with a back may be a much safer option.

Best Bar Stools With Back Support – Rivet Decatur Modern Barstool

bar chairs with backs


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Type Of Upholstery

Upholstered bar stools are less common a sight in outdoor settings, but it’s obvious they are much more comfortable. A wide range of upholstery options is available for bar stools.

Leather, microfiber, and polyester are good stain resistant options and is a good choice. Just make sure that the upholstery doesn’t stop on the seat because it will likely unravel from the stool.

Modern Leather Bar Stools – Pinnadel Swivel Barstool

modern leather bar stools


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Swiveling and armrests are some of the added features to our regular bar stools. Swivel stools are a great option. They can swivel out from the attachment to the counter itself, or the bar stool’s seat can swivel on the top of its own frame. They are easier to get out of. You need not pull the stool out, just swivel from one side to the other, without disturbing the people sitting next to you.

Cushions are another indispensable feature of some bar stools, especially on the ones where people sit for lengths. Sitting on a hard bar stool without some cushioning for a very long time is never a pleasant experience, no matter how nice and stylish the stool is.

Bars stools are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. They have become positively ubiquitous. So are you feeling left out? Get inspired and set out to find the bar stool that suits your needs and style!

Think About Bar Stools Designs

leather counter chairs

Backs And Footrest

Since the invention of bar stools, sitting at tables that are higher than the standard table has been easy and comfortable. These stools come in different designs. The built of the stool is made to confer comfort and maximum support as you seat on them. The stools may or may not have backs and the footrest. The stools that have these features are the most comfortable to use. The footrest offers a place to step on. This way, your legs do not hang all along your seating period. On the other hand, backrest offers you back support.

Round Versus Square Seating

The style of the stools matters a lot especially when it comes to the economies of space. However, both the round and the square stools offer a comfortable sitting. Between round and square, which one is your favorite?

Remember the both have a classic design and they look elegant is whatever place you put them. There are variations of these styles to suit your needs. When we talk about the style, we mean the shape of the seat.

The seat may come in variations such as saddles seat shape or plain flat. Besides, some have anti-scratch properties.

Saving Space

Is your house spacious? If you have less space, you might consider having a bar stool that takes up less space. To save space, consider small sized and stackable bar stools.

On a general observation, rounded stools take up very little space as compared to their square counterparts. Besides, if you have a small space getting a swivel stool can work better for you. With swivel stools, you’ll have to turn around to talk to your friend.


The design of a stool will determine if it is stackable or not.

This property makes the stools easy to store. The majority are usual scratch resistant; this way they retain their elegant look for a long time.

Besides, transporting such bar stools will become very easy as they will take less space and compared to non-stackable stools. You can use these stools in your bar or your kitchen.

Protect Your Floor From Scratching

Stools can be a menace in your home. If they do not have a protective casing, they can damage your floor. Pulling stools from one end of the room to the other can be very detrimental to the floor.

Wooden floors are the most affected by bar stools. However, modern stools come with paddings. The paddings work exceptionally well by preventing the contact of the metallic or the wooden part of your bar stool with your floor.

Fit the right size of pads for your bar stool so that they stick to offer the required protection; otherwise, they will fall off soon you place them.

What Types Of Bar Stools Will Be Popular?

Outdoor Bar Stools

The conditions outdoors are tougher. But this should not limit the look of your garden or patio. While seeking to buy bar stools for your garden or patio, there is a critical thing to put in mind.

Best Outdoor Bar Stools – PHI VILLA Outdoor Swivel Bar Chairs

outdoor bar and bar stools


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They include:

  • Strength:

The stool should be made from strong material – Material that can withstand the harsh environmental material but at the same giving you the much-needed comfort. In this case, wood is preferred.

  • Look:

Your bars stools must have a stunning look for a longer time. Whether they are hit by the sun or rained, on, they must retain the original look for a longer time.

  • Choose low maintenance stools
  • Resistant to weather conditions

Check outdoor bar stools reviews we made for you from here.

Indoor Bar Stools

The conditions indoors are much fairer as compared to the outside. But, you should not take a low performing stool. Indoor stool serves a similar purpose to the outdoor stools. They offer great comfort especially when you are sitting at your island. These stools come with features like:

Best Indoor Bar Stools – Zuri Furniture Brown Chateau

swivel kitchen stools

    • Highly padded
    • Mostly made of wood, but can be made from metals and plastics
    • Armrest and backrest
    • Resistance to scratch: most are moved from place to place as they might scratch
    • Can be stacked to take little space when not in use
    • Swivel: this is great indoors area with small space or if you want to put a taste of elegance.


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How To Choose Black Bar Stools

Color has the most impact on everything. So, selecting a particular color requires keenness and great concern.

Do you like black color?

When choosing black, it means it blends with your kitchen, bar or island, or you want a contrast. Whichever the case, you need a high performing black bar stool.

Do you like the padded or unpadded type?

If it is padded, then the covering of the padding must be black. The bold stools sent a bold message of authenticity and at the same time conferring unmatched comfort. Choose a black stool that matches your specific needs.

Best Black Bar Stools – Winsome 20084 Satori Stool

black breakfast bar stools


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How To Choose White Bar Stools

White stools are very impressive. They give a brighter mood and add decor to your floor plan. You should, therefore, consider these white bar stools. Have a few additions in your home bar or kitchen.

How do you choose them then?

If you plan to choose the white stool considers:

  • Where you will place them:

White color is prone to getting dirty. If you put them outdoors or places where they are frequently used they might stain.

  • Who is going to use them?

When used by adults, the stools might maintain their form for a longer time. On the other hands, kids might not be able to retain them.

Best White Bar Stools – Roundhill Furniture Masaccio Cushioned

white bar stools with backs


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How To Choose Gray Bar Stools

If you want underlying beauty in your floor space, then try the grey colored stools. These varied types of stools are usually appealing to the eye. They come in numerous shades of grey and trust me; you will be spoiled for choice.

Whether you are looking for an armchair, padded, or backrest grey bar stool, you have numerous options. While purchasing these stools consider whether they match with the background of your floor space or walls, get the right height, the right shade of grey.

Are you using them indoors or outdoors? The versatility of these stools makes them excellent for both indoors and outdoors.

Best Gray Bar Stools – Angel Line 43418-21 Cambridge bar stools

gray backless bar stools


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How To Choose Colored Bar Stools

Color defines your uniqueness. Finding the color that gives you the most significant aesthetic and visual effect can be quite tricky. However, getting the best color scheme when it comes to selecting your stools can be essential. Remember, the color goes hand in hand with design.

Vintage stools will come with vintage colors. Besides, the place where you will place your bar stools determines their color. Ensure that the colors of your stools are an addition but not a distraction.

You can choose a contrast of colored stools or get a single color. Contrast helps to differentiate elements. Will you feel comfortable with yellow stools in a white painted kitchen?

Best Colored Bar Stools – Flash Furniture 30” High Backless

cherry bar stools


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Features Of Modern Bar Stools

Advanced knowledge and creativity have seen the development of stylish bar stools. The modern-day bar stools represent boldness when it comes to comfort. Their main features are:

Best Modern Bar Stools – Nathan James 22103 Nelson Bar Stool

modern outdoor bar stools


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  • Natural material:

The materials that make stools are mainly metal and wood. The upholstery bar stools are in black, white, brown or grey colors among others.

  • Style:

modern stools are either square or rounded. They have additions such as armrest and backs. Few modifications have been made to produce the swivel type.

  • Perfectly suit s specific space:

contemporary bar stools are correctly created for a particular place, e.g., kitchen, Island or garden. Few can be used in more than single place perfectly.

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Features Of Country Bar Stools

If you want a complete sense of comfort, the country bar stools provide it with confidence. These stools have been heavily padded with high-density foam. The fabric is of high quality while colors vary greatly.

Besides, they come in different heights that fit your bar need. These stools are built for various uses in your home. The designs vary: you can choose from a wide range of models.

Some include the tub-like stools, stool chair, saddle back tops, etc. the outstanding features of these stools is their countryside look and feel.

Best Country Bar Stools – Hawthorne 24″ Counter Stool

country style bar stools


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Features Of Vintage Bar Stools

Nothing beats the glamour of the vintage bar stool. These stools represent a particular era. You can pick your bar stools from a single period you can get a mix of several eras to get that cohesive look. These types of stools are characterized by:

Best Vintage Bar Stools – Best Selling Charlie Saddle

vintage style bar stools

    • Being in a limited edition
    • Unique style representing a particular period
    • Conditions are of its kind
    • Highly practical
    • Lightweight look
    • More authentic
    • Budget-friendly


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Getting this stool into your collection will define who you are. They bring in your home an antique look, but at the same time giving it a warm feel. The stools can be crafted into combinations of colors giving a particular appealing shade.

Features Of Industrial Bar Stools

These are perfect creations made from different materials. The bar stools are made from combination metal and wood. In most cases, they are made in unique designs to represent a particular industrial object, e.g., a tractor seat. They are reminiscent of the industrial era. There characterized by:

Best Industrial Bar Stools – Topower American Antique Vintage Stools

industrial bar stools

  • Solid construction
  • Strong and robust metal or wood frame
  • They capture the modern influence
  • Anti-slip floor protector
  • Their footrest is heavy duty


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If you want your home to appear bold and courageous, try the industrial bar stools. With these stools be assured of durability, elegance and a stunning look in whatever place you use them.

Why Do You Need Wooden Bar Stools

The wooden bar stool is preferred for any other type of material. They are made in different designs, colors and frame type. The wooden stools have a unique touch. If you need a bar stool, get the wooden type because:

wooden breakfast bar stools

  • They are longer lasting:

The stools are made from wood such as cherry, oak, etc. these are hardwoods that are longer lasting

  • They add flavor:

The uniqueness of wood makes using them fun

  • Easy to repair:

In case of damage, a wooden stool is easy to fix. You only need nails and a harmer

  • Offer more comfortable sitting surface:

Even without cushioning, a wood surface is more comfortable as compared to metal.

Why Do You Need Metal Bar Stools

Metal bar stools are made from either aluminum or steel. These are sturdy material. These types of stools are built creatively to blend with home décor. They are characterized by:

Best Metal Bar Stools – Christopher Knight Home Truda

outdoor metal bar stools

  • The have Strong built: they can carry a more substantial weight
  • Easy to clean: wipes using a dry piece of cloth. Besides, the majority do not show fingerprints
  • The metal finish is durable and makes them appear stunning.
  • Longer lasting: the metallic built makes them withstand any external pressures thus longer lasting
  • They easily match the kitchen utensil considering they are made of steel or aluminum.


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Why Have Leather Bar Stools Become Common?

Bar stools have become must-have seats in your home. A touch of leather on the bar stools make them a classical type of seat. Whether you are looking to buy a wooden or metallic stool, the cushion finishing is what makes people like a stool. They are common because:

Best Leather Bar Stools – Faux Leather Swivel Barstool

leather top bar stools

    • Easy to clean
    • Stain resistant
    • Longer lasting
    • resistant to smells
    • Respond well to the seat warmers
    • Gives your bar an extremely lush look and feel


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Besides, the designers of bar tools, are coming up with unique leather designs that are appealing to the eye. From the swivel bar stools to the tub-like stools, to those with backrest…the designs will make you fall in love with leather products.

Benefits Of Plastic Bar Stools

The world of bar stools is dynamic. With the increased need for people to have a comfortable sitting, plastic bar stools were invented. These stools came into to breathe fresh air in the world of stools. Being lightweight makes it easy to carry from one point to another.

Best Plastic Bar Stools – Duhome 2 PCS Swizzle Gloss

clear plastic bar stools


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Besides, they come at lower prices, yet they offer similar or even more comfort than their metallic and wooden counterparts. When it comes to maintenance cost, it’s almost nil. The sturdiness that plastic bar stool have is unimaginable. They are sturdy and durable to withstand any treatment.

This, together with their ability not to rust, not to crack and waterproofing qualities make plastic bar stool a choice to buy.

Why Choosing Rattan Bar Stools

Rattan bar stools are a representation of simplicity and creativity. Created from sections of rattan, these types of stools come in various designs, colors, and sizes. They introduce a natural look into whichever space you place.

Best Rattan Bar Stools – Safavieh Home Collection Fremont

wicker bar stools


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The best part with this type of stools is that they are handwoven from the natural growing rattan. Besides, you can add a cushion on the seat or use it the way it is.

Besides, this stool is very easy to clean: you only need to use a damp piece of clothing to dry clean the stool. Remember, the stool is lightweight but sturdy.

Benefits Of Bar Stools With Backs

Backs on bar stools are important additions. Apart from conferring support, the backs are mean to confer the much-needed comfort while using the bar stool. Most bar stools with backs are a bit higher. It is logical to have these backs so that you can rest on them while sitting.

Best Bar Stools With Backs – Mestler Bar Stool

wooden bar stools with back


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Besides, these types of stool are ergonomic especially if you sit on them for a very long time. Unlike the backless stools, you can use the bar stools with backs even if they are small in size and still feel comfortable.

Needless to say, these types of stools provide a sleek design that adds a unique touch to your home.

Benefits Of Backless Bar Stools

Backless bar stools come in a sleek design just as those with backs. These type of bar stool appear inferior to the rest buy their importance are even more powerful. The only thing to note is when you buy; ensure you buy a stool with a larger and padded seat to get comfortable.

Best Backless Bar Stools – Barton Isabel Padded Counter Saddle

padded backless bar stools


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The benefits are these bar stools are; they reduce much clutter around the room; they are easy to store. You can store them under the counter of your bar. Most of such stools come with hands to hold while moving them (cork-top type).

Backless bar stools are free to express their elegance without an additional feature.

Benefits Of Bar Stools With Arms

Bar stools with arms are known for their added comfort. The armrest offer appoints for you to rest your arms. In some cases, the armrest comes padded, making it even more comfortable.

Best Bar Stools With Arms – Powell Company Big and Tall Copper

black swivel bar stools with arms


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These seats come with numerous health benefits including reducing the incidence of lower back pain. This is so because it gives you position yourself accurately on the stool. Besides, the armrest is known to reduce any muscle tension that might occur when you sit on stools without armrest.

If you have a stool that has an armrest and it swivels, that is a significant advantage, because they can be used in a variety of places very well.

Benefits Of Swivel Bar Stools

Swivel stools have been in existence for quite some time. These stools bring in the sense of modernity and easy to use feeling. They are in different colors and designs that will blend with any space you chose to place them.

Best Swivel Bar Stools – Pinnadel Swivel Bar Stool

swivel wooden bar stools


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These stools are very easy to get into because they offer the options to turn them around swiftly. Remember you turn the seat while it is in the same position. You get in then switch back to the original position.

Besides, this stool makes it easier to interact with people. You can swivel around to converse, watch TV or face the kitchen.

Benefits Of Cushioned Bar Stools

How does it feel to sit on a metal surface? I bet you can appreciate the importance of cushioning after such an experience. A Cushioned bar stool offers comfort, a preferred aspect by many people.

Best Cushioned Bar Stools – Winsome 94064 Mona Stool

padded bar stools


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You sit for long periods without feeling the discomfort you get from its counterparts that lack the cushioning. Besides, such cushioning is essential in giving aesthetic value to your home.

It improves the look of your space by allowing you to add colors, patterns and different texture to your space. This aspect makes the bar stool to last longer and even easier to clean and maintain.

Benefits Of Counter Height Bar Stools

Reaching the counter comfortably is one advantage that the counter high bar stool offer. It puts in a better position to use the counter. Some stools are fixed while some come with an adjustable height mechanism.

Best Counter Height Bar Stools – COSTWAY Tolix Style Dining Stools

counter bar stools


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Most bar counters have a height of about 32 inches (and a table height of 43 inches) while kitchen counters are about 37 inches. With an adjustable stool, you can achieve both heights.

However, you can buy a counter height stool (23-28 inches) of stool that fits the specified height of the counter. Such stools will give the required clearance, and you can use it without straining your back.

How To Choose Bar Height Bar Stools

When you choose to buy a bar stool, you must know where exactly you are going to use it. Different counters have different heights. A kitchen counter varies significantly from a bar counter.

Best Bar Height Bar Stools – Challiman Bar Stool

bar height bar stools


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In essence, the kitchen stools will be shorter. So, you need to take measurements of your counter height first before making any purchase. The market offers different heights. However, the standard bar height stool comes with a height of between 29 and 32 inches.

This height is allowed a table height of between 41 and 43 inches. This height is perfect for most home bars, bar table as well as kitchen island.

Why Getting Adjustable Bar Stools

Adjustable bar stools are essential when it comes to the difference in height. Some tables might be too high for some people while some might be too short. An adjustable bar stool can fit these two scenarios.

Best Adjustable Bar Stools – Homall Bar Stool Walnut Bentwood Adjustable

adjustable bar stool


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Besides, some individuals are naturally short. They find it uncomfortable to fit in the standard heights. This way such people enjoy the comfort that comes with the bar stools.

In summary, an adjustable bar stool is used to ensure you get the required comfort at whatever height you want to sit.

Why Getting Stackable Bar Stools

stackable bar chairs

Storing and transporting your bar stools, it may be difficult. The ability to stack stools on top of each other minimizes the amount of space you need to store your stools. Depending on the shape, stools might take up much space in your bar or kitchen. Where do you take such stools that you are not using?

It will mean storing them in an extra room. To prevent such scenarios, stackable stools offer a simple option. Stack them on each other and let them stand vertical. This way, they take up little space within your home.

Why Do You Need Bar Stools?

Bar stools are great additions you can add to your home. You can use them in your kitchen, home bar, or in the patio. They bring greater versatility, practicality, and elegance to your house or garden. In fact, in the current world, bar stools have become a necessity.

Why do you need bar stools?

Read on to understand…

  • Define your style as well as personality:

when you buy a bar stool, you will pick a design that pleases you, right? You’ll ensure that is complements or contrast with what you already have to get that stunning appearance. Your home reflects who you are. Whether you are a fan of leather, fabric, metallic or wooden stools, you’ll define your personality.

  • Convenience:

bar stools come with so much convenience. They are lightweight; therefore you can easily carry them from one point to another within your space. Also, they are very easy to use because they perfectly fit your sitting height. You can adjust the sitting height in the adjustable types or buy a stool that is of standard height.

  • Bars stools come in a variety of ways that suit your needs.

The stools are manufactured in diverse forms and designs. You can find a stool made of plastic, metal, rattan or wood. Besides they come in numerous designs, e.g., vintage, industrial and classical. They can be very helpful to you if you need to complete your home. Depending on the choices you make, you can create an inviting home with these sturdy bar stools from across the world.

  • Bar stools are built to serve you for long:

just like any other seat, the bar stool is carefully created to offer you more extensive services. You’ll not buy a bar stool today, and it breaks down after a few days. The materials that are used to make the stools are sturdy. For instance, the metal types are made from aluminum or steel. These are sturdy materials. While the wooden stools are made from wood such as oak! If you buy these stools, be assured that they will bring glamor to your home for a longer time

  • Do you want to add flavor to your home?

Whether it is your kitchen or home bar, you can give it a unique sitting touch with one of the wooden, metallic, rattan or plastic designs of the top quality bar stools. In fact, wooden stools are considered a novelty in the western world.

What Is The Best Bar Stool For You?

With numerous high-quality designs, you might get confused on which is the right bar stool for you, despite understanding the importance. Consider reading bar stools buying guides & reviews.

The vast range of metal, wooden, plastic and rattan stools all coming different kinds of designs can be a real source of confusion. However, there are few factors to put into consideration for you get the right bar stool. You should consider the following;

  • Height:

You must be definite with the height you want to add to your home. Bar stools come with different heights ranging from 24 to 30 inches. Depending on your height, you can choose what suits you.

However, you must note that for you to be comfortable, the height of your stool should be about ten inches lower than the table or counter you intend to use.

Majority of the stools have a fixed height, but the swivel stools have an adjustable height mechanism. You can shift the height from 24 inches all the way to 32 inches.

  • Consider where you are going to place the stool.

Are your stools for the kitchen or a bar or both? Remember, bar stools are very light, and you can carry them from one point to the other. You might think of buying stools that you can be moving them around.

In such cases, you need to robust and sturdy stools. They should not take much of space, but they should give you the comfort you need.

  • What is your style?

A style is always accompanied by comfort. It is essential that you select a stool that fits your style. This way, you will not have to struggle with a bar stool that does not excite you.

You will have to choose from a wide range of features such as the padded or unpadded armrest, full, half or without backs 360 or 180-degree swivel, leather and fabric. If you narrow down to these features you for sure, know your style.

  • Cost:

the prices of the bar stool vary depending on material, design, and style. It is essential to stick to your budget so that you get value for your money. Besides, sticking to your budget will make you not overspend.

  • What is the trending style?

When you buy any furniture the most noticeable thing is style. This also applies to the bar stools. You should choose a style that uplifts your home and gives visitors a welcoming feel. Carefully consider the color, upholstery, texture, patterns, the frame of the stool and the general outlook.

  • Built and material:

a longer lasting bar stool is desirable. It is essential to look at the material that makes the stool. Besides, when it comes to the hard bar stools, check on the building, especially where they were welded. Such places form points of weaknesses. In general, a stronger built will serve you longer.

  • Size of your space:

this dramatically influences what you buy. Some stools take up much space while others only take a little space. Buy the number of stools that can comfortably fit in your space. Between any two stools, there must be enough space (at least 6 inches). If you have many areas, you can buy those with armrest, if not select the small type.

  • Buy with the future in mind:

what designs do you expect to be released in the near future? Or for how long are you going to need the bar stool you have bought? Such questions can direct to buy the right type of stools for your space.

  • General features:

apart from getting comfort and luxury from your bar stools, what else can you get from them? Look at the most overlooked features.

  • Study bar stools

These type of stools come with an option for bar, restraint stools and kitchen stool. Their height is a bit higher than the standard bar stool. They come with a custom made finish. They are made from the latest material as well as technology, but they present a timeless piece of bar stool.

quality counter stools

How We Choose Best Bar Stools?

Study Bar Stools

In order to save much of time on choosing bar stools, we first learnt large vast of knowledge on bar stools, from their usages, quality, finish and all other sorts of technology.

Not only do we learn from official website, we also read each single reviews by customers, figuring out what people concerns most.

Collect And Summarize

The stools come in traditional styles, modern styles, transitional and rustic and industrial designs. There are also wide range of adjustable, swivel and commercial bar stools.

After learning necessary knowledge, we specifically picked out several hot selling types from different brands, tested them from various scales, such as comfy, quality level, durability and stability etc.

Pick For Different Needs

All the best types are picked up through our strict test, but that is not enough, for using conditions for each stools vary. That’s why we would sort them out by different needs. No matter for your space, or your budget, or materials and colors you like, you can always find ideal types in our reviews.