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Ultimate Guide on the Best Acrylic Bar Stools and Reviews

Acrylic bar stools are modern and fashionable bar stools with a sleek style. Add your kitchen decor with these bar stools. Acrylic bar stools make a perfect addition to your kitchen interior decor. Clear acrylic bar stools have a light design that allows them to easily match with any contemporary kitchen, as well as, other kitchen wares.

There are many types of acrylic bar stools with different and similar features. Some of the common features for acrylic bar stools include footrests, stationary base, height adjustment feature, among others. This article is going to provide you with a variety of information about acrylic bar stools.

What Is the Best Acrylic Bar Stool on the Market?

Our Top Pick:

#1. Best OverallVogue Furniture Acrylic Bar Stool
“Acrylic material brings modern and contemporary feeling, short back gives basic support to the lower back.”

#2. Best BacklessModway Modern Acrylic Bar Stool
“Non-back design fits perfectly with a small apartment, you can place it under the table for storage.”

#3. Best with High BackCoaster Home Furnishings Heavy Duty Stool
“Heavy duty steel structure bears larger weight capacity, while the high back design is the major reason for comfort seating.”

#4. Best Upholstery Safavieh Acrylic Bar Stools
“Upholstery seat brings great comfort even for long hours sitting, while the acrylic legs give it a sturdy look.”

Things to Consider in Picking Acrylic Bar Stools.

An acrylic bar stool is a durable and stylish stool that everyone would desire to buy. However, in the market today, there are so many acrylic bar stools, and so choosing the best can be challenging. The following are some factors to consider when picking the best acrylic bar stool.

1. Style.

The style of the acrylic bar stool is one factor to consider. It is good to consider a style that will match perfectly with your decor. Also, your taste and preference on style will determine the best style to pick. Acrylic bar stools come in three distinct styles: traditional, transitional, and modern.

The traditional style consists of nice detailing, strong lines, and high-quality upholstery. It is also the best for a classic theme. The transitional style that consists of a combination of traditional style and classic style. While the modern style is the best choice for individuals who want a sleek and sophisticated decor addition.

2. Height.

Just like any other bar stool, the height of an acrylic bar stool is another factor to consider. Depending on the intended use and table, you should pick one with the perfect bar height seating or counter height stools for your purpose. Usually, acrylic bar stools come standard heights, either ranging from 24 – 27 inches or 28 – 32 inches. However, some of the acrylic barstools come with adjustable heights, hence more ergonomic.

3. Swivel Functions.

Acrylic bar stools either consist of swivel seats or fixed seat. Depending on your taste and preference, you can choose either of them. However, for customized relaxation, swivel seats are the best choice.

4. Backrest.

Another factor to consider is the backrest. A backrest plays an important role in providing support from the back as well as additional comfort. Acrylic bar stools can be classified into three depending on the backrest: full-back, backless, and partial-back. Therefore, depending on the intended use as well as space, you can choose either of them. However, the full-back is the most comfortable but most expensive.

A Quick Look At The Top 7 Best-Rated Acrylic Bar Stools.

Pros Of Acrylic Bar Stools.

  • Modern contemporary design.
  • Acrylic bar stools are very stylish.
  • Airy feel and look.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It helps create an artistic effect.
  • High-quality.
  • Durable.
  • It matches easily with any decor.

Types Of Acrylic Bar Stools.

There are many different types of acrylic bar stools available for your choice. Here are some guides and the best products selected for you.

1. Acrylic Adjustable Bar Stools.

Acrylic adjustable bar stools are one of the types of these bar stools. Most of these barstools feature a contemporary design among other versatile features. Just as the name says, the main feature with these barstools is the adjustment feature. The first common feature of acrylic adjustable barstools is the height adjustment feature. These stools either use a heavy-duty hydraulic strut or simply a hydraulic lift, with a lever to allow easy height adjustment.

Another common feature is the swivel seat that allows seat rotation of up to 180 degrees or 360 degrees. Another common feature with acrylic adjustable bar stools is the large center column that forms a stable, sturdy, and circular base. These bar stools mostly have a single stand/leg only. Other features include a chrome finish for an elegant look, a footrest for added comfort, and sometimes an armrest. The acrylic adjustable bar stool can either feature a narrow base and seat or a wide base and seat. Also, some stools come with a backrest.

Best-Rated Vogue Furniture Height-Adjustable Acrylic Bar Stool for Bar & Home

acrylic bar stool adjustable height swivel

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2. Acrylic Counter Stools.

Acrylic counter stools are another type of bar stools with the main common and unique feature of these stools is the counter height. Although the stool is a bar stool, it has a height close to a counter height stool. The acrylic stool also features a clear and contemporary design either fully or partially. Another common feature with acrylic counter stools is that mostly consists of either four legs with a non-marking and non-slip base feature, or one leg. For most acrylic counter stools with a single leg also feature height adjustment hydraulic/gas lift with a lever or a swivel seat or base.

Square or round seat is another common feature for most acrylic counter stools. Also, some consist of a backrest seat, or slightly curved backrest, while others have a backless seat. Most of these counter stools consist of metal frame legs with a versatile finish and an acrylic seat and backrest. They also feature a footrest for relieving pressure on the legs.

Best Selling Modway Counter Height Non-swivel Acrylic Bar Stool

best selling counter height acrylic bar stool


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3. Acrylic Bar Stools with Back.

This is another category of acrylic bar stools with many common features. To begin with, the main feature with these bar stools is the backrest. Acrylic bar stools with back feature a backrest seat for added comfort and back support. Usually, most of these stools have their seat and backrest made of clear acrylic material for a modern and fashionable style. Also, the seat and the backrest are designed as one complete component.

Another common feature of acrylic bar stools with back is the number of legs. Usually, these stools either consist of four legs or a single stand and both consist of a footrest. With the single stand featuring a round footrest while the four legs stool feature either a round or rectangular footrest. The acrylic bar stools with back stands are mostly made of a metal frame with an elegant finish for a contemporary design. Another common drawback feature with these stools is that they lack an armrest feature.

Best Coaster Home Furnishings Heavy Duty Steel and Acrylic Barstool with Back Support

clear acrylic bar stool heavy duty with backrest

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4. Acrylic Swivel Bar Stools.

Another type of acrylic bar stool is the acrylic swivel bar stool, with its main common feature being a swivel base or seat. Generally, these barstools feature a swivel base that rotates up to 180 degrees or 360 degrees for customized comfort. One of the common features that define these bar stools is the number of legs. The number of legs determines the positioning of the swivel joint. For four or three-legged stool, the swivel joint is usually just below the seat, while for single-legged stool, the swivel joint can be either a swivel seat or base.

The height adjustment feature is another common that you will enjoy with these acrylic swivel bar stools, especially those with single stands. A round seat is also a common feature with acrylic swivel bar stools. The acrylic and chrome construction in these stools gives a modern and contemporary design for modern kitchen addition.

Best Acme Furniture Acrylic Adjustable Swivel Bar Stool with Footring

swivel adjustable acrylic barstool

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5. Modern Acrylic Bar Stools.

Modern acrylic bar stools is a type of acrylic bar stools with most modern and versatile features. These stools make a great and perfect addition in your modern kitchen and bar interior, with an attractive decor completion. One of the common features for modern acrylic bar stools is a modern contemporary design. These stools feature a sleek design consisting of an acrylic seat and backrest or even the stool stand. The modern acrylic bar stools also feature an ergonomic height adjustment feature with a gas lift for easy height adjustment. They also feature a fixed footrest to help relieve pressure on your feet.

Some of these modern acrylic bar stools consist of a single stand and a round base made of a metal frame, especially steel, with a chrome finish. Another common feature with these modern versatile stools is a swivel joint that allows a customized movement. Another feature is a transparent sturdy construction of the whole bar stool and attractive shape makes these stools perfect and decorative.

Best Style 2xhome Modern Design Armless Acrylic Seat Wood Legs Bar Stool

modern wooden and acrylic bar stool

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6. Acrylic Breakfast Bar Stools.

This is another type of acrylic bar stools although, a general category. These are the acrylic stools designed for breakfast use. One of the common features with these bar stools is the height adjustment feature. This is to accommodate different people with different heights. Another common feature is being stackable for easy storage. Breakfast is a once-daily task that lasts only for a few minutes, therefore stackability for easy storage for these stools is a great feature.

For elegance and uniqueness, these stools feature an acrylic seat and chrome finish leg. Usually, acrylic breakfast bar stools consist of a single leg and a narrow base and seat. The stools have a simple but modern design.

Best Safavieh Acrylic Breakfast Bar Stools with Velvet Upholstery for Home Kitchen

safavieh acrylic bar stool for breakfast

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7. Clear Acrylic Bar Stools.

These are bar stools with a material construction consisting of clear acrylic material, either partially or fully. The most common feature about these bar stools is a clear acrylic seat and acrylic backrest, while the legs are made of steel and polished with chrome. However, some of these barstools feature a complete construction of clear acrylic material. These bar stools are designed for modern kitchen and bars decor addition.

Another common feature about these barstools is a swivel seat for customized movement, as well as a fixed round footrest for added comfort. These stools have a transparent design with no marks making them easy to clean and attractive.

Best Flash Furniture Clear Transparent Acrylic Bar Stools with Back & Foot Support

Flash Furniture Acrylic Bar Stool

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Benefits Of Acrylic Bar Stools.

Choosing the best acrylic bar stools can bring you many advantages. If you are not sure whether or not you should buy these products, read on to see whether the pros are what you have been looking for.

1. Durability.

Acrylic is a well-known material used in the manufacture of many durable and quality products including paints among others. Hence acrylic bar stools are quality and long-lasting products.

Best Durable Acrylic Bar Stool, 300lbs Capacity

  • Includes: Two (2) bar stools
  • Top-tier clear acrylic seat
  • Heavy duty steel legs electroplated in chrome
  • Materials: Steel and acrylic
  • Weight Limit: 300 pounds
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Measurement: 17.00" width x 21.00" depth x 46.00" height; 30.00" seat height

2. Stylish.

There are several types of acrylic with the most common type being the clear acrylic. The clear acrylic material gives the barstool an elegant and sleek look and feel. Also, modern contemporary design makes these stools stylish and modern.

Best Modern Contemporary Acrylic Barstool

  • 25" recommended counter seat height
  • Made from heavy-duty plastic seat(matte finish)
  • Our injection mold material has UV protection, prevent quick ageing and decolarization
  • Built-in round leg rests help to relieve pressure on knee joints and promote proper posture
  • Made of natural solid wood leg with black strengthened Steel

3. High-quality.

Acrylic is a durable and quality material hence providing an incredible quality stool. Also, the clear design of acrylic makes the bar stool have a quality look and feel.

Best Reviewed Cheap High-Quality Acrylic Barstool

  • TRANSPARENT CHAIR - Reinvent your surroundings with the iconic silhouette and transparent design of a chic modern bar stool used to inspire a visually clean and creative dining or work environment.
  • A MOST VERSATILE STOOL - Often used in the kitchen or game room. Casper is the go-to counter-height stool for anyone seeking to elevate their contemporary home décor
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR USE - Popularly bought for outdoor patio or backyard events, Casper enhances the dining experience both inside and out. Casper's non-marking caps help protect sensitive floorings
  • ACRYLIC DESIGN - Stylish and strong, this modern stool is injection molded using durable polycarbonate. Ready for everyday use, Casper does not require assembly and comes with non-marking foot caps
  • Overall product dimensions 17"l x 17"w x 26.5"h, Seat dimensions 11.5"l x 11.5"w x 26.5"h

4. Stable.

Acrylic is a stable material, unlike wood that is also used in making bar stools. Usually, wood is prone to rotting, damage, moisture, mold growth, among others. Acrylic material is not affected by such factors, due to these, acrylic is more stable than wood hence the better.

Best Stable and Sturdy Acrylic Barstool

  • [ ACRYLIC BAR STOOLS ] Transparent seat, modern style and simple design, looks more clear and stylish. Suitable for many places, like kitchen, counter, bar or pub cafe and so on. An ideal choice for your target area.
  • [ ACRYLIC MATERIAL & COMFORT ] The features of this material is transparent, sturdy, and easy to clean, makes this barstool more durable. Proper seat model design, provides comfortable support when you sit on.
  • [ MULTIFUNCTION ] 360-degree swivel, provides ease of use and convenience. Height is adjusted by a safe GAS LIFT, from 21.75" to 29.5", match more needs. Footrest provides better support for your foot.
  • [ STABLE & CAPACITY ] Frame is made of sturdy metal, bigger chrome base 17.75", makes this barstool more stable. Max weight capacity is 250 lbs, suitable for more people.
  • [ EASY ASSEMBLY & CUSTOMER SERVICE ] Only needs 10 minutes to finish assembly, all parts and instructions included. We provide full technical support and friendly after-sales service, if you have any question, please feel free to contact us, we will solve your problem sincerely.

5. Hygienic.

The fact that clear acrylic is transparent with no marks makes it hygienic as any kind of dirt or dust even on the leg is very visible and shouting. Hence the transparent nature of acrylic encourages a high level of cleanliness. Furthermore, acrylic is easy to clean.

Best Clear Acrylic Barstool, Easy to Clean

  • Bring modern design, elegance and function to any space with this transparent counter height tear back stool that makes a statement and will become your premier choice for both indoor and outdoor events.
  • Transparent crystal finish, contoured seat, polycarbonate molded structure, footrest
  • 330 lb. weight capacity, floor protector plastic glides, suitable for outdoor use, commercial rated
  • Contemporary styling is ideal for weddings, banquets, award ceremonies, bridal and baby showers
  • PRODUCT MEASUREMENTS >>> Overall Size: 16.5"W x 19.75"D x 39"H | Seat Size: 14.5"W x 15.5"D x 25"H | Back Size: 14"W x 14.5"H

How to Clean Acrylic Bar Stools.

Acrylic material requires great care and maintenance that includes careful cleaning. The following are the steps of cleaning an acrylic bar stool. It is important to note that acrylic material should not be cleaned using an ammonia-based cleaning agent. It causes clouding of the acrylic material.

1. For basic cleaning, frequently dust the acrylic bar stool with a microfiber cloth or a light duster to remove dust.

2. In cases of marks on the acrylic, wipe with a damp cloth. This should remove the mark instantly if its a light mark.

3. For tough stains that cannot be removed by a damp cloth, then use a baby wipe to rub the stain thoroughly until it comes out.

4. For very tough stains that cannot be removed by the baby wipe, use a white spirit as the last option. To use a white spirit, pour some on a kitchen roll, and pat gently.

How to Care for Acrylic Transparent Bar Stools?

Acrylic transparent bar stools have a very attractive with a crystal-clear look. To ensure that the elegant look is maintained, proper care for your acrylic bar stool is a must requirement. The following are the tips of taking care of your acrylic bar stools.

1. Avoid Ammonia.

Ammonia is the first enemy of the acrylic bar stool. Ammonia causes an irreversible reaction in your acrylic bar stool. Therefore never use any ammonia-based cleaning agent to clean your acrylic barstool. Ammonia causes acrylic to turn cloudy which cannot be reversed.

2. Be Gentle.

Acrylic can be easily scratched leaving markings on the surface of your acrylic. Therefore, avoid placing abrasive and sharp items on the surface of the acrylic. Or when placing a sharp item on acrylic, put a pad below to protect the acrylic. Also, avoid dragging metal and other hard materials on top of the acrylic, instead lift it up.

3. Cover The Acrylic.

When storing your acrylic stool or when not in use, carefully cover the acrylic parts with a soft fabric to keep it from dust or any other kind of dirt that can cause staining. Also, place the acrylic under shade.

Cons Of Acrylic Bar Stools.

  • It easily shows fingerprint marks on the surface.
  • It is hard to repair.
  • Fewer designs compared to wood.
  • It is easily scratched by a sharp or abrasive object.
  • It is permanently destroyed by ammonia.

Acrylic VS Plastic.

Many people tend to misunderstand the difference between acrylic and plastic. But the truth is acrylic is a type of plastic, however, plastic is not acrylic. There are many different types of plastic made from different materials. An acrylic is a group of materials belonging to a thermoplastic family that are petroleum-based and made from natural gas derivatives. Acrylic is also known as polyacrylate. Acrylic is a modern class of plastics.

In this case, plastic bar stools are bar stools made of other types of plastic materials either fully or partially. Some of these plastic materials include polypropene, polycarbonate, polystyrene, among others.

The main difference between acrylic and plastic is that acrylic is clear and transparent, while plastic is usually opaque.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, acrylic bar stools feature a modern and contemporary design that easily matches most decor. Acrylic bar stools are high-quality and durable barstools hence worth buying. Finally, a clear and transparent design gives these stools a classic look and feel. However, proper care and maintenance for acrylic bar stools are a key factor to always consider.

Our Best Pick: Top-rated Acrylic Modern Bar Stools

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