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The 10+ Best Adjustable Step Stools Reviews to MEET ALL YOUR NEEDS

Do you have some drawers that are way high up you can reach while standing? Well, you need to get an adjustable step stool. The adjustable step stools are common in areas used by more than one person since they adjust, so everyone, including short people, can get a comfortable position to reach items that are way up. The step stools are mainly found at workshops, offices, and homes. You can set it in the bathroom or the kitchen area.

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Our Top Pick:

#1. Best OverallCamco Adjustable Aluminum Non-Slip Step Stools
“Sturdy aluminum material guarantees durability and stability, while the rubber protective feet makes it ideal for hardwood floors.”

#2. Best For ElderlyPlatinum Adjustable Height Step Stools with Handrails
“Adjustable height with handle design allows persons of different height to use safely.”

#3. Best For CarsMOR Fold Up 4-step Stools For RV 
“4-step design with wide feet guarantees you to enter and exit your RV safely and stably.”

#4. Best For KitchenKidzWerks Standing Tower with Wooden Material For Toddlers
“Hardwood material with multiple handles design enables toddlers to help in the kitchen.”

#5. Best For Potty TrainingKINGSO Wide Step Stool Ladder For Bathroom
“Getting the wide non-slip step stool for toddlers to learn potty effectively.”

#6. Best For Multiple Uses –  Little Partners Adjustable Height 2-Step Stool
“Multiple colors are available for various usages, while the durable wooden construction safely bring your kids to higher places.”

Quick Pick on the Best Adjustable Step Stools


Why Do You Need an Adjustable Step Stool?

wooden step stools

Saves space

The adjustable stools are space savers, especially in small homes. The adjustable step stools are crafted with different layers of adjustment so everyone can increase the height depending on their comfort. Therefore, you don’t need to equip multiple-step accessories in the room, considering one stool will suit the entire family. The adjustable step stools are suitable for areas with small rooms like the bathroom and kitchens.

They are safe

The adjustable step stools are crafted to fit all users, and this includes the kids. Therefore, they are made with safety features to ensure everyone using them does not incur an accident. They are completely safe, and kids can use them without even the parents’ supervision.


You should also invest in an adjustable step stool because you can use it in multiple areas. The stools are made in classic styles that don’t take away the room’s great look or finishing features. Besides, they don’t take up much space; thus, you can conveniently use them from any place of your choice.


Best Adjustable Step Stools Reviews with Different Types and Usages

#1. Best For Kitchen – KidzWerks Child Adjustable Standing Step Stool For Kitchen Sink

wooden sturdy step stools


  • Sturdy hardwood structure for safely using
  • The adjustable platform from 12″ to 20″ for multiple ages of kids
  • Comes with handrails
  • Stylish and sleek design
  • Features 4 anti-slid pads for various floor types


  • Not easy to move by kids alone

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#2. Best Durable – Camco Aluminum Adjustable Step Stool with 1000 lbs Weight Capacity

metal adjustable step stools


  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Non-slip rubber feet to prevent users falling down
  • Perfect for both adults and kids use with super large weight capacity
  • Foldable design makes storing it an easy task


  • Not designed for reaching high with only one-step

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#3. Best For Indoor and Outdoor – Homeon Folding Platform Step Stool with Anti-slip For RV

adjustable step stools


  • Easy to fold it up
  • Perfect for both indoors and outdoors
  • No wobble in use with 1000 lbs weight capacity
  • Plastic handles for easy moving around
  • Easy to store and move


  • Do not come with handrail

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#4. Best For Medical – Step2bed Adjustable Height Portable Stools with Grab Bars

elderly use step stools


  • Perfect for elderly
  • Rubber non-slip handrails with wide platform for safety
  • Adjustable height for both adults and youth
  • 400 lbs weight capacity
  • Features motion activated LED light


  • Not suitable for toddlers

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#5. Best For Potty Training – KINGSO Toddlers Step Stools Ladders with Safe Grip Handles

best step stools for potty training


  • 2-step adjustable height to fit common toilet
  • Non-slip rubber feet for safety
  • Comes with handrail and handles for small toddlers
  • Easy to assemble
  • Space saver


  • Not designed for large kids

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#6. Best Comfortable For Toddlers – SKYROKU Anti-Slip Potty Training Ladders

adjustable stools for potty training


  • Affordable price
  • Adjustable height ladders for different height
  • Avoid splashing urine for potty training
  • Removable cushions for winter use
  • PP materials for long lasting and durable use


  • Not suitable for heavy kids

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#7. Best For Multiple Use – Little Partner 2 Step Adjustable Step Stools with Wooden Material

wooden step stools for home


  • Sturdy hardwood material
  • 2-step stools to reach water sink or cabinet
  • Safe and non-toxic paint for safety
  • Built-in carry handles
  • Easy to clean it up


  • Do not have handrails

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#8. Best For Elderly – AdjustaStep Deluxe Step Stools with Padded Handrail

removable step stools for elderly


  • The height of handrail is adjustable based on the needs
  • Serves as standing stools and sitting stools combo
  • Non-slip handles and rubber feet
  • Modern colors
  • Versatile in use


  • Do not come with wheels

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#9. Best For Bathroom – Medokare Foldable High Portable Step Stools with Rubber Feet

adjustable height step stools


  • Customized height
  • Perfect for bathroom and living room
  • Lightweight design for easy moving
  • Anti-slip feet for maximum support
  • Fit both adults and children to use


  • Only 1-step design

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#10. Best Foldable – Delxo Lightweight 2 Step Stool with 250 lbs Weight Capacity

2 step folding step stools


  • 2-step stool ladders for reaching high cabinets
  • Foldable design for easy storage
  • Carries 250 lbs weight capacity
  • Affordable price
  • Non-skid rubber pads for safe use


  • Kids need to use it under supervision

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#11. Best For Camping – YSLP Folding Retractable Step Stools For Outdoor Hiking

outdoor step stools for camping


  • Easy to open and fold it up
  • Perfect tools for outdoor camping and hiking
  • Adjustable height from 2.4 inches to 18.5 inches
  • Do not sink in the sand while camping


  • Suitable for sitting instead of standing

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#12. Best For RV – MOR Fold Up 4-Step Adjustable Stools 

adjustable step stools for rv


  • Suitable for RV and large cars
  • 4-step stools
  • Easy to store it inside the door
  • Comes with twist handles
  • Large weight capacity


  • Not suitable for small cars

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Where Can You Use an Adjustable Step Stool For?

For kitchen

If you are short or your kids can access the kitchen to prepare something, the adjustable step tool is a great accessory to get for the kitchen area. The fact that you can adjust the stool’s height makes it easy and fast to access the items stored on upper cabinets or areas like the sink by kids. Just make sure the adjustable step stool you choose has safety measures and is stable to protect the kids from falling off when they step on it.

Recommended Adjustable Step Stools For Kitchen Sink:

For bedside

These stools are quite multifunctional since other than using them as a ladder to reach upper items, and you can use the stool as a table as well. Some people opt to use the adjustable step stools as side tables on the bed to keep their items such as electronics and books for easy reach. You can also use the adjustable step stool around the bedroom when accessing clothes stored on upper cabinets.

Top Picked Bedside Use Adjustable Step Stools For High Bed:

For potty training

Do you want your babies to start using the adult’s toilet but cannot easily access it on their own? An adjustable step stool is an ultimate choice for you. As mentioned, the step stools are equipped with safety features and design such that your kid can comfortably step on it to access the toilet. Besides, the stools are designed on a universal fit such that you can easily clip it to the toilet for additional stability and prevent it from wobbling when the child steps on it.

Choosing the Best Rated Potty Training Adjustable Step Stools For Small Toddlers with Safety Design:

For sink

You can use the adjustable step stool at both the bathroom and kitchen sinks. With this type of step stool, your kids can comfortably reach the bathroom sink when brushing teeth, brushing hair, or washing their face. Also, for the kitchen section, if the kids like to help in cleaning dishes, the step adjustable stool will be a good choice for easy and comfortable reach.

Here are the best adjustable step stools for water sinks:

For bathroom

Some bathrooms are designed with storage cabinets way up. Such kids and adults may need aid to access the stored items. With an adjustable step stool, everyone in the family can comfortably reach the up storage spaces to access the bathroom accessories they need.

The best bathroom use customized height step stools for health:


How to Pick the Best Adjustable Step Stool?

adjustable step stools with wooden material

The maximum weight capacity

Obviously, this is the most crucial feature to check out for when buying the adjustable step stool. The step stools are designed with varying materials and designs that can only accommodate a certain weight limit. So, whether you are buying for toddlers or entire family use, make sure the stool can hold up all the members’ weights.

The materials

The adjustable step stools’ materials determine their durability and convenience depending on the people who use them. The plastic adjustable step stools are common for kids considering kids are not too heavy. But if you need a step stool for adults, consider the models made of wood and polypropylene as these materials are more stable and durable as well. The other quality material to consider when buying step stools for adults is metal. Metal materials are quite durable and strong to withstand heavyweights.

The size

These stools are crafted in different sizes in terms of height adjustment and width. The area you want to use it and the people to use it will determine the step stool’s choice based on the size. For example, if you need the adjustable stool for the bathroom or a small kitchen, consider a narrow model, so you don’t take up too much space around the area. However, areas like the bedroom or garage can accommodate the wide models.

The weight

Do you need an adjustable step stool that you can carry around to use in multiple places, or you need a stool for one area only? These stools are created with varying weights, where some are portable, and others are quite bulky. Your usage needs will determine the choice based on weight. Meaning, if you need a stool that you can easily shift around, you need to consider a stool that is light for portability.


Adjustable Step Stool Vs. Adjustable Learning Tower

The use

When it comes to usage, the adjustable step stools are more versatile than the adjustable learning stools. The adjustable learning stools are only ideal for toddlers between the age of 2 to 6 years, and they are recommendable for convenient monitoring of kids by parents, especially around the kitchen.

On the other hand, the adjustable step stools are versatile and can be used by adults and kids. These types of stools are made with strong and heavy-duty structures that accommodate heavyweights.


The adjustable learning towers are only short term since they are designed to be used by a certain age of kids before they fully develop or stay at a place without supervision.

But the adjustable step stools are good for older kids since they are mainly recommendable for use when accessing items stored further up.


What Makes the Best Adjustable Step Stool for Toddlers to Use?

2-step wooden step stools

Safety features

A good adjustable step stool for kids should have safety features like side rails to secure the baby on the stool. You are not guaranteed that the kids will remain intact when they climb the stool, and as a parent, you need a stool that secures the baby from moving. Make sure the side rails on the adjustable stool are high such that the kid cannot jump over.


A good adjustable step stool for a toddler should be stable such that even when the baby moves or shakes it, he/she cannot fall. A stable, adjustable step stool should have an anti-skid and flat surface that sits firmly on the flooring you set it up.

High weight capacity limit

You don’t need a step stool that your child will outgrow fast, considering kids grow pretty fat. So, a good step stool should have a high weight limit such that your baby can still use it to access items when they are older.

High adjustment

This goes hand in hand with the weight capacity. If you need a step stool that your kid can use longer, make sure it has a high adjustment level so they can use it from multiple areas as they grow. For example, the kid can use it in the bathroom area once they learn how to brush their hair or teeth without any guide.


Importance and Usages of Getting Adjustable Step Stool with Handle

step stools with handrails


The adjustable step stools with handles are quite convenient and versatile since they are useful for support other than using them to access top items. An elderly individual with mobility issues can use this type of stool to support themselves while standing.

Improves mobility

The adjustable step stools with handles can be used for accessing areas like the bedroom or toilet by sick people. However, such step stools are made with heavy-duty materials that can accommodate the weight of the users.

Easy to use

Adjusting the adjustable step stool height is easy since the handles are used for grasping to pull the stool up.



The adjustable stools are quite versatile in use as not only do they help in accessing items stored up, but they can also be used for support purposes. These stools are made with varying materials, where some are suitable for toddlers, and others are strong to carry, even adults. The adjustable step stools come in varying styles as some have handles and others do not. So, choose a stool that suits your user’s needs and the people to use it in the house.

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