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15+ NEWLY RECOMMEND Affordable Counter Stools Reviews & Guides

The endless accessibility of counter stools has made them a part of our living rooms. What is not known to many is that these stools tend to provide not only matchless comfort but also a highlight of décor. Beyond this, it will help if you master which options are at your disposal, and how to choose the right affordable counter stools. Here are a few insights to keep in mind.

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Our Top Pick:

#1. Best Around $30 –  Winsome 94084 Wooden Backless Satori Stool
“Walnut wooden material is the major reason for its sturdiness, ergonomic shape makes you feel comfortable while sitting.”

#2. Best Around $50 –  Hillsdale Furniture Rustic Gray Polyester Modern Stools
“Upholstered weathered taupe leather seat brings great comfort, while the wooden legs guarantee its stability .”

#3. Best Around $80 –  Hillsdale Krauss Swivel Leather Stools
“If you are fond of round stool or have no space to place a large chair, the leathered wooden stool will be a perfect choice.”

#4. Best Around $90 –  DHP P Luxor Metal High Back Counter Stools
“Wooden seat coordinates well with metal legs, the protective cap also makes it friendly to wooden floors in long time use.”

#5. Best Around $100Angel Line Gray Cushioned Cambridge Counter Stools
“Gray seat and white wooden legs fit modern and contemporary home decoration, sturdy base bears larger weight capacity for heavy people to use.”

How Much Do Counter Stools Cost?

On average, a good counter stool will cost you from as little as $100. However, you will be sure of costlier options too. This difference results from the type of materials, fabric, and the durability of the stool. Undoubtedly, the sturdier the stool’s construction, the more you are likely to pay in the long run.

Top Rated Affordable Counter Stools Reviews with Different Price Levels

Best Under $50 Comparison Chart

#1. Around $30 – Winsome 94084 Walnut Stools For Small Space

wooden counter stools

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#2. Around $40 – Linon Claridge Affordable Black Leather Counter Stools

black counter height stools

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Best Under $80 Counter Stools Comparison Chart


#1.  Around $50 – Hillsdale Furniture Saddle Affordable Counter Height Stools For Kitchen And Bar

leather seat counter stools

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#2. Around $55 – AmazonBasics Black Backless Counter Stools For Heavy People

black wooden counter height stools

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#3. Around $60 – Linon Home Foldable Back Counter Stools For Small Space

mid back wooden counter stools

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#4. Around $65 – Amazon Brand Stone & Beam Wood Kitchen Bar Counter Stool

grey counter height stools

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#5. Around $70 – Nathan James Nailhead Wood Pub Height Kitchen Counter Stools

square leather counter stools

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#6. Around $75 – Boraam Augusta Swivel Mid Back Affordable Counter Stools For Kitchen and Bar

high back wooden swivel counter stools

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#7. Around $80 – Hillsdale Swivel Counter Stools with Round Shape

leather counter chairs

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Best Around $100 Counter Height Stools Comparison Chart


#1. Around $90 – Nathan James Modern Swivel Wooden Seat For Kitchen Island

modern affordable counter height stools

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#2. Around $95 – DHP Luxor Industrial High Back Metal Wooden Counter Stools For Indoors and Outdoors

high back wooden counter stools

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#3. Around $95 – Signature Design Brown Counter Height Stools with Built-in footrest

modern kitchen counter stools

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#4. Around $100 – Angel Line Modern Contemporary Gray Leather Affordable Counter Stools

backless affordable counter stools

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#5. Around $130 – Cortesi Faux Leather Counter Stools For Pub 

high leather seat counter chairs

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Proper Height of Counter Stools

As mentioned, counter stools height will often measure approximately 23 and 28 inches. This height allows them to access a table that measures no more than 36 inches. Besides this, you could consider pair counter stools, which measure between 35 and 37 inches. That implies that the table height will be about 41 to 43 inches.
Usually, you will choose the height of your counter stool depending on how tall your tabletop is. The taller the table, the taller your stool should be.

Affordable Counter Stools Vs. Affordable Bar Stools

Counter stools and bar stools tend to share so many similarities that many people confuse them. Here are the notable differences you might want to keep in mind.

• Height

Affordable bar stools are often much taller than their counterparts. Usually, they tend to measure between 28 and 32 inches, which ensures that they fit under the table. In most cases, this height will suit tabletops that measure around 40 to 42 inches.

In contrast, counter stools come with a height of between 24 and 27 inches. That implies that they will be ideal for tables that are not any longer than 36 inches.

• The use

Counter stools will often come in handy when sitting behind your bar counter. Its top is raised so much that you can access it, whether you are sitting or standing. It will suffice to mention that these stools do not come with any place on which to step or rest your foot.

On the other hand, bar stools feature a design that makes them suitable for the bar. However, you will also be free to use them on the kitchen counters too. Usually, the boast of sturdy footrests, which aims at giving you the comfort you so desire when seated.

• Cost

Most often, bar stools will cost you between $155 and $1300. The difference in cost is dependent on the fabric, the sturdiness of the construction, and the materials used. A bar stool that costs you between $299 and $449 is not only economical but also more reliable for anyone on a budget.

In comparison, counter stools tend to cost much lesser, thanks to the fewer materials used on them. These stools will come at the cost of $100 and above. Do not shy away from exploring pricier counter stools, as they are likely to assure you of durability and value for money.

For more detailed guidance on the difference between bar stools and counter stools height, go on reading for:

>>What Is the Difference Between Counter Height And Bar Height Stools?

Things to Consider When Buying Affordable Counter Stools

Various variables go into the selection of affordable counter stools, as this is no mean feat. Unless you are sure of what you need, you could end up disappointed. In most cases, you will need to pay attention to the following aspects. This way, you will be confident of getting not only an affordable counter stool but also a reliable one.

• Check the style of the counter stools

Counter stools come in different styles, and you will need to be sure of which one suits your needs. For instance, you might want to consider armless counter stools, as they take the least space. If you were to choose swivel stools, you would be sure of seamless rotation. Ideally, the chosen style should complement your interior décor.

affordable counter stools

• Height

Take the time to determine which height suits you. Usually, this height will be dependent on the height of your tabletop. In most cases, the counter stool needs to be around 6 to 12 inches shorter than the tabletop. That means that if the table is 36 inches high, the stool should measure between 24 and 30 inches.

• Check the fabric

Did you know that the fabric used in making a counter stool determines its longevity? Vinyl, leather, and canvas have proven to be among the best options you have. Besides being sleek, vinyl seems to be relatively durable and affordable. It comfortably resists stains and any wear and tear. You will also appreciate how longlasting canvas and leather tend to be.

• Check the other materials

There is no denying that sturdy construction is al that you could ever desire. That is because it assures you of reliability and durability. You will often need to choose between metal and wood. Aluminum and steel will guarantee you of enhanced elegance and longevity. On the other hand, wood will come in handy in highlighting a classic appeal.

• Pricing

Take the time to establish how much you will pay for this counter stool. It will be fair to aim at a counter stool that you can comfortably afford. In most cases, it will be best to pick a counter stool that costs between $100 and $499. The maintenance cost should also be relatively low.

While at it, you should be sure of how many stools you need. The number of stools you need will depend on how wide your countertop is. Usually, you will need to add a space of about 5 inches on top of the widest part of the stool. For instance, if your stool measures 15 inches, you will need about 20 inches per stool.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, getting an affordable counter stool will always be an incredible investment. As long as you invest in durable and sturdy stools, you will have no reason to worry. How about you get yourself one today?


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