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15+ Best Aluminum Outdoor Bar Stools COMPLETE Reviews

Perhaps you have not realized this, but aluminum outdoor bar stools are increasingly becoming widespread. Thanks to their durability and reliability, you will find them almost irresistible. Whether you consider stationary, swivel, or backless aluminum outdoor bar stools, you will be sure of value for money. But what options do you have at hand?

There is no denying that finding the right outdoor bar stool could be a daunting task for you. However, that is not to say that it is an impossible task, as various variables could come in handy for you. They will often include the following insights.

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Our Top Pick:

#1. Best OverallPalm Tree Cast Aluminum Antique Bronze Bar Stool
“Elegant antique bronze finish endows it with luxury look, built-in armrest and footrest guarantees comfort in use.”

#2. Best SwivelHaverchair Patio Outdoor Cast Bistro Dining Chairs Set
“360 degrees swivel design spares you relaxing time chatting with others, hollowed-out back promotes the air circulation without compromising its look.”

#3. Best Country TypeChristopher Knight Outdoor Aluminum Cast Bar Stools
“Rust-resistant aluminum material built with sturdy frame promises durability for outdoor use, sleek look gives a country and vintage look.”

#4. Best with Cushion PHI VILLA Extra Wide Patio Bar Stools
“Thick cushioned seat covers your butt in use and minimum the soreness for long-hours sitting, while the high back brings extra support to your back.”

#5. Best CheapBELLEZE Swivel Aluminum Bar Stools
“Getting the high-quality bar stools with no more than $200, let the delicate-designed chair brings the maximum comfort to you in use.”

Pick the Best Outdoor Aluminum Bar Stools For Long Lasting

Finding the Right Aluminum Outdoor Bar Stools

Various aspects will often go into the selection of your ultimate outdoor bar stool. Most often, these elements will differ with the type of aluminum bar stools you so desire. Here are a few things you will want to keep in mind.

i. Cast Aluminum Outdoor Bar Stools

This type of stool is a product of powder-coated cast aluminum, which allows them to withstand severe outdoor weather for a relatively long time. Ideally, this material will ensure that the stools maintain their elegance and appeal for a relatively extended period.

In most cases, this option will be ideal for those that want an easily customizable stool, and one that is low-maintenance. Further to this, these cast aluminum outdoor bar stools tend to be lightweight yet relatively sturdy.

Always observe the following when making your selection.

• Check the finish

Mostly, you will want a product that readily blends with your exterior décor. For this reason, it will be best for you to consider cast aluminum stools with the right cushions and style. Does it highlight a contemporary or antique appeal? Whichever style you choose, ensure that it offers you the satisfaction you so need.

• How much does it cost?

Your budget should always be a priority when selecting cast aluminum outdoor bar stools. Usually, a reliable option will cost you around $150, which is relatively affordable. However, you will be free to consider pricier options, as they assure you of enhanced elegance.

• Is it backless?

Often, you will need to decide between stools with a back and those without it. While those with backs assure you of enhanced comfort, the backless options tend to guarantee you space economy. Feel free to choose whichever suits your situation.


ii. Outdoor Aluminum Swivel Stools

Outdoor aluminum stools have proven to be ideal for those who want much easier access. Thanks to their design, you will have no issue when getting in or even out of them. Typically, what makes aluminum swivel stools a sensible option is the fact that you will readily swivel away from the bar.

Did you know that swivel stools tend to be much taller? Most of these aluminum swivel stools come with a height of between 31 and 32 inches, which is one or two inches above the rest. It is in this light that it will be suitable for those who expect increased social activities in their patio or outdoor bar.

Consider the following during this pursuit.

• Check the height

The height of your outdoor aluminum swivel stool matters a lot in this pursuit. There is no denying that a taller seat will often come in handy, as it is likely to assure you of enhanced comfort and even convenience. Preferably, it would be best if you focused on those with heights of 32 inches and above.

• How sturdy is the construction

One of the things you will look for in a stool is the reliability of its construction. Unless you choose something that provides you with enhanced durability and comfort, value for money will remain a mirage. Aim at something that is not only robust but also able to accommodate your weight comfortably.

• Is the swivel stool a perfect fit?

Undoubtedly, you will always want to have a stool that will effortlessly fit in your space. For this reason, ensure that you pick one that will not take much space. Besides, there will need to be at least 6 inches between these stools. That will allow people to move around with much ease. However, if you do not have enough space, it will be ideal for you to consider armless swivel aluminum stools.


iii. Outdoor Aluminum Stools with Backs

From the enhanced lumbar support they offer to the incredible comfort they give you, you can hardly ignore the significance of outdoor aluminum stools with backs. Today, these stools stand out among the most common options one could ever consider. It will be fair to mention that they could be either padded or not.

Most often, these stools tend to be ideal for those looking for enhanced security. The presence of backs means that one will hardly fall or topple over. It will also ensure that you enjoy enhanced not only lumbar support but also unmatched comfort.

Here are the things to consider when selecting these outdoor aluminum stools with backs.

• Height of the backs

The height of the back of your stool will always have a significant impact on the comfort you enjoy in the long run. Unless you pick a longer one, this comfort will remain to be a pipe dream to you. Ensure that the chosen height will comfortably cover a significant portion of your back, as this will guarantee you enhanced lumbar support.

• The material of the back

Various materials could come in handy in the making of these backs, with the most common ones being wood and aluminum. Wood tends to be much friendlier during hot seasons. That is because they hardly absorb heat from the sun, ensuring that you do not get exposed to any scalding. Whichever material you choose, it should assure you of enhanced sturdiness and durability.

• Height

Are you an advocate of aesthetic value? IF you are, height will be one of the biggest concerns for you. That is because a relatively tall aluminum stool with a back could prove to be a problem. It is for this reason that you might want to choose a relatively shorter option. While at it, ensure that it does take up much of your available space in the long run.


iv. Cast Aluminum Swivel Bar Stools

With the robust construction offered by cast aluminum swivel bar stools, you will find them irresistible. These stools are relatively akin to the cast aluminum stools, with the difference being the existence of a swivel.

The swivel ensures that you enjoy enhanced flexibility and convenience.

Here are the things to consider when selecting cast aluminum swivel bar stools.

• Confirm the robustness

The construction should be sturdy enough to accommodate your weight. Whether you are turning around or seated, the stool needs to remain stable. The materials used on it should also be premium.

• Check the space left

Usually, there needs to be enough space between two swivel seats. This way, there will hardly be any bumping in the long run. The length of the swivel, therefore, should also be relatively friendly.

• Confirm the height

Always ensure that the height of your swivel bar stool is at least 32 inches. This way, you will be sure of enhanced comfort and even aesthetic value.

10+ Best Cast Aluminum Outdoor Bar Stools Reviews

#1. Best Cheap – BELLEZE Outdoor Cast Aluminum Swivel Bar Stools

aluminum swivel bar stools

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#2. Best with Back – Palm Tree Cast Aluminum Bar Stools For Outdoor

aluminum swivel stool

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#3. Best Modern – Christopher Knight Home Outdoor Grey Mesh Bar Stool

cast aluminum patio bar stools

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#4. Best with Mid Back – Modway Shore Outdoor Patio Bar Stools

mid back outdoor bar stools

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#5. Best For Commercial – Flash Furniture Sliver Metal Bar Stools

high back stackable bar stools

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#6. Best Durable – Christopher Knight Outdoor Aluminum Bar Stools

aluminum bar stools for outdoor use

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#7. Best Swivel – Haverchair Patio All-weather Aluminum Dining Chair and Table Set

contemporary bar stools

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#8. Best For Patio – Christopher Knight Outdoor Shiny Copper Bar Stools

aluminum bar stools with high back

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#9. Best For Heavy Person – PHI VILLA Extra Wide Patio Swivel Aluminum Bar Stool

bar stools with cushioned seat

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#10. Best Luxury –Nassau Swivel 30″ High Cast Aluminum Bar Stool

swivel bar stools

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#11. Best with Cushion – Christopher Knight Cast Aluminum Bar Stools

brushed aluminum stools

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#12. Best Classic – Christopher Knight Irene 28″ Outdoor Aluminum Barstools

aluminum counter stools with backs

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How to Select Outdoor Aluminum Bar Stools?

Undoubtedly, your goal will often be to get the best aluminum bar stool for outdoor use. Thanks to their ability to resist corrosion and rust, they stand out as favorites. However, there will be a need for you to be cautious about which options to consider. It is only through this that you will be sure of the results you so desire in the long run. Here are the few things you will want to pay attention to at this time.

guides of outdoor aluminum bar stools

• Cost

The cost of aluminum bar stools will always vary from one to another. This variation will result from how robust this stool is, the materials used, the style accentuated, and how advanced the technology is. For instance, swivel bar stools will cost you more, thanks to the innovation they feature. Take the time to identify which option suits your budget, yet meets your needs. This way, it will be much easier to keep away from financial constraints in the long run.

• How robust is the construction?

There is no denying that the reliability of your stool lies in how reliable the construction tends to be. Take the time to ensure that the build of this stool highlights sturdiness, with its base being relatively wide. This way, you will be confident of the bar stool accommodating your weight without too much hassle in the long run. Remember, it will be best to focus on something that can comfortably withstand heavy winds.

• Decide between backless and those with a back

The choice between a backless stool and that with a back will be dependent on how much support you need. Ideally, backless stools will assure you of enhanced ease when it comes to accessibility. In contrast, you will find those with a back to be suitable for better lumbar support. Further, those with backs could cost you more, as more materials are spent on them. It will also be fair to say that backless stools are better for storage since they are lightweight.

• Choose between armless and arm stools

This choice will be dependent on the space you have and the support you so need. In most cases, armless stools will be suitable for those with limited space. Remember, they will comfortably go under the table, giving you the convenience you so deserve. If you were to choose those with arms, ensure that these arms can readily fit underneath the table surface.

• Check the padding

Nothing is indicative of the comfort you will enjoy more than the cushioning of the stool. There is no doubt that a cushioned or upholstered stool will assure you of unmatched comfort and even an elegant appeal. What matters the most is the material you choose for this padding. As long as you are looking forward to getting enhanced durability, aim at the sling.


How to Clean Outdoor Aluminum Bar Stools?

Regular cleaning will be vital in ensuring that your aluminum bar stools last for much longer. Besides making them look pristine, you will need to do it properly. Cleaning aluminum bar stools will require various items, including detergents, white vinegar, a feather duster, and soft rags. Here are the steps to follow.

• Dust the stools

Take the time to ensure that there is no dirt or dust on the surface of your bar stool. You could use a microfiber piece of cloth or a feather duster in this process, as they will leave no scratches on the aluminum surface.

• Time to rinse the surface

This step involves the use of mild detergent and plenty of water. Usually, you will need a piece of cloth or rag to remove any drink spillages or stains on the surface of the stool. Once you are done with this, leave the stool to dry.

• Remove harsh stains

There is no denying that detergents will not remove all the stains on aluminum stools. In most cases, you will need to use a ball of aluminum foil to scratch the stubborn stains. This foil will come in handy in removing rust stains too.

• Rinse with white vinegar

The use of white vinegar on unsightly dark marks has proven to be relatively effective. It will ensure that any watermarks and limescale on the surface disappear. After using the vinegar, you will be free to apply baby oil on this surface, too, as this will help in restoring the stool’s glam.

How to Maintain Outdoor Aluminum Bar Stools?

Undoubtedly, maintaining aluminum stools has proven to be relatively straightforward. Here are the things you will want to consider in this pursuit.

aluminum bar stools for sale

• Removing rust

While aluminum will hardly be vulnerable to rust and corrosion, some parts of the stool could end up rusting. In such instances, you will have to use a ball of aluminum foil to remove any stubborn stains. Such will be done with the use of white vinegar or water.

• Polishing

Did you know that polishing this aluminum finish will highlight the elegance of the stool? Usually, you will need to use baby oil in this pursuit. Use a clean microfiber piece of cloth to polish the surface. You could also rely on alcohol, as it will comfortably remove stains and even kill pathogens on the surface.

• Wiping

Regular wiping will always be one of the surest ways to maintain your outdoor aluminum stool. It will be ideal when it comes to removing any spillages and food remnants on the stools. Preferably, consider wiping the stools daily. Use a reliable, wet piece of microfiber cloth.


In conclusion, the dominance of aluminum outdoor bar stools cannot go unnoticed. As long as you get the right one for your needs, you will be good to go. The insights provided above will offer the guiding light you so need in this process. Get yourself a new outdoor aluminum bar stool today.



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