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Why Are Amish Bar Stools Really Worth Buying? – Top Rated Amish Bar Stools Reviews & Guides

Bar stools are usually never given much consideration. However, these furnitures are usually essential as they fulfill several functions for the user. For instance, having the best bar stool around your bar area will add to your home/business aesthetics. Similarly, they will further provide a comfortable and relaxing spot for you to enjoy your cherished drink. Stressing on the need to have the best possible brands in your living space. There are, however, several bar stool brands currently in the market some high quality while others are substandard. This article thus reviews bar stools from one of the old and renowned furniture manufacturing companies, the Amish Furniture Factory popular for their quality solid hardwood furniture.

Our Top Pick:

#1. Best with Back –  Modway Amish Mid-Century Wood Bar Stool
“Handcraft wooden structure gives you luxurious look and stability in use, the mid-back design supports your lower back for long hours of sitting.”

#2. Best OakAmish Made Saddle Top Stool
“Oak with Seely finish brings along the traditional and classic style, the ergonomic seat fits with body structure and that is why sitting on it becomes comfortable and relaxing.”

#3. Best with SwivelAmish Rustic Red Cedar Bar Height Stool
“Swivel design allows you to chat with others, 30″ height makes it suitable for both kitchen areas and dining space.”

#4. Best Step StoolPeaceful Classics Handmade Amish Footstool For Kitchen
“9 Inches height with large 250 pounds capacity helps to relax your feet after long hours of work, placing it for kitchen and both adults and kids are able to use it.”

#5. Best ErgonomicModway Mid Century Black Chairs with Curved Back
” Its curved back is the major reason for its comfort in use, while the handcraft seat made by paper rope is not only durable but also shows a sense of modern look.”

About Amish Bar Stools

Amish bar stools are products made from the Amish furniture company. This company has existed for centuries and is always popular for its completely wooden products. This henceforth implies that Amish bar stools are also made completely out of wood and further incorporates some of the unique features of craftsmanship developed by Amish craftsmen over the many years. Amish bar stools are usually manufactured from the USA utilizing the locally available forest resources. These bar stools are handcrafted, as are the rest of the furniture from this company. The high-quality designs with unique customizations usually result in a quite authentic and appealing work of art. Thus, purchasing these barstools and incorporating them into your business will guarantee increased clientele as people will always stream in for the luxurious look and the comfortable feel of your bar.

Similarly, situating these Amish bar stools in your home bar will immensely decorate your living space leaving it to be something worth admiration. It will further allow you to enjoy your drink with the utmost comfort and relaxation, unlike other brands of bar stools. Thus, Amish bar stools are among the top and most popular bar stools in the market today.

Picking the Best Amish Bar Stools with Different Styles

Is Amish Bar Stool Worth Buying?

This is a question best answered by individuals who have already used these furniture at some point in their lives. Thus, from customer feedback and research on Amish bar stools, these stools are worth every penny invested in acquiring them. This is usually attributed to some of the following features incorporated in their production and some factors revolving around their making.

Amish bar stools

Aesthetically designed

Since these bar stools will be in open and visible areas, the design usually matters a lot. Nevertheless, Amish bar stools are always created with passionate artisans who take pride in their work. Thus, the final bar stool products are always exquisite, fine, and beautifully looking. Thus, these works of art fulfill their objective of styling up the area they are situated, whether at home or in the business environment.


Amish products are generally strong and durable. Thus, the Amish bar stools follow a similar suit since they are usually made from hardwoods such as an oak tree. This, coupled with the ingenuity applied by the professional craftsmen, ensures that the final product is robust and sturdy from the solid hardwood construction. Thus capable of withstanding the test of time. If damaged, these Amish bar stools can always be repaired and refurbished to original beauty, further adding to their durability.

Eco-friendly production

Purchasing of Amish bar stools guarantees that you keep and maintain the integrity and cleanliness of the environment. This thus makes it worth every penny. Amish factory contributes to limited pollution since most of the crafting is done by hand and not machines. Furthermore, the hardwood used for the bar stool construction is often locally harvested, minimizing the need for long-distance shipping hence conserving the environment by further limiting the carbon footprint.

Handcrafted and customized

Amish bar stools are wholly handcrafted with precision and style from knowledge accumulated over the century. This allows for a wide range of customization options. Every craftsman can instill their own decorative designs that would complement your internal decors and appear stylish and appealing. Thus, these products are usually of the highest quality and worth every penny you got to offer.

Different Types of Amish Made Bar Stools

Amish counter stools

These constitute specially designed furniture from Amish for comfortable sitting behind the counter. These stools are usually designed at an average sitting height of about 24 to 27 inches above the floor. They are thus higher than the regular height restaurant tables and thus accessible to patrons sitting or standing. They allow an individual to freely utilize the area behind the counter without any form of discomfort.

Amish oak bar stools

These are specially designed furniture from Amish factory crafted from Oaktree featured with footrests for use at regular bar height tables, or in lounges and pubs. They are usually taller than the counter stools standing at about 29 to 30 inches above the floor. They are this high to allow for comfortable utilization of the counter/bar tables while providing even much knee room.

Amish saddle stools

These are specially handcrafted stools by craftsmen from Amish factory with the sitting area made in the shape of a horse-saddle. They usually come at various height levels, thus making them suitable for wide applications. Thus, they can be made into regular stools, counter stools, or even bar stools.


Things to Consider in Picking Best Amish Bar Stools

Whenever you plan on acquiring a bar stool from Amish factories, you should consider some of the following factors to ensure that you receive the best and most suitable Amish bar stools for your situation.


Before committing to a specific Amish bar stool, you should make sure that you know the design you want. This is because, since these bar stools are handcrafted, there are often limitless design possibilities, some of which might be appealing while others not so much. Thus decide on what you want and something that complements the internal décor of your house/environment. This will make your living/working space stylish and luxurious.

Available space

This is also an essential factor for consideration since it will help you determine the number of Amish bar stools you will need. In a restrictive area, you should thus go with a limited yet comfortable number of bar stools to fit in your space properly. Too many bar stools in a restricted area might end up looking quite disgusting and unappealing.


Bar stools from Amish factory constitute a variety of height ranges to accommodate the many tables and countertop heights for comfortable use. Thus, before buying a specific Amish bar stool, you should first determine the height of your table/counter, then choose a height that is substantially lower than the counter height. This will allow for comfortable sitting with ample room for the legs.

Included features

These include features such as the design of the seat for increased comfort, the use of cushions, adjustable features like swivel, backrest, among others. Thus, these features are upon you to decide the ones you want in your Amish bar stool because the many varied designs come with variances in these features.

Amish Bar Stools Reviews

#1. Modway Amish Mid-Century Modern Wood Bar Stool with Back

customizable amish bar stools


  • Stylish and luxurious
  • Very comfortable
  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Comes fully assembled


  • Quite costly
  • Occasional customer complaints of not receiving the advertised product

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This is one of the Amish bar stools among the best and featured in many areas. This bar stool is usually customized with a rustic design conveying transition between a vintage look and a sequential contemporary look. Thus, this mid-century modern look makes it quite appealing to the eyes and highly complementary to most decors, thus suitable for many situations. These Amish bar stools also come built with ergonomic support. For instance, the rods provide you with comfortable yet sturdy support for the period of use.

The overall design of this bar stool is also very bold with the beechwood open backrest, solid wood frame, and the durable rope paper seat further makes it quite aesthetic. The paper rope seat is very comfortable as the material itself is soft, anti-static, and durable.

The bar stool further measures 24.5 by 23.5 by 41.5 inches, which makes it quite high and thus great for highly situated counters. The stool is also lightweight, weighing only about 17 pounds, making it easy to move around. Moreover, the construction is structurally sane and can comfortably support weights of up to 331 pounds.

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#2. Amish Bar Height Oak Saddle Top Stool

backless stools


  • High-quality designs
  • Aesthetic and stylish
  • Strong and durable
  • Comes with a saddle-shaped seat
  • Comes already assembled and ready to use
  • Comes with flexibility on types


  • Very expensive
  • The traditional look may not complement certain living spaces

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This is another bar stool from Amish factories popular among many users. This is a unique bar stool with a saddle top seating area for increased comfort and style. This Amish bar stool is made from an oak tree, which implies that it is a solid hardwood product, thus strong and durable.

The design, coupled with the saddle seat and the Seely polished finish, also makes this bar stool quite stunning and beautiful. Thus, it comes with the capacity to style and light up a dull room.

The design of these bar stools further incorporates a traditional and classic finish style, which further makes it quite appealing to look at always. This model’s measurements include a saddle length of 16.5 inches, a width of about 12 inches, and a 31-inch height, which is compatible with many countertops.

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#3. Amish 30″ Bar Height Rustic Red Cedar Swivel Bar Stool

swivel amish bar stools


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • Very stylish and appealing
  • Comfortable with swivel seat
  • High-quality design
  • Long-lasting and durable


  • Requires minor assembly post shipment
  • Complaints of variability from the picture adverts

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This is a unique and antique designed Amish bar stool beautifully handcrafted for maximal satisfaction by the user. These bar stools are always crafted from red cedar logs, which has a beautiful light tone on the outside and a striking bright red coloring on the inside.

This, coupled with the lacquer finish, ensures that these bar stools are stylish and immensely appealing to on-lookers. The bar stool is also designed with a swivel seat motion for maximal comfort and straightforward use. Furthermore, the crafting red cedar logs being hardwood further guarantees strength, sturdiness, and durability.

The lacquer further improves the durability of these barstools by protecting them against harsh UV rays. The barstool also measures 18 inches by 20 by 43 inches with the seat at 30 inches high. Henceforth, this makes it within the average range for bar stools, hence perfectly fitting and complementing many of the bar regions in the house/pub.

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#4. Modway Amish Mid-Century Modern Wood Counter-Height Bar Stool

amish white bar stools


  • Aesthetic design
  • Lightweight
  • The soft seat and comfortable design
  • Strong, sturdy and durable
  • Arrives already assembled


  • Very expensive

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This is another model from the Modway suppliers with the highest quality, thus ranked among the best. This Amish bar stool is usually designed conforming to the mid-century classics with modern complementing features. Thus, it would make your living area lit with elegance as the bar stools will further be complementary to your internal décor.

The barstools further convey a transitional feel with the beechwood back and base, adding to the aesthetic design. The design of these bar stools is also ergonomic. Thus, the leg rods and the paper rope seat often conform to the weight exerted, thus providing stability and maximum comfort. The paper rope seat is also soft and anti-static, which further adds to the comfort levels.

The overall structural integrity and the manufacturing materials of the bar stools are usually high quality and robust, guaranteeing the stool’s capability to hold weights of up to 331 pounds comfortably. The white color finish also complements many decors while adding to its beauty.

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#5. Modway Amish Ergonomic Mid-Century Modern Wood Counter-Height Stool

Amish bar stools


  • Beautifully designed
  • Ergonomic features
  • Very comfortable
  • Sturdy, strong and long-lasting
  • Lightweight


  • A little costly
  • Cases of the stool arriving damaged

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This is another Amish bar stool model from the Modway distributors. This is also a uniquely designed bar stool with special features to improve functionality and service delivery to the esteemed users. These bar stools are usually designed with a transitioning fashion between the traditional and modern designs. This thus places it at mid-century classics, which is complementary to many decoration styles.

The bar stool is also ergonomically designed for maximum support of the user. For instance, the free back support and the support rods for the entire stool are usually conforming to body shape for comfort while also being strong to support the body weight. The sitting base is made from soft anti-static and durable new paper rope material twines. This makes the bar stool super comfy and ergonomic to the body for the massive support.

These Amish counter stools strong structure is also able to support at most 331 pounds comfortably while weighing only 16 pounds for easy mobility. The dimensions, 24.5 by 23.5 by 37 inches of the bar stool, are also average, leveraging even more space in the installation area.

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#6. Amish Peaceful Classics Step Stool For Kitchen and Bedroom

small bar stools


  • Already assembled
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Strong, sturdy and durable


  • A little too low height for countertops

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This is another high-quality handcrafted stool from Amish Factory. This stepping stool is usually made to last with raw materials harvested from a solid oak tree, a hardwood.

The stool is quite short measuring up to a height of 9 inches, thus made for resting feet after a long tiresome workday or stepping to a raised ground as it is also strong and sturdy and can supports weights of up to 250 pounds.

Mobility of the stool is also made easy with drip handles at the top portion of the step stool. This, coupled with the lightweight of 8.13 pounds, results in guaranteed fast maneuvering through the house with the stool. These stools are versatile and can be used all over the house and for various purposes.

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#7. Modway Amish Mid-Century Black Stool For Kitchen and Dining Room

wooden bar stools for kitchen area


  • Stylish and appealing
  • Ergonomic design
  • Superior construction
  • Robust and sturdy
  • Handcrafted to precision and perfection
  • Long-lasting


  • Quite expensive
  • A little short height for many countertops
  • Quite heavy to move around easily

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This counter/bar stool model is also a work of art from the craftsmen. Its modern look design is aimed at complementing the many modern internal decors in contemporary homes.

This, coupled with the detailed and stunning construction with a black finish, further adds to the design’s appeal. The wooden support rod on the chair develops the interplay between the permanence and sequential movements forward.

The construction is also reliable and strong due to the high-quality materials such as the type of wood used and the new paper rope twine, which is soft and anti-static for comfort and increased durability. The chair measurements include the 22 by 21.5 by 28.5 inches with the seat quite low at 17 inches and armrest at 28 inches. Thus making these chairs super comfortable.

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How to Clean Amish bar stools

Amish bar stools are always made from hardwood. Thus, cleaning them should require adherence to certain set guidelines to ensure that you do not damage the stool. Thus, cleaning your Amish bar stool could take two directions.

mid back counter stools

Routine cleaning

This is usually done daily or at least several times a week. The main aim of this is to remove any dust that might have collected on the stool since the last cleaning. In this method, you will need certain materials which include;

  • Dusting/microfiber cloth
  • Warm water
  • Detergent

Using your dry, soft microfiber cloth, you should wipe down the barstool, simply removing dust particles in the stool.

Nevertheless, whenever there are tough spots/stains on the barstool, you may dampen your cloth with some warm water and detergent or even spirit, then mildly scrub the spot to loosen the stain and finally wipe it off.

You should never use tough/coarse towels, and cloth and some specific cleaning detergents such as ammonia for the cleaning since these will damage the smooth polished bar stool surface.

Deep cleaning

This is done at least once or twice a year. Thus, due to the routine cleaning and continued use, the polish on the bar stools’ surface may often begin to degrade tarnishing the shiny appearance of the bar stool. Some accidental chippings may also tarnish the surface appearance of these bar stools. Thus during deep cleaning, you will need the following materials;

  • Soft towel/cloth
  • Warm water
  • Detergent/cleaner
  • Wood polish

Thus, during this cleaning session, you will start by wiping away the dust on the Amish bar stool’s surface using the soft cloth.

Then using the warm water and detergent, you will further wipe down the entire stool. This is to remove any lodged dirt, stains, and loose materials such as degrading polish.

You will then leave the stool to dry off for some time, after which you will apply the wood polish to protect the stools from UV radiations and return the shiny initial subtle look of the Amish bar stool.

These two cleaning styles will leave your Amish bar stools clean and shiny, thus ready for use.


Amish Furniture occupies a good chunk of the furniture market since they are popular among many individuals. Their popularity comes from several features such as handcrafting expertise, beauty, style, level of comfort, durability, sturdy design, among others, as explained above.

Thus, when planning to buy an Amish bar stool, you may peruse through this article as there are some pointers on how to acquire the best bar stool for your needs. Furthermore, there are some examples of stool products from Amish worth checking out if any of them is appealing enough to you. Amish furniture is therefore high quality and completely satisfies the user’s needs.


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