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Get Antique Step Stool To Bring Unique Decoration To Your Home

Wanting to simply and relax, reach out to a higher table or operational area, or just make your interior more breathtaking to behold? If either of your answers to these questions has been in the affirmative, you want to tap into an antique step stool. This is a portable stool that imbues both décor and functionality.

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You will need the antique step stool for the following reasons:

Timeless Values

These stools have some timeless values in that they are mainly priced for their appearances and age-old character. Thus, even if you do not plan to reap any functional ends from the same, you still will accrue some benefits by just getting your hand on such like.

Great Investments

Owing to the timeless values that the stools give off, they are similarly great investments. You may rely on them for a longer duration of time. Additionally, they have the tendency to uphold their values regardless of the fluctuations that may arise with the use thereof.

Cheerful Appearances

They are largely famed for their cheerful appearances. In fact, most people who opt for them love them mainly because of the aesthetics they potentially give along. Also enabling this is the fact that they come in many colors, shapes, and size options for you to choose from.

Stable Stature

On the whole, the stools do have a stable stature indeed. Their bases are wider and less inclined to the risks of falling off as is the norm with the other ordinary stools of its kind. Thanks to this stability, you will hardly have to worry about your safety and overall wellbeing as you sit on them.

Versatile Multitasking

You may use and dedicate these stools to many allied applications. That stems from the versatile multitasking capabilities of the stools altogether. By reason of this arrangement, you are certain exceedingly huge benefits in terms of savings on money and operational efforts.


In your search for the right antique step stool, we ask that you factor in the following considerations:

Size of the Stool

The size of the stool should be at the top of your consideration if your motive is mainly to use the same as a seat. Choose a stool whose top is wide enough to accommodate your butt fully with room to spare. Then, bear in mind the space available for the storage and mounting of the same.

Design and Style

People’s tastes and preferences with regard to style and fashion differ considerably. You hence have to see to it that the design or style of the step stool you settle on mirrors your unique preferences. That is to cut out any likelihood of a mismatch between the stature of your stool and your unique expectations.

Interior Décor

Given that these items also serve some aesthetic values, you also want to figure out your interior décor. Choose a step stool whose outward appearance and style closely match that of your interior décor. This of course is necessary to prevent any clashes between these twin issues.

Structural Makeup

You definitely have to figure out the materials that make the item up. Choose a stool whose material makeup closely mirrors the longevity of time you would wish to devote the stool to use. The materials have to be stronger if you want a gadget for long-term use and vice versa.

Costs vs. Budget

Lastly, you also want to match the costs of the stool with your financial resource endowment. Most of these step stools are ordinarily quite expensive. You really must assess how much money you have prior to embarking on a search. That is to prevent having to dig too deep into your pocket to make a purchase.


You may use the antique step stool in the following settings:

-For Kitchen

When in the kitchen, you may use the stool to reach the sink and other areas that are ordinarily of the limits of an especially short person. Also, the stools may serve to enhance the décor of the kitchen areas. Only be sure to choose one whose exterior matches your kitchen’s interior décor.

-For Bedside

Are you passionate about your bedrooms? If at all you are, then the antique step stool is an item you will find truly handy. It works hard to spruce your bedrooms by way of making the same to exhibit some great looks and overall added beauty.


Two materials are largely used to make these antique step stool. These are the metal and the wood respectively. But how do these two materials and the stools they produce measure up? We examine these here below:


An antique wooden step stool is mainly suitable for decorative purposes, not unless the occupant is someone who is weaker and less weighty. The antique metal step stool on the other hand is stronger and hence great for similarly weightier applications like rigorous activities.

Weight-bearing Capacity

As hinted above, the weight-bearing capacity of the antique wooden step stool is somewhat limited. This stems from the similarly weaker nature of wood as a material. That of the antique metal step stool on the other hand is stronger and hence able to handle weightier items and occupants.

Aesthetics and Décor

Even though both are also optimized for the purpose of giving off some aesthetics and décor, the antique metal step stool stands out as the better of the two in this regard. Its external appearance happens to outweigh that of the antique wooden step stool by a considerable margin.

Longevity or Lifespan

The wooden nature of the antique wooden step stool lasts only a shorter duration of time. Thus, on the basis of the lifespan, the antique metal step stool is the most outstanding. Its metallic stature is tougher and less inclined to the risks of frequent damages that wood often undergoes.


The cost of the antique wooden step stool is generally more affordable than that of the antique metal step stool. This is largely understandable given that the former is weaker and lasts only a shorter duration of time. You have to dig somewhat deeper in your pocket to afford the latter hence.


We now review the best antique step stools as of now:

#1: Antique Revival Goya Wood Step Stool/Accent


Looking for a stool that is to last longer and serve you uninterruptedly? You have a great bet on this Mahogany-made stool. It is stronger and quite reliable to make use of.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Rustic Wood Step Stool

For a large part, the rustic wood is extensively used to adorn the stool in whichever shape or form it comes about in. The rustic nature of the wood gives the stool some aesthetic or decorative appearance.

Adorable Square Shape

The stool comes in an adorable square shape that is compact and space-saving. The square nature of the shape also facilitates the handling of the gadget while at the same time conferring a spacious seating area.

Easy-to-match Neutral Colors

Some easy-to-match neutral colors adorn the exterior of the stool. As you may have guessed, these colors contribute to making the stool appear on the whole great to behold with the naked eyes.


  • Able to tackle many tasks
  • Boasts of a natural wood finish
  • Deployable in many areas and places for your convenient use


  • Quite weighty to handle and engage

#2: Frenchi Home Furnishing Footstool with Storage


Is your search for your most suitable stool dictated mainly dictated for general home furnishing and use? Choose this piece that is strong and stable enough to accommodate regular sitting and use.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Cherry Finish Wood

The exterior of the stool features cherry finishing. This is great to behold by the naked eyes. It also gives the stool the exceptional character it is supposed to have at all times.

Queen Anne Style

There was a time Queen Anne of England ruled the world. If you loved her or would wish to memorialize her, this stool is yours for the taking. Its style is configured to celebrate this monarch.

High-quality Fibers

Its seating area on the other hand features some high-quality fiber makeup. These are durable and also resist all forms of frays easily as other cheaper alternatives ordinarily do.


  • At its top is a smooth glass
  • A convenient display or storage shelf exists as a vital part of it
  • The lovely espresso finish adorns its exterior


  • Quite expensive to come by

#3: Powell Attic Cherry Bed Steps


Mainly wanting to scale the beds? You have this specific set of step stool for your subsequent leverage and engagement. It is so designed to facilitate the scaling of the beds and other high places.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Chic and Style

Outside its functionality, the stool embodies some chic and style. You may use it to enhance the interior décor of your bedroom over and above merely using the same to make your interiors appear great.

Soft and Substantial

Its seating area features a soft and substantial set of fabric. This fabric is also built to last as it does not really get to fray simply and readily as others of its kind ordinarily do.

Functional and Fashionable

As hinted a number of times, the item does confer some fashion and at the same time provide the necessary support functions you badly want from an item of this kind.


  • Greatly eye-catching to behold
  • A distressed finish dominates its exterior
  • Serves both decorations and exceptional support


  • Requires some assembly right before use

#4: Frenchi Home Furnishing Step Stool, Black


Looking for a stool to move just about anywhere in the house? This could in fact be your best bet. It is extremely light in weight and well able to achieve that end for you. That is not all though as you are about to see!

Outstanding Features and Benefits

2-step Rubber Wood Step Stool

It is manufactured using a combination of rubber and wood. That mix makes the stool to be both strong and comfortable to make great use of at the same time. Also, it imbues some beauty as a result of this.

Hand-carved Details

A series of hand-carved details run across the entire length and breadth of the stool. They are the ones that are primarily responsible for the aesthetic values that the stool subsequently gives off.


By sheer use of the wood, this stool does not conduct the heat and the electricity and is as such safer for home use. Even when your young loved one touches it for too long, it won’t hurt itself.


  • Perfect for reaching the taller beds
  • Features a powerful and super strong wood construction
  • Folds for easier storage


  • Has a fairly shorter lifespan

#5: Peaceful Classics Step Stool Solid Oak


Of all the antique step stools we have under our review, this is the strongest and most enduring. That is mainly given by the oak wood construction of the same.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Durable Craftsmanship

The extensive use of the oak gives the item some durable craftsmanship indeed. Oak does not deteriorate faster but instead stays firm for a longer duration of time.

Multipurpose Construction

Using this stool, it is possible for you to tackle many allied tasks. These include the ottoman, step ladder, footrest, and of course, exceptional décor for your home’s interiors.

Easy Grip

Existing on the surface of the stool is an easy grip feature. The role of this grip is to enable proper and unconstrained handling of the stool altogether. It thus minimizes fall-offs as you move along.


  • Fits many places and rooms of your home
  • Stands the test of time (durable)
  • Imbues a stylish appearance


  • Quite delicate and prone to damages

#6: BCC Solid Hardwood Bench Step Stool


Seeking a stool to use consistently for a prolonged duration of time? This one here could be the one you have been seeking all the while. It is strong and enduring to the many spates of damages.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Solid Hardwood Makeup

You will notice that the step stool is pretty strong and enduring. That is mainly given the solid hardwood makeup that is similarly renowned for maximum strength and overall efficacy.

Premium Catalyzed Finish

A premium catalyzed finish dominates its exterior. This finish is strong enough to prevent any likelihood of yellowing or flaking along the line of use.

Felt Protectors

Some felt protectors do adorn the handles for the sake of conferring added grip to you. Count on the item hence to allow for smoother handling and overall engagements.


  • A tall handle allows for proper engagements
  • Strong enough to accommodate a heavier weight
  • Useful in just about any room


  • Truly bulky and needs lots of space

#7: Wooden Step Stool Eco


Care for your environment? You must of necessity choose to work with the antique stool whose material makeup is wholly derived from eco-friendly materials. This could be the one to choose to work with.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Wood Step Stool

It is in its entirety made of wood. This wood, as we have already stated, is friendly to the environment and hence quite reliable to work with all the while of use.

No-collapse Bauhaus Structural Design Fortification

Further to the above, the item is fortified with the no-collapse Bauhaus structural design. Thanks to this excellent fortification the item is certain to ensure your maximum weight support.

Fast-and-easy Construction

On the whole, the item ensures faster and easier construction. To make this possible, the item is accompanied by a detailed instruction manual and is also simpler to assemble prior to use.


  • Strong enough for adult users
  • Its sturdy design does not fidget or shake
  • Lighter and more convenient to work with


  • Cannot sustain damp floors and termite infestations


Our belaboring of the antique step stool subject matter comes to an end there. Having done our bit, we now pass the baton to you to implement the insight you have generously received to the latter. That of course cannot mean anything else save for acquiring a stool of this kind for yourself.

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