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20+ Best Backless Counter Height Bar Stools Reviews

Backless counter height bar stools are great stools to sit on while relaxing at the bar or just taking your dinner. This being the case, then comfort must be your priority while picking the best counter height bar stools. Backless bar stools can be divided into different categories depending on the height. Therefore, it is crucial that you research more on backless bar stools before making any move. Do you want to open a bar or restructure your kitchen island? This article will provide you with different details and facts about the backless counter and bar stools.

Our Top Pick:

#1. Best OverallAngel Line Cambridge Bar Stools
“Grey color gives a modern and sleek look, the soft leather seat allows you to sit for a long time without feeling tired.”

#2. Best SwivelArmen Living Harbor Counter Stool
“Wooden structure with built-in footrest gives sturdy support, round seat design saves much floor space.”

#3. Best UpholsteryChristopher Knight Home Backless Counter Stool
“Thick upholstery seat compatible with hardwood legs to promise larger weight capacity, brown colors fit any home decor.”

#4. Best CheapWinsome 94084 Satori Stool
“Cheap price is not the reason for its hot selling, but the sturdiness and stability performance does.”

#5. Best Modern TypeSONGMICS Padded Dining Chairs
“Solid wooden legs with square seat offers a stable place to accomodate tiring body, while cotton-linen fabric adds up its sleek look.”

What Are the Best Backless Counter Height Bar Stools on the Market?

What is the Suitable Counter Height for Backless Bar Stools?

The comfort of your bar is a critical factor to consider, so as to ensure you get a suitable counter height bar stool. Generally, the suitable counter height for your bar stools depends on the intended purpose or the height of your countertops. For instance, backless bar stools for kids should have a lower height than that of adults. Bar stools are designed with different sizes with standard heights ranging from 29 -32 inches. However, the ideal distance between the stool seat and the lower side of your counter should be 10 – 12 inches. The following are some of the suitable counter heights to consider.

squre wooden counter bar stools

– 24-inch backless bar stools.

24-inch backless bar stools have become more popular with time, this can be attributed to its shape and size. These stools are mostly ideal for bar countertops with a height of 36 inches from the ground. They are mostly used in kitchen countertops but can still be used in the dining area.

– 26-inch backless bar stools.

Just like the 24-inch backless bar stools, 26-inch backless bar stools are best used with approximately 36 inches countertops. With this height, these bar stools will leave a comfortable space between the seat and the tabletop. These stools can be installed in a kitchen island, where sitting formally is not a must.

– 29-inch backless bar stools.

29-inch bar stools are commonly known as bar height stools, this is because they are the most popular bar stools in bars and restaurants. Generally, bars are designed with high countertops, and this is the main reason why 29-inch backless bar stools are most suitable for bars. These stools allow you to have a better view of most things happening at the bar, while still relaxing with your beer.

– 30-inch backless bar stools.

This is another suitable height for bar countertops. The height of these stools makes them unsuitable for most kitchen countertops. Generally, the most ideal countertop height for a 30-inch backless bar stool is 42 inches, making them ideal for bar countertops.

However, there are more versatile backless bar stools that feature height adjustment. These bar stools are very ideal for different places as well as different countertops. The height adjustment feature allows you to adjust the height of your stool seat in relation to your counter height and your comfort as well. In case you consider this as the best, it is important to check the height adjustment range and the number of adjustments between the range.

Square Backless Counter Stools Vs. Round Counter Stools.

The shape of your bar stool is crucial at determining the style of your decor to some extent. Although the shape of the bar stool is not considered as one of the main factors to consider while buying, it is also worth it.

– Round backless counter stools.

best round counter height stools

Round backless counter stools have a great and appealing design and are mostly used in bars. Round backless counter stools have a charming appearance attributed to the absence of angles, hence a stylish bar decor addition. Also, the lack of angles portrays a stylish design, unlike the solid shapes. Also, round shapes are more suitable where informal sitting is the most ideal. This makes the round backless counter stool very popular in bars, as no formality is required at the bar.

It is great news that the round shape also gives a traditional rustic design. The round backless counter stools greatly allow easy and quick change of direction without moving the stool. This enhances better comfort: you don’t have to move your eyes from the screen to check the direction and position of the edges. With this feature, you limit floor scratching while moving stools from one direction to another. The round backless counter stools are typically ideal for limited spaces, or places where maximum space utilization is the key. This also makes them more ideal for bars.

– Square backless counter stools.

square backless bar stools

Square backless counter stools are suitable for your interior decor and worth buying. These stools feature a simple, modern, and contemporary design and ideal for both formal and informal sitting at different places. Square backless counter stools can be used in the dining area, kitchen island, or even at the bar. Generally, most of the square backless counter stools have a bigger size than round backless counter stools, of the same height. This enhances more comfort as well as support.

On the other hand, round backless counter stools provide an easier and smooth turning than square backless counter stools. However, square backless counter stools provide easy turning from one direction to another, compared to other back counter stools. On the contrary, the square corners can easily injure you or your kid more than the round counter stool.

How to Choose Suitable Materials of Backless Counter Bar Stools.

When choosing a backless counter bar stool, it is important to choose the right materials. You might be looking for durable materials or stylish stools but the best thing is to weigh the pros and the cons of all the materials making the backless counter bar stools.

backless counter height stools

– Backless leather counter stools.

Backless bar stools are the common design since they are the perfect stools when in need of saving space or prefer to keep your backless stools hidden beneath the counter. Bar stools have become popular stools in your home. A touch of leather makes your stool have a classic design. Whether you are buying a metallic or wooden stool, the cushioning finishing determines the laxity of your stool. Backless leather counter stools are the preferred counter stools since they are easy to clean, long-lasting, stain-resistant, resistant to smells, respond well to the seat warmers, and also give your bar an extreme look, lush and feel.

– Upholstered backless counter stools.

Backless counter stools come with different upholstery fabric including linen, cotton, leather, wool, polyester, acrylic, and nylon. Choosing the best type of upholstery material guarantees the longevity of the backless counter stools. The two major categories of upholstery are natural fabrics and synthetic fabrics. Natural fabrics are preferred since they are the softest with less performance feels according to the furniture. The synthetic upholstery fabrics are designed for their superior durability, ease of cleaning, and their affordable cost compared to the natural fabrics.

– Metal counter stools backless.

Metallic bar stools are made of metal and are common in bars, hotels, and restaurants. Metal bar stools are constructed with either steel or aluminum. These two are strong materials. Metal counter stools backless are designed to blend with your modern home decor. Metallic counter stools are associated with the following features: they have a sturdy build and can carry great weights, they are easy to clean by wiping with a dry cloth, the metallic finish is durable thus giving them a stunning appearance and they are easy to match the kitchen utensils. Metal counter stools that are made of steel are more durable, but steel is prone to rust thus the need for a protective layer coating.

– Backless wood counter stools.

Backless wood counter stools are a solid and great option that matches any of your style aesthetic. If comfort is a priority, select wood bar stools that have an upholstered cushion but should be for indoor activities. If you are searching for backless wood counter stools for outdoor activities, choose the denser wood including acacia, eucalyptus, and teak since they are the most insect and weather repellent woods. In case of damage, fixing a wooden stool is easy since you only need a hammer and nails. Backless wood counter stools give a more comfortable sitting surface even without cushioning compared to metal backless counter stools.

– Wicker backless counter stools.

Wicker backless counter stools are known to have a casual, and timeless appeal that allows them to be best placed in the kitchen as they are placed in the sunroom. The wicker backless counter stools are lightweight thus portable to move around. The advice is that they should be placed in covered spaces or rather indoor unless the materials are meant for all weather.

Counter Height Backless Bar Stools Analysis.

Before buying your backless bar stool, it is important to carry out research with the aim of analyzing different heights. Analyzing different counter heights gives you a chance to make the best choice, in relation to your needs. Doing your homework helps you in understanding where specific size is most ideal and the various places where it can be used comfortably. Below is the analysis of the 24 and 26 inches backless counter stools.

black wooden counter height bar stools

– 24 inch backless counter stools.

This is one of the counter-stool heights, with fast-growing popularity among most counter stools. Ideally, the 24-inch backless counter stools are mostly designed with an attractive design, both in shape and size. These stools will work best for countertops with a height of 36 inches. Generally, 36-inch height is most suitable with kitchen island countertops, this makes the 24-inch backless counter stools very ideal for kitchen countertops, and dining area. They are still common in bars and restaurants.

best 24 inch counter stools

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– 26 inch backless counter stools.

Counter stools or even bar stools can be divided into different categories based on height. The 26-inch backless counter stool is another group of counter stools. They are designed for countertops with a height of 36 – 38 inches. With these countertops height, the 26-inch backless counter stools provide enough and comfortable space between the stool seat and the countertop for your legs and tummy. They are mostly ideal for the kitchen island countertops.

26 inch counter height backless bar stools

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Should I Place My Backless Bar Stools for the Kitchen?

Bar stools are a perfect addition to your home and are great for your kitchen, dining, or patio. This is because they deliver greater versatility and elegance to your home, specifically your kitchen. Bar stools are ideal for your kitchen since their design is space-saving. Moreover, they can be placed beneath your countertop hence good when placed in your small kitchen. Bar stools are also easy to clean in case of splatter, just use a dry piece of cloth. The barstools also boast many conveniences since they are lightweight hence easy to move from one place to another. It is possible to adjust the height of the bar stools depending on the countertop height.

Benefits of Backless Saddle Counter Stools.

– The saddle counter stools generally forego arms and a back for a sleeker look but there are those that deliver a hint of support.
Saddle seat bar stools feature a precise bowed seat that is more comfortable and can fit most of your spaces.
– The saddle counter stools have a simple design but with a visual appearance.
– The saddle counter stools come with different styles that suit your modern home decor.
– These stools offer great versatility and can be used in a number of home events.

What Colors of Backless Counter Stools Are Best Suited for My Modern Home Decor?

Color is among the features with a great impact on everything. Therefore selecting a specific color should be done with great care and concern. For example, vintage is a color associated with tradition but you can choose it to match in your modern home.

– Grey backless counter stools.

If you wish for an underlying beauty in your interior space, then the grey-colored stools are a great option. These stools are very appealing to your eyes and they come in many shades of grey. Before purchasing the grey backless counter stools, ensure that they are blending with the background of your walls and floor. Moreover, purchase the ideal height and the correct shade of grey. Another question to ask yourself is whether the stools are meant for indoor or outdoor purposes. But, these stools are very flexible and can be used for both outdoor and indoor purposes.

– Black counter stools backless.

Is black one of your favorites? When you opt for black color, then it means that it matches your bar, kitchen, or islands or maybe you want a contrast. Whichever the reason for choosing black, these backless counter stools must deliver a high performance. If your counter stools backless are padded, then the cushioning ought to be black. These bold stools convey a message of authenticity while conferring unmatched comfort. If you opt for black, it must meet your intended needs.

– White backless counter stools.

The white backless counter stools are the most impressive. They are bright and add a stylish decor to your floor plan. You can choose these stools for your bar or home. When you opt for white, then you should consider where you wish to place them. The reason for this is because white color catches dirt easily hence might not be the best for outdoor activities since they might stain. Furthermore, consider who is going to use the counter stools. If they are meant for adults, they might keep the white color for long, but if they are meant for children, then it might be hard to keep their color.


In conclusion, backless counter height bar stools are a great addition to your interior, be it your kitchen, hotel, or restaurant. They come in different sizes, colors, and construction materials as discussed in this article. After reading the article, you will be in a good position to choose your best backless counter height bar stool.


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