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The 11 Best Backless Swivel Bar Stools Reviews of NEWLY UPDATE

Do you want to restructure your restaurant? Or is it the time you want to start your restaurant or bar? Or even you want some stools for your kitchen bar? Then backless swivel bar stools are your thing.

Backless swivel bar stools are the best option to get a comfortable seat in your limited space while having dinner or breakfast. Also, for the case of a bar or restaurant, you want to have comfortable stools for your customers, while conserving your bar space for more customers.  They boast several versatile features including perfect decor completion, high-quality materials, comfort, swivel function, adjustable height feature, footrest, among others.

These stools are high-quality bar stools designed for multiple functions including commercial or residential uses and indoor or outdoor uses. This article will provide you with various information about backless swivel bar stools.

Our Top Pick:

#1. Best OverallBoraam Backless Bar Height Stool
“Wooden structure allows people with a large weight to use safely, leather top brings great comfort in use .”

#2. Best Pub Height Lexicon Swivel Pub Height Stool
“Three types of size give multiple choice based on your usages, round shape saves much floor space and enables you to place it under the counters after use.”

#3. Best Modern –  COSTWAY Contemporary Adjustable Stool
“Black and white color available for contemporary home decor, PU leather material makes it easy to clean and comfortable to use.”

#4. Best Wooden O&K Industrial Counter Height Stool
“360-degree swivel with backless frame allows you to adjust seat position and conveniently chat with others, while the wooden material fits any home decor.”

#5. Best Industrial TypeVILAVITA Adjustable Swivel Stool
“Adjustable height from 24.8 inches to 30.8 inches fit people of high or short to use, the wrought iron frame offers stability in use.”

#6. Best CheapRichardson Seating Chrome Backless Stool
“Costs around $40, you can get the modern look chrome material bar stools, anti-scratch rubber cap on the feet frees all your worries for wooden floor.”

Quick Pick on the Best Backless Swivel Bar Stools

How to Pick the Best Backless Swivel Bar Stools Size?

Backless swivel bar stools are designed for different uses, as well as for different counters, hence different sizes, in terms of height and width. Both the width and the height of your stools determine the comfort of your stool.

Generally, backless barstools come with an approximate diameter of 15 inches, 17 inches, and 21 inches. Before picking your backless swivel bar stool, ensure that you take the width measurement. The width determines the comfort of the barstool, as well as the number of barstools that can fit in your space.

swivel backless bar stools

For Small Space

For limited to average space, it is ideal to pick the 17 inches backless swivel bar stool, so that you do not compromise comfort for space. Or if you are buying for children or adults with smaller body sizes, then you can pick 15 inches backless swivel bar stool. Again depending on the size of your counter and the number of people you wish to serve on that counter can help you decide the best width.

The height

On the other side, the height of your stool is determined by the height of your table/counter. Generally, as per the rule of thumb, the ideal space between the stool seat and the counter should be 10 – 12 inches. Therefore, before picking your stool, it is important to measure the height of your counter first.

However, most bar stools are designed with a height ranging between 29 – 32 inches, but also, there are extra-tall bar stools, designed for the extra-tall counters, with a height of 44 – 47 inches. However, backless swivel bar stools boast an adjustable height feature: these would be the best option while picking your backless swivel bar stools.

– 24-inch backless swivel counter stools.

Ideally, for an average-sized bar or restaurant, with countertops heights ranging between 35 – 37 inches, then 24-inch backless swivel counter stools are the best. In fact, these stools are the most common because of their shape and size. 24-inch backless counter stools are the best for the kitchen or any other counter-height tables.

– 30-inch backless swivel bar stools.

Generally, the standard bar stool height ranges between 29 – 32 inches. Therefore, choosing 30-inch backless swivel bar stools could be the most ideal as it is the average bar stool height. This will allow you to use these bar stools comfortably with most bar countertops.

The 11 Best Backless Swivel Bar Stools Reviews

#1. Best Bar Height – Boraam Backless 29 Inch Bar Stools

round swivel bar stools


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#2. Best Round – Lexicon Pub Height Small Swivel Backless Bar Stools

leather top bar stools


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#3. Best Modern – COSTWAY Adjustable Hydraulic Bar Stools

white swivel bar stools


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#4. Best Leather – Hillsdale Montello Backless Steel Bar Stools

round leather bar stools


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#5. Best Around $140 – O&K 24 Inch Swivel Bar Stools

best backless bar stools


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#6. Best Industrial – VILAVITA Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stools

backless leather bar stools


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#7. Best Chrome – Richardson Backless Swivel Bar Stools

leather bar stools


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#8. Best Armless – COSTWAY Backless Round PU Leather Stool

adjustable height bar stools


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#9. Best For Store – BIG RED Torin Padded Backless Bar Stool

black swivel bar stools


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#10. Best with Solid Wood – Cortesi Tiwi Backless Swivel Bar Stool

wooden bar stools


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#11. Best Cheap – Richardson Seating Doble Rung Stool

cheap price red bar stools


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Why Do You Need Backless Swivel Bar Stools?

1. High-quality materials.

Most backless swivel bar stools are made of high-quality, durable, and sturdy materials. These materials include rust-resistant metal frame, non-slip caps, durable swivel function, air, or hydraulic height adjustment, among others.

2. Easy movement.

They allow easy movement while still sitting down. The swivel function allows you to rotate up to 180 degrees or 360 degrees.

3. Space-saving.

Backless stools are the best for limited spaces, or for ensuring maximum space utilization.

4. Comfortable.

They are also comfortable especially those with well-padded leather upholstery.

5. It keeps you alert.

These bar stools are nowhere compared to a comfy couch or those bar stools with a backrest and armrests, in keeping you alert.

Round Swivel Backless Bar Stool vs. Square Stools


Round swivel bar stools are a great design and you can see them on any bar. These stools can be rotated 360 degrees thus allowing you to have a look around the pub or bar while you are enjoying your drink. The swivel stools are best suited for bars and pubs since they are heavy and difficult to move around.

Furthermore, a round swivel backless bar stool has a charming appearance due to the absence of angles and also solid shapes. The round backless bar stool can be placed anywhere where informal sitting can be organized. The countertops are the ideal places to place your round swivel backless bar stool.

Top Pick Compact Round Swivel Backless Bar Stools


When square bar stools are chosen for your interior space design, they have different effects compared to other shapes. When shapes that have angles or rather square stools are used for your interior design, they build energy for the viewer. The energy can be negative or positive depending on other factors that make your indoor space design.

The sharp ends that are used in the design ought to be considered with your interior design so as to balance the energy distribution and to make the interior appealing.

Choosing the Modern Square Swivel Backless Bar Stools

Safety Use of Backless Swivel Bar Stools

swivel bar stools

Safety is a top priority in all seating chairs especially when it comes to the stools. Unless your safety is guaranteed, you will not sit with comfort.

The weight capacity is a crucial factor to consider when using these kinds of stools. This factor is important especially if you have a chubby figure.

Moreover, make sure that the stools are strong with stable construction and no chance of wobbling. You should be aware of these factors since they are the reasons that people from bar stools and the stools end up breaking or can cause ham to you.

Can My Kids Use Backless Swivel Bar Stools?

As long as your kid can support his or her back, then they can use it but it is best recommended for teens or bigger children. However, swivel bar stools can cause accidents to kids since they tend to play a lot. If the barstool sits higher above the ground, it can result in serious injuries in case of a fall. If you are to sit your kids on a swivel chair, your eyes should be glued on them to avoid accidents.


In conclusion, backless swivel bar stools are great since they turn 360 degrees giving you a great view of your surroundings. The swivel bar stools are heavy and best suited for bars and pubs where there is no need of moving them around. These types of stools are not recommended for small kids.

Top 3 Best Backless Swivel Bar Stools


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