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The 11 Untapped Reviews of Bamboo Counter Height Stools

Bamboo counter height stools are an ideal choice if you are looking to introduce a feel of exoticism into your garden. Their light and unique design will instantly transform your garden bar into a tropical, appealing island cocktail pub tucked in-between swaying palm trees.

But what are bamboo counter height stools? Here is everything you need to know.

Our Top Pick:

#1. Best OverallSafavieh PAT4019B Collection Stool
“High back design with a thin padded seat brings comfort in use, grey and white finish along with PE wicker allows you to use it for outdoors .”

#2. Best ArmlessGreenington Tulip Solid Bamboo Counter Stool
“100% Moso bamboo ensures its sturdiness and stability, modern look add a special accent to your decorations for dining.”

#3. Best UpholsteryNew Pacific Direct Fabric Bamboo Stool
“360-degree swivel allows you to chat with others conveniently, circular shape foot provides stability, and meanwhile protects your floor in use.”

#4. Best IndustrialModway Promenade Aluminum Stool
“Multiple colors are available for different home decoration styles, mid-back gives basic support to your back.”

#5. Best ComfortableHomeRoots Exotic Bamboo Counter Stool
“Ergonomic seat perfectly fits your body curve and relax your body even for long hours of sitting, sturdy bamboo material carries larger weight capacity.”

#6. Best CompactGreenington Classic Bamboo Counter Stool
“Round seat saves much space no matter for kitchen or dining room use, built-in footrest provides a comfortable place for relaxing your feet.”

The 11 Best Bamboo Counter Height Stools Recommended

What Are the Bamboo Counter Height Stools?

Made from bamboo, an extremely earth-friendly and more resistant to rot and warping due to moisture as compared to most other woods, these counter height stools measure between 24 and 27 inches at the seat. Typically, they are taller than seats, and their design works well with counter height tables that measure between 35 and 39 inches high.

Though the bamboo counter height stools are shorter than the common seats you see every other day at bars or restaurants, they are an ideal choice for use in office break rooms or residential settings. When used properly with counter height tables, they can transform a boring break room into an updated, modern, and appealing look, one that provides the comfort of homes that employees enjoy.

Best Bamboo Counter Stools Reviews

#1. Best For Outdoor – Safavieh Collection Gresley Stacking Counter Stool

high back counter bamboo stools


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#2. Best Armless – Greenington Solid Bamboo Counter Stools

bamboo counter stools


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#3. Best Swivel – New Pacific Fabric Bamboo Counter Stools

mid back bamboo counter stools


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#4. Best Industrial Style – Modway Promenade Bistro Bar Stool with Bamboo Seat

bamboo counter stools


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#5. Best Ergonomic – Greenington Tiger Bamboo 26″ Counter Height Stool

bamboo comfortable counter stools


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#6. Best Leather – HomeRoots Exotic Brown Bamboo Counter Height Stool

leather seat counter stools


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#7. Best Sturdy – HomeRoots Bamboo Caramelized Counter Height Stool

high end bamboo counter stools


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#8. Best For Heavy People – Greenington Tulip Solid Bamboo Armless Counter Stool

bamboo counter stools


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#9. Best For Dining – Greenington Cosmos Bamboo Counter Height Stool

solid bamboo counter stools


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#10. Best with High Back – Modway Promenade Modern Aluminum Bar Stool

industrial bamboo counter stools


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#11. Best Compact – Greenington Classic Bamboo Mimosa Counter Stool For Small Space

round seat bamboo counter stools


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How to Choose Bamboo Counter Height Bar Stools

If you are planning on having a home bar, or you already have one, one of the most important decisions you need to make is getting the best stools. The right counter height bar stools should be comfortable, attractive as well as enhance your bar’s aesthetic qualities and meet the functional needs.

But how do you choose the best bamboo counter height bar stools? Here are a few factors you need to consider when making the selection.

bamboo counter stools


One of the most important factors you need to keep in mind is style. Just like any other furniture in your living room, counter height bar stools should enhance your home’s aesthetics. Apart from the material and design of the stool and, you also need to consider its color. So, choose a color that blends well with the rest of your furniture. And for outdoor use, you need also to consider whether it is compatible with your garden or patio styles.


Some bamboo counter bar stools do not have the adjustable height feature. And if you want such a bar stool, consider buying one that matches your counter’s or table’s height. Bamboo counter height stools measure between 24 and 27 inches at the seat, so you have varying heights to choose from. Most importantly, go for bar height stools that properly fit. Additionally, you can consider buying a bar stool with an adjustable height, which adds to the comfort. This ensures that you or your visitors adjust the height of the stool accordingly.

Back Support

There are different types of bamboo counter bar stools backs, and each type determines the level of comfort and the nature of aesthetics. For instance, backless bamboo counter bar stools, which are common in a large percentage of home bars, do not offer the same level of comfort as those with back support. But your choice should always be determined by what your heart desires. At times, it is also important to keep in mind the needs of guests you will be having in your home pub.


Simple details, in regards to design, in bamboo counter bar stools matter when it comes to comfort. The swivel feature, for example, makes it easy to turn around while sited on your bar stool. So, if you are interested in this feature, look for a bamboo counter bar stool with a swivel.


Think of the available space in your home bar before you start looking for the best bamboo counter bar stools. Take your time and measure it properly. And as much you want an aesthetically pleasing bar stool, don’t forget to be practical and find a balance between the two. Once you figure out the space available, go ahead, and begin shopping.


Get the right number of people who are likely to be using the pub regularly. There is no need of buying two bamboo counter bar stools if you have three people who occasionally sit at the counter. Also, consider the number of guests you expect at a particular time. It would be a shame having visitors who don’t have a place to sit on and enjoy the chilly drinks.


Just like back support and swivel features, footrests add to the comfort of your bamboo counter bar stool. However, there are people who enjoy dangling their legs, and footrests will not be of any importance to them. In fact, they might consider it as a distraction. On the other hand, if you or your guests love resting their legs while enjoying the drinks and deep conversations, choose a bar stool with a footrest. You might not consider it an essential feature at first, but once you have it, you will notice the difference and the comfort it offers.


There are different types of bar stools in the market right now, and choosing one that meets your preference can prove daunting. Nonetheless, you ought to do your best to consider all the factors when choosing your pub seat. You should go for a bar stool that enhances comfort and is durable. And bamboo counter bar stools offer unbeatable comfort, and whatever your needs or your budget, there is always the right seat out there for you.


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