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Bamboo Step Stool Reviews

Ever wondered about the best thing to buy for your kid to use to access higher heights while guaranteeing maximum safety while on top? Then the bamboo step stool is all that you need to have that covered. Besides, it will also provide a bench for you and your kid to sit on while taking off shoes or relaxing, yet lightweight. Generally, the best bamboo step stool provides you with a multi-purpose stool or bench at a cheap and affordable price, while providing long-lasting usages. This article will provide details about the best bamboo step stool as well as a buyer’s guide on the same.

Why Do You Need a Bamboo Step Stool?

Typically, a bamboo step stool comes with several benefits that attribute to why to buy a bamboo step stool. Despite being a simple tool, a bamboo step stool plays several functions that make your kid’s life smooth and easy as well as yours. The following are some of the reasons why you need a bamboo step stool.

– Cheap and affordable.

Most bamboo step stools come with cheap and affordable price tags, yet provide you with multiple uses for lasting usage.

– Easy access to higher heights.

One of the main functions of a bamboo step stool is to add the extra height that your kid requires to reach those points. This stool will help your kid explore different corners while easily accessing his/her bed, toys, and more.

– Long-lasting.

Another reason is its lasting durability. Bamboo step stools are made from natural bamboo wood which is long-lasting and sturdy.

– Multi-purpose.

Besides adding the extra height, a bamboo step stool is ideal for multiple uses. The stool can be used to sit on while taking off shoes, storage shelf, sitting when cleaning clothes, and more.

– Safe and secure.

Usually, a bamboo step stool is non-toxic and eco-friendly, not forgetting adequate support to your kid while accessing higher heights. Also, it features non-slip feet that prevent sliding.

How to Pick the Best Bamboo Step Stool?

Just like any other product, it is important to do your research before buying your bamboo step stool. However, this can be challenging if you don’t have someone to seek advice from, but don’t worry cause I’ll have you sorted. The following are the things to consider when picking the best bamboo step stool.

– Safety.

Safety is always a priority when it comes to kids, therefore, it is important to check for the safety measures employed by the manufacturer. You don’t want to buy a stool just for your kid to fall or get injured. To ensure that the bamboo step stool is safe for your kid, consider non-slip feet and a smooth surface with no sharp edges and corners.

– Lightweight.

The main reason for buying a bamboo step stool is for the convenience of your kid, therefore, the stool should have a lightweight design. Your kid should be able to carry the stool with ease. Consider a weight of 3 pounds down to 1 pound for small kids.

– Age and weight.

Usually, different bamboo step stools are designed for different ages and weight capacities. Ensure that you check the recommended age for the stool by the manufacturer before buying your stool, as well as the maximum weight capacity. This is to ensure that the stool will cover all your needs.

– Material.

There are so many step stools in the market today made of wood. Ensure that your stool is made of 100% natural bamboo wood.

Bamboo Step Stool vs. Bamboo Step Ladder, Which to Choose?

Choosing between a step stool and a step ladder has always been a problem for many. However, the best choice is always dependent on your needs, as they are both quality and worth buying. The following is a comparison between a bamboo step stool and a bamboo step ladder.


Generally, both of them are made of 100% natural bamboo wood, hence similar material construction.

Another similarity is that the main function of the two is to access higher heights.


A bamboo step ladder is bigger than a bamboo step stool. This is because a step ladder is designed to reach extra height than the step stool.

A bamboo step ladder has more than 4 steps, while a bamboo step stool has less than 4 steps.

A bamboo step stool is mainly designed for indoor use, while a bamboo step ladder is designed mainly for outdoor use.

A bamboo step stool mainly has two designs, foldable or non-foldable, while a bamboo step ladder can have several designs including the two.

Finally, a bamboo step stool is designed for lightweight tasks, while a bamboo step ladder is designed for heavy-duty tasks.

Where Can You Use a Bamboo Step Stool?

A bamboo step stool is designed for multiple uses. It can be used in:

– For kitchen.

A bamboo step stool can be used in the kitchen to reach those high cabinets, shelves, changing kitchen light bulbs, and more.

– For the toilet.

A bamboo step stool plays a crucial role in the toilet. It helps in squatting with the best posture for defecation, teaching your kid how to use a potty, reaching those high taps that are inaccessible by your kid, cleaning the walls, and more.

– For kids.

Kids use the bamboo step stool to sit on and reach higher heights with ease.

– For shoe changing.

Another function of the bamboo step stool is sitting on while taking off your shoes. This is ideal for both adults and children, you don’t have to bend or struggle while removing or changing your shoes.

– For adults.

Similarly to the kids, adults can use the bamboo step stool to access higher heights easily, sit on it to relax, rest your leg on it, and for storage.


Prices of a bamboo step stool

Generally, bamboo step stools come with varying prices depending on the manufacturer, however, most of these stools come at cheap and affordable price tags. Generally, most cheap bamboo step stools come with a price ranging from $15 to $30, however, there are others with higher prices.

How to maintain and clean bamboo step stool

A bamboo step stool requires very minimal care and maintenance, which involves dusting and cleaning. On the other hand, it is easy to clean. To maintain and clean a bamboo step stool, dust the stool using a piece of cloth or the vacuum cleaner brush attachment. Then, use a mild soap to wipe the stool using a damp cloth and finally dry it with a dry clean cloth.

Best Bamboo Step Stool Reviews:

1. Growing Up Green Bamboo Step Stool

Get a long-lasting and multi-purpose bamboo step stool from the Ginsey brand, designed with a durable and sturdy material construction consisting of sustainable bamboo wood, thereby assured of long-lasting usage and perfect value for your money. Unlike other wooden step stools made from cheap wood, the Green Bamboo Step Stool is strong enough to hold up to 200 pounds, which is enough weight for your kid and any other thing that the kid might throw at it.

Safety is always a priority when it comes to your kids, therefore, a good step stool should always provide adequate support and balance to the user, for maximum safety. Due to this, the Green Bamboo Step Stool features non-slip feet made of stiff gripping bulbs to ensure that the step stool does not slide on the floor as your kid climbs or plays on top of it, while it is ideal for ages 3 and above.

This Bamboo Step Stool boasts an easy to clean and lightweight design, with an item weight of 1 pound which is easy for your kid to carry around, while you wash it easily with a mild soap, making it easy to maintain for a long lifespan. The lightweight design also allows your kid to easily explore all the high corners in your home, due to the easy portability. Also, it is made with safety and eco-friendliness in mind as it is pesticide-free.


– Pesticide-free.
– Lightweight.
– Durable and sustainable construction.
– Non-slip feet.
– Cheap and affordable.
– Easy to clean with mild soap.


– Non found.

2. Mind Reader KIDSTEP-BRN Bamboo Step Stool

Do you want a bamboo step stool for your kid designed with safety and ease of use in mind? Then, the KIDSTEP-BRN Bamboo Step Stool is your answer as it features lightweight, easy cleaning, and several safety features.

This brown kids’ step stool is designed with lightweight natural bamboo construction, that blends perfectly with most contemporary decor. The step stool weighs 3.5 pounds and a dimension of 8.5 x 13.5 x 6.75 inches, hence easy for your kid to carry it around as he/she tries to reach higher heights or getting into a bed or chair.

For safety measures, the KIDSTEP-BRN Bamboo Step Stool features thick and strong legs for ideal sturdiness and support, while the rubber feet prevent the step stool from sliding while it is in use, making it ideal for children. It has a maximum weight capacity of 80 lbs, which is a perfect weight capacity for kids.


– Provides easy access to higher items.
– Safe and easy to use.
– Lightweight design.
– It is ideal for kids.
– Rubber feet.
– Sturdy legs.


– The weight capacity is quite low.

3. AmazerBath Bamboo Collapsible Toilet Stool, 7 Inch

The AmazerBath Collapsible Toilet Stool is a versatile and multi-purpose step stool made from a durable bamboo wood material, featuring a sleek texture and a classic appearance, hence, a great addition to your decor. This toilet stool is designed to aid in squatting during defecation, thereby enhancing your health as toilet stools help in reducing hemorrhoids and constipation, as well as bowel straining and bloating relief. Therefore, AmazerBath Collapsible Toilet Stool is not only designed for performance but also for your health.

The AmazerBath Collapsible Toilet Stool features a non-installation design as it comes when fully assembled and does not require disassembling at any time even when transporting, thereby saving your time as well as the installation effort. The squatting toilet stool is collapsible to a smaller and compact size, thereby allowing for easy portability and storage. It is easy to collapse as you just need to fold it directly outside and then press the down button to fold inside.

The bamboo wood material offers durable construction while it is simple, reliable, and convenient, and on the other hand, it is safe and ideal for the environment and human health as well. It does not stink and it is more long-lasting and stable than the plastic step stools.


– Easy storage.
– Collapsible.
– Safe for human health and the environment.
– Durable construction.
– Sleek texture and classic appearance.
– Suitable for proper defecation posture.


– It is quite expensive and heavier compared to others.

5. A Selected Bamboo Step Stool, 10 inch

A+Selected Bamboo Step Stool is another simple but stylish wooden step stool from the ASelected brand, featuring a long-lasting, sturdy 100% natural bamboo construction. This stool is strong enough to support a maximum weight of up to 200 pounds, hence, extreme sturdiness. The 10-inch step stool is designed for lasting usage while it comes when packed neatly in the package box.

It is ideal for small spaces and fits perfectly in the bathroom, entryway, bedroom, living room, and more. The Bamboo Step Stool has a dimension of 10H x 10.8L x 8.4W inches and a product weight of 2.25 pounds, hence very portable for your kid to move it from one place to another.

This wooden step stool is designed for kids multiple uses: the stool can be used as a seat to sit on while relaxing or taking off shoes, as well as for boosting that extra height your kid requires to access those high cabinets and chairs. It can also be used for storage, fishing, and washing clothes by adults, besides being a tool for your kid.

A+Selected Bamboo Step Stool requires assembling, but this should not worry you as it is easy to assemble and the package comes with all the assembling accessions.


– Easy to assemble.
– Lightweight and easily portable.
– Multi-purpose.
– Suitable for both kids and adults.
– Maximum weight capacity of up to 200 pounds.
– Durable, sturdy, 100% natural bamboo.


– Non found.

6. STARVAST Bamboo Step Stool – Large Size

This is a multi-functional wooden step stool from the STARVAST brand, and just like the above stools, this stool, bench, or rack is made from durable natural bamboo wood, which is an eco-friendly material. It is also a smell-free and non-toxic step stool with a clear texture that matches perfectly with most modern decors. STARVAST Bamboo Step Stool is an outstanding stool designed with the perfect optimum height that matches the safety-height standards for kids as well as the adults sitting-height configuration. This makes it perfect for sitting on to take off shoes and to rest your foot on it, while it has a maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs.

The STARVAST Bamboo Step Stool also features a kid-friendly design for extra safety precautions, as it boosts rounded corners, smooth surfaces, and well-sanded edges, thereby eliminating all the safety hazards that can injure your kid. This bamboo step stool is easily portable, owing to its lightweight design that weighs 3.44 pounds only. It is also easy to clean and only requires mild soap to clean. On the other hand, it is easy to install with all the necessary tools included in the package, and for extra-durability, all the installation fittings are treated to prevent rusting.


– Easy to clean and carry.
– Treated fittings to prevent rusting.
– Optimum height for both kids and adults.
– Eco-friendly material.
– Kids-friendly design.
– Easy installation.


– No assembly instructions.


In conclusion, a bamboo step stool is an important tool as your kid grows up and for the convenience of your home. The above article has provided a review on the best bamboo step stools, as well as a buyer’s guide on the same.

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