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Comprehensive Review of the Hot-Selling Basyx by Hon Hvl721 Mesh Task Chair

Are mesh office chairs good? The mesh office chairs are some of the best models of chairs as they are comfortable to sit on for long. The mesh materials allow an excellent flow of air for breathability purposes. The mesh materials prevent heat accumulation so you can comfortably lean on the back. Well, a great example of such a chair is the Basyx by Hon Hvl721 mesh task chair. In this article, we will discuss the top features, the pros, and cons of owning this chair in your office or home.

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Features & Advantages of the Basyx by Hon Hvl721 Mesh Task Chair

The Hvl721 model of Hon chairs can bring you many benefits. Below is a detailed review. You will not regret buying the desk chair.

1. Breathable Style

The mesh-like materials design of this chair provides an infusion of support and comfort to focus on your work. The mesh materials allow free airflow for breathability such that you can comfortably lean on the chair for long without feeling too much heat. The chair ensures there is enough air passing through to keep you fresh for as long as you sit.

2. Adjustable Height And Arms

This is another excellent feature that makes it a high work station chair. You can modify it to the perfect working height for comfort and easy reach of the table. This feature makes it convenient to use any table when working since you can increase the chair’s height for a comfortable grasp. Other than adjusting the chair’s height, you can still lean it forward or backward when reaching out to different things or places around the work station.

For example, if you have an eye problem and want to avoid the computer light glare, you can lean the seat backward. On the other hand, for comfortable working and reaching items on the working table, tilt it forward, and you will be good to go. The same case goes for the arms of the chair. You can either incline or recline the chair armrests to match up the height when working.

basyx by hon hvl721 adjustable armrest

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3. Ergonomic Back Adjustment

Do you have back problems or an injury? Well, Basyx by Hon Hvl721 task chair is designed to accommodate people with back injuries and prevent back pains due to the great support it offers to the spine. The backrest features the lumbar adjustment to set the chair in the right position to support the lower back. If you have a problem maintaining a straight posture while seated, this chair will help align your back as it adjusts to support the entire back.

4. Swiveling Casters

You don’t need to keep on getting up to access something from the table nearby the working desk due to the available five casters. The chair swivels to 360 degrees for smooth moving around the working area. The casters also make it easy and fast to move the chair to different office regions since you don’t necessarily need to carry it up.

5. Comfortable Seat

You can sit for long on this chair when working without getting fatigued as the seat has excellent padding. The seat contours to one’s butt for support and excellent fitting.

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6. Heavy-Duty Material

The Basyx by Hon Hvl721 mesh task chair has heavy-duty material construction designed to withstand constant swiveling and moving it around the floor. On top of this, this chair is sturdy to accommodate persons weighing up to 250 pounds.

7. Warranty

Apart from the heavy-duty quality material construction of this mesh chair, the package comes with a 5-year warranty for quality assurance. Thus, you are guaranteed to use this chair for more than five years.

8. Easy to Clean

Maintaining the cleanliness of this chair is easy, as it is compatible with the upholstery cleaning methods. Follow the manufacturing instructions regarding the upholstery cleaning method to use when cleaning it.


Pros of Hvl721 Chair from Hon Office Furniture

  • The chair is multifunctional to fit multiple tasks that require one to sit in a stationed place for long
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty against the manufacturing defects
  • The mesh material prevents heat accumulation by allowing the free flow of air
  • It offers full-body support including the lower back
  • The height and the armrests are adjustable
  • This chair has swivels for smooth moving it around the room
  • This chair is tiltable to both forward and backward

office chair with mesh fabric

Cons of Hon Basyx Hvl721 Executive Chair

  • The chair does not have back padding and thus, may be uncomfortable to lean on for long
  • It can only support a person weighing no more than 250 pounds
  • The chair is quite high and may not work for short individuals with a height of 5’4 inches and below
  • Some customers have complained about the chair being a bit stiff which makes adjusting a bit hectic


Specifications of Basyx by Hon Hvl721 Desk Chair

  • Dimensions: This mesh chair measures 26.75 x 26.5 x 42.5 inches
  • Weight: It weighs 40 pounds
  • Materials: The chair has fabric and meshes material crafting
  • Frame: The frame features aluminum materials
  • Colour: The chair comes in black
  • Weight Limit: This chair holds a weight limit of 250 pounds

Hon office furniture chair review

Usages of Hon Hvl721 Tilting Computer Chair

This is a multifunctional chair that you can utilize in different areas. It is perfect for office use since it has an adjustable height for the comfortable reach of the working surface, and the breathable materials allow the free flow of air. The padding on the chair also offers enough support while seated.

The chair is ideal for people who enjoy playing video games on the computer since the height is adjustable for comfortable leaning. The adaptable lumbar offers support to the lower back so you can sit for long hours. The ability to lean forward and backward makes it easy to play the game from different angles.



Basyx by hon hvl721 mesh task chair is a multifunctional chair for office and home use. The mesh style allows a high flow of air for breathability while seated on it. It has padding on the seat for support, and you can adjust it to multiple angles for comfort when working. This mesh chair comes with a 5-year warranty, a feature that guarantees its durability.

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