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How to Pick A Steady Bathroom Step Stool For Elderly People?

If you have kids in the house or someone with disabilities, then you need a way to help them reach the bathtub or on the toilet seat safely and in a convincing way. But with the number of designs out there, picking a good bathroom step stool that will ensure your aim is achieved well requires more than online guides. You need a guide that will help you make a choice based on the design, size of the bathroom step stool, and the interior décor compatibility. The guide is all about helping you pick the best, and we also sampled out the best bathroom step stool in the market for you.

Why Do You Need a Bathroom Step Stool?

There are many reasons as to why you need to buy a bathroom step stools; the guide will explore some of the reasons basing it on age;

-For children

If your children are beginning to master the art of using the washroom/toilet, unless your toilet sink or bathtub is lower than usual, they will always need help to reach or climb. Toddlers love to help and learn, but they always want to be independent or do things on their own. A step bathroom stool will be of great help, so if your water sinks or toilet tub is a bit higher, it is wise to consider buying a step stool.

-For adults

There are many reasons you need a step stool in your washroom for adults; while keeping everything constant, it is wise to understand that step stools are used to help people or give them support to reach the toilet seat safely. The stool also can be used to provide you with some support when trying to reach a washroom water sink. Step stools also helps adult or elderly people to get a proper posture when trying to reach the toilet seat or the water sink.

-For elderly

Older people require step stools to help them support their weak muscles; this means on a standard toilet, an older person will not reach the washroom without some support. If you are hosting your grandparents for the holidays, you need a step stool for their support and washroom needs. Elderly step stool also provides some comfort when using the toilet, so it is more than support; it is more comfortable.

Is a Wooden Bathroom Step Stool More Durable?

The durability of a bathroom step stool depends on the design, materials used, and stool size. A wooden bathroom step stool provides all the necessary and support systems but concluding that it is more durable than other designs can not be wise. On a random scale, wooden step stools were found to be strong, durable than plastic and bronze options. Compared with plastic and bronze design, wooden step stool is somehow durable and offers an elegant style in any indoor bathroom.

How to Choose the Best Bathroom Step Stool?

Choosing a random bar stool can be easy and straightforward considering the number of options available for you to choose from, but picking a dependable bathroom bar stool goes beyond the normal buying process. Before you make any move towards buying, here are some factors that you should consider for a step stool that will not only offer support but also match with your design and décor.

Size and design of the Step Stool

Size is one of the critical factors that you should always consider anytime you move towards buying a new step stool for your bathroom. This is because size affects both the efficiency of the stool and durability. If your toilet sink is slightly higher, you need a step stool with more stairs or steps. In addition to a larger size, you should also check for stability. But if you have your tabs lower, you will need a standard size that will give your kids minimum support.


Like any other market product, price dictates the type of step stool and quality you will buy. It is wise to understand that each step stool design has its specifications, and the variation of prices is reflected on the same. If you are looking for short-term support, you are hosting kids for the weekend; you can buy the cheaper options since you don’t need them after the party or the weekend. But if you’re hosting your friend or your family member who has some disabilities, you need a long-term solution and then pick a quality step stool, which will offer both support and durability.


Like any other home fittings or appliance, the color should always be there to complete your indoor décor. Colors also have their part in a kid’s life; that is why you need a step stool that will attract your kid by also completing your interior décor. Go for colors that your kids like and the ones that match with your bathroom design or décor. Also, colors play a huge role in inciting your kids to use your newly installed step stool.

What Makes the Best Bathroom Step Stool?

Anything that fits into your budget, specifications, and interior décor makes the best step bathroom stool. So, when searching or comparing different step stools in the market, ensure you consider the following features;


A good step stool should have some rubber treads or anything that will ensure give the stool a full grip on the floor. This is also crucial as it helps to protect your floor from scratches that might be caused due to sliding. In addition to this, a non-slip stool provides enough support and the safety required anytime you climb on it or use your step stool.

Material Used;

The best or ideal step stool should incorporate strong woodwork to provide enough support and a longer lifespan. This is important to ensure that you or your child can assure that the step stool will support his/her weight without breaking or causing injuries.

Installation and easy to clean; A good bathroom step stool should have an easy installation procedure, something that has a compact design, or a stool that you can place and use immediately. You also need a step stool that you can easily clean, not a design that requires some extra cleaning detergent or a stain remover.

How to Use Bathroom Step Stool Safely for Toddlers

There is a standard procedure given by either safety or designers to use different bathroom step stools safely. But as a parent, you should ensure your step stool is firmly fitted on the floor or equipped with grips that will minimize sliding and increase stability. Hold your child’s hand and help them climb the stairs safely; you can repeat this will emphasizing safety and better ways to use your step stool. Some designers also have some procedures on how to use them, ensure you have all the safety procedures in place.

How to Help the Elderly Using a Bathroom Step Stool

With the elderly is a bit different from toddlers, you need to be sure that your step stool is firm and stick with the floor tightly; this ensures no chances of sliding when he/she is climbing the stairs reach the toilet seat. You can also use the manual help, and hold their hand and help them step on each stair safely. For slippery floors like tire floors, it is wise to consider adding anti-slip mats. You can also add extra support to act as hand stairways to help them pull themselves up to the toilet seat.


At what age kid needs a step stool to reach the bathroom sink

Step bathroom stools are designed to offer support to unstable kids; the right age to buy and install your step stool is when the kid starts walking, but he/she needs some support to climb or move around. We can say at the age of 3 to 4 years as the best time to consider buying your bathroom step stool.

how to make a step stool for a bathroom sink

Tools and Accessories

Wood panel cut to following specifications.
2 Pieces of 9’’ x 10-1/2
One piece of 11’’ x 16.’’
Wood 1×2 board cut to 11.9.’’
Kraft paper
Measuring tape
Jigsaw Sandpaper 2’’ angled brush.

Step1 Cut the wood

Use your saw to cut your timber or wood into your design for this guide; we use an 11’’ base and 7’’ stairway. Most home stores will cut the wood into your design specification for free.

Step 2 Make the legs.

Cut the paper to the same specification as wood pieces for legs/supports 9’’ wide and 10-1/3 high. Draw/ scribe the leg design on paper, then use the design to cut the wood using a jigsaw. You can also get this done in the furniture store or hire a carpenter.

Step 3 Handle

Use the measuring tape to locate the center of the step stool. For a three-inch-wide handle, mark and measure a 1-1/3’’ out the lengthwise from your new center point. Use a jigsaw to cut along the line and between the holes.

Step 4 Joining

Using a pocket jig or a drill bit, make some holes inside the top on both support and legs. Place the top of a workshop bench, join all the parts, and clamp them before inserting all the wood screws in place.

Step 5 Painting and Finishing

Use the sandpaper, make the surface smooth, then paint your step stool and leave it to dry in the cool air; your step stool is ready.

Best Bathroom Step Stool Reviews:

1 iLove two-pack step stool for kids

Safety is one of the critical factors you should always look for in any step stool. The ilove 2 pack step stool for kids guarantees you both safety and support by incorporating thick slip-resistant rubber legs for floor or tiles grip. Unlike other step stools, this design comes with extensions that allow your kid to support him/herself while trying to reach the water sink. And if you are looking for a durable and compatible design, then ilove step stool should be at the top of your shopping list as it comes with an extra boost for both the support of up to 175lbs. And a lightweight design.

2 Wood City Wooden Toddler step stool

If you are looking for a classy natural birched wood design, this should be on your list; it is made of 0.6’’ thick natural wood and water-based paints to complete your interior décor with a fantastic match. The step stool also comes with a firm stand that ensures both safety and easy climbing. Unlike other designs that require a carpenter to assemble the step stool, the wooden city comes in a compact design that you can fit on your own. It also features a stylish design of 13’’ x 14’’x 13.4’’ with a weight limit of 220lb.

3 Growing Up Green Bamboo Step-stool

When looking for a bathroom step stool, durability should be one of the key determinants, and this is all about green bamboo step stool designs; they offer more than just a stool but a stool that will last by incorporating the strongest and hardest materials in their design. The stool also comes with non-slip feet making it the safest stool in the market for both kids and people with disabilities. Unlike other designs, the bamboo steps tool comes with a lightweight design and an easy to clean surface, ensuring hygienic standards are observed.

4 Squatty Potty

If your friend or kid has some medical prescriptions on the type of stools he/she should use, then a Squatty potty is certified and recommended as a medical device. Designed to not only last but with the highest safety protocols to ensure you or your friends don’t slip or get injured while trying to climb to a water sink. The potty comes in a standard comfort and height, which feature s a shark tank and clinically proven surface that reduces stains and dirt from sticking.

5 Tundras Boys Blue Step Stool

Tundras Boys Blue Step Stool comes with an amazing design and can be used as potty training for handwashing and brushing teeth. And if your floor is somehow slippery or made of smooth tiles, then Tundras boys step stool is the best choice for you as it comes with anti-slip rubber mats to ensure maximum support and ground grip. If you like traveling or have more than two homes, the Tundras comes in a portable and lightweight design, making it easy to carry it in your car when relocating.

6 Bumbo Step Stool

If your toilet and washrooms are located high, a Bumbo step stool should be on your list as it is customized to help your kids reach sinks located high in your kitchen and bathroom. The design also ensures safety by incorporating rubber anti-slip mats. And if your kid needs some potty training, then Bumbo should be your choice; it has a strong grip and great in potty training things like handwashing and teeth brushing.

7 Skip Hop Toddler Step-stool

The design has two in one use options that come with an interlocking feature for safety and support. And if your floors are made of slippery tiles, you can consider buying the skip hop since it comes with non-slip bases and treads. They also work well with hop design making them the most comfortable setup for toilet trainers. The stool also comes with a larger step stool that allows a maximum weight of up to 250 lbs, equal to 113 kg.

8 Simplay 3 Sibling Step Stool

The Simplay 3 Sibling Step Stool comes with a compact and lightweight design, making it an appropriate design to consider if you are likely to move out from your current location. The stool also provides your kids with a dual purpose that incorporate handles and easy carry on or moving it to and from the bathroom. Safety is also paramount with this design as it incorporates anti-slip treads and rubbers for a maximum grip on soft floors. Additionally, the design comes in an easy to clean material, making it the best if you are hosting many kids for the weekend.

9. SKYROKU Potty Training Seat with Step

Support is the key when buying a toilet step stool; SKYROKU comes with an extra ladder with a staircase to ensure your kid gets an easy time to climb. The step stool also comes with an easy to clean design that provides stain-free surfaces. And if you are looking for a compatible style, a stool that will fit into different toilet seats, SKYROKU design is your best choice because they are designed to fit in different indoor toilet environments.

10 Jobar International Bath Step with Handle

If your step door or entrance to your bathroom is somehow higher, you need a Jobar design to help you or anyone in the room step into your bathtub. The step stool comes with an extra handle for both support and stability. The design also has some anti-slip treads to ensure that you don’t slip when walking on a wet floor. Unlike other designs, Jobar international bath step stool with handle comes with a compact design and a lightweight material making it the best step stool when relocating.


With the number of step stools out there, making a wise choice depends on how much you know about the size, features, and design. The guide has summarized your buying process into a single day check and sampled out top brands you can buy online or in the market.

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