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Best 2 Step Ladder Reviews

The 2 step ladders are the most flexible and convenient compact ladders for simple jobs. They can be used at homes, shops, offices, and even in the garage to reach high areas. These ladders are made of quality materials and durable designs so that you can use them on any surface.

However, note that these ladders have varying weight capacities that they can hold. Some are strong enough to accommodate people weighing 300 pounds, and others are good for weighing around 200 or fewer pounds. Here is more information about the 2 step ladders and the top ten best models.

Why Do You Need 2 Step Ladders?

Use as step stools

The 2 step ladders are great to use as step stools when reaching items that are stored on high shelves you cannot get while standing. Besides, these ladders are convenient to carry since they are light and foldable so that you can use them from different areas, either indoors or outdoors.

Where Can You Use 2 Step Ladders For?


These ladders are suitable for home use in areas around the bathroom, kitchen, living room, or bedrooms. They are stable, so you can use them when reaching out for items stored up or fixing parts of the ceiling or wall. You can also use them for installing curtains.


You can use the 2 step ladder to hang things on the walls of your garage shelves.


The 2 step ladders are standard at the supermarkets since they use them to reach items stored at the top shelves. They are also useful for arranging things on the shelves.

Is It Safe To Use 2 Step Ladders?

The 2 step ladders are safe to use as long they are crafted with stable and safety mechanisms. Choose a step ladder that has anti ski caps for protection when set even on smooth surfaces. Also, ensure the ladder you choose has anti-skid steps for stability even when you step with wet or slippery shoes. Another thing worth noting is that these ladders have weight limit capacities. So, choose a ladder that supports your weight for safety.

Metal 2 Step Ladder Vs. Wooden 2 Step Ladder

Metal 2 step ladders are great for indoors and outdoors since most are treated to repel against the outdoor elements like high UV and rain. On the other hand, the wooden 2 step ladders are only ideal for indoors since they can easily get damaged by outdoor elements.

The aluminum ladders do not require any maintenance as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on using and storing them. But, the wooden ladders may require maintenance once in a while.

The metal 2 step ladders are relatively light in weight such that a single person can carry to move to use. But the wooden ladders are a bit bulky and may need two people to take them regardless of the size.

What Are The Proper Types Of 2 Step Ladder To Choose From?

Multi-purpose ladders

Always choose a 2 step ladder that you can use for more than one way for efficiency. For example, a ladder you can use as a step ladder or stand without any support is the right choice.

Foldable ladders

The foldable 2 step ladders are great space savers since they don’t take up much space when folded and are easy to carry when traveling.


If you need a 2 step ladder that you can use from more than one area or carry to operate from a different location, make sure it is light as this facilitates portability.

How To Pick The Best 2 Step Ladder?

The weight capacity

These ladders can only bear certain weight, something you need to consider when choosing one. If you weigh 200 pounds, choose a ladder that can hold around 250 or more pounds for the tool’s safety and durability.

The safety features

A safe 2 step ladder should have anti-skid steps to ensure your safety while standing or climbing the ladder. Also, consider a ladder that has anti-skid feet for stability, especially on slippery floors.

Foldable vs. unfoldable

A foldable ladder is easy to carry and store since it doesn’t take up much space either in the car or even in the house. The unfoldable models may be suitable for holding heavier weights but are not easy to move around.

How To Use 2 Step Ladders Safely?

Ensure all the feet of the ladder are well leveled on the ground
Ensure the base of the ladder is fully opened as this provides stability
Make sure the latches are locked on unfolding it before you step on the ladder
Maintain a firm hold when climbing the ladder

How Tall Is A 2 Step Stool Ladder?

The majority of 2 step ladders are between 3 to 4 feet tall.

Best 2 Step Ladder Reviews

1. Cosco 2-Step Household Folding Step Stool

Need a tool that you can use to reach further items in different rooms indoors? This is an excellent two-step ladder worth investing in. The ladder is foldable flat for easy storage and to prevent clutters in the room as well. This two-step ladder only weighs 7.4 pounds, so carrying to shift around the house is easy for all.

The ladder is safe to use in almost all flooring since the feet are tapped for safeguarding the floors while preventing it from sliding when set on smooth surfaces.


This ladder is foldable for easy carrying and storage
Has anti-skid feet
The ladder is light
The materials constructions are safe for indoor and outdoor use


This ladder can only carry a weight of 225 pounds

2. Delxo Folding Step Stool- 2 Step Ladder with Anti-Slip Pedal

If you need a two-step ladder to use both indoors and outdoors, consider this model from Delxo. The ladder’s steps have anti-slip materials such that you can step on it with muddy or wet shoes. The ladder is relatively light for easy moving around and folds flat to keep and carry.

The ladder is crafted with weather elements resistant materials, one of the reasons it is suitable for outdoor areas. The feet have anti-skid rubber caps to secure the ladder from slipping on wet or smooth floors.


This two-step ladder is affordable
Can hold heavyweights of up to 330 pounds
Ideal for indoor and outdoor areas
Comes with one year warranty


Heavier people may find this ladder quite uncomfortable since the frame is quite slim

3. Little Giant Ladder Systems 11902 2-Step Jumbo

This ladder has quality aluminum material construction that is quite sturdy and strong to hold up to 375 pounds. The ladder is foldable for easy keeping away, especially if you live in small homes. The ladder is ideal for heavy-duty jobs like painting or repairs since it is comfortable to stand on for long.

The two staircases are wide and have an anti-slip design to increase stability. The top section has a tools holder, so you can keep your small tools close by for easy access when working. This ladder is safe for the outdoor since the materials are safe even when exposed to outdoor elements.


This ladder is quite portable
Can carry weights of more than 300 pounds
Comes with a tool organizer


This ladder feels a bit flimsy

4. Louisville Ladder AS3002 6966014

This is a unique two-step ladder that looks like a footstep ideal for every home. The ladder has quality aluminum materials that can hold a person weighing up to 300 pounds. Moving the footstep ladder around the house is comfortable, considering it only weighs pounds.

The stool’s stability, especially when one is on top of it, is easy since the feet have anti-skid rubber materials. Is this ladder safe for the outdoors? Yes, the aluminum materials are safe and secure for the outdoor elements. So, you can also leave it on out without worrying about it getting damaged.


This ladder is light in weight
The ladder is quite strong and stable
Has a unique footstool design
Can hold heavy people


This ladder is a bit thick, which makes folding quite hard. It may also not fit squeezed areas even when folded.

5. Rubbermaid RMS-2 2-Step Steel Step Stool, 225-pound Capacity

Whether you need a two-step ladder for home or commercial areas, rest assured this ladder will serve the purpose. You can use it at the supermarkets to help customers reach items stored on upper shelves and home to reach up areas to access items or clean the windows.

The ladder has anti-slip crafted steps to ensure the safety of the user. For easy storage, this ladder folds flat, something you can do within seconds. The other feature you will love about the ladder is the stability it provides. You can set up and use it even on the smooth floor since it has anti-skid feet caps that hold it firmly.


The ladder folds flat for easy storage
The top step is wide to accommodate different sizes of feet
Has quality stainless steel alloy materials
Has an ergonomic handlebar for holding when climbing up and down the ladder

This ladder is quite heavy, so it may be challenging to move for some people

6. Delxo 2 Step Ladder Folding Step Stool Ladder with Handgrip

Your safety is taken care of in crafting since it has a handlebar to hold on to. The two steps are quite broad, plus they have anti-slip materials to secure your feet from slipping off when working. This also gives freedom to the user so you can focus more on your work.

The item measures 31.5 X 20.86 X 18.89 inches, and it is also foldable for easy storage when not in use. Note that the top step on this ladder is quite large since it offers toe to heel support to prevent the feet from straining when standing.


This ladder is safe to use on different surfaces
Can hold heavyweight
The ladder is light for portability
Comfortable to stand on for long

This ladder is foldable but getting it to fold flat is not an easy task. The latch is quite stiff to release to fold.

7. Little Giant Ladders, Flip-N-Lite, 4-Foot, Stepladder

This ladder measures 4 feet high, which is a reasonable height for most people. The ladder is great for both home and commercial areas since the height enables people of different heights to reach on upper surfaces. This ladder is made of high quality and durable aluminum materials that can carry up to 300 pounds.

This ladder’s step platforms are quite comprehensive to ensure the user is comfortable to stand for a long time. Thus, you can use the ladder for painting, repair, and hanging clothes in the closet.


This ladder is exceptionally portable
It comes with a supporting handrail to hold on to when climbing up and down
This ladder is slim for easy fitting in small spaces
The steps are comfortable to stand on

This ladder is not comfortable to lean on as it feels relatively weak

8. Sorfey Aluminum Folding 2 Step Ladder

This is a great lightweight ladder worth investing in for multiple uses. You can use the ladder at home, garage, office, and the shop. It is foldable to store away, so you don’t have to worry about the space. Also, unfolding the ladder to use is smooth. For easy portability, this ladder only weighs 10 pounds and can hold a person with a weight of 250 pounds.

It may not work for heavy-duty jobs that require you to stand for too long, but it is quite reliable for easy jobs like accessing items stored on upper shelves.


This is a versatile ladder
The ladder is light in weight
Folds and unfolds quite fast
The steps have anti-skid designs

This ladder is a bit expensive

9. Delxo Lightweight Aluminum Woodgrain 2 Step Stool Folding Step Stool Step ladders

The rustic design of this stylish two-step ladder fits every home. This ladder is quite portable and folds for easy storage. The ladder is made of the quality and robust aluminum materials. Hence, it is also an excellent choice for people living in small spaces.

This ladder comes assembled for you, so all you need to unfold and begin to use. The ladder is not bulky as it only weighs 7.4 pounds, so moving it around the house to use is easy and quick for all. The feet of the ladder have anti-skid rubber materials that guarantee stability and convenience to the user.


This ladder is stable to support high weights
The feet have non slip rubber caps for support
Has a beautiful rustic finish
The ladder comes already put together

Some customers have complained about this ladder feeling too flimsy


These are our top ten best select 2 step ladders ideal for home and other working areas. The ladders are made in foldable form for portability and are light as well. Just check the weight capacity the ladder can hold to choose the right model for your home or business area use.

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