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Top 10 Best 24 Inch Bar Stools With Backs Reviews to Support Your Back

Bar stools are designed in different styles, whereby some are equipped with a backrest while others are backless. The barstools with the backrests are quite comfortable since you can lean while seated and helps prevent back strains as well. The barstools with backs come in different styles and sizes for people to select their preferred stools. This article consists of a review of the top ten best 24 inch bar stools with a back.

Our Top Pick:

#1. Best Overall – Linon Home Decor Keira Pad Back Folding Counter stool

“Folding design makes it suitable for small spaces to use, while the wooden construction is the key to its sturdiness.”

#2. Best Swivel Type Ashley Furniture Signature Design

“Round seat fits any corners and you can place it under the desk, the swivel design eases your chatting with friends.”

#3. Best Sturdy Type – Yaheetech 24 Inch Seat height Tolix Style Dining Stools Chairs

“Modern look cooperates perfectly with all sorts of home decor, while the delicate structure bears larger weight capacity .”

#4. Best Upholstered Stools – DAGONHIL 24 Inches Counter Height Barstool with Back

” Upholstered seat makes it so comfortable while sitting for a long time, classic color endows it with a perfect outlook.”

#5. Best Stackable Type Homeroots Metal Barstools With Backrest

“Stacking it up if you are short of space in the kitchen area, the detachable back brings great comfort in use.”

Reviews Of The Best 24-inch Bar Stools With Back

1. Best 24 Inch Bar Stools with Back – Linon Home Decor Keira Pad Back Folding Counter stool

24 inch bar stools without back

If you are planning to extend a bar section in your home, this barstool model will suit you perfectly. The stool features a comfortable style design with a backrest to ensure your comfort while seated. The espresso finish on the barstool gives it a unique and beautiful look. Note that this barstool can only accommodate a person weighing not more than 250 pounds.

If your bar area does not have a large space, you can put this barstool away since it is foldable for storage purposes. The front area is made with a footrest for the stability of the barstool. It is covered with PVC upholstery leather material that is easy to maintain since all you need to do is wipe it in case of a spillage. The barstool comes fully assembled for you.

  • The barstool features a backrest to prevent staining while seated
  • It comes fully assembled for you; hence, all you need to do is find a place to set it
  • The barstool is foldable to save on space
  • The stool is super stable to ensure comfort
  • It has a weight limit capacity of up to 250 pounds


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2. Oak Bar Stools with Back – Lavon 24 Inch Counter Stools with Back

24 inch wooden swivel bar stools with back

There is no limit to the area to set up this barstool as it features a stylish and beautiful finish. One pack comes with two pieces of barstools. It is crafted with Asian hardwood that is durable and strong to guarantee long use of the barstools. The padding cover is made of pure polyester material that is easy to clean for maintenance purposes.

The finish of the barstool is done with espresso that gives the barstools a unique and classic look. The stools come in pieces, although one is provided with a manual guide and the right tools for assembling the barstools.

The sitting area of this barstool measures about 25.5 inches that can comfortably accommodate a person with a weight capacity of 300 pounds. The backrest features wheat weave design to add a touch of elegance to the furniture.

  • These barstools are quite comfortable
  • The seating area is large to accommodate most people
  • It features a beautiful finish style
  • The barstools are made with Asian hardwood for durability purposes
  • The barstools have great padding
  • The assembling instructions not being too clear


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3. Best Swivel Counter Stools – Ashley Furniture Signature Design

24 counter stools with back

This counter barstool features a vintage wooden look that adds a touch of elegance to the area that you decide to set it. It is versatile in terms of use as you can use it at the bar, kitchen counter, or outdoors.

It is made with comfortable and durable material, and the seating area is well padded for your comfort. This barstool swivels for 360 degrees so you can easily move around while seated.

The cushion is made with leather material that is durable and easy to clean by just wiping off any dirt or spillage. This barstool features metal and wooden material to ensure a total stability of the stool.

Note that the metal parts are coated with brown color to ensure it matches well with the wooden parts. The barstool features a lightweight form for comfortable carrying around and holding. It comes in parts, and all the necessary assembling tools are provided in the package.

  • This barstool features a stylish design
  • It is quite easy to assemble
  • Carrying the barstool around is easy as it is light in weight
  • The barstools can swivel at 360 degrees to avoid motion restrictions
  • These barstools are quite expensive


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4. Metal Stools with High Back – Yaheetech 24 Inch Seat height Tolix Style Dining Stools Chairs

24 inch kitchen stools with backs

These barstools are designed in a unique form and feature metal structure with a wide seating area. The backrest measures around 24 inches to ensure total comfort to the person seated. It is versatile in use as you can set it in the kitchen area, dining, or the bar counter.

One package came with four pieces of the barstools, and they are stackable for save on the storage space. The seat surface is quite large to accommodate even large-sized people. The seating area is well coated to prevent the barstool from scratches.

The feet are padded with rubber material to ensure the stool does not scratch your floor in case it is dragged and to reduce noises as well. The barstool is super strong since it can accommodate a person weighing up to 330 pounds. It is joined with the X-shape brace below to ensure total stability.

  • This barstool comes with a warranty
  • It is scratch-proof
  • It has rubber feet to prevent it from damaging the floor or producing noises when drugged
  • It is sturdy to accommodate heavyweight
  • The barstools can be stacked to save storage space
  • The barstools are quite expensive


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5. Upholstered Kitchen Stools with Back – DAGONHIL 24 Inches Counter Height Barstool with Back

24 wood bar stools with back

Anyone, including elderly people, can comfortably sit on these barstools as they feature comfortable design. The seating surface and the back are well padded to ensure comfort to the user. A package comes with two barstools.

The barstools feature an infusion of modern classic design in both structure and the finishing. The paddings have linen fabric material, and the legs are made of durable wood material. You can use these barstools in your kitchen for dining or even in the bar area.

The backrest measure 24 inches in height, and the seating surface measures around 18 inches. The edges of the barstool feature silver nail thumb tucks that add a touch of elegance to the seats.

  • These barstools are quite comfortable
  • They are flexible since you can set them in different areas
  • They come partially assembled to lessen your assembling work
  • The barstools come with a warranty inclusive of 30 days free return
  • Cleaning the barstools is a bit challenging since the padding feature linen cover that does not dry up easily.


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6. Swivel Wooden Bar Stools with Back – Ball and Cast Counter Stool

24 kitchen stools with backs

This barstool features a beautiful cappuccino finishing color that makes to look elegant. It is made of durable and reliable hardwood material that guarantees long use. It is super strong to accommodate heavily weighted people.

The barstool fits in areas like the kitchen, bar, and other countered areas since it does not take up much space nor restrict motion while seated. The bar stool is well cushioned to provide comfort when one seated, and the cushion cover is made of leather material for efficient cleaning in case of spillage.

Note that this barstool can swivel to 360 degrees for comfortable moving around. Other than having a padded seat surface and excellent backrest, this barstool also comes with a round footrest made of stainless teem metal material that ensures its stability as well. Note the barstool comes in pieces, although it is easy to assemble.

  • This is an easy to maintain barstools
  • It features a stable design
  • It is beautiful and complements other furniture in the house
  • The barstool can swivel to 360 degrees
  • The seat is well padded
  • The barstool can only accommodate someone weighing around 220 pounds


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7. Stackable Counter Stools with Back – Homeroots Metal Barstools With Backrest

24 swivel bar stools with back

These are flexible barstools that suit both indoors and outdoors use. The barstools are designed with a beautiful black matte finish that makes them stand out. They are crafted with durable and well-coated metal material for durability and resistance from damage even when used on the outdoors.

The seat measures about 24 inches a comfortable surface to accommodate an average-sized person. The barstools are quite comfortable for easy carrying around and are stackable in case you want to minimize the storage space. The barstools come in parts with the necessary assembling tools and a guide.

The barstools are easy to clean and maintain. Note that these barstools are versatile since you can also use them without a backrest.

  • The barstools feature an authentic design
  • They are quite comfortable
  • You can use them in different areas including on outdoors
  • The barstool comes partially assembled for easy and fast assembling
  • They are quite affordable
  • The seating surface is not padded, and some customers may find it uncomfortable to sit on


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8. Best Sturdy Metal Bar Stools – Yongqiang Set For 4 Metals Barstools 24 Inch High Back Bar Stools

24 bar stools with back and arms

The designs of these barstools make them unique and stand out from other models. The barstools have both matte metal finish and wooden material that add a modern and vintage look on the barstools. One package comes with four pieces of barstools, and one barstool can accommodate a person weighing up to 330 pounds.

Although the seating surfaces are not padded, they feature a large area that provides total comfort to the user. The backrest is long enough to ensure one is comfortable while leaning on it. You can set the barstools on the kitchen counter, the bar, or at the deck. The legs of the barstools are fitted with caps that prevent them from scratching or marking the floor. This also helps minimize noises in the case where you drag the barstools.

They are super stable as they feature footrest to prevent them from wobbling. The barstools come with a warranty for quality assurance.

  • The barstools are quite stable
  • They are versatile in use since you can set them at the kitchen or the bar section
  • The finishing on the barstool is unique
  • They are stackable to minimize the required storage space
  • The seating surface is not padded and some people may find it uncomfortable especially after sitting for long hours


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9. Classic Metal Wooden Stools – Poundex PDEX-F1523 Bobkona Earline 24 Inch Height Swivel Barstool

24 stool with back

If you are looking for the perfect barstools to use in your club, these are the right models to purchase. The barstools are designed with durable materials to ensure durability even after long or constant use.

The barstools feature a metal and wood combo with an added seating surface to ensure the users are comfortable to sit for long hours.

The padding has cover foam that is easy to clean by just wiping with a damp cloth. The base also has footrest all round to add stability to the barstools.

The barstool comes in pieces, although they are quite easy to assemble. The barstools can swivel without restricted motion. The brown color finishing on the barstools complements other furniture in the house or at the bar.

  • The assembling of the barstool is super-fast and easy
  • The seat is well padded
  • It has beautiful finishing
  • They are light in weight for portability purposes
  • Several customers have complained about receiving the barstool package with some screws missing.


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10. Low Back 24 Inch Counter Stools – Yongchuang 24 Inch Metal Barstools 4 Set

24 bar stools with back

These are the perfect barstools to set on outdoor areas. The materials are durable and resistant to weather damages such that you can leave it outdoors throughout the year. The structure of the barstools features black matte material while the seat surface is made of strong and durable wood material.

The stools are light in weight, so carrying or moving to different sections on the outdoor is super easy. Each pack comes with four pieces of a barstool that comes in parts for assembling. The barstools are easy to put together since one is offered the assembling tools and a manual guide. The seat surface measures around 24 inches in width that can comfortably fit ordinary people.

The middle section of the barstool has a footrest that provides comfort to the user and, at the same time, ensures the stability of the tools. The feet of the barstools have rubber cups to prevent them from damaging the floors or producing annoying noises when pulled.

The backs of the stools are detachable in case you want to use them without a back.

  • These barstools are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Assembling them takes little time
  • They are made of beautiful finish
  • The barstools are super easy to clean
  • They can be stacked together to reduce the required storage space
  • The barstools may be uncomfortable to some people


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These are the top best barstools with a backrest to buy for your home use. They feature a durable and unique design that blends well with other furniture and settings in the household. Some bar stools are ideal for outdoor use since the material can withstand different weather changes, while others are suitable for indoor use only. So, check out these reviews to choose the barstools that suit you.

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