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Top 10 Best 24 Inch Counter Chairs Reviews to Fit Your Counter Height

Counter chairs come in different make, design, and quality. For example, there are seats with low back, medium back, high back, adjustable, fixed, mobile, and fixed. Those made of high-quality materials and with desired features are best to add in your room to bring luxury and sophistication, making it looks admirable and professional. Here in this post, we will help you find the best 24 inch counter chairs through expert reviews!

What Is the Best 24 Inch Counter Chairs Worth Buying on the Market?

Our Top Pick:

#1. Best Overall – Lavon Counter Stools Black Espresso Chairs

“Sturdy wooden material brings a feeling of sturdiness, the cushioned seat allows for a period of peace of mind.”

#2. Best Metal Type – Yaheetech Backrest Industrial Counter Kitchen Stools

“High back design gives sturdy support on your back, metal design makes it perfect for commercial use.”

#3. Best Swivel Type – Boraam 48824 Augusta Counters Cappuccino Stools

“Hardwood legs and backs bear heavier weight, swivel seat adds up convenience in chatting around.”

#4. Best Foldable Type – Linon Home Folding Counter 24 Inch Chairs

“Limited space is never a problem with its foldable design, store it in the corner once you finish using it.”

#5. Best Modern Type Roundhill Furniture Pc185gy Lotusville Vintage Chairs

“Gray colors endows the chair with a sleek look, making it perfect for placing in vintage or modern decor home.”

Top 10 Best 24 Inch Counter Chairs

1. 24 Inch Wood Counter Stools – Lavon Counter Stools Black Espresso Chairs

This set comes with 2 counter stools made from Asian hard-wood material and 100 percent polyester content. Its fabric color is black with wheat back in the pattern, and the chair requires assembly. This product contains base leveler which is plastic, and its height is 25.5 inches and 17.25 seat depth, can withstand weight up to 300 lbs, and has a cushion base particleboard.

One can sit comfortably on it as its legs are Espresso finished with feet rest and has strong X brace support for the provision of more stability and to bear the weight on it. This product contains rubber feet under its legs hence keeping the floor safe against damage and scratching when stacking them together and the pads also reduce noise when moving the chair. Lavon counter stools are made of durable materials with an excellent structure enough to offer comfort and strong support when using it.


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2. 24 Inch Kitchen Counter Chairs – Yaheetech Backrest Industrial Counter Kitchen Chairs

Are you looking for a more elegant and classical atmosphere in your restaurant or house? Then, this is a product that anyone should go for. Yaheetech dining chairs are worth in your patio and kitchen, are made of iron and beech wood materials, and are convenient for assembling and dissembling thus with the absence of backrest make them convenient for storage and ease for transportation.

This is a very stable chair with cross support at its bottom and is suitable in cafes, dining rooms, kitchen, bistros, and patios. A bubble bag and pearl wool ensure excellent packing and all parts of the stool are protected against damage and breakage when transporting.

This seat is stackable hence saving space in your room as they are stackable because they don’t have backrests and able to be kept them organized when not in use. The seat occupies a surface area of about 37 by 36 cm and is 14 inches high. It is made of durable material with rubber feet under its legs hence making your floor safe from scratches when stacking them for storage.

The bar stool is ergonomic and very solid to offer comfort and strong support when using it and a maximum weight-bearing capacity of 330 lbs. For it to serve much longer, it is suggested you put a cover on it especially during rainy seasons. This chair can be installed easily and disassembled.


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3. 24 Swivel Counter Chairs with Back – Boraam 48824 Augusta Counters Cappuccino Chairs

Satisfying and meeting the needs of the customer has always been the pursuit of this chair, as it is made from solid hardwood constructions. This product is designed and made for each day use; and is confide with faux leather black in color over the foam of high density, making it more comfortable to the user.

This chair has a height of 37.5 inches and very durable and flexible as it contains a ball bearing that can enable it to rotate at 360 degrees. It is classic casual in its design, attractive and suitable in your kitchen or bar as the ergonomic design makes it entertaining and enjoyable with family members and friends.

Its legs are flared with a footrest for stability and comfort, easy to assemble and has a warranty from the manufacturing company or the authorized retailers. The Boraam collection is always ideal for those searching for premium products at affordable prices.


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4. 24 Inch Counter Stools with Back – Linon Home Folding Counter 24 Inch Chairs

This chair is just designed for you with its ability to provide stylish seating posture and the convenience of folding to make a counter stool. The folding design tends to add more extra dash in elegance when dining times or entertaining. This whole chair has a rich espresso finish, is dark brown vinyl padded seat and back of leather material with a wipe clean and can support a weight capacity of 250 lbs.

This chair saves space & can be store easily by simply folding it and setting up is simple as well. It has a front, rear supporter that provides more support and stability due to the wooden frame and can provide footrest hence making the user more comfortable.


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5. 24 Inch Counter Height Stools – Costway Backrest Industrial Counter Kitchen Chairs

These are durable vintage stylish chairs made from copper and metallic materials and are perfect for kitchen, bistro, restaurant, cafes and anywhere else. They are comfortable in design with high backrest for comfort when enjoying your meals or when relaxing conversation. This chair can easily be stored as they are compact in size hence saving much space during events or in commercial use. They are black in color and have weight capacity of 330 lbs. Their size is 14.5 by 14 inches and a height of 24 inches from the ground.

The net weight of one chair is about 13 lbs and the overall dimensions of 20.5-inch length by 19-inch width and height of 39 inches. They have a durable and solid in construction as they are made from high-quality steel frames and squire base and can be used on a daily basis. Generally is made from elmwood with a natural texture hence can serve you years and gives an amazing seating experience. It is ergonomic in design hence able to adapt the human body shape and reducing pressure from the back hence improving blood circulation around the body. This makes it suitable for everyone.

The whole body of this chair is well protected by the paint of high quality, and it forms the protective film on its surface. The chromed metallic legs are corrosive resistant, and the lower part of its legs contain non-marking rubber material that reduces noise when moving the whole chair and keeps them from scratching the surface and sliding hence guaranteeing safety when using it.

These are urban industrial stylish chairs with mixed material for an interesting juxtaposition of form and texture, providing a pleasing profile to the user. They feature compact in size and stackable hence saving on storage space and makes cleaning easy by maintaining a damp piece of cloth.


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6. 24 Inch Kitchen Counter Stools – Linon Triena Cherry Counter Stool

This is a beautiful dark cherry finished chair with a dark brown vinyl padded seat which can be cleaned by wiping and will enhance the dining room with charm as it is an eye-appealing craft. This seat has a traditional mission back design 24-inch seat height and seat dimension of 17.25 inch by 17 inches; the assembled size is 17.25 by 19.5 inch and 37-inch height. The seat weighs 15.43 lbs. And supports up to 275 lbs.

Linon Triena cherry counter stool is rich with red in color cherry wood finish and a dark brown vinyl padded seat that wipes clean, giving it timeless allure. It is a solid and stable construction of high quality that makes it sturdy, attractive, and most preferred by many and it suits both formal and casual décor.


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7. Mid Back Wood Counter Height Stool – Poundex Pdex F1205 Chair Upholstered Solid Chairs

This is one of the solid upholstery chairs that can make through your day as it provides a sleek style of profession and sophisticated support when relaxing, drinking or dining. This chair is perfect for a pub dining experience as it contains a thick cushion and beautiful rosy frame made from wooden material, making it be both comfortable and stylish. This product is made from the USA with durable, and high-quality products hence have the potential of serving for a long period of time.

This will help to solve inconveniences brought about by breakage or replacing some parts. It comes with a five-year warranty from the manufacturer that you have not to be uncertain of when using it. This chair is ergonomic structured, and its backrest is not in-built that makes one be very alert and focused when using it and helps ones back to be comfortable and free from pain for a long period of time.

Its back is wide enough to provide additional space for you to relax while sitting. This product is compact in design hence able to occupy less space when storing or having a function.


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8. 24 Inch White Counter Stools – AmazonBasics Classic Saddle Seat Kitchen Counter Chairs

Classic saddle seat has two saddle-seat counter stools with footrest and is designed and constructed with A-frame with square legs. This seat distributes the provided weight equally and supports up to 220 lbs. And it is ideal to places such as kitchen, work table, home bars, dining room and more.

This piece of craftsmanship, solid wood in construction that fits in both traditional and contemporary décor and can easily be assembled as it includes the necessary hardware. It is sturdy stool, contoured and wide enough seat for comfort and for a tasteful solution when sharing meals with friends and family.

This seat provides confidence, and one can enjoy a lasting and durable AmazonBasic product and has a variety of finish as its legs rest on each side hence providing sure balance and alleviating back strains. The legs of this product are corrosive resistant, and the lower part contains non-marking rubber material that reduces noise when moving it.


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9. 24 Inch Leather Counter Stools – Roundhill Furniture Pc185gy Lotusville Vintage Chairs

If you desire pretty, just and fancy property, then here you have found one for your room. This is a handcrafted metallic bar stool with vintage PU leather material in antique grey in color and comes in a set of 2. The plastic chair is modeled upholstery for comfort and strength and durability. The legs of this chair are metallic with a black finish, and the seat is 24 inches in height.

The dimensions of this product are 18.5 inches width by 21.5-inch diameter and 34.5 inches height and seat are 18.5 by 15 by 24.5 inches. The Roundhill furniture Lotusville vintage is a leather height counter stool that brings rustic vintage feeling to your room décor and makes any standard height a place for drinking or dining. This is a fantastic and glam product perfect for anyone as it is rich fabric, soft in color, and metallic made hence creating a stunning and sparkling look all around.

The chromed metallic legs are corrosive resistant, and the lower part of its legs contains non-marking rubber material that reduces noise when moving the whole chair and keeps them from scratching the surface and sliding hence guaranteeing safety when using it.


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10. Comfortable Leather Stools – Home Pop Upholstered Barstool 24 Inch Geometric Chairs

This is a 24 inch in height seat with medium firm cushion for durability and comfort. Has a printed quatrefoil navy blue color pattern with solid wooden legs with complete walnut finish and supports weight up to 250 lbs. It has dimensions of 39.5-inch height by 19-inch width and 24-inch seat. The seat weighs 21 pounds, and its form factor is upholstery in nature.

It is cozy up that adds a pop of timeless elegance in the room. The product is ergonomically structured which makes one feel comfortable when on it and as well helps relieve back pains as weight is being distributed equality and is spacious enough for movement and body adjustments when sitting on it. Its back is wide enough to provide additional space for you to relax while sitting. It is perfect for kitchen island, home bars, or nestled up to any area as it features modern geometric patterns, and it is easy to assemble and maintain.


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There are many counter chairs available in the market, and you can end up getting other chairs than the ones that are of your preference as they are similar in design, but they possess different features. When picking a chair, you have to consider vital that you are looking for, and it will enable you to purchase the best quality chair that will serve for long.

Final Pick – Top 3 Best 24 Inch Counter Chairs


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