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Top 10 Best 3D Massage Chair Reviews with Zero Gravity Shiatsu Design

The best 3D massage chair is a high tier machine that offers a deeper and more human-like masseuse experience. This type of chair has all features of the traditional massage chair but with more advanced features. A 3D massage chair has additional dimensions that enable the rollers to push out further into your backside while moving side to side and up and down. These advanced features provide extra intensity to you and improve the therapy.

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What Is the Best 3D Massage Chair on the Market?


History of 3D Massage Chairs

Massage chairs were first introduced in Japan in 1954 as an advancement of the traditional shiatsu massage that involved applying manual pressure to specific parts of the body to relieve pain and tension. The earliest massage chairs offered minimal comfort and few options for vibrating equipment. The electronic shiatsu like infused massage chairs were the first 2D technology chairs to be used.

Over the years, developers and designers desired to create a massage chair that would give a human-like experience during massage therapy. 3D massage chairs were developed to create deep tissue and intense massage experience with features like quad rollers that extend and retract away and into your back.

Benefits of 3D Massage Chairs

A 3D massage chair goes beyond being a luxurious piece of furniture but rather provides several benefits to you. Some of the benefits a 3D massage chair equips are:

zen 3d luxury massage chair

Reduces Anxiety

Therapeutic massage has been medically proven to stimulate hormones that were effective in reducing stress and anxiety. In addition, the use of a massage chair helps in stabilizing mood swings as your mind is relaxed.

Relieves Pain in Muscle

Your muscles stiffen and become sore when you constrict your body beyond what is medically recommended for you. A 3D massage chair helps loosen fatigued muscles while releasing the tension in your body. Soft massage increases blood flow to sore muscles bringing in more oxygen to the spot and carrying away lactic acid that accumulates around aching muscles.

Reduces Back Pains

Orthopedic doctors highly recommend massage chairs as a part of the reformation of the back pain. This, in turn, helps in spine alignment that in the long run aids your posture.

Stiff Neck Problems

3D massage chairs give deep tissue massage experience that helps in relieving the discomfort of a stiff neck. The availability of features that massage the area of the neck in 3D massage chairs assist in the stimulation of serotonin and dopamine that help in pain-relieving.

Improves Blood Circulation

Rollers of massage chairs move up and down and side to side a feature that vibrates key points of your body enabling your blood to circulate properly. A well-functioning blood circulatory system has several benefits that include, stimulation of hormones that help your body in fighting pain, speed up recovery to injuries, and eliminating toxins from your body.

Increased Flexibility

A 3D massage chair aids in the reduction of inflammation and promotes the growth of your cells. This, in turn, increases flexibility to spasms areas and trigger points in your body.

Boosts Your Immune system

A massage stimulates the production of more lymphocytes in your body. Lymphocytes help your body fight against diseases and boost your immune response.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best 3D Massage Chair

The best 3D massage chairs provide life-like massage pertaining to the working of the rollers placed in the seat. When choosing the best massage chair to purchase and use, it is advisable to test different brands available. Here are guidelines to aid you in choosing the best 3d massage chair:

chair recliner 3d

Identify Your Use and Need

3D massage chairs come in different models, functionalities, and flexibility. You should purchase a chair that suits your need with comparison to factors like your height, weight limits of the chair, and the number of people who will use the chair.

The Accessories on the Massage Chair

It is advisable to check on the features a massage chair comes with. Over the years, designers have advanced technical aspects of the massage chair enabling you to have a commendable experience. Notably, the more technologically advanced a 3D massage chair is, the more costly it is.

The Price of the Chair Against Your Budget

Ensure that you get a handle on your budget when purchasing a 3D massage chair because 3D chairs are fairly expensive. Choose a chair that meets your needs but has a price within your budget range.

The Space to Put the Massage Chair

3D massage chairs use the zero gravity feature which helps you take a highly reclined position. Ensure that you provide adequate space behind the backrest to allow full recline. If the chair is used by several people, provide enough space to accommodate for efficient use of the chair.

The Product’s Review

Before you settle on a purchase, ensure that you check out the product’s review. A product review is feedback given by customers who have already bought or used the product. Such information can be obtained online, mostly on the product’s website.

Differences Between 2D and 3D Massage Chairs

There are a lot of things that you need to consider before purchasing a massage chair like this in some cases is a one-time long-lasting purchase. Technology and features is a factor that comes in handy when choosing the best massage office chair for you. Here are some differences between a 2D and a 3D massage chair to put into account when choosing the best massage chair.

brookstone 3d massage chair

2D Massage Chairs

2D massage chairs are the original massage chairs found everywhere in the marketplace as they used from earlier. A basic 2D massage chair has rollers that use the 2D technology which allows the rollers to move up and down and side to side. This technology aids in soothing your body and relaxing tensed and aching muscles. Rollers in a 2D massage chair have speed variables that enable the rollers to decrease or increase the sensitivity of a massage.

A 2D massage chair is able to provide massage techniques such as rolling, tapping, and kneading since the rollers move in various motions following your spine in an s-curve while the roller arms move from left to right.


  • They have two sets of rollers
  • The rollers remain on the same vertical extension.


  • They are less costly compared to 3D chairs.
  • They have easy to use mechanisms.


  • They do not provide human-like massage.

3D Massage Chairs

A 3D massage chair is a high-grade massage chair that has advanced features of a 2D massage chair. 3D chairs infuse upgraded technology into the chair enabling its rollers to move in and out while giving you a lifelike improved therapy. The rollers are able to go several inches deeper giving you an intensified experience.

Just like the traditional massage chairs, you can be able to adjust the depth of the massage to be either soft or vigorous. This feature is a plus for households or workplaces where more than one person would use the chair.

However, it is important to note that a three-dimensional massage chair or 3D is much more expensive than the 2D chairs. But with the costing comes a more relaxing experience that will certainly give you value for your money.


  • They have another dimension that allows rollers to extend and retract into and away from your back.
  • They provide a deeper and intensified massage when and as needed since this can be adjusted.
  • They work along the x, y, and z-axis plane.
  • Rollers are able to press back giving you the third plane of motion.
  • It can scan your shape and body enabling you to have a personalized therapy session.


  • Rollers are able to extend out.
  • Provide deep tissue massage.
  • You can control the intensity and depth of the therapy.


  • They are a bit more expensive than 2D chairs.

Reviews of Best 3D Massage Chair

1. Sinoluck 3D Robot Hand Recliner with Full Body Massage

chair recliner 3d

This chair is ideal for body relaxation after activities at home. The dual-head roller mechanism system gives you the authentic feelings that go from up to down, from left to right. To enjoy a customized massage, using the 3 nodes extension to bring deeper relaxation.

Unlike traditional massage chairs, this one is pretty advanced for its smart body scan system. By detecting your body size, it brings a custom massage all around your body from neck to lower back. The Ergonomic and S-track rollers will stimulate the plantar reflex zone so as to improve body immunity.

Try the zero-gravity button, your feet will be raised higher than your head, which effectively alleviates the pressure and relieves full body pain from hard work and tiredness. The footrest can be stretched to around 5.9 inches,  people with different height are able to enjoy it anytime you want.

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2. Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

3d full body massage chair

This chair offers a deeper and more customizable life-like massage experience as it features 8 massage neck and back rollers, along with 50 airbags that covered all-around your body.

The Bluetooth audio play brings in soothing sounds and instructions in use, while the changing LED light, as well as 6 auto modes controlled freely by the remote control, allows customized relaxation while lying on the massage chair. Change the auto modes from relaxing, sleeping, neck, stretch to sports, and waist for your different needs.

What we love the most is the heating system, spreading the heating therapy on your lower back and foot, effectively relieve the pain on your back and lower body. The maximum weight limit reaches 400 pounds, which means nearly everyone is able to enjoy it safely.

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3. Sinoluck Shiatsu 3D Massage Chair with Heat

brookstone 3d massage chair

Keeping the heart and knee in the same horizontal line will greatly stimulate your blood circulation and minimize the heart pressure, and that is the reason for the zero-gravity design on this chair. Adjusting to a reclining position by simply press the button after long hours of work.

By covering multiple airbags around your shoulders, arms, and hips, this 3D massage chair works for upper back and hip pain, helping to stretch your rigid arms and shoulders after a whole-day work or immense exercise. The timer setting allows you to take a short nap on the chair with the heated massage and gentle vibration.

Equipped with the auto body scan system, this chair adjusts a proper massage position to match the upper and lower body, thus people no matter for high or short types can enjoy a custom full-body massage. If you are suffering from back pain and waist pain, it comes with 2 heating pads that help improve blood circulation and alleviate the pain.

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4. Osaki Titan Pro Commander Zero Gravity Compressor Massager

3d zero g massage chair

This is a 3D roller massage chair that also provides full-body air massage. The sleek modern appearance wins the attraction and fits perfectly with any home decorations, and you can also place it in your office rooms or in public malls for relaxation.

Full body airbag placed on the shoulder, back, hip, and leg part, better support your body and relieve your soreness and pain through tired works or exercise. Built-in lumbar support with heat is a thoughtful design especially for those with back pain, by heating and massaging your shoulders and upper back, it helps improve your blood circulation and gets rid of all your tiredness.

The major difference between this chair and other ones is the unique foot rollers, the spinning reflexology rollers lie on the footrest offers soothing and relaxing kneading massage to your feet and ankle.

It comes with an advanced foot roller and L track massage. It heats on a lumbar.

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5. Ootori SL-Track Yoga Stretch Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

recover 3d zero gravity massage chair

To fit your body shape and sizes, the massage chairs can be large in size, and thus occupy much space, which becomes the major obstruction for people living in a small apartment. This massage chair gets rid of the trouble with its space-saving design. The chair body slides forward while starting and shortens the size on the head part, which allows you to place it freely in the bedroom, living room, or in your office room.

3-stage zero gravity system meets various demands for personal relaxation, while the SL double tracks bring human-like massage from your neck to your legs and hips. Like the other advanced massage chairs, these 3D massage chairs are also famous for its robot hands and foot rollers as well as extendable leg rest, which gives deep tissue massage from hands to feet.

Do not worry about the assembly problem, for it comes fully assembled. You need only choose the right place to accommodate and lie it on immediately for a yoga stretch.

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6. Ootori Sl-Track Strectching Full Body Chairs

zen 3d luxury massage chair

This luxury massage chair is multiple in functions and effective in soothing and relaxing. Quite expensive as it is, you will find it totally worth the price. SL double track set on your back and legs brings robot massage to relieve pain on neck pain and thigh pain.

To bring customize massage, it has 6 massage ways for relaxation, which bring intense relaxing with shiatsu, kneading, and knocking motions. Change the width of the shoulder part on the chair when you intend to use it for different people, it measures 1.57″ to 8.27″ with 3 levels, and is also reliable in soothing pains on every part of your upper back and shoulder.

This is quite effective in relieving lower back pain, apart from multiple airbags on different parts of chairs, there are also 2 heating pads to stimulate blood circulation on certain body parts and soothe sore muscles.

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7. Ootori Robert Zero Gravity Full Body Chair with Bluetooth

full body zero gravity shiatsu massage

The major advantage of this massager chair lies in its built-in Bluetooth design, which connects easily with your mobile phone and you can control it remotely and quickly without disturbing your relaxing massage.

From shiatsu, kneading to knocking, this chair comes with 6 auto massage, which effectively reduces the soreness on the neck, back, thigh, hip, and legs. Once you sit on the chair, it automatically detects the size and shape of yours, so as to adjust the suitable massage positions.

If you are suffering from the soreness on feet, place it on the chair and the 3-rows foot rollers will provide the deep-tissue massage with gua sha therapy. It is suitable for both short persons and tall persons thanks to the extendable leg rest.

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8. Ootori Luxurious Massage Chair

3d massage chair

Set aside its functions first, this product is quite attractive in appearance, the modern leather seat with black color endows your home with luxurious feelings. The dark color choice will save you a lot of time cleaning and maintaining.

Though being a bit expensive in price, this massager is proved to be highly efficient in reducing soreness and tiredness. The ergonomic L-track rollers will glide smoothly from your neck to lower back, with heated pads and shiatsu systems, giving you intense and ultimate massage feelings on your muscle.

3 rollers on the footrest are the dominant features on this chair. For upper body relaxation, choose from the 6 auto programs to enjoy soothing times.

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9. Breakthrough 6 v4 Shiatsu Deep Tissue Massagers

best 3d zero gravity massage chair

It is the only 3D massage chair that provides Shiatsu neck and shoulder massage, Indonesia deep tissue massage, New Delhi Yoga stretching, Hawaiian sleeping massage, and Ancient Egypt massage, by combining all the massaging systems together, it gives full-body relaxation the moment you lie on the chair.

With the works of 25 doctors and many years of studying and testing, this massage chair owns the largest coverage maps and are able to take care of every inch of your body than its counterparts. Under the help of yoga stretching, this massage chair is beneficial to improve your posture and holds your hips in place.

The highly advanced smart medical scan system targets different height of persons, while the 4D arms massage covers every corner of your arms, hands, fingers, and fingertips, allowing you to fully relax your hands.

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10. Kahuna LM 6800 Massage Chair with Yoga and Heating Therapy

zero gravity 3d massage chair

There are two colors available for this massage chairs to choose from, the modern black and the classic brown, both of which fit wonderful for your home. The built-in timer will save much electricity bills once you forget to turn it off manually. The double-layer shoulder airbags give soothing relaxation to your upper body.

The space-saving technology of the chair is exciting news to people owning a small house, you need only leave 3 inches from the wall for the zero-gravity transition. Many special programs on this chair will bring you various cozy times.

Kahuna signature program helps to stretch your whole body in the early morning or during the tiring exercise. SH-Chiro program targets your lower body like spin and thigh, place your spin in the right place. Targeted and proportion area massage modes aim at the different parts of your body and give proper manipulate.

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3D Massage Chairs FAQs

1. Are 3D Massage Chairs Expensive?

The use of 3D technology in these high-end massage chairs make them relatively more expensive than the traditional massage chairs.

2. Is L-track Better than SL-Track?

The L track or the long-track is an extended version of the S track that derives its name from the sinusoidal shape of the human spine, with a straight track from the head to lower back. L-track rolls from the neck to the hamstring. An S-L track is the most advanced roller that is also an extended version of the S track that has curves that L track massages all the way to the buttock.

The S-L track is better than the L-track in that the latter is the most advanced technology.

3. How Do the Rollers Function?

Rollers have been designed with the inspiration of kneading, tapping, shiatsu, and rolling actions of a masseuse. The rollers roll over your muscles while exerting pressure on your muscles instead of focusing on rolling motions. Some more expensive rollers emit heat which relaxes your sore muscles better than other rollers.

Rollers perform the following motions and functions in the massage chair:

  • Rolling: Rollers moving up and down your back.
  • Kneading: Rollers move in a circular motion.
  • Shiatsu: Pressing against some points of your back.

4. Can the Rollers Intensity Be Altered?

Yes, the intensity of the rollers can be altered. There are two ways that a 3D massage chair can adjust their intensity:


When using more advanced massage chairs, the rollers protrude further forward when the intensity is increased by using a remote control. Alternatively, the rollers retract when you want a less intense therapy.


Airbags in 3d massage chairs deflate when you increase the intensity of the rollers enabling your body to lay closer to the roller mechanisms in the chair. Alternatively, when you decrease the intensity of the rollers the airbags inflate causing your body to be pushed away from the rollers. This feature makes it the most common method used to intensify massages on a massage chair.

5. Can a 3-D Massage Chair Help with Bad Posture?

Sure, massage chairs aid in several health issues and this has seen orthopedic doctors highly recommend massage chairs as a way to rehabilitate back pains and spine alignment. Spine alignment, in the long run, aids your posture.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up, before making your final decision, ensure that you go for a product that the seller has so much faith in by checking on the warranty given. Choose a chair that has been exceptionally made and gives you value for your money.


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