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How Can You Choose the Best Adjustable Height Industrial Bar Stools?

The major distinguishing feature of industrial bar tools is the narrow height that makes them perfect for sitting at high counters. A wide range of industrial bar tools exist, and they can be differentiated by their design, height, and material. Some have armrests and backs, whereas the traditional ones do not. You can find a bar stool with or without padding or upholstery. When it comes to industrial bar tools, you can find some made of stool, metal, and wood. Some modern barstools can swivel up to 360 degrees. Another major attribute of these stools is that they are stronger and can withstand strain and wear of regular commercial use. In this article, we are going to take you through the adjustable height industrial bar stools and help you choose the best quality products.

Who Needs Adjustable Industrial Bar Stools?

These stools are required by businesses or establishments that receive a lot of traffic. Thus, they are perfect for banks, factories, restaurants, and many other business premises. Let’s not forget that many cafes and restaurants have patio outdoors. And coms of these stools are for outdoor uses. They can stay sturdy and stable in all weather.

Also, they are recommendable for home uses. After all, people in your family vary in height and some of you may have children around. When you have an adjustable stool, then almost anyone who eats or cooks in your kitchen can use the stool.

Our Top 3 Picks for the Best Rated Adjustable Height Industrial Bar Stools

#1. Best SellingTopower Vintage Bar Stool Industrial Metal Design Wood Top Adjustable Height Swivel

“These are the best selling adjustable industrial bar stool on the market. The swivel seat can be adjusted by 15 centimeters. So, the stool can accommodate people of varying heights. The shape resembles hydrant, one of the typical industrial elements.”

#2. Best Comfortable – Kealive Industrial Leather Bar Stool with Back & Footrest

“If you are looking for industrial bar stools and do not want to compromise on comfort, then this is your best choice. This model comes with a backrest that gives you extra support. Also, there is a foot ring to help you sit more naturally.”

#3. Best BacklessTopower Industrial Rustic Design Saddle Tractor Bar Stool with No Arms

“If you want some versatile bar stools that do not take up much space, then this is the most recommendable model. It has no backs or arms ao you can put it under the countertop easily. Also, the stylish saddle seat can attrct your guests and customers.”

Quick Review of the Top 7 Best Adjustable Height Industrial Bar Stools

How To Pick Suitable Adjustable Industrial Bar Stools For Different Home Decoration

1. Stability

It is advisable to look at the style and number of legs on the bar stool as they determine stability. When the legs are not aligned properly, they make sitting on the bar stool quite precarious. It is advisable to go for a bar stool with balanced supports and build. That means you can choose the adjustable bar stools with backs and arms. Also, you can take a sit and relax without having to worry over the slightest wrong move.

Best Stable – Glitzhome Bar-Counter Height Bar Stools Industrial

Glitzhome Industrial Barstool

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2. No Back

If you need some comfort in the barstool, it needs to have a back. Thus, backless bar tools are said to be cleaner, sleeker, and classic. You need to determine whether the aesthetics matter to you. The answer to the question is to get the type of seat that works great for you. Remember that you will be spending a lot of time on the bar stool. Therefore, it should provide optimal safety, support, and comfort.

Best Backless – Topower Vintage Bar Stool Industrial Metal Design Wood Top Adjustable Height Swivel

Industrial Counter Stools

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3. Style

You should note that adjustable industrial boots are available in a variety of designs and styles. In this case, the design is determined by the material used to make the stool, which can be wood, metal, leather, or any other material. To choose an appropriate style, it is vital to consider the style and color of the furniture.

Best Vintage & Industrial – LOKKHAN Adjustable Swivel Wood & Metal Stool

Industrial Backless Bar Stools

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4. Height

The higher your stool is, the more precarious it becomes to sit on. That is the case if you are a tall person. Therefore, when choosing a bar stool, there is a need to consider if you want a bar-height stool or a counter-height stool. Ensure you choose an industrial bar stool with the height that suits yours. Moreover, you need to pay attention to the height of the counter or table where you will install the stool. For example, a bar stool with a height of 35 inches can easily fit under a 42-inch countertop.

On the other hand, a counter stool of 29 inches can easily fit under a 36 inch counter. Therefore, it is vital to measure the counter or table you need to place to determine the perfect height for the bar stool. If an adjustable bar stool has armrests, you ought to consider the same so as to tuck the stool under the counter.

Best 23.4-33″ Height – BOKKOLIK Industrial Look Counter Stools

Tall Industrial Bar Stools

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Are Industrial Bar Stools Comfortable To Sit?

The truth is that most industrial bar stools are not as comfortable as office chairs. However, there are still many features that make them more comfortable. For example, you can choose those with a back and armrests. These designs can give you added support. More importantly, you can look for cushion on the seat and footrest on the legs. These are the top 2 functions you should care about if you want the stools to be comfortable.

Best Comfortable – Kealive Industrial Leather Bar Stool with Back & Footrest

Industrial Bar Stools With Backs

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What Materials Are Most Common In Industrial Bar Stools?

They are commonly made of metal, wood, and plastic.

Metal stools are the most durable. You can find bar stools made of wrought iron and powder-coated aluminum. Other metal is sturdier and more durable, it is also more expensive than wood and plastic. Maintenance of metal stools involves sealing it to prevent rust. The main disadvantage of using metal is that it can get extremely hot as it absorbs sunlight.

Wooden stools are long-lasting and beautiful. Bar stools can be made from a wide range of hardwoods such as teak or softwoods like cedar. Treating and sealing the wood with oils helps protect the surface from adverse weather and keeps its appearance. However, wood does not absorb heat quickly. Thus, it is cooler to touch when you compare it with metal.

Plastic is a perfect material for outdoor furniture. That is because it is least expensive and requires minimal maintenance. It is also lightweight and can be moved from one place to another. However, it is less durable, and you will need to replace it more often.


How To Make My Adjustable Industrial Bar Stools More Comfortable To Sit

The best thing to do is to add a seat cushion. As you know, comfort is an important priority. If you want to spend some time on the bar stool, it is a good idea to look for bar stools with the cushion installed. In fact, the better the padding of a cushion is, the more comfortable it can be. Thus, what style of the industrial bar should you go for. It is advisable to choose one that you can rely on when it comes to comfort, quality, aesthetics, and comfort.


Do you want to spice up your place of business with functional and stylish furniture? It is vital that you consider getting an industrial bar stools. You should note that bar stools are tall and feature a footrest. Although they were used in saloons and bars, you can now find them in factories and industrial premises.

Our Top 3 Picks for Best Adjustable Height Industrial Bar Stools

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