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How Can You Buy the Best Adjustable Height Outdoor Bar Stools?

There are different adjustable height bar stools you can have for your outdoor spaces. Ideally, a bar stool has an innovative design that you can use anywhere. With a set of fantastic stools, it can accentuate your outdoor spaces such as an entertainment area, swimming pool, and more. In this article, we are going to take you through the features of adjustable height outdoor bar stools and help you choose the ones best for your needs.

Our Top 3 Picks for the Best Selling Adjustable Height Outdoor Bar Stools

#1. Best SellingNova Microdermabrasion Outdoor Swivel Bar Stools Without Arms

“These are the best selling adjustable bar stools for outdoor use. You can put it in your garden or patio to compliment your place.  The synthetic seat is moisture-resistant, so it is no big deal if you leave it outside when it rains.”

#2. Best Wooden SeatCOSTWAY Outdoor Patio Counter Height Bar Stools with Footrest

“These stools feature a wooden seat that looks modern and classic. They can enlighten your place, be it indoor pubs and bistros or outdoor patios and gardens. The built-in foot ring can bring you much support when the seat stands high and your feet can not touch the ground.”

#3. Best ABS Plastic – Duhome Exterior Swivel Bar Stools with Backs without Arms

“This model comes in many different colors, including bright ones and common ones. So, you can choose those that match all settings or the bright colors that are more exciting. The seat adjusts from 25″ to 33″, so the stools can work with bar-height and counter-height tables.”

Quick Review of the Top 7 Best Recommended Adjustable Outdoor Bar Stools

Special Tips on Picking the Best Adjustable Height Outdoor Bar Stools

To find the right adjustable height outdoor bar stool, you do not have to be an expert in this area. This guide will help you understand the basics to look for to make the right decision.

1. Height

As you know, bar stools are higher as compared to the regular seats. That is because they are meant for use on various benches. For instance, they are perfect for a wide range of applications. Thus, having appropriate height stool allows you to have great convenience. To ensure you have appropriate height stool, you should first measure the bench. Then, you should determine the maximum height of the stool to ensure you have adequate comfort. In addition, you need to determine whether the seat is perfect for counter height or bar height.

Best Height Adjustable 26-32″ – LOKKHAN Vintage Wooden Garden Bar Stools

Wooden Bar Stools For Outside

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2. Upholstery

You will find upholstery quite important in determining comfort. Nowadays, you can find these stools available in a wide range of fabrics, PU leather covering or leather. Fabrics are quite important as far as breathability is concerned. Ideally, they keep the body as dry as possible. In this way, they can prevent adverse skin reactions.

On the other hand, leather is of excellent durability. You should note that genuine leather has significant performance when you compare it to the synthetic one. The only issue with leather is that it is expensive. Cleaning and providing a stylish appearance is possible with the leather stools.

That being said, when choosing outdoor stools, things can be a bit different. When placed outside, the bar stools are going to withstand all weather conditions. Therefore, if you choose the stools with padding and upholstery, then you need to pay special attention that they can stand up to heat or humidity (or rain).

And even if you find the materials for all-weather use, you still need to maintain them frequently to ensure that they can be used for a long time. Therefore, we would strongly suggest you buy a bar stool without upholstery. In that case, you can use it for a long period without worrying too much about the weather.

Best No Upholstery – Neptune Backless Outdoor Aluminum Swivel Bar Stools 

Outdoor Bar Stools Swivel No Arms

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3. Hand Rests and Backrest

You should note that stools are available in a wide range of designs. Thus, it is vital that you find the best you can use. There are certain seats that have integrated armrests and backrests. These are quite important when the stools are for spending quality time. Adjustable stools with the arms and back can offer adequate body support.

Best Outdoor Swivel Bar Stools with Back And Arms – Non-Adjustable Height

All Weather Outdoor Bar Stools


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4. Lift and Swivel Mechanism

You should note that the lifting mechanism plays a critical role when it comes to height adjustment. The common mechanisms are hydraulic and pneumatic. You should avoid stools with manual lifting mechanisms as they are cumbersome and tedious. Moreover, the hydraulic action is versatile and keeps the stool high without problems.

Best Hydraulic Adjustment – Nova Microdermabrasion Outdoor Patio Counter Height Bar Stools

Adjustable Outdoor Bar Stools

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5. Stool Base

There is a need to consider the base of the stool as it provides ultimate support. Ideally, the base ought to be stable. The broad bases are recommended as they prevent the stool from toppling. Moreover, they ought to be safe to avoid causing damage and scratching to the floor.

Best Stable Base – Brage Living Comfortable Outdoor Bar Stools

Unique Outdoor Bar Stools

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Can I Use An Indoor Bar Stools Outdoors?

If a barstool is made for indoor uses only, then you can not use it outdoors. However, there are certain bar stools designed for both indoor and outdoor use. In addition, the simple structures of the bar tools make them quite convenient for heavy traffic use in outdoor exhibitions or parties. Although the stools vary greatly in the design, you can find the stylish ones that can match your surroundings.

Best Indoor/Outdoor – Nova Microdermabrasion Bar Stool Height Patio Furniture

Adjustable Outdoor Bar Stools

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Materials of Adjustable Height Outdoor Bar Stools Adopted

Outdoor bar stools are made of different materials that can withstand the harsh weather conditions. In this way, they not are not only easy to maintain but offer added durability. The common materials used to make these stools are wood, metal, and plastic. Wooden stools fit easily into nature and offer a casual and warm beauty to modern settings. Some of the woods used include cedar, eucalyptus, and teak. Rust-proof metal is also used to make outdoor bar stools. If you need strong stools, consider the barstools made of metal. Plastic bar stools can fit into any given style. They can withstand different weather conditions and vary in color.


How Tall Are Adjustable Height Outdoor Bar Stools?

The height of the adjustable bar stools varies. It ranges from 24 to 40 inches. That means you have many choices in this regard. There are adjustable stools and non-adjustable stools. The non-adjustable models stand at a certain height and can not be lifted or lowered. Those height-adjustable bar stools can have a range from lower than 20 inches to higher than 40 inches. So, once you know the height of your countertop, you can find the best height stool that fits perfectly well with your own place.

How Much Does An Adjustable Height Outdoor Bar Stool Cost?

The price of these bar stools varies, too. There are some high-quality ones that can cost over $200. We would highly recommend cheap outdoor barstools that cost around $80 to $100. This price range often equals higher quality while being affordable. So, this is the most cost-efficient choice.


Adjustable outdoor bar stools are quite popular as they are used in entertainment joints and many outdoor places. In fact, they are a perfect choice for residential use. With different styles and brands, there is a stool that suits your needs. Therefore, the featuring ones are a perfect option to have and can make your home impressive and new.

Top 3 Best Value Adjustable Height Bar Stool for Outdoor Use

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