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NEW UPDATE 7 Best Affordable Outdoor Bar Stools Around $100 Reviews

Can you affordable outdoor bar stools for a long time use? With so many outdoor barstools on the market, it is super easy to get a good brand or model of barstools for your outdoor areas.

The outdoor bar stools come in varying styles, design, and even with different material constructions to fit the outdoors. Although the cost may differ according to these features, there are still excellent models that are affordable and convenient for outdoor weather climates.

Hence, if you are planning to set up an outdoor bar section at your patio, we will provide you with essential details regarding what to look for when buying affordable outdoor barstools.

Our Top Pick:

#1. Best OverallZeny Metal Backless Bar Stools with Wooden Seat
“Metal and wooden seat bring out modern and industrial style stools, the stackable design enables you to save much space and is easier to move around.”

#2. Best with High BackAC Pacific Modern Lightweight Bar Stools with 30″ Height
“Steel and reinforced powder covers resist wet and cold weathers when place outdoors in winter, the high back supports your lower back in seat and thus is more suitable for people with back pain.”

#3. Best For PatioZENY All Weather Wicker Bar Stools
“UV protection by iron frame and wicker seat material guarantees long-time use, armrest and high back design, along with built-in footrest gives maximum comfort.”

#4. Best WoodenChristopher Knight Outdoor 30″ Wood Bar Stools
“Ergonomic seat is the major reason for its comfort in sitting, acacia wood finish proves to be more sturdy and stable in use.”

Top 7 Best Outdoor Bar Stools In Cheap Price Around $100 Comparison Chart

What Kind of Affordable Outdoor Bar Stools Should You Get?

Distress metallic barstools

In most cases, people prefer setting metallic barstools on the outdoor area since they can withstand any weather climate. As long as the metal is coated with powder, they cannot quickly fade, chip, or even rust during the extreme weather climates. The metallic bar stools are also high since they give the area a beautiful rustic metallic look.

Bistro style barstools

These barstools are quite common in public pubs ad can still work for an outdoor bar setting. They give the outdoor the bar vibe for you to enjoy some drinks with your friends or family. The majority of the bistro bar stools are designed to accommodate the outdoor climates in a retro style of wooden and iron materials.

Stationary barstools

The stationary barstools are not ideal for indoor settings due to the constant changes one may need to do in their home, but if you have a specific area on outdoors that you would want to set up a small bar, the barstools are an excellent choice. Most people prefer stationary barstools for outdoors since they are multifunctional, and people can also use them to rest as they have their meals or relaxing outdoors.

Foldable barstools

Do you need a type of barstools that you can quickly move around when setting up to enjoy some drinks with your friends? The foldable models are the perfect style of barstools to buy. The foldable barstools are crafted with lightweight styles, making it quite easy to transport and move them to various parts on outdoors. Also, the fact that the stools are foldable saves space both indoors and outdoors since you can keep them away when not in use.

Rustic barstools

Rustic bar stools are made of wooden materials that add an earthy and beautiful look to the area you set them up. The rustic wooden barstools are crafted with various styles and designs that make them look great and blend with nature. Some rustic barstools have a backrest, while others feature the backless style to fit every user’s needs.

Different Materials of Affordable Outdoor Bar Stools

outdoor patio bar stools swivel

The metals

Metal is one of the most common materials used in making barstools. The metals are quite strong and durable, which is a bonus for supporting people with different weights. The metals are convenient for outdoor furniture because they are easy to maintain in cleaning since you just need to wipe off any dust or even wipe off wetness when rained on.

On the other hand, the metal barstools are coated with a powder coat that secures the metal materials from rust and corrosion when touched by wetness. Besides, you can always repaint the color shade finish of the barstools if they fade.

Rattan materials

These are other beautiful materials common for making outdoor furniture like pool lounges and barstools. The rattan is extracted from the vine-like materials, which are later used in wicker weaves to make the barstools. The rattan materials are suitable for outdoor areas because they are quite strong to withstand all the weather.

The rattan does not fade even when exposed to the sunlight for a long time and does not trap wetness as well during the rainy seasons. You can spray the materials with the color of your choice to match the outdoor settings. The rattan bar stools are quite comfortable for a long time, and the woven patterns add an elegant look to your outdoors.


Wood is another elegant material useful for making the outdoor bar stools. However, note that not all wood materials are suitable for outdoor areas since some cannot withstand the extreme outdoor climate. The best wooden material for barstools is the beech, cherry, and oak woods. In most cases, the barstools made with wood materials are also finished to prevent water from settling on the frame when it rains.


Plastic is another quality material that fits for outdoor barstools. The plastic barstools are super easy to clean since you just need to wipe any duty or wetness with a damp cloth. They can withstand most of the outdoor weather climates like rain and some sunlight. The plastic materials are portable for convenience when moving the barstools to various sections on outdoors.

Affordable Outdoor Barstools Reviews

Are you an outdoor type of person who likes to enjoy his drinks with friends outdoors? Now you can purchase outdoor bar stools to set up your outdoor bar area. Outdoor barstools are different from indoor brands since they have to be more reliable and suitable for extreme outdoor weather changes. The outdoor barstools are quite light for convenient moving them around. Here are our top seven best affordable outdoor barstools.

1. Best Outdoor Metal Stool – ZENY Set of 4 Bar Stools 26 Inch Counter Height with Wooden Seats – Around $100 

If you have limited space at your bar outdoor, these are the best barstools to buy since they don’t take up large areas for setup.

backless bar stools


  • These stools have the standard bar table height for comfortable reach
  • They have a coating to prevent them from scratches or peeling on the metal parts
  • The seats have an infusion of wood and metal that makes them look elegant


  • The stools are high but may be uncomfortable for people who need a chair to lean on as they don’t have a back

Sturdy construction

These barstools feature a heavy-duty metal frame that also has a coating to safeguard them from outdoor climates. This means that you can comfortably leave the barstools on outdoors even during the rainy season without worrying about the metal part rusting or corroding. The wooden part has a polish to prevent water from settling.

Holds heavyweight

This is another reason to consider buying these barstools if you tend to host different friends. Each stool is strong enough to accommodate a person weighing up to 330 pounds.


If you want to clear the space around your mini bar for other activities, you can easily do so by moving the barstools. They are easy to stack together to save space and for easy moving as well.

Indoor-outdoor use

You don’t need to spend extra money to buy stools for indoor and outdoor use, as these ZENY sets are made for both areas. They are light in weight for easy moving, and the style fits both indoor and outdoor spaces.


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2. Best Industrial & Commercial – AC Pacific Modern Light Weight Affordable Outdoor Bar Stool – Around $130

If your budget is lower than 150 dollars, these are the best outdoor barstools to consider getting for your minibar as they retail at less than 150 dollars.

bar stools with back


  • These bars stools are sturdy to accommodate a weight of 240 pounds
  • They have back for support when you lean on
  • They are light in weight for portability when moving them


  • The metal seats are quite hard and may feel uncomfortable if you seat for a long time

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Heavy-duty construction

These barstools are made for outdoors thanks to the heavy-duty and quality materials. The barstools have steel material with powder coating to prevent them from rust and corrosion.

Reinforced legs

The stability of the barstools is fully guaranteed regardless of the space you set them up. They are made with reinforced legs that stands firmly on various grounds.


These barstools are super light in weight for convenience when moving them to different areas or to store on the inside.

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3. Best For Patio – ZENY Set of 2 Wicker Barstools – Around $110

If you need beautiful barstools for your pool area or patio, these models from ZENY are a perfect choice. The stools are versatile for outdoor usage.

affordable patio bar stools


  • The stools have reasonable height so you can use with bar tables or the bar
  • You can set up these barstools on different outdoor areas since they fit perfect
  • The barstools are comfortable since they provide ample support


  • The majority of the customers have complained about having problems in assembling these barstools

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Super comfortable

The seat and the back of these stools are wide to offer ample support so you can enjoy your meals or drinks with your buddies. These stools also have armrests and footrests for comfort.

Quality weather-resistant wicker

These stools have a heavy-duty metal frame with powder coating to prevent it from rust and corrosion. The woven wicker material is also resistant to damage and fading from the outdoor weather.

Heavyweight compatible

The barstools are super strong and durable to withstand a person weighing up to 250 pounds

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4. Best For Small Space – Crosley Furniture CO7108-BR Palm Harbor Outdoor Affordable Wicker Bar Stool – Around $100

This is another fantastic pair of outdoor barstools that you can set up on any outdoor area. The barstools have the unique wicker design that adds a touch of elegance to space you set them up.

affordable wicker bar stools


  • These barstools have feet rest for comfort while seated
  • They have a sturdy frame that can hold a person weighing up to 250 pounds
  • The barstools are strong to withstand the outdoor climates


  • The seats are not wide which may be uncomfortable for some people

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Weather-resistant materials

The wicker materials are treated to safeguard them from fading even after prolonged exposure to the sunlight. Thus, you can comfortably leave the barstools on outdoors without worrying about them fading or losing the texture.

Durable frame

The stools are made with a steel frame that has been coated with powder to safeguard it from rust and corrosion in case it comes into contact with wetness.

Easy to assemble

Assembling these barstools is easy since there are fewer parts to assemble, and it comes with a manual for guide

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5. Best Wooden – Christopher Knight Home Caribbean Affordable Outdoor Barstools – Around $100

If you are looking for a set of barstools that will bring some rustic look at your patio bar area, then these are great barstools to buy. A package consists of two barstools that also fit in small spaces at home.

affordable bar stools


  • These barstools have a unique rustic look
  • They are light for convenience moving around
  • They are incredibly comfortable thanks to the full seat


  • These barstools are not safe to leave outdoor throughout the year since the wood can easily get damaged from exposure to wetness.

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Strong wood material

These barstools are made of durable and robust acacia wood with a finish that prevents it from fading after exposure to UV rays.

Superior comfort

These barstools are designed to accommodate the different sizes of people. The seats are quite wide to provide comfortable seating space. The barstools also have a footrest to provide excellent support to the legs.

Easy to assemble

The barstools may require a bit is assembling, although it is easy to put the parts together. The package comes with a manual for guidance.


These barstools are great to use in multiple areas around your outdoors. They feature a lightweight style for portability purposes.

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6. Best Comfortable – Homall Patio Wicker Affordable Outdoor Barstools – Around $100

These are multi-functional barstools that you can use both indoors and outdoors. The barstools are quite comfortable, so you can seat for as long as you want.

high back bar stools


  • These barstools have foot and armrest or total comfort when seated for long
  • They are perfect for indoor and outdoor bar areas
  • The barstools are quite stable so that you can set them up in any area of your preference


  • A bit expensive

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High quality

The rattan woven materials on the barstools are treated to prevent fading even after prolonged exposure to sunlight. The barstools also have a metal frame that has a powder coating to prevent it from rust and corrosion in case they come into contact with wetness.

High weight capacity

These barstools are quite stable and robust to accommodate a weight of up to 240 pounds. The feet also have tubes for additional stability when setting on various surfaces.

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7. Best High Back – Crestlive Products Counter Height Affordable Bar Stools – Around $180

These barstools are made with Plywood and a brown finish that adds a great rustic look in the area you set them up. You can use the barstools at the deck, patio, garden, or poolside.

cheap bar stools


  • These barstools are quite beautiful
  • They have weather-resistant materials to withstand all outdoor weather climates
  • They have an extended backrest that provides ample support


  • These barstools are quite elegant, but when it comes to assembling, they are relatively hard to fit together.

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These barstools are super light in weight for total comfort when carrying to set up or assemble

Unique style

The barstools feature an infusion of metal and plywood frames that guarantee the durability and stability of the barstools. They have a fashionable style that adds beauty to any area you use them.

Weather-resistant material

The barstools are perfect for leaving outdoor since they are made with weather-resistant materials, and are strong enough to withstand different weather climates.


Although these barstools are made for outdoors, they are also fit for people who may require barstools for indoors. Besides, they are quite light in weight for easy portability.

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How to Pick Ideal Outdoor Bar Stools in Cheap Price

The size of your outdoor space

This should probably be the first thing to consider when buying your outdoor barstools. The size of the area you wish to set up the bar will determine the number or size of barstools to buy. If the space you need to set up the barstools is functional for other activities, you may need to consider this so you can choose the flexible barstool models. So, measure the space, and check out the other factors to guide you in choosing the right outdoor bar stools.

 high back outdoor bar stools

The style

The barstools come in varying styles, where some have a backrest, armrest, footrest, while others have a few parts or lack any of the listed parts. The more parts the bar stool has, the more comfortable it is. If you need a barstool that you can sit on for a long time, and that is comfortable, choose barstools with backrest, footrest, and even the footrest. For those who need barstools to use for occasional drinking or to use for a few hours, backless barstools may work for you.

The cost

How much are you planning to spend on the barstools? The cheap outdoor barstools retail at varying prices depending on the materials, the design, and the style. The budget you have and the type of barstools you need may determine the model to purchase. So, check out these features. The affordable outdoor barstools are sold at a price range of 20 to 100 dollars per piece.

The materials

This is another crucial factor you need to consider when buying the barstools to set up outdoors. The type of barstools you choose should have quality materials to fit and accommodate the outdoor climates. If you opt for metallic barstools, make sure they have powder coating for safety if they come to contact with wetness.

If you choose wooden barstools, ensure the wood has an excellent finish to accommodate the high UV rays. Also, choose barstools that are easy to maintain regarding the cleaning considering they will quickly come to contact with dirt and dust on outdoors.

The height

The barstools are crafted in varying heights where some feature standard height while others have a hydraulic lift for adjusting the height. The height of the barstools you select will highly be determined by the size of the table you want to use with the stools. If you opt for bar stools without an adjustable mechanism, make sure the height is comfortable to reach the bar table. If you opt for adjustable barstools, choose stool models that are easy to adjust to multiple height levels.

The weight capacity limit

The barstools can only accommodate a given weight capacity for durability and safety as well. If you are creating a bar setting that can be used by different people, make sure to choose outdoor barstools that have high weight capacity limits of around 250 to 300 or more pounds. If you are buying bar stools for your family use, choose sturdy framed barstools to withstand heavyweights.

Consider the comfort

Your comfort while seated on the barstools should be of paramount when choosing any kind of barstool. If you need stools that you can comfortably sit on for a long time, consider getting barstools that have padding on the seat section. Also, choose bar stools that have a footrest and a backrest for support.


You don’t necessarily need to spend hundreds of dollars to buy quality outdoor barstools for your home. There are excellent and durable bar stools that you can set up on outdoor bar areas. Make sure to choose barstools that have durable materials resistant to outdoor damages.

The above-discussed materials are the standard and most suitable types for outdoor weather climates. Also, choose bar stools that fit your outdoor settings to blend well.

Top Rated Affordable Outdoor Bar Stools


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