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Comprehensive Review of the Alera Alerv44ls10c Office Desk Chair

A perfect office chair offers your back’s total comfort and safety, especially if you are prone to sit for long hours. There are multiple office chairs on the market, which can be overwhelming to choose the right chair to set up in an office. Brand is an important factor to consider. And Alera is among the most recommendable brands. They are famous for their Alera Elusion series. Apart from that, the Alera Alerv44ls10c executive chair is also a very popular choice.

It is one of the most magnificent chairs to use in an office. Other than comfort, this chair is designed to fit different office needs. This article is an Alera Alerv44ls10c review. We will tell you the features that make this office chair stand out from other models.

Alera Alerv44ls10c Office Chair

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The Top Features of Alera Alerv44ls10c Big & Tall Office Chair

Now that many people love this model, it must have some advantages. Here we will take you to look at them.

1. Adjustable Height

This office chair is perfect to use with the working table’s size, thanks to the flexible design. The chair has a hydraulic lift essential for adjusting the height for a comfortable reach of the desk. This feature also makes it a perfect working chair for both short and tall people as one can set the right working position, depending on the height level of the table.

ALERV44LS10C adjustable height

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2. Plush Pillow Cushioning

The high-quality cushion provides excellent support regardless of how long you sit irrespective of how long your seat. The cushion offers a padding effect to support the butt and the spine to focus on your work. The thick cushions provide luxurious comfort for all individuals, including plus-sized people. The padding retains its original state when you get up a feature and design that ensures this office chair’s durability.

3. The Full And High Back Section

Your back’s safety is entirely safeguarded when seated on this chair, thanks to the upper and wide backrest. The high backrest has padding that offers support from the lumbar to the neck section, and the great design ensures the entire back is fully supported while seated. This design makes the chair perfect for wide and tall people.

4. Five Stars Made With Casters

The available casters on this office chair offer the convenience and safety of the flooring. You don’t need to worry about the chair damaging the floor when one drags it back and forth to access or leave the table as the rolling casters move smoothly. You don’t need to keep on getting off the seat to access files or other documents from the desk as you can swivel around. However, note that the casters are not suitable to drag on some floor models. If the casters are not safe for your floor, consider changing them.

alera alerv44ls10c 5-star base

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5. Quality Frame Aluminum Material

This office chair’s frame has heavy-duty and quality aluminum material construction to withstand constant swivels and movements. The aluminum frame is also healthy to accommodate heavyweights of up to 300 pounds. It has a powder coating to preserve its shiny original color and protect it from rust or corrosion when the chair comes to contact with wetness.

6. Easy To Maintain

Alera Ravino Alerv44ls10c is super easy to clean thanks to the outer leather material. You can easily wipe off any spillage on the chair in case of spillage, and it is compatible with upholstery cleaning modes. The leather material cover does not take long to dry up.

7. Padded Open Armrest

You can rest your hands on the armrests when working as they have padding to offer exceptional comfort and support. The curved open style of the armrests allows the free flow of air while seated for breathability purposes.

Alera Alerv44ls10c padded armrest

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8. Easy To Assemble

Although this office chair from Alera Alerv44ls10c comes in parts, joining them is quite comfortable with the provided tools and manual guide. Note that the chair is a bit bulky as it weighs 72 pounds; thus, it may require two people to assemble it.

Pros And Cons Of Alera Alerv44ls10c Office Chair

Here is a summarized version of the advantages and disadvantages of these office desk chairs. It can help you know more about the chair quickly and decide whether or not they suit your demands. Though, we bet they will.


  • This chair is quite easy to maintain as you can wipe off dirt or spillage, and use upholstery cleaning modes
  • The chair is easy to assemble with a manual guide
  • The chair swivels at a 360 degree for smooth moving it in the office and easy access to things at the working area
  • The chair has padding that offers ample support and comfort to the seat and the backrest
  • The chair has padded armrests to support the hands
  • It accommodates big and tall people
  • The chair has a high and wide back to accommodate tall and big individuals

Alera Alerv44ls10c adjustable chair

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  • This chair is a bit bulky and may require more than one person to hold when assembling it
  • The casters are not safe for all floorings as they may leave scratches when the chair is dragged around the room
  • It is an expensive office chair
  • The leather materials do not have a long life span

Specifications Of Alera Alerv44ls10c Executive Chairs

Knowing the exact specifications of Alera Alerv44ls10c chairs can tell you whether they are the best size for your workstation. So, here are the data from the manufacturer. Sizing up your own place first will be of great help to know how big the chair is.

Dimensions: This office chair measures 34.25 x 26.57 x 14.96 inches

Weight: This office chair weighs around 72.8 pounds

Materials: The chair has a leather cover, and pillow cushions

Frame: The frame has aluminum material construction

Colour: The chair comes in black

Weight Limit: The chair can hold a weight load of 300 pounds

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Usages of Alera Alerv44ls10c Computer Chair

Alera alerv44ls10c is a comfortable chair ideal for people who sit for long hours in the office. The chair’s quality padding offers comfort and support to the body to prevent injuries and fatigue around the back area. The back has a large and high structure to provide support for both tall and big people. This chair is ideal for busy offices since it adjusts to different height for convenience when using it with varying sizes of tables.


After reading this Alera Alerv44ls10c review, you must have known that this is a quality and comfortable chair that you can use at the office. The chair is convenient to use with different sizes of tables as the height is adjustable for convenient reach when working. The chair has quality cushions for excellent support on the seating area and at the back. The chair also has a padded armrest for total comfort and supports the arms when relaxing on the chair. Cleaning the chair is easy as you can either wipe off with a damp cloth of use upholstery cleaning methods.

Therefore, these chairs are highly recommended if you want to sit comfortably and improve your work efficiency. Click the button below to try them in person.

Alera Alerv44ls10c Office Chair

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