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The 6 Best Ashley Bar Stools For VINTAGE Feelings – Various Types Recommend

Bar stools are growing popular in the modern-day household furniture. This is usually due to a number of reasons. For instance, due to the continually shrinking apartment space, many individuals resort to the use of bar stools to access kitchen countertops rather than setting up a dining area. Apart from this, the bar stools, if correctly picked out, usually adds to the aesthetics and the style of an individual’s living space. Therefore, as a bar stool enthusiast or just an individual seeking to try out bar stools for the first time, you should indulge in some renowned and popular brands such as Ashley bar stools, which will guarantee maximum style and efficiency in utilization.

Our Top Pick:

#1. Best OverallAshley Pinnadel Rustic Brown Bar Stool
“Hardwood seat with round compact shape brings along industrial look without occupying much floor space, swivel design makes it convenient in chatting with others.”

#2. Best For CounterAshley Glosco Counter Height Stool
“The ergonomic shape on the seat supports your butt based on human curve for extreme comfort, warm wood, and black frame gives it a lightly finish.”

#3. Best UpholsteryAshley Vintage Casual Bar Stool with Wing Back Style
“Sloped arms and comfortable footrest guarantees full-time cozy in sitting, thick upholstery seat with mid-back design support optimum comfort.”

#4. Best with BackAshley Mestler Bar Height Stool
“Double X back lets more fresh air in while using in summer, sturdy wood frame is the major reason for its sturdiness and stability.”

#5. Best Space SavingAshley Challiman Counter Height Stool
“Round seat allows you to place it under the table after use, while the built-in footrest accommodates a cozy place for your feet.”

Picking the Best Ashley Bar Stools From Comparison Chart

About the Brand Ashley

The Ashley brand products are usually from the Ashley Furniture Industries, which was founded sometime back in 1945 with a single goal and belief that furniture could be made a better way. Throughout the years, this company has progressed immensely harnessing and applying the crafting experience learned over the years by building its reputation through the provision of unparalleled quality, style, and selection of products.

It now ranks as the number one furniture manufacturer in the world. However, their products are very affordable despite the popularity of their brand. Ashley Industry’s core purpose is to inspire the love of home and enrich everybody’s lives around their furniture. Their collection thus offers whatever furniture you are looking for, precisely, and beautifully designed at an affordable price to ensure that every individual worldwide gets to enjoy the thrill of owning quality Ashley furniture.

Ashley Furniture Industries often design, manufacture, and supply a variety of product models. Thus, some of their products include bar stools which also come in various designs and models some of which include:

Ashley furniture swivel bar stools

These are specially designed bar stools by Ashley furniture with an outstanding swivel feature. These bar stools are thus capable of rotating around at a fixed location. This allows you to turn about and access several areas around you while sitting on them without the need to strain or get down from the stool to get something over the counter.

Ashley furniture kitchen stools

These constitute stools designed and produced by Ashley Furniture for primary use in the kitchen as counter stools. Thus, they are always installed along the kitchen counters to give the user comfortable access to the countertop for use while eating, relaxing, or engaging in other activities around the kitchen space.

Ashley adjustable bar stools

This is also another design category of bar stools from Ashley furniture industries. These bar stools are thus manufactured with the height adjustability feature enabling the user to set their most preferred and comfortable height during utilization. Therefore, you can always raise it from a low to a much higher level depending on your level of comfort. This also allows for comfortable use of these barstools by individuals of varying heights and ages, for instance, even children can comfortably use these bar stools.

What Are the Ashley Furniture Counter Height Stools?

These are Ashley furniture bar stools specifically designed and manufactured in correspondence to the standard counter height, which usually ranges between 35 to 39 inches high to the top of the counter. Thus, these stools’ seat areas are usually positioned slightly lower than this height range at about 24 to 27 inches high to facilitate sitting allowance and comfort. Therefore, they are comfortably fitting to counter heights but often seem too low for bar heights.

Ashley Bar Stools Reviews

#1. Ashley Pinnadel Bar Stool with Pub Height


ashley north shore bar stools


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This bar stool design from Ashley Furniture is a product of beauty and precision as its features will guarantee the enhancing and styling of your dining/counter/bar area to a certain degree of authenticity. Some of the features include the swivel function, which allows for a smooth 360-degree turning radius for comfortable use. These bar stools also come with adjustable height for convenience in case of varying height differences among the users or the counters. Further included is a comfortable footrest for the user’s legs, and these also enhances more comfort. These barstools come in a pack of twos from the manufacturers for complementary living space.

The manufacturing materials include a metal base of the industrial-chic design. This, coupled with the hardwood manmade seats, brings about the aesthetics of the bar stools. These high-quality materials further guarantee the strength and durability of these stools. The rustic gray-brown finish also complements some of the internal decors while further adding to the aesthetics. The finishing also limits the progress of rusting on the metallic frame, further prolonging the bar stool’s durability.

These Ashley bar stools measure a diameter of 15 inches, which is wide enough even for fat individuals. Similarly, the seat extends to a height of about 25 to 30 inches, which is complementary to the standard bar and counter height for diversified applications and maximal comfort. The package also comes with an instructional manual, hardware, and tools for the barstool assembly after arrival.


Aesthetic and appealing
Fairly priced
High-quality design
Sturdy, strong and durable
Adjustable height and swivel


A little frustrating assembly
Occasional customer complaints about imbalanced bar stools


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#2. Ashley Moriann Counter Stool For Vintage Casual Style


ashley signature bar stools


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This is another top-ranked furniture from Ashley Furniture Industries. Its design is unique, with features contributing to comfort and beauty. These features include the fact that these counter stools are upholstered in plush polyester, both at the seat and backrest. Under the upholstery are cushioned for maximal comfort for the user. The counter stool frame is usually made of solid wood, which is strong and durable. This, coupled with the overall dark brown finish, sloped armrests, and comfortable footrests, adds to the stunning beauty and illumination it brings to its installed living space.

These counter stools usually come in a pack of two, each measuring about 21.75 by 25.25 inches of the seating area, a surface area large enough to accommodate even large-sized individuals. The stools also rise to a height of 39.25 inches, with the seat rising to about 24.75 inches, within the standard height range for most counter stools, thus fitting and comfortable for counter use. The counter stools are also lightweight, weighing about 28.8 pounds for easy portability and mobility within the installation area. The high-quality upholstery and wood further ensure the sturdiness of the stool, thus supporting an immense amount of weight.


Aesthetic and attractive
Soft and comfortable
Robust, sturdy and durable
Easy to clean
Easy assembly
Comes with an instructional manual


A little pricey
Wobbles after a while



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#3. Ashley Glosco Bar Stool In Medium Brown With Counter Height


ashley bar stools leather


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These are also classically designed bar stools highly rated in the contemporary market. This is usually due to the incorporated unique features and the unique design which fulfills Ashley Furniture’s goal of transforming your living environment for the better. For instance, these bar stools usually come in pairs, with each having saddle-style seats. This, coupled with the footrest, and the comfortable height of the bar stool at 25 inches above ground makes their utilization very comfortable. The barstools are also entirely made of solid wood, which guarantees strength and durability for prolonged periods of use.

The seat usually has a warm wood medium brown finish. The frame, on the other hand, has a dark brown finish. A combination of the two creates a lightly distressed finish, which gives the bar stools a quality stylish and aesthetic finish complementary to the majority of your internal decors. The seat usually measures 18 by 13 inches, which is sufficiently comfortable while also being space conscious for placement in tight apartment spaces without the feel of congestion. These bar stools even come with assembly instructional manuals and the required hardware for assembly for maximal convenience after shipment.


Easy to clean
Sturdy and stable
Easy to assemble
Aesthetic and attractive


Occasion complains of cheap quality products delivered



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#4. Ashley Mestler Bar Stools


ashley glosco bar stool


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This is another excellent product from Ashley Furniture with features unique for uncanny beauty and exemplary comfort. Thus, these bar stools will make a great addition to your living space by promising to lighten up your counter/bar/dining area with a fresh vintage look and feel. Some of its features include the sturdy solid wood body for durability and strength. Furthermore, these bar stools also come with foot rails on either side of the stool for improved comfort. The stools also come with backrests with a crafted double X design for back support and increased aesthetics.

The barstools also come designed with a green-blue hue finish, which brings out a time-worn antique blue patina like finish for added aesthetics and beauty. They are also precisely crafted with the seating area measuring 23 inches by 19 inches for ample sitting space while rising to a standard height of about 30 inches. This height is correctly measured, thus very comfortable when dining or chatting at a countertop. The footrests at 12 inches above ground are also supplementary for increased comfort. Also included are instructional manuals, hardware, and tools for convenient assembly.


Beautiful and stylish
Strong and durable
Easy assembly
Appropriate height level
Comes with installation accessories


A little costly
The paints chip quite too fast.


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#5. Ashley Challiman Bar Stool With Rustic Brown Counter Height


ashley furniture counter height bar stools


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This is another great model with a rustic yet modern feel from Ashley Furniture for your home. These bar stools are designed with great fascination and ingenuity, resulting in real work of art for that great and appealing living space. These bar stools also come in a set of pairs for that guaranteed complementary look. The barstools are usually crafted from a combination of metal and wood. The legs are typically sculptured with an industrial design featuring L-shaped adjustable feet levelers. On the other hand, the seats are usually crafted from solid wood with veneer and manmade design details. Moreover, the high-quality materials guarantee durability, sturdiness, and longevity of the bar stools.

Further incorporated in the design is the aesthetic finish with an iron tone base and plank style wood seat, which perfectly complements each other to give that appealing rustic look for a stylish living space. They measure 23.5 inches height, which is averagely within the counter height range, thus comfortable for utilization with countertop chatting and dining. These bar stools also have footrests installed at the 6-inch height from the ground for further comfortable use. The 18.25 diameter is also sufficiently large to accommodate averagely sized individuals while also occupying the least possible space in your living space. The barstools are also lightweight, measuring about 11.5 pounds facilitating for easy portability.


Nice vintage aesthetic look
Sturdy, strong and durable
Easy assembly
Fairly priced
Saves on space


Lacks backrest
Occasional missing parts and accessories


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Is Ashley Leather Bar Stool Easy to Maintain?

This depends entirely on the bar stool owner and the conditions of the environment it is situated at. Thus, when situated at a safe living space such as the kitchen area, simply adhering to the standard maintenance procedures for regular leather bar stools should suffice.

For instance:

  • You should always clean the bar stool, including the leather upholstery, using a damp cloth every day or at least three times a week.
  • You should also make sure to clean any spills right away using a damp cloth to prevent further damage.
  • Stains should also be removed immediately using the best and safe leather cleaners. Crevices should be dusted and vacuumed occasionally, and scratches mended as soon as they occur.

Furthermore, for the yearly maintenance:

  • You should apply some leather conditioner to treat the bar stool and maintain its softness.
  • You should also apply waterproofing for reduced possible damage and even polish the leather on occasions.

These guidelines are as simple as the maintenance of a regular leather bar stool and are not in any way specific to Ashley’s leather bar stools.


Ashley Furniture Industries have always lived up to their goals and promises to their customers. Thus all their products inclusive of these bar stools are usually high quality manufactures with unique features for an excellent performance. Therefore, when looking to acquire bar stools, you should check in with Ashley furniture for satisfactory products. To further simplify your shopping, we have provided you with some of the most recommended Ashley bar stools worth checking out.

Top Rated 3 Best Ashley Bar Stools


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