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Best Hot Selling BackGuard Lumbar Cushion from SimplePosture – Top 1 Review

Nowadays many people are searching for lumbar support cushion for office chair online. This has something to do with the common phenomenon that many people are suffering from lower back pain.

Why the BackGuard Lumbar Support Cushion for Office Chair?

Spending hours on end in your chair does exert a lot of pressure on your back, especially the lower back. Eventually, the pressure creates back problems that lead to the characteristic and uncomfortable lower pain. That is why it pays to delve into ways of cushioning your back if only to understand how you can ease the back pain.

In this regard, I review the BackGuard. It is allegedly a premium back cushion aimed at reducing back pain by positioning your back in its natural posture.
Premium Lower Back Pain Cushion - Proprietary Density Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion

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1. Premium Materials to Do You A Power of Good

The understanding of whether this product is good begins with knowing its qualities. BackGuard employs proprietary dense memory foam. The foam is thick enough to support the lower back. Meanwhile, it is flexible enough to move with the natural movement of your body.

The center of the cushion is breathable, thereby negating the accumulation of sweat and or odor. To achieve this, the makers of BackGuard have made the center of the cushion breathable, while ensuring that the cushion as a whole does not flex too much.

BackGuard also comes with an adjustable strap. The adjustable strap ensures the cushion remains in place all the while. The strap is also removable and machine washable.

2. Able to Relieve You of Back Pains

The main advantage BackGuard offers its users is a better way of relieving lower back pain and pressure rather than consuming pain medications, which has been the tradition. The gentle but firm cushion gives users undeliverable support attuned to the natural curvature of the back, thus reducing the pressure resulting from sitting down for long periods.

Closely related to the above is the comfortable posture that BackGuard gives its users. While using this cushion, you position your back to the best position possible, enhancing your posture, thereby oozing confidence while sitting.

Additionally, the design of the cushion makes it very easy to use daily. The strap, the compact size, and the other features that the BackGuard has are essential in making it possible to use on a day-to-day basis.

seat and lumbar support for pain relief
Seat And Lumbar Cushions Encourage Proper Posture

3. Special Tips Before You Buy BackGuard Lumbar Cushion

One of the demerits lies in the single strap system that aims to keep the cushion in place. The single strap is not capable of providing sufficient tension to keep the cushion in place. Furthermore, once the strap develops some weakness at the seam, there is no other backup strapping mechanism.

The shape of the cushion makes it very difficult to use the cushion on auto chairs, especially those that have contoured shapes. The same goes for sharply contoured chairs.

4. Final Words

In conclusion, although the cushion is not perfect in every sense, you can return it if you find it not helpful. BackGuard comes with a 90-day return guarantee. BackGuard lower back cushion is very comfortable to use, especially if you have a small to medium-sized body. It works perfectly in alleviating lower back pain and improving your posture, all the while ensuring you remain comfortable.

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Proprietary Density Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion for Office Chairs

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How to Choose the Best Lumbar Support Cushion for Office Chair?

Now you have read the reviews of the popular BackGuard lumbar cushion from SimplePosture. So, you may wonder, what are the features to look for in a nice lumbar pillow? Then, you can refer to my tips below.

1. Shape

This is the top feature among the factors that make for an ergonomic lumbar cushion. The traditional – and also the most popular – option is the cushions resembling the curve of the BackGuard products mentioned above. If you search online, you will find that the best-sellers mostly share such a shape and the like. This is so out of ergonomic reason.

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Such a design will easily follow the general – though not precise – curvature of your spine and provide support to it. Courtesy of this, you will not have to place excessive pressure on your lower back while sitting. The Back brace will take some of it away and share your load. Then, in the long run, you will feel less pain induced by extended hours of sitting.

Besides, we can also see D-shaped lumbar support rolls on the market. They look much simpler, resembling the shape of the letter D. And they will offer support to your lower back. Almost all of them will come with adjustable straps that allow you to modify their position of it. So, you can secure it to the back after finding the most ergonomic place for you. This is quite supportive and pain-relieving.

Also, there are the T-shaped support cushions. When you place such pads on your seat, they seem like a capitalized letter T placed up-side-down. And this is how they get the name for their shape. In comparison to the former choice, these pads are more suitable for home uses. You can place them on your floor, sofa, or bed. Some of them will come with a detachable neck roll while some have a handle there instead. Both are comfortable in different ways.

back pillow for bed

2. Cover

When you are judging if the cover is excellent, you can see if it is convenient for you. And this lies in two factors. One is if it is removable. The other is if it is washable. These two features count a lot in maintaining the lumbar support.

Some lumbar cushions do not allow you to take off or wash the cover. This can cause trouble after using for a long time. And this is easy to understand if you compare it to your pillows. As I do in my house, I wash the pillow cover at least once every 3 weeks. The same may also go for the driving cushion.

Well, it is true that the lower back pads do not touch our skin as much as head pillows do. But this does not mean they are always clean. Though often unseeable, the air we breathe is often polluted. And such pollution will not end there. It may also infiltrate into the stuff we use every day. In offices and cars, they get dirty more quickly than we could imagine.

So, it is important for us to clean the spine cushion cover regularly. But this will not be possible if it does not allow washing. And it is as much inconvenient if we have to wash the cover with a special cleaner. So, for your convenience, do check my pick below:

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3. Foam

When you are looking for premium foam, you will want them to be: 1) thick; 2) not flattening easily; 3) washable.

Thickness is the first thing I would check on the lumbar support unless it does not have the foam. After all, the foam is what makes us feel soft and comfortable while sitting. Or else I will not bother to buy it. So, I would suggest you check if the padding is generous enough.

However, thickness alone is not enough. There are some lower back pillows that boast generous padding but flatten out quickly once you use them. This will be a major disappointment to whoever uses it. After all, we are buying it to relieve lower back pain rather than to increase heartache. Therefore, a solution is to read the customers’ reviews to see how they perform after being in use for months. But if you do not want to spare much effort, then please check my pick for you:

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Besides, a cushion is extra useful when it is washable. This is a big plus if you love to keep your stuff clean. Again, as I do with my head pillows, I will wash them at least once 2 months. Or else mites will set their homes there. And for the lumbar pads, things are the same. If you use the support for sciatica pain for months without washing it, dust mites will take your place and become the owner of it. How terrible!

Therefore, to avoid such circumstances, buy washable spine support for your car and desk chair. Some solid memory foam full-back pillows, for example, are easy to clean. Also, you can buy the ones that can be laid out in the sun. The sun is the natural helper for killing bacteria.

But before you do this, make sure to read the tags coming with the products. Do not bask the support in the sun or throw it in the washing machine or dryer if the instruction forbids it.

4. Material

Generally speaking, most lumbar support for car seats and office chairs employs breathable material, like anti-sweat fabric, mesh, or bamboo covers. These options will allow superior air circulation and thus make you feel comfortable even after long sitting hours. So, if you are a programmer or a driver, buying such breathable covers will be better. Or you may feel uncomfortable after hours of use.

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best back pillow for office chairs

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In comparison, however, leather lumbar support cushion is less ventilative. But the advantage of them is that they blend in with your leather seats. If you place a lower back cushion with a fabric or mesh cover, your seating may look less harmonious. Besides, leather is also relatively easier to maintain. They do not store dirt as easily as mesh covers do.

5. Strap

Some lumbar cushions come without straps. In such cases, you can place the support on the seat and against the back. This is convenient if the backrest of your desk chair or car seat fits the curvature of your back perfectly. However, in most cases, you will need some adjustability. And this is when you need some flexible and versatile straps.

When choosing among the lumbar pillows with straps, a quality check is still important. Some lumbar support cushions for office chairs will come with only one strap. To make things worse, the strap may be of low quality. It can not help you secure the cushion to the position you feel comfortable in. Instead, they fall off a bit. And a slippery back cover will add to the trouble.

So, a better solution is to choose the dual adjustable straps. Doubling the straps is also doubling convenience for you. Generally speaking, the shape of the backrest is not 100% vertical. Instead, there will be some curvature. For example, some chairs have built-in lumbar support. (But that may not be supportive enough for you, or you will not have to buy the extra cushion.) Then, the lumbar area will be extra thick. Under such circumstances, you can adjust the straps longer to secure their position. And the two straps can be adjusted to different lengths to fit the perimeter of the exact part they lie.

This design will be super convenient and necessary in an ergonomic lumbar cushion. So, don’t miss out on my pick for you:

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lumbar cushion with straps for office chairs

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6. Your Seat Cushion

If you have already got a cushion on your seat, and want another one for your lower back, then be careful. Sometimes the thick seat cushion will force you to place the lower back support at a higher position than you expect. In such cases, the curvature of the cushion may fail to match that of your back. Therefore, it will be uncomfortable for you to add a lumbar cushion. However, the trouble diminishes when buying them in a set because the manufacturer has ensured they are compatible.

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