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The 15+ Best Backless Kitchen Stools Reviews

We all take time to give a thought and have a picture in our mind of how we want our ideal kitchen space to look like. Backless kitchen stools always make this dream come true by adding warmth to your home decoration.

No matter how you imagine it, backless kitchen stools always find a way to your heart with their unique endless designs to fit your specification, made with different fabrics and tastes like vinyl, leather, canvas, and other variety of materials. Not forgetting the different curving shapes that make each stool outstanding on its own.

Unlike other stools, backless kitchen stools create a more streamlined look, they can slide under the table taking less visual space, a plus for smaller space, giving your space a different unique look and beauty.

Our Top Pick:

#1. Best CheapWinsome 94084 Satori Stools
“Wooden material promises larger weight capacity, the backless design allows you to place it under the counter.”

#2. Best SwivelHillsdale Montello Backless Counter Stools
“Faux leather seat gives comfortable sitting experience, while the metal legs show the chic and sleek look.”

#3. Best UpholsteryLinon Claridge Black Counter Stools
“Wooden legs are the reason for its sturdiness and stability, multiple colors and styles are available for various home decor.”

#4. Best Comfortable –  Christopher Knight Lisette Backless Counter Stool
“Hardwood material compatible well with dark brown soft leather seat, enabling to fit any home decor without compromising its comfort in use.”

#5. Best Modern TypeAngel Line Cambridge White and Grey Bar Stool
“Gray and white color give you a modern look, compact shape makes it suitable for small homes.”

Picking the Top Rated Backless Kitchen Stools


How to Pick Backless Kitchen Stools?

There are various factors to consider before picking a backless stool for kitchen island use.

backless kitchen stools


Usually, you don’t get to choose the height of your stools, your countertops do. If you have the same height of counter tables and bar tables then it is all easy for you, you get to do the measuring just once for your counter stools and once for your bar stools, but in cases where the heights are different, then you have to take several measures for a perfect fit.

If the height is not checked, the counter stool may be too long for the kitchen counter, or in other cases, a bar stool may be too short to the counter.


Think of how many stools you want to have in your kitchen area and how big is the seating space.6 to 8 may be perfect so that everyone does not bump elbow. if you need more consider making them smaller in size.


Lifestyle determines which way to go, always get what you feel suits you best. Is it all wood or all metal stool? Do you need a little bit more cushion more comfort or class but still need easy- cleaning part?

Leather, vinyl, such stain-resistant material will be just the best. Check on the maintenance of the fabric, you always know what suits within your budget and your comfort.


Backless stools come in a variety of imaginable shape color and style. Pick a stool that works well to its function, but not something that is just for show and will not work. The style may be modern or traditional, but one thing is for sure, there is always something for everyone out there. Once you figure out what you need, you will be able to sort out your options to that specific backless stool of your choice.

With knowledge of these factors, the height is important as much as the size, the material you pick gives you more trust on what you are getting and your sense of style leaves you content. Backless kitchen stools will serve you to the maximum with a bit of maintenance.

Best Backless Kitchen Stools Reviews

#1. Best Backless Kitchen Stools – Winsome 94084 Satori Stool

red wooden bar stools

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#2. Best with Leather Top – Linon Claridge Counter Stool

black wooden bar stools

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#3. Best Upholstered – Nathan James Backless Counter Stools with Nailhead Trim

backless counter bar stools

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#4. Best Wooden – Linon Hampton Fabric Top Stools For Kitchen

backless wooden bar stools

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#5. Best Leather Material – Christopher Knight Home Backless Counter Stools

kitchen backless stools

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#6. Best Modern – Angel Line Cambridge Bar Stools For Kitchen

leather top kitchen bar stools

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#7. Best Counter Height – Hillsdale Fiddler Saddle Backless Stool

wooden kitchen bar stools

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#8. Best Metal – FDW Stackable Indoor-Outdoor Bar Stools

industrial kitchen backless bar stools

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#9. Best Swivel – Hillsdale Montello Backless Counter Stool

swivel bar stools

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#10. Best 24 Inch – Lexicon Swivel Counter Height Stool

wooden leather top bar stools

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#11. Best 30″ – Linon Harper Stool with Fabric Top

kitchen bar stools backless

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#12. Best with Faux Leather – Hillsdale Furniture Saddle Counter Stool

small wooden kitchen bar stools

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#13. Best For Dining Table – VIPEK Metal Wooden Bar Stool

metallic bar stools

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#14. Best Sturdy – Linon Kennedy Backless Kitchen Stools

wooden kitchen bar stools

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#15. Best Cushioned – Barton Premium Padded Kitchen Bar Stools with Nailhead

wooden kitchen bar stools

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#16. Best Contemporary – SONGMICS Cotton-Linen Fabric Dining Chair

upholsterd bar stools for kitchen

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Backless Counter Stools For Kitchen vs. Backless Kitchen Stools

Generally, kitchen counter stools and barstools are assumed to be the same thing to a lot of people, mainly because they are both long, same style and both found on the counters. However, they are actually two different sizes of stools that serve related but different roles in both kitchen and bar counter.

pick the backless kitchen bar stools


Backless counter stools have a seat height of 24 to 27 inches high compared to barstools which are usually taller with 28 to 32 inches as a rule in order to fit under their respective tables.

Barstools have tables that are tall enough for a comfortable sitting position. These tables are usually 40 to 42 inches high compared to counter stool tables which are a bit shorter in height ranging from 35 to 39 inches high. It is, therefore, smart measuring the distance from the floor to the underside of your counter before ordering so as to reduce your product search to either bar height or counter height.


When it comes to style, barstools come with every imaginable shape and color, unlike counter stools which are mostly to serve for the respective purpose, the bar stools usually serve for a longer period of time.

Both counter stool and barstool can be adjustable to fit customers’ specifications in cases of different table heights.

Recommended Backless Counter Height Stools For Kitchen Area

Top Rated Kitchen Backless Bar Stools



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