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The 20+ Best Bamboo Bar Stools Reviews with COMPLETE GUIDES

If you are in the market for the perfect bamboo bar stool, you have come to the right place. The first thing anyone notices when they walking into your space is your counter table and bar stools, there is no denying how obvious the two standouts.

Whatever your liking and aesthetic may be, there is a perfect bar stool for you in the market, the biggest challenge is selecting the right one out of the gazillions.

This post will help you meet that challenge by letting you in on the best tips and tricks to make sure you know exactly what to look for to make an informed decision.

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Our Top Pick:

#1. Best OverallRAM Gameroom Bamboo Tiki Bar Stools
“Bamboo material enables it to place outdoors for patio or garden use, short back design supports your lower back in a long-hours sitting.”

#2. Best Counter HeightNew Pacific Darwin Modern Bamboo Bar Stools
“Chic modern style fits any home decorations, 360 degrees swivel eases your chatting time with friends, while upholstered seat provides maximum comfort.”

#3. Best IndustrialModway Promenade Aluminum Bar Stools
“Bamboo seat with metal structure bears larger weight capacity, armrest and built-in footrest accommodate a place for your arms and legs to relax.”

#4. Best High EndGreenington Tulip Solid Bamboo Bar Stool
“If used for small space, the armless design of the chair allows you to place under the bar after use. The solid material is the major reason for its sturdiness and stability.”

#5. Best SwivelSCKL Breakfast Kitchen Bamboo Rattan Bar Stools
“Round seat with round built-in footrest saves more floor space without compromising its comfort in use.”

#6. Best Cheap –  SYF Modern Minimalist Bar Stool
“Yellow seat enlightens your home decor whether for kitchen or dining rooms to use, the simple design shows its minimalism principle and adds up unique look in use.”

The 10+ Best Bamboo Bar Stools to Choose From

How to Pick the Best Bamboo Bar Stools?

Choosing the right bamboo bar stool can be a headache, to help you make it a smooth experience, here are things to consider.

mid back bamboo bar stools

i. Price

Depending on the style of the bamboo bar stool price may vary. The fancier the style the more expensive it will get, however, regardless of your budget you can be sure to get a decent bamboo bar stool. If you are on a tight budget then you should definitely consider narrowing down your specifications.

ii. Comfort

The comfort level is largely affected by the shape of the stool and features such as arm or armless, back or backless, size, leg support, and swivel mechanism. Backs stools with armrest are typically the most comfortable while backless ones usually feature an armless design with a round shape.

iii. Height

You are probably going to encounter differently sized stools in the market. The size of the stools you choose depends on the height of your counter. Generally, the height of the stools should be about 10 inches lower compared to the height of the counter table.

The 20+ Best Bamboo Bar Stools Reviews

#1. Best Tiki Stool – RAM Gameroom Products Bamboo 28-inch Stool

vintage bamboo bar

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#2. Best with Backs and Arms – MGP Bamboo Tiki Bar Stool

retro bamboo bar

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#3. Best Counter Height – New Pacific Direct Darwin Fabric Bar Stool

bamboo bar for sale

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#4. Best For Outdoor – Safavieh PAT4019B Gresley Stacking Counter Stool

faux bamboo stool

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#5. Best Modern – Modway Promenade Aluminum Bistro with Bamboo Seat

bamboo bar counter

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#6. Best Industrial – Contemporary Home Living 32″ Vintage Bar Stool

bamboo tiki bar set with 2 stools

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#7. Best Armless – Greenington Tulip Solid Bamboo Bar Height Stool

outdoor bamboo stools

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#8. Best For Kitchen – SCKL Rotatable Bamboo Rattan Bar Stool

cheap bamboo bar stools

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#9. Best For Breakfast – Greenington Bamboo Skol Counter Stool

bamboo stools

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#10. Best with Upholstered Seat – MISC 26″ Counter Height Stool

outdoor bamboo bar stools

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#11. Best Swivel – LSXIAO Rattan Bamboo Dining Chair with Backrest and Footrest

bamboo bar set

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#12. Best with Wooden Leg – SYF Modern Minimalist High Stool Chair

bamboo patio bar

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#13. Best Antique – Contemporary Home Living 32″ Red Industrial Bar Stool

bamboo tiki bar

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#14. Best Golden For Dining Room – HMDJW Metallic Modern Leisure Chair

bamboo outside bar

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#15. Best Folding – Barstools MAZHONG Portable Folding Chairs 

bamboo tiki bar stools

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#16. Best Portable – LHA Bamboo Folding Solid Wood Chairs

bamboo bar furniture

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#17. Best For Patios – Pinkpaopao Indoor-Outdoor Bistro Lawn Garden Chair

bamboo kitchen stools

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#18. Best Adjustable – Pin Dynasty Swivel Counter Height Bar Stools

outdoor bamboo bar

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#19. Best Black – ACMMM Backrest Stool Height Bamboo Kitchen Stools

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#20. Best Rattan – JFDKDH Adjustable Swivel Kitchen Bar Stools with Chrome-plated Steel

bamboo bar stools with backs

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#21. Best Simple Design – Mscxj Unique Rattan Charm Bamboo Chairs

bamboo tiki bar set with 2 stools

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Which Types of Bamboo Bar Stools Do You Need?

The best thing about bamboo bar stools above everything else is durability. They are far more resistant to damage and everyday use compared to the traditional hardwoods. The next big plus is that they come in a variety of designs and types. The different types are best for varying applications; here is what you need to know.

Bamboo bar stools with backs

Stools with backs are pretty famous compared to other designs thanks to the iconic chair like the design. Apart from the design, they are probably the most comfortable design in the market place. They are available in three main types, that is:

bamboo chairs

    • High back
    • Mid-back
    • Low back

Here are some reasons why you might want to choose a bamboo back stool for your bar.

How to Choose Best Bamboo Bar Stools with Backs?

i. Comfort

If you are going to be sitting for long hours, the support the back stools offer is priceless. The back can be padded for extra comfort. They are a great option for a gathering room used for entertainment where people are likely to watch movies or games.

In our modern-day, the kitchen can easily become the hub of the house whether it is for a cup of coffee, lunch, or the kids doing their homework, therefore, comfort is key. Although most of the back stools feature circular designs, they usually have an ample sitting area and spine support. You can either choose from armless or those with arms, circular ones generally are designed to be armless although you can rest your arms on the circular frame.

ii. Flexibility

Bamboo back stools especially padded once come with a lot of color options. If you are an interior design enthusiast going for padded backs is a wise decision simply because it opens you up to a variety of colors and color combinations that definitely add depth to your space. There also a variety of upholstery options to choose from.

iii. Chair-Like Design

Padded back bamboo stools have a similar look to a dining chair. Compared to stool like designs that may easily look odd, back bar stools bring the dining area design that most people resonate with.

Bamboo swivel bar stools

Most customers prefer swivel bamboo stools over the stationary one which is primarily because of two reasons.

bamboo bar for sale

i. They are easier to interact.

It is almost a guarantee when you are sitting at the bar you might want to move about on your sit. Any stool that swivels around certainly feels more comfortable and flexible, besides, we all love interacting at the bar which means you want the allowance to face any direction be it the TV or someone on the opposite side.

ii. Easier to get into

One of the big pluses about swivel stools is that you do not have to move it back and forth. All you have to do is turn the seat to the left or right. This is a great option especially if you have kids because they can easily get off and on without having to move the stool.

What Types of Bamboo Swivel Bar Stools to Choose?

There are various types of swivel bamboo bar stools. Here are the most popular designs and features:

Swivel bamboo bar stools with backs

Back stools can be either short back or tall backs. Most customers prefer short backs because they allow counters to be visible even though tall backs provide more comfort. If you feel too conscious or you have a delicate counter you can opt for a bamboo bar stool without backs.
However, you can still have a swivel bamboo stool with a back that is fitted with upholstery for a soft touch in case it bangs to the counter.

Swivel bamboo bar stools with arms

Selecting a stool with arms helps to keep your posture aligned compared to armless designs that force you to rest your arms on the counter thereby distorting your posture.

How to Choose Bamboo Swivel Bar Stools For Kids?

They are an option to consider especially if you have kids and you need more protection and support around them as they swivel on the stool.

Tilt and recline

Stools with this feature generally double up as back sits. This feature allows you to recline back in the stool for extra comfort.


Bar stools with this mechanism allow you to rotate 360 degrees around while sitting and either remain in the same position, depending on the type of mechanism you prefer, or rotate back to its original position once you leave it.

Memory-return Swivel

This kind of mechanism allows you to rotate 180 degrees while seated but springs back to the center once you leave the seat. In terms of comfort, it is not as comfortable as 360 degrees rotate mechanism but it makes getting off the seat quick and easy without having to reposition the seat.

Vintage bamboo bar stools

The unique thing about vintage bamboo bar stools is that they are usually handcrafted compared to other designs from industry manufactures. As we all know, most handcrafted furniture has a special touch in their appearance that sets them apart. In terms of quality, they are unmatched and are a perfect blend even in a modern space.

bamboo bar set

Bamboo rattan bar stools

If you are not informed about bamboo rattan stools you might mistake them for wicker stools, however, rattan is a more rugged and durable material. Bamboo rattan stools are best for daily usage both indoors and outdoors. If are thinking of getting a swiveling bar stool then one made out of rattan is an ideal choice because rattan does not wear easily. Bamboo rattan stools are one of the strongest bar stools you can get that also come with a variety of color choices to satisfy both quality and decorative purposes.

Bamboo tiki bar stools

Tiki bamboo bar stools are best suited for an outdoor bar or a patio. If you want a custom bar stool for an outdoor setting then bamboo tiki stools are what you are looking for, they are easy to customize to your preferred taste. You can also find folding bamboo tiki stools best suited for minimalists for limited spaces.

retro bamboo bar

Round bamboo stool

The best thing about round bamboo stools is that they are usually lightweight which means they are easy to move around. They also have a ton of health benefits because despite their backless design they encourage active sitting. While sitting on a round bamboo stool you will always be motivated to adjust your posture instead of slouching.

The round design also allows you to turn 360 degrees to face whichever direction you want. Getting on and off the round stool requires little to no movement of the stool due to their backless frame. Their minimalistic design allows you to easily side them under the counter without any damage to the counter compared to the chair like designs that make contact with the counter, which wears down the counter.

How to Clean Faux Bamboo Bar Stools?

bamboo bar stools with backs

Faux bamboo bar stools usually feature a lightweight material designed to make the overall design easily portable. However, the lightweight faux leather material is easily stained or develops cracks and scratches due to pressure. Here is a simple way to keep your faux bamboo stools clean.

Before you start with the cleaning procedure on the whole stool it is very important that you ensure the material does not react to the detergent you are using.

Here is what you can do to keep it clean:

  • Use a soft brush to sweep away any dirt, debris, and fallen leaves form all the surfaces of the bamboo outdoor bar stool set. Focus on the corners and underneath the stool or counter.
  • Using a vacuum suck away the smaller pieces of dirt from in between the weave in the pattern.
  • During a warm, breezy day, use a soft sponge and a bucket of warm soapy water (a small amount of fabric conditioner or washing powder swirled into a bucket of water works well) to wash down the bamboo stools and counter or table.
  • Let the washed furniture dry in the shade rather than in full sun which can dry out the bamboo too quickly.
  • Avoid using a jet wash as this can damage the material.

How Long Can Outdoor Bamboo Bar Stools Last?

How long an outdoor bamboo bar stool lasts depends on its quality and whether or not the furniture is exposed to environmental conditions directly. However, a good outdoor bamboo bar stool with the right maintenance will last you about 10 -15 years.

Harsh environmental conditions such as prolonged periods of rain and the harsh sun will definitely wear out the color and finish.

indoor bamboo bar stools

How to Maintain Outdoor Bamboo Bar Stools?

Here are some of the ways you can protect your outdoor bamboo bar stools from the environment and for proper maintenance.

Store the outdoor stool inside a dry place especially during winter.

As outside temperatures go below freezing you do not want your precious bamboo stools outdoors. Freezing temperatures would form frost and ice on the bamboo which will cause the bamboo to be fragile. Protect them from harsh temperatures by storing them indoors in a dry place.

Purchasing a protective waterproof outdoor cover is a wise decision to boost longevity.

Ice and frost are disadvantageous to the strength of the bamboo, If you have to leave them outdoors during cold seasons then you should ensure you cove them with a protective cover all-round to protect from the freezing temperatures.

Keep it clean

Outdoor bamboo furniture should be cleaned regularly simply because dirt and dust are abrasive. Continuous use of an outdoor bamboo bar stool means that dirt and dust are constantly rubbing against the bamboo which might cause the material to fray. Investing time to clean your outdoor bamboo furniture often keeps it in top condition.

Is Cheap Bamboo Bar Stools Worth Buying?

backless bamboo bar stools

You always get what you pay for. While cheap bamboo bar stools are easy to replace they are not what you would rely on. Cheap bamboo bar stools when used for a period may become loose at the joints and start making annoying squeaky sounds.

Purchasing cheap bamboo bar stools is not worth buying simply because they are not going to be durable. Good quality bamboo bar stools are very durable and definitely worth the money.

Features of Bamboo Kitchen Stools

Here are the common features to look for when in the market for a bamboo kitchen stool:

  • Kitchen bars are usually high so bamboo kitchen stools typically have a tall design. You should select kitchen stools that are 10 inches shorter than the counter. You can expect to find kitchen bar stools that are 24 – 27 inches tall corresponding to the height of most counters.
  • They usually have a chair-like design with a back and a large sitting area. The backside is the area that will be seen most of the time so you should ensure that it fits your liking.
  • Due to the tall designs of kitchen stools they commonly have a footrest. A footrest boosts the comfort level considerably and a great feature especially if you have kids.


This has been a very extensive discussion aimed at helping you find the perfect bamboo bar stool that you deserve. In order to save yourself from the frustrations that come with buying bamboo bar stools, you will need a vast knowledge. Reading individual reviews by other customers is a smart way of finding what concerns they have. With that, I hope this article has helped you develop the confidence you need to help you realize the perfect bamboo bar stool.

Top Rated 3 Best Bamboo Bar Stools


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