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The 20 Best Bar Stools For Hardwood Floors on the Market (In-Depth Reviews)

Hardwood floors tend to develop scratches when the bar stools with sharp legs are used, that is why you need to get the best bar stools for hardwood floors particular in prolonging the lifespan of your floors. But how to choose? Well, the edge of the stools is the key factor, but what else?

Here in this post, we would like to recommend the top 7 best bar stools for hardwood floors that you can get, and there are also common features and buying guides for buying you should know.

Now let’s begin!

Our Top Pick:

#1. Best Overall – Christopher Knight Home Jaeden Stools

“Wooden legs bring about overall protection to the hardwood floors, the cushioned seat gives you superior comfort in use.”

#2. Best Classic Type – Ball & Cast Jayden Hardwood Counter Stool

“High back with padded cushion gives full support to your back, the swivel design eases the way of chatting in sitting.”

#3. Best Industrial Type – Office Star Bristow Antique Stool

“Stackable function makes it a hot pick for small spaces use, while the white metal design features a modern sleek look.”

#4. Best For Heavy Person Use – Christopher Knight Home Leather Stools

“Upholstered seat gets rid of all your tiredness, strong sturdy leg endows it a stable feeling .”

#5. Best Country Type – Boraam Florence Counter Height Stool

“Full country design along with the white color cooperates well with any home decor.”

7 Best Bar Stools For Hardwood Floors Reviews

#1. Best Wooden Bar Stools For Hardwood Floor – Christopher Knight Home Jaeden Stools

Editor Rating: 4.7

wooden bar stools for hardwood floor


  • The exclusive vegan leather material
  • Comfortable padded cushions
  • Brass nailhead
  • Sturdy hardwood frame construction
  • Plastic feet on legs to prevent your floor


  • No back
  • No swivel

#2. Best Wooden Bar Stools with Back – Ball & Cast Jayden Hardwood Counter Stool

Editor Rating: 4.1

swivel bar stools with back


  • Made of durable and solid hardwood material
  • Cushioned seat and comfortably padded back
  • 360-degree bearing
  • Slightly flared legs and circular footrest


  • A bit heavy

#3. Best Metal Bar Stools For Hardwood Floor – Office Star Bristow Antique Stool

Editor Rating: 4.4

metal bar stools with hardwood floor


  • Metal legs and seat
  • Multiple colors available
  • 26 inches high
  • Rubber protective cap on the feet
  • Vintage style
  • Stackable for easy storage


  • No back and no swivel design
  • No padding on the seat

#4. Brown Mid Back Bar Stools – Christopher Knight Home Leather Stools

Editor Rating: 4.0

bar stools with back for hardwood floor


  • Bonded leather stools bring great comfort
  • Feel soft to seat even for a long time
  • Perfect for both the kitchen and living room to use
  • Wooden legs bring no harm to hard wooden floor


  • Assembly required
  • Counter height for counter use only

#5. Best White Bar Stools For Hardwood Floor – Boraam Florence Counter Height Stool

Editor Rating: 4.5

metal bar stools with round seat


  • Multiple colors and styles available
  • Slightly flared legs
  • 360-degree steel ball bearing
  • Solid wood footrest for superior strength and durability
  • Perfect for modern and vintage style


  • Not stackable
  • Needs Assembly

#6. Best Swivel Bar Stools for Hardwood Floor – Hillsdale Victoria Bar Stool

Editor Rating: 4.6

hardwood floor use with swivel


  • Sleek shape and design
  • Black vinyl seat
  • Dark brown cherry finish
  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Heavy-duty material


  • A bit expensive

#7. Best Backless Wooden Bar Stools For Hardwood Floor

Editor Rating: 4.7

hardwood floor use bar stools


  • Modern classic design
  • The footrest is protected by a metal kick plate
  • Premium material of solid wood legs and frame
  • High-density foam cushion seat
  • Faux leather material


  • Take some time to clean

Bar stools come in several designs. It is essential to take into consideration the interior design of your home before buying the bar stools. The pieces of furniture are commonly used in bars, but you will as well find them widely applied in the kitchen among other areas. The fact that they come in several designs makes it necessary to research around and choose the best bar stools which can serve you well. Check on the materials and the general design of the bar stools. It is essential to look for ways you can blunt the edges of the bar stool legs to avoid damage to the floor.

Buying Guides of Best Bar Stools For Hardwood Floors

Here are some of the factors you need to check out before you can proceed to buy bar stools for hardwood floors. It is necessary to take into consideration the different factors from where you can decide on the best bar stool for your given needs:

Seat height

The bar stools come in designs that allow you to adjust the height and those with fixed seat height. If you decide to go for the fixed seat height, then you need to ensure the height is at the right level. Take into consideration people who will be using the bar stool and its application. If you intend to use the bar stool at home, then you need to take into consideration the design of your kitchen island.

Best Counter Stools For Kitchen Island

counter height stools for hardwood floor

Adjustable height

To have a bar stool that will accommodate the needs of different people, you need to go for a bar stool which allows you to adjust the height. The height adjusting the height should be easy to sue. Read the product description from where you can know whether a given bar stool is easy to adjust the height or not. It is necessary to carry out research from where you will make the right decision on the perfect bar stool to buy.

Best Adjustable Height Bar Stools

adjustable height bar stools for hardwood floor

Type of upholstery

Bar stools come with different types of upholstery. There are those which come with leather others will be made out of linen. Ensure each bar stool you are about to buy is made out of materials that you will find it easy to wash and maintain. The best bar stool to buy should come in a design which will assure you convenience as you sue it. Take into consideration the different materials used to make the upholstery from where you will make the right decision in your struggle to buy the right bar stool.

Best Upholstered Bar Stools

upholstered bar stools

Cushioned seat

You need a comfortable seat. The bar stools come in different designs. There are those which can assure you a comfortable place to seat while others can expose you to different forms of inconveniences. Take time to assess the different materials available out there from where you will make the right decision. With a cushioned seat you can enjoy seating on the bar stool for long without feeling fatigued.

Best Cushioned Bar Stools

soft padded cushion seat stools

Curved back

There are some bar stools that come with curved back designs. Buying such a bar stool can serve you very well. It is upon you to compare the different bar stools designs available out there from where you can make an informed decision. With a curved back, you will enjoy relaxation even if you will have to sit for prolonged hours. The back should be well padded so that you can always feel comfortable as you relax on the bar stools.

Best Bar Stools with Curved Back

curved bar stools

Swivel 360 degrees

The best bar stool to have should easily swivel to allow you easy movement. You will like to turn to different positions and you relax in the bar. To achieve the best relaxation, you need to check out the bar stool and ensure it has been designed to allow you to enjoy the best relaxation. A bar stool that has a swiveling mechanism will make you relax for long. It is unlike other types of bar stools which can expose you to inconveniences. Ensure the bar stool has been built to meet the highest durability.

Best Swivel Bar Stools

swivel bar stools for hardwood floor

What Features Should Bar Stools Have For Hardwood Floors

You need to check on features that will make the bar stools avoid damage to the floor. For example, you need to check on the materials which come into contact with the floor. Here are some of the features you need to check out as a way of avoiding cases where the hardwood floors will be damaged due to sharp legs coming into contact with the floor. Here are some of the features to check out:

Adhesive felt strips

Bar stools for hardwood floors should have adhesive felt strips to avoid damage to the floor. It will be upon you to research on the different bar stools available and go for those which come with adhesive felt strips made to protect the hardwood floor. You can as well buy the adhesive strips and apply them on the stools. They will offer the necessary protection required to avoid cases where the bar stools will be damaged due to exposure to the sharp tips of the bar stools.

Plastic floor glides

You can as well have plastic floor glides on the bar stool tips to protect the hardwood floor against scratches. Apart from the bar stools coming with the plastic glides, you should as well ensure you protect the hardwood floor against any damage. The best way to go about it involves buying the plastic floor glides and have them on the bar stools. They will avoid cases where the bar stools will end up developing ugly scratch marks on the hardwood floor.

Leg caps

There are special leg caps that are designed to protect your floor. You can as well install the leg caps and they will protect your floor against scratches. The bar stools are designed to assure you comfort when at home. Working with the right hardwood floor protection will guarantee you the best returns on investment.

How to Keep Furniture From Scratching Hardwood Floors

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