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Top 8 Best Bar Stools Under $100 For Your Money

Bar stools have been an important decoration for each family, no matter for a modern style or conventional style. The prices of bar stools vary from $20 to even $300, depend on the design and materials adopted. To save your money, here are the best bar stools under 100 reviews and buying guides.

Quick Pick on Best Bar Stools Under $100

Our Top Pick:

#1. Best Overall – AmazonBasics Classic Solid Wooden Counter Stool

“Hardwood design bears larger weight and allows you to place it in the corner after use.”

#2. Best Stylish Type – Nathan James Wood Pub-Height Kitchen Counter Bar Stool

“Nailhead trim adds up stylish look, while upholstered seat pad makes it comfortable to sit for a long time.”

#3. Best Wooden Type For BreakfastVASAGLE Kitchen Breakfast Bar Stools

“Wooden seat gives it a sturdy look, while the combination of metal leg and wooden seat fits perfectly with modern decor.”

#4. Best Swivel Stools – Torin Big Swivel Bar Stool with Multiple Colors

“Swivel shape allows you to turn to any directions in chatting, grey seat color is the major reason for its popularity.”

#5. Best Ergonomic Type HOMY CASA Kitchen Side Chair

“Ergonomic shape fits perfectly with body structure and makes it comfortable to sit for a long time without feeling tiring.”

What to Look For in a Cheap Bar Stool

Cheap bar stools offer comfort and a unique style to your office space. The stools come in different styles, colors, and designs. They blend well with your office decor because of their accessibility features. The following are the advantages of cheap bar stools.


Bar stools are a useful piece of furniture. You can quickly move them around because they are lightweight. You can move them to the board room when you have many visitors.

Also, renovating your office won’t be a hassle because you can move the chairs around. You can also rearrange the furniture whenever you want with ease.

Style and personality

Bar stools in your office highlight the style and personality. They can complement well with any office decor. They come in different styles and colors that can match your unique personality. The visitors coming to your office will notice your unique design.

Adjustable height

Some bar office stools come with adjustable heights such that you can adjust the height depending on your height. People of all ages can use these stools conveniently. You can put the stools under the table in case you want more space.

They are diverse

These stools are available in different varieties. They meet your demands, and for instance, you can choose the size of the seat depending on what you want to do with it. They can fit any space and come in different materials too.

Different colors of bar stools reviews:


Cheap bar stools are not only long-lasting but don’t need high maintenance as well. You don’t need to clean them or paint them frequently. It reduces the hassle of cleaning chairs all the time. You can put the energy on other constructive activities.


The advantage of office bar stools is that they are comfortable. The backrest ensures that you get tired. Some come with armrests and footrests for more comfort. You can seat on a bar stool for long hours without feeling body pain. Some seats are padded for soft and smooth seating.


The body needs a particular position to work well. You should consider not only comfort but also the position. Office bar stools allow you to achieve a posture that will help you work with ease. Getting the correct posture enables employees to work for longer durations without struggling. Office bar stools have a backrest that supports the spine to prevent any pains.

Best Cheap Bar Stool Reviews

#1. AmazonBasics Classic Solid Wooden Counter Stool

Editor Rating: 4.4

cheap bar stools


  • Sturdy solid wood construction
  • A-frame design for stability
  • Easy to assemble
  • Perfect for counter height
  • Large weight capacity to 220 pounds


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#2. Nathan James Wood Pub-Height Kitchen Counter Bar Stool

Editor Rating: 4.1

best cheap bar stools review


  • Built with 4-inch comfortable cushion
  • Stable structure
  • Silver nailhead accents
  • Easy to assemble
  • Pinewood legs with footrest


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#3. VASAGLE Kitchen Breakfast Bar Stools

Editor Rating: 4.2

brown bar stools under 100


  • High quality rustic brown finish
  • Simple construction
  • Large weight capacity to 264 lbs
  • Modern style with a contemporary look
  • Take less time assembling


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#4. Torin Big Swivel Bar Stool with Multiple Colors

Editor’s Rating: 4.2

best swivel bar stools


  • Swivel design for commercial and home use
  • Heavy-duty steel for stability
  • Large weight capacity to 250lbs
  • Top swivel 360 degree
  • Anti-slip protective caps to prevent the floor from scratching


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#5. Winsome Walnut Bar Stools  Under $50

Editor Rating: 4.3

cheap counter stools


  • Stylish seating option
  • Solid beechwood material for stability
  • Easy to assemble
  • Curved seat style for comfortable sitting
  • Cheap price


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#6. Linon Claridge Counter Stools

Editor’s Rating: 4.2

wooden cheap bar stools


  • 100% PU leather material for durable use
  • Black PU seat with Hardwood legs
  • Large weight capacity
  • Comfortable to sit on
  • Accented with nailhead trim


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#7.  Hillsdale Furniture Saddle Counter Stools

Editor Rating: 4.6

the best bar stools review


  • Comfortable seat with upholstery design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Perfect and stylish look
  • Hardwood legs to extend the service life
  • Reasonable price


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#8. HOMY CASA Kitchen Side Chair

Editor’s Rating: 4.8

cheap bar stools under 100


  • White coating footrest
  • 150 kg of weight capacity
  • Built-in round footrest adds up modern look
  • Ergonomically curved form
  • Durable and long-lasting


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Buying Guides of Cheap Bar Stools Under $100

There are many brands of cheap bar stools and choosing one might be a problem. However, there are things to consider when selecting an bar stool under $100. You should consider the height, style, durability, among features.

The height

Therefore, you should measure the height of your table before you buy a bar stool. The stool should be 10 inches shorter than the table. Go for an adjustable stool if you want to avoid the entire process of measuring and estimating.

Although adjustable seats are a bit expensive, they are convenient. People of all heights can use adjustable seats. Therefore, it’s a good idea to buy an adjustable stool than the ordinary one. Ensure that you get the perfect measurement for your stool.


Office bar stools come in many styles and designs. First, you should ensure that the seat matches your style. You can choose stools with high or low backs, with or without arms, bar stools with swivels or without.

Also, the colors should complement with the office décor. For instance, bright colors may overpower the appearance of the office. Choose dull colors to enhance the professionalism of the home.

The home should be not only eye-catching but also professional. Leather stools are comfortable and give the home a luxurious look. Metal and wooden stools are ideal instead of plastic ones.


There is no point in buying furniture if it won’t last. Furniture is expensive and you would want to remove it from recurring expenses. The only way to avoid this is by buying quality and long-lasting bar stools.

The type of materials will dictate the durability of the seat. Most stools are made from wood because it’s durable and gives the office a traditional look. You can put a cushion over the wood to enhance the comfort of the stool. Ensure that the seat is made from denser woods.

Metal stools are ideal for small offices with modern appearances. Keep metal stools away from elements since they can rust. Plastic stools are lightweight and durable but don’t fit the office environment. Ensure the stool you pick serves you for several years.

The back

The back is a crucial consideration when choosing a stool. You will either find low-back or high-back stools. Low-back stools look like backless stools but offer some support. High-back stools offer extra comfort and are ideal for offices.

Note that you will be working for longer hours. Therefore, you need a stool that can support your spine as you work. You can also lean back to relax before moving to the next task. Go for a high-back stool instead of the low-back ones.

Convenient features

Simple features make a big difference when it comes to office bar stools. Adjustable bar stools are not meant for the barber alone. They can be used in the office since they can accommodate people of all heights. You may also add a footrest to prevent the workers from getting tired. You can also add a swivel for smooth movements.

Employees can turn around to pick documents without the need for standing up. Also, you may consider adding an armrest to your stool. Armrests may not seem important but can boost the comfort of the workers. However, bar stools with arms are wider than armless ones. They will cover more space, especially if you want any stools.

Different styles of bar stools reviews:

Top 3 Best Bar Stools Under $100


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