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Select The Safest Bed Step Stools For Elderly People

Perhaps you or your family member strains when getting in or out of bed. The one thing to consider is how to boost their height to reach the bed or getting out. This work is done perfectly by bed step stool. Below are comprehensive details about bed steps stools and reviews of the best step stool.

What Is A Bed Step Stool?

This is a stool with one or two steps that fold away beneath the bedside. The bed step stool is used by all types of persons from toddlers, adults, the elderly, and sick people to help them easily get in bed without straining.

How To Choose A Bed Step Stool?

There are a variety of bed step stools in the market, therefore at times, you may find yourself confused at what the best bed step stool is ideal to pick. Below are ways to choose the best bed step stool.

– Handrail.

According to a variety of users e.g. elderly, sick, or toddlers, they may require a fixed handle to hold on for support. However, you may find that some step stool does not have a handrail or is made an option. Just in case the stool you desire to buy is to be used in high and low places, buy handrails that are adjustable to match your needs.

– Portability.

When you are buying the bed step stool for multi-functions, you should consider how portable it. This means that for a stool that requires usage in the bedside, outdoors, kitchen, and bathroom, look for a lightweight stool that is easy to move. However, its purpose is on the bedside, the weight is not an issue.

– Size.

It is key to note the area where the step stool will be used to determine the size. Different step stool comes with different sizes with a single or dual steps stool with different widths. Choose a stool according to a size suitable for your area.

– Materials.

This is a key factor to consider before choosing the equipment. Through the material used, it determines how durable the step will take. For instance, a step stool made from all metal is more resilient and durable and so is the one made with 100% solid wood.

– Stability.

Look for a step stool that has features that guarantee stability. For example, features like anti-slip base and textured grip, having wider legs and many more promote improved stability.

Who Needs The Bed Step Stools?

– Elderly.

As people are growing old, the body continues being weak and frail, thus becoming hard to get in and out of bed. By using a bed step stool, it becomes a great tool in maneuvering in and out of bed safely

– Toddlers.

When toddlers are growing old at some point they crave freedom and independence to do things on their own. Therefore, with the help of a bed step stool, they can conveniently get in bed on their own or perform other activities.

– Disabled.

For easier getting in and out of bed a single or dual steps stool with a handle becomes important to prevent the risk of falling while also sturdy feel and with versatile height adjustment provides extra security and safety.

– Adults.

When an adult needs a quick boost when getting in bed, the step stool offers that. Also, it helps those who have raised beds thus helpful in getting in and out of bed.

What Types Of Bedside Step Stools Should I Choose For A High Bed, One Step Or Two Steps?

The reason people normally use bed step stools is for extra height boost. Therefore, it is critical to consider carefully how many steps your bed step stool should have. There is no concrete answer on what steps a stool should have as it depends on the user. To adults using high beds with average height can use a single step or dual step, whereas, for elderly, sick, toddlers require using a two-step stool. Determine the user of the stool, how comfortable it will be before buying.

What Size Of Step Bar Stool Should I Pick?

– Small size.

When deciding on the best option of a small size step bar stool, you should pick between 5-7 inches between the stool seat and the underside of your table.

– Large size.

The space that should be allotted between the stool seat and the underside of your counter of the table should be 10 – 12 inches. This will help you to select the perfect seat height for your space.-

Step Stools And Bedroom Decorations.

When buying a piece of extra furniture in the house, most people tend to look at how attractive it is to be kept in the house. This means that to buy a bedside stool, look in the market for the one which complements your bedroom decorations. In the market are a variety of step stools which goes well with the decor in your bedroom. For instance, buying a stool with a modern look, traditional finishes, and assorted colors to go along with your decorations.

Hospital Bed Stool Vs Residential Bed Stools.

Due to the growing need for step stools in different fields, you will find step stools in residential areas indoors and outdoors and medical fields. Among residential and hospital bed stools, there are several notable differences.

– They can be used by anybody in the house including the kids to the elderly. On the contrary, hospital step stools are used by nurses, surgeons, doctors, and even patients.

– There are a variety of features which are different, that is while another step stool in a residential area has non-skid feet fitted with a cloth to prevent sliding on the floors, in hospitals, it’s paramount to ensure the safety of the user.

– The hospital bed stools have enabled mats which are designed to reduce leg and fee pains to the patients and surgeons when performing a task for a long hour while the resident is not a must to have a mat.

– Due to specific people using a step stool at home, you will find some can only hold a weight of a kid to a teenager, however, most medic step stools are mostly made to accommodate any weight from the elderly to the child for improved services.

How To Use A Bedside Step Stool For Kids And The Elderly?

For the elderly and children to access the bed, they require a bed step stool for convenient usage in the bedroom. Below is how to safely use a bedside step stool for kids and the elderly.

Ensure that the bedside step stool is on a level surface with the floor which offers support to all the feet. While the bedside step stool is perpendicular to the walls and the bed. This will reduce the space for slipping. When getting in and out of the bed requires the elderly and the kids to face the step stool.

Get the first feet out of the step of the bedside step stool. Place both legs on the equipment and hold on to the handrails for support. The step support seems to be functional when using it at the bedside. Never attempt to move without first descending.

Best Bed Stools Review.

ECROCY Wooden Iron Frame Bedside Stool.

Are you looking for sturdy bedside step stools that provide a great style to fit in your modern furniture? ECROCY Wooden Iron Frame Bedside Stool is your best choice. The bedside stepping stool is made up of 100% solid wood and an iron frame with the surface printed in varnish. The heavy iron frame and smooth surface enable it to stand firmly. The step stool with the carbonization color has the dimension of 16.5 x 11.8 X 6.3 which has an ideal height when getting in a high bed and reaching higher countertops.

ECROCY Wooden Iron Frame Bedside stool is made with a special design which is a portable one step stool which makes it easy to carry around and sturdy enough to carry around an adult and kids. This bedside step stool can also act like a monitor stand riser, a wonderful riser for laptops, printer computers, etc. This step stool is perfect furniture for your bedroom, kitchen bathroom while it can be used by the elderly, seniors and toddlers, kids, etc.


– It’s sturdy.
– It can be used by a variety of people and rooms.
– Great value for your money.


– The assembly instruction could be better.

ECROCY Wooden Bedside step stool for indoor And Outdoor.

Perhaps you are wondering which is the ideal bedside step stool that is durable and sturdy enough to be used indoors and outdoors? The ECROCY Wooden Bedside Step is what you have been searching for. The bedside step stools are made to stand steadily due to features fitted in including smooth surfaces, rounded corners, and a 100% solid wood material. You don’t need to worry about reaching higher countertops and high bed as it is tall enough with dimensions of 16.5″L x 11.8″W x 6.3″H.

The step stool has a carbonization color which makes it blend with your furniture at home. The step stool is ideal for usage by adults and kids as it can carry up to 400 pounds. Also, it has a special design which is easy to carry this portable in the house or outside the house. The Step stool is the perfect furniture to be used in the kitchen, gardens, bedroom, etc., while it’s usable by toddlers, kids, seniors, adults, etc.


– It has a beautiful finish.
– Safer to be used by kids and adults.
– Easy to assemble.


– None found yet.

Wooden Toddler Step Stool for Kids.

The Wooden Toddler Step Stool for Kids is equipment that is used for those kids who love doing tasks on their own. To kids who love the autonomy of learning the activity like reaching the sink, helping in the kitchen, washing hands, and potty training, this 2 step stool comes through. It comes with an improved rear side design that allows the stool feet to perpendicular to the round thus making it fit perfectly to the wall. You don’t need to worry about your kid slipping in space between steps and walls.

The material made from this step stool is durable natural wood with 0.6 thickness and holding 200 pounds, unlike other stools which are cheap thus breaking and getting cranky under trivial stress. It is lightweight that can be moved anywhere by your kid as it has handle holes on sides suitable for your children’s little hands. Having the step around helps your kids to maintain their balance even on a slick floor as it employs skid mats on the bottom of its feet helping your little on top be planted on top of it comfortably.


– It’s strong and sturdy.
– It has easy assembly.
– Has skid mats that prevent sliding on a sliding floor.


– None found yet.

Danial Lare Wood Bedroom Step Stool

The Danial Lare Wood Bedroom Step Stool is made by King’s Brand Furniture that is reputable for making high-quality products. The Step stool is an elegant and highly credible addition to any room. Danial Lare Wood Bedroom Step Stool is made with the dimension of 18 x 18.25 x 14 inches thus able to reach high areas. The step stool is dual as it has 2 steps and is made with wood material thus its durability is assured.

You should not worry about how to assemble the stool as it has simple instructions which will see the equipment fully made in minutes. The rich cherry finish makes the item an ideal piece in your home as it exudes charm and complements your décor. It comes with a sturdy design and with it being a dual step stool, it boosts up to the objects that are kept in hard places to reach. The stool is used in a variety of areas including, bedrooms, kitchen, and so forth.


– It’s rich cherry finish complements your décor.
– It is sturdy.
– Convenient for hard to reach places.


– Cannot accommodate the weight of more than 200 lbs.

Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Footstool

Are you searching for a step stool that is well-built to accommodate a heavy person while not requiring any assembly? Then Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Footstool is your best option. The step stool is constructed with durable steel 1” tubing with a cross brace for extra strength. It comes with dimensions of 10″ x 14″ x 9″ inches, a rectangular step, and 2.37pounds.

Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Footstool comes with a silver vein color which makes it attractive in your house. With the stool, it is easy to maintain with a non-skid ribbed rubber platform which assures that they cannot slide on a sticky floor. The Heavy Duty Bariatric Stool has a handle height of 34 inches, while it can hold a capacity of 500 lbs which is ideal for heavy people. With it, you are assured of securing items in upper cabinets and top shelves.


– It comes fully assembled.
– It can accommodate people of up to 500 lbs.
– Stable and well designed.


– None found yet.

Giantex Step Stool With Handle

When you are searching for a durable and versatile step stool made with high-quality stable metal, then Giantex Step Stool with Handle is your best choice. The step stool is constructed with a powdered coated metal frame which is rust-proof, durable, and stable for long-lasting. The standing platform measures 15 x 10.5 length and width whose feet have non-slip rubber for assured balances. Also, the extra-wide platform eliminates foot pains and fatigue thus complete stability while working.

With Giantex Step Stool, you don’t have to worry about spending hours assembling the furniture as it has all hardware and easy-to-follow user instructions to assemble it in a short period. Being smooth and rust-proof enables it to be easy to clean and maintain. The step stool has a padded balancing handrail fitted with thick glue cotton which provides superior comfort giving you extra support. The handle in the step stool can be assembled or not according to your needs.


– Can be used with or without a handle.
– Easy to assemble.
– Sturdy and stable base.


– None found yet.

HOUCHICS Multi-Purpose Kids 2-Step Wood Step Stool

Are you looking for an ideal step stool that will give your kid a sense of freedom and independence, then HOUCHICS Multi-Purpose Stool is what you are looking for. With this stool, you can be assured that its assembly will be super-fast as it has detailed assembly instructions and parts while enabling you to become a professional assemblyperson. The safety of your kids is assured as it is equipped with anti-slip mats for each foot so that it won’t pose any danger to the user.

Each corner of the step stool is rounded thus preventing your child from bumping and hurting. Despite its usage in the bedroom, it is also used in bathrooms and kitchens and ready to be used by toddlers, children elderly, and pregnant women. The material made of this step stool is solid wood for durability while it keeps the natural look of birch thus making it attractive and breathable.


– Looks great and well put together.
– Affordable.
– Great value for your money.


– Not long-lasting.

Vaunn Medical Foot Step Stool

If you are in search of a multi-functional, versatile step stool that is rust-resistant, then you are in the right place. The stability on this step stool is assured as it has wider legs with a diameter of ¼ thickness than standard ones. The non-skid ribbed rubber platform gives traction and security on any floor surfaces as it is firm and has a stable hand grip. The equipment stays rust-free for a lifetime as it is uniquely designed with high-quality triple-layered chromium plating.

Vaunn Medical Foot Step Stool is used by medical professionals in clinics, hospitals, and laboratories. Besides, it can be used as a standing aid in a home to get in and out of bed, reaching high shelves in living rooms and sitting rooms, or sitting tools during gardening. This step stool is guaranteeing lifetime durability and ultimate stability as compared to other standard steel or plastic stools.


– It’s a lightweight product.
– Offers safety and strength.
– Are sturdy and non-slip.


– The assembly process is a bit challenging.

Step2Bed Bed Rails For Elderly

Do you or your relative have mobility issues in getting in and out of bed safely? Step2bed is an ideal equipment for preventing falling. The step stool is versatile with adjustable heights of the steps for high beds and low beds. They are mostly used by seniors and adults allowing them to customize according to their own needs thus reducing the risk of falling. As much as they prevent falling, they also are mobility independence whose features enable easy grab of handles for extra safety and support.

The step stool made from Step 2 Bed brands is a non-slip with an extra-wide step with handles holding 400 lbs, hence taking the weight of the elderly. It is portable and lightweight, sturdy steel for extra safety and security. It comes with motion-activated LED lights guided step stool which enables easy to get in and out of bed when dark thus providing illumination. Besides, Velcro straps provide added stability. Also, it comes with a 30 days warranty.


– Has motion-activated lights to lead the way.
– It is Stable and has adjustable heights.
– It is durable.


– None found yet.



Do not live wondering how the best stool would be a great piece of furniture to assist in convenient sleeping in a high bed and a great tool to complete your kid’s desire to be autonomous. Go grab a bed step tool and enjoy the benefits.

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