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Advantages of the Best Big and Tall Office Chairs You Should Enjoy

Heavy-duty office chairs are not an exclusive design for big guys. In fact, anyone looking for comfortable seating can buy the best big and tall office chairs.

These chairs often have a high weight capacity, courtesy of their sturdy construction. Therefore, you can buy top-rated extra-large office chairs for long-lasting uses.

So, we select the best big and tall office chairs after reviewing the unlimited variety of chairs available. Feel free to buy your favorite ones.

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What Is the Best Big and Tall Office Chair?

bestmassage bigand tall massage chairs

Editor’s Note:

  • Seat height: 17.7″-20.7″
  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs
  • Ergonomic seating: well-designed armrest and back support
  • Breathable upholstery: good for sweaty people
  • Tilting feature for different positions and comfort
  • Easy maintenance only
  • Easy and high adjustability
  • Safe adjustment: class-4 gas-lift with SGS BIFMA certification

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Why Getting Best Big and Tall Desk Chairs for Office Hours?

As you know, there are legions of office chairs on the market. And they are come at varying dimensions to satisfy different needs. Why, you may wonder, do we recommend a big and tall office chair to you? Here are the reasons.

1. For Big and Tall Guys

It seems self-evident that big and tall office chairs are for big and tall guys and small office chairs suit small and short people better. Why bother putting forward this meaningless comment?

Well, if you belong to the bigger or taller side, you will get our point.

Usually, extra big guys will have to go extra lengths to find office chairs that suit their size. Many chairs provide only narrow seating, so you have to squash yourself onto the chairs. Sometimes you will have to choose armless office chairs that the seat won’t be that narrow. But sacrificing arm support for spacier seats does not always come to a satisfying end. The narrow seat may fail to support your full butt, and thus, is very uncomfortable.

For the taller group, there are also problems. A proper sitting posture requires you to:

correct posture while sitting
Proper Postures


  • straighten up your back
  • align your neck, shoulder, and back
  • distribute your weight evenly across your butts
  • keep your thighs parallel to the floor
  • put your feet flat on the floor
  • keep the angle between the thighs and shanks of 90-110° or more
  • avoid crossing your knees or ankles

However, as a taller person, you may need to find taller desks and chairs. If you happen to buy a low desk, you will have difficulty tucking your legs under the desktop. If you are using a short chair, bad sitting postures are almost inevitable, as you can hardly keep the angle between your thighs and shanks more than 90°. Such uncomfortable seating is a leading culprit of back pains and neck pains among tall people.

All in all, considering the problems as mentioned above, we would like to recommend high-quality and ergonomic big and tall chairs for office hours as well as daily uses to big and tall guys.

2. For Extra Comfort and Sturdier Construction

Obviously, big and tall chairs tend to be more supportive and heavy-duty. And this is what makes them the right choice for people looking for comfortable office chairs for long-lasting uses.

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big and tall leather executive office chair

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Firstly, extra-large chairs often feature high backs.

Compared with mid and low backs, high backs are undoubtedly more supportive. They will hardly cut your back, and will sometimes provide support even to your head. Under such circumstances, leaning back will be very relaxing. It will give your neck, back and butt a break and thus reduces pains.

Secondly, extra-wide seats tend to provide more comfortable sitting experiences.

Narrow seating incline to limit your postures, only allowing you to sit stiffly in the spot. This is annoying during extended office hours. On the wide seats, instead, you can feel free to change your postures from time to time. And you may even sit in yoga postures as an exercise. This will be relieving.

Thirdly, heavy-duty office chairs often boast a high weight capacity, courtesy of their sturdy construction.

In this way, the chairs will be able to stand up to high-traffic uses. And they will be still strong after using it for years. After all, it is troublesome to change office chairs frequently.

Last but not least, big and tall office chairs will match large offices perfectly.

When you are working in large offices but sit on small chairs, it will be weird. For one thing, small chairs do not look good in roomy settings. For another, large offices are to provide more comfort for employees, who should be sitting more comfortably when the room is larger. However, small desk chairs will not do the trick. Instead, they seem to convey the message that the employers do not care about their staff’s well-being at all.

Reviews of 7 Best Big and Tall Executive Chairs

The above-mentioned chairs vary not just in looks, but in the details. If you want to make a more informed choicebefore buying, carry on and read our reviews.

1. Best Big and Tall Office Chair – BestMassage ErgonomicHigh Back Big and Tall Computer Chairs, 500lbs

bestmassage bigand tall massage chairs

Editor’s Note:

  • Seat height: 17.7″-20.7″
  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs
  • Ergonomic seating: well-designed armrest and back support
  • Breathable upholstery: good for sweaty people
  • Tilting feature for different positions and comfort
  • Easy maintenance only
  • Easy and high adjustability
  • Safe adjustment: class-4 gas-lift with SGS BIFMA certification

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These desk chairs are comfortable and sturdy office chairs for everyone. The cushion on the seat is thick. Likewise, the padding on the back and armrest is generous. These features provide for relaxing seating. And this ergonomic feature will relieve you of back pain and neck pain.

Meanwhile, the construction is of commercial-grade quality, holding as much as 500 lbs. This is good news for people troubled by flimsy chairs.

They use breathable PU leather on the seat. The air flows naturally and will keep the back and seat from overheating. So, you don’t need to worry about sweating when you sit for long periods. This is really helpful for heavy people, who are often sweaty.

Plus, they have great mobility and stability. The 5-star metal base has nylon wheels that roll smoothly. This is important in offices because you will need to slide across the floor, communicating with your colleagues. Besides, the swivel function allows you to face any direction. In this way, you can talk to the people around you more easily.

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2. Big and Tall Fabric Office Chair – Flash Furniture Hercules Series Stacking Reception Chairs, 1000lbs

hercules series stacking chairs

Editor’s Note:

  • Seat height: approx. 17.5″
  • Weight capacity: 1000 lbs
  • Comfortable and supportive seating
  • Recommendable for reception rooms
  • Two color options: black and burgundy
  • Stackable for space-saving storage
  • Floor protectors on the legs, sliding easily without causing damage to your floor

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These chairs outperform many of their rivals in terms of weight capacity. They can hold as much as 1000 lbs. Of course, you will hardly place anything weighing 1000 pounds on the chairs. But this weight limit makes the capacity of these chairs limitless. It signifies the manufacture’s confidence over these sturdy chairs.

At such a level of capacity, these chairs will well satisfy your needs for reception chairs. Undoubtedly, they can stand up to heavy traffic use. Meanwhile, they will provide comfortable seating. After all, you don’t want your guests to sit on hard surfaces. So, go on to buy these fabric-covered chairs with thick padding on the seat and back. They will be very comfortable and supportive.

Whether you want to use them as guest chairs or office desk chairs, you will want the chairs to look good in your place. Then pick between the black one and the burgundy one. The black chairs will easily blend with your decor, while the burgundy pieces will look elegant in most offices.

Another benefit you can gain from them is that they are stackable. As many as 12 of these chairs can easily and safely stack together. In this way, they will not take up much space when you don’t need them. Besides, there are floor protectors on the legs. So, when you need the chairs, they will glide across the floor without harming it.

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3. Big and Tall Leather High Back Chair – Killabee Heavy-Duty Office Gaming Chairs with Extra High Back, 400lbs

big and tall office gaming chair

Editor’s Note:

  • Seat height: 20.5″ – 22.8″
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs
  • Ergonomic deisgn with thick padding
  • Detatchable headrest and lumbar cushion
  • Adjusable height and armrest
  • Rolling, swivel and tilting functions
  • Good for gaming sessions and office settings

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Gaming chairs are not for gamers only. They are also for office settings. Actually, they may be better than ordinary office chairs, as most of them excel at comfort.

These chairs boast very comfortable seats. They are the upgraded version, adding memory foam padding on the existing thick seat cushions. So, you will benefit much from them, whether you are suffering from pains or enduring long-time sitting.

The weight capacity of these gaming chairs is 400 lbs. So, they can hold most people well. The back is as wide as 23.2″ and the seat, 21.7″. This is wide enough to support the majority, rescuing you from narrow seating.

What makes these chairs more supportive is the high back and wide armrests. The comfort you can gain from such designs is unbelievable. The back and arm support will follow every curvature of your body. In this way, it volunteers to make for more relaxing sitting periods.

More importantly, they come with detachable headrests. The padded headrest can provide support for your neck and reduce neck pain. But if you don’t feel like it, then take it off. The same goes for the lumbar cushion, which supports your spine.

Besides, the backrest has a tilting feature. This allows for 4 angles, making for comfy seating whether you are taking a rest or working in front of your computer. The manufacturers have gone so far as to provide detailed suggestions on using this feature. For each of the 4 angles, they list an activity that best fits the position. Buy the chair and see if they are telling you right!

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4. Big And Tall Executive Office Chairs – Basyx by Hon VL705 Chairs Mesh Cover, 450lbs

hon executive office chair


Editor’s Note:

  • Seat height: 19.25″- 22.25″
  • Weight capacity: 450 lbs
  • Customers’ top pick for big and tall guys
  • Adjustable lumbar support, armrets (removable) and seat height
  • Cooling mesh back and mesh seat with 2 layers of padding
  • Durable construction for long-term uses
  • Rolling, tilting and swivel functions
  • Tilt with tension control and tilt lock
  • A 5-year limited warranty

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Hon VL705 office chairs are the customers’ favorite big and tall office seating. Yes, they are winning popularity not because of the manufacturers’ ads, but due to customers’ compliments. Users comment that they are comfortable for tall guys as well as big persons. They can stand up to 450lbs for long-time uses.

To make for comfortable seating for people of different sizes and shapes, these chairs are highly adjustable. You can decide where the lumbar support should be to suit your body shape better. Thus, your lower back will feel full support and less pain.

Also, you can modify the height of the armrest. This makes for comfy seating, placing your arms at the most relaxing angle. And if you don’t feel like having the armrest, remember that they are detachable.

The seat height, of course, is adjustable too. This will make the chair work better with standard-height desks. Meanwhile, you can find the height allowing you to place your feet flat on the floor comfortably.

Plus, what makes the chairs more comfortable is the cool mesh back and seat covering. This allows for natural air circulation so that you suffer less from sweaty seating. Besides, there are 2 layers of padding on the seat. Thanks to this, you can sit for prolonged hours with more comfort.

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5. Mesh Ergonomic Chair – Hon Ergonomic Big and Tall Executive Chairs Fabric Seat, 350lbs

hon big and tall chairs

Editor’s Note:

  • Seat height: 19″ – 23″
  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs
  • Highly recommendable for big and tall guys
  • Cooling mesh back and fabric-covered seat
  • Adjustable lumbar support, armrets (removable) and seat height
  • Rolling, tilting and swivel functions
  • Durable construction for long-term uses
  • East to put together

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Similar to the previous one, these chairs come with very considerate adjustability. You can modify the seat height, armrest width and height, and tilting angle. In this way, you can feel the full support from the chair in various positions, relaxing or working. And more importantly, you are less likely to suffer from neck pains or back pains, courtesy of the high-quality padding.

Sweating a lot during hot summer days even when the air conditioner is on? These chairs boast a cooling mesh back that makes for natural airflows. And also, the seat is covered with breathable fabric. In this way, you are less likely to stand up with sweaty pants after sitting for long hours. After all, it is embarrassing when your pants or dresses have visible sweat stains.

Last but not least, these Hon big and tall office chairs will easily blend with your places. They will look good in your home office and other office settings, like conference rooms and waiting rooms. The timeless design will be fashionable and elegant over time.

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6. Comfortable Office Chair for Big And Tall – Best Selling AmazonBasics Desk Chairs with High Back, 275 lbs

big and tall leather executive office chairs

Editor’s Note:

  • Seat height: 18.9″ – 22.6″
  • Weight capacity: 275 lbs
  • Best selling and high-rating chairs
  • Elegant and fashionable design with leather and PVC material
  • Extra padding for extra comfort
  • Adjustable height and swiveling and tilting features
  • Smooth-rolling nylon casters on the 5-star base
  • Easy installation

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As you can see from the pictures, these office chairs boast an exquisite design. They are available in three colors, black, brown, and white. Though these color options are prevalent among desk chairs, few can beat their sleek and timeless design.

The entire back and seat employ bonded leather and PVC upholstery. In this way, the contoured padded back is as elegant as it is supportive. Putting such chairs in your office will well illustrate your taste.

Then, for enhanced comfort, the chairs come with generous padding and high adjustability. Not only the back and seat but also the armrests have thick padding. This will better help you relax your neck, butt, legs, and arms while sitting for extended hours. Plus, the curvature of the backrest and armrests are designed by experts to provide ergonomic seating. Give it a shot, and you will know the benefits.

Moreover, the seat height is also adjustable, allowing you to place your feet flat on the floor. Also, don’t forget the tilting features. They will give you added comfort for various positions.

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7. Heavy Duty Modern Big and Tall Office Chair – Serta Leighton Extra Wide Seat, 250lbs

serta office chair with wide seat

Editor’s Note:

  • Seat height: 18″ – 21″
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Warm-looking and well-made fabric covering
  • Various colors available to blend with your decor
  • Extra wide seat for long and comfy periods
  • Swivel, tilting and rolling functions
  • Adjustable height for wide applications
  • Easy assembly only

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As you can tell at first sight of the chairs, they are quite different from the previous picks. They have a high-quality fabric covering, adding a sense of warmth to your place. This is an ideal choice for your home offices. Meanwhile, they will make your business settings sweeter.

Various colors are available to satisfy your needs. The Fresh Lilac and Blush Pink ones are great for girls. And for boys, there are the Gathering Gray and Soft Medium Gray pieces. If you want the chairs to share the same color, the twill picks will do well with most settings.

Moreover, the fabric coverings are as well-made as they are elegant. The nailheads on the upholstery make the look of the chair far from tedious. And the cover will hardly rip after long-time uses.

Apart from the distinct look, these swivel chairs offer very comfortable seating. After simple assembly, you can enjoy your office hours on these chairs. Then you will see back pain and neck pain relief, courtesy of the thick padding and supportive structure.

Don’t hesitate anymore, and buy these chairs as a comfy addition to your chic office settings.

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How to Choose the Best Big & Tall Chairs for Offices

The benefits of the big and tall desk chair are beyond doubt. But given the numerous executive office chairs available on the market, how can you choose the best chairs? Here is a comprehensive guide.

1. Weight Limit

Check the recommendations below and buy the best office chairs with a large weight capacity.

1000 lbs Wide Office Chairs

Heavy Duty Chairs 600 lbs

500 lb Rated Office Chairs


When buying big and tall desk chairs, most are looking for larger weight limits. The theory behind this is quite easy to understand: these chairs are often sturdier and thus can stand up to long-lasting uses.

Generally speaking, that’s true. Most office chairs with a higher weight capacity are less likely to be flimsy. After all, big and tall chairs are mainly aimed at big and tall people. Now that their target group is mostly heavy, the manufacturers have to make more effort to build the chairs more stable.

Therefore, before buying big and tall chairs for the offices or your home, do check the weight capacity. When the biggest user weighs 250 lbs, your chairs should be able to hold 300 lbs or more. Only then can they last longer.

2. Size of the Seat

Another important advantage of big and tall executive chairs is the wide seats.

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big and tall seating with extra wide seats

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If you don’t value the seat sizes, then please allow me to remind you of sitting on bar stools in McDonald’s. These stools feature a taller height, but meantime, they often come with smaller seats. Such stools are common in fast-food restaurants and bars. This actually has something to do with the smaller seats, which discourage you from sitting for long periods. In this way, the restaurants and bars can cater to more customers and earn more money.

But this is not what you are looking for when buying office chairs. Given that you have to stay in your spot for hours at a stretch, comfy seating is a must. You will want to recline from time to time and change your positions frequently for comfort. On the contrary, staying stiff for hours is annoying and tiresome.

This is where wide seats can help. You can even sit in Indian style if your seat is wide enough. And we believe for some of you this is more relaxing than common postures.

3. Armrests

But before you buy, you need to check the distance between the armrests, too. Wide seats are usually comfortable, but things are different when it comes to armrests.

Wide and ergonomically curved armrests will take the pressure off your shoulders and reduce neck pains. But if the two armrests are too far away from each other, they will provide no support to your arms. Worse still, if they are low and are not height-adjustable, they will be nothing but a decoration.

So, a better choice will be to pick the big and tall computer chairs with adjustable armrests. When you can modify the height and distance between them, you will feel more support.

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high back chair with adjustable arms

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4. Padding

Apart from the dimensions and adjustability, padding is also at play in comfortable seating. Some chairs come with 2 or more layers of padding. Some employ high-quality memory foam that hardly wears over time. Both types will offer thick and comfortable seating. You will never regret investing in premium padding.

5. Material

Different materials have distinct pros and cons. And you need to balance the feature to choose the most comfortable type.

The most common materials are leather, mesh, and fabric. Leather office chairs, whether they are leatherette, bonded leather or real leather, are common in executive chairs. They look more luxurious and are easy to maintain. Mesh desk chairs are an ideal choice for employees. They allow natural airflow and will be friendly especially to sweaty guys. Fabric computer chairs better suit home offices because they will lend a sense of warmth to the settings. They often have more color options and look more elegant.

6. Style

Nowadays, office chairs are more and more fashionable than before. Different materials and colors make a huge difference in their accents. Meanwhile, the curvature of the chairs, mostly ergonomic, will also influence their styles. If you don’t have special requirements for the big and tall chairs, then choose the ones you love at first sight. All our picks will easily blend with your places.

7. Budget

Office chairs come at varying prices. You can find high-end ones that cost thousands of dollars. Meantime you can purchase cheaper chairs that are also durable. Consider your budget before you buy and don’t waste money on the white elephant.

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best cheap big and tall executive chair

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Different prices of office chairs recommend:

Final Verdict

All in all, whether you are looking for chairs for overweight or tall guys or sturdy and comfortable chairs, big and tall chairs offer to help. Most customers have paid compliments to the chairs we have recommended earlier. So, feel free to pick your favorite ones.

Best Pick Big and Tall Office Chair

bestmassage bigand tall massage chairs

Editor’s Note:

  • Seat height: 17.7″-20.7″
  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs
  • Ergonomic seating: well-designed armrest and back support
  • Breathable upholstery: good for sweaty people
  • Tilting feature for different positions and comfort
  • Easy maintenance only
  • Easy and high adjustability
  • Safe adjustment: class-4 gas-lift with SGS BIFMA certification

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