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Best Herman Miller Brand – Picking the Right Aeron Office Chair

For over 20 years, the Aeron chair has been the gold standard in office seating in the US. If you’ve decided to invest in one of these premium chairs, you need to know that they’re actually made in three different sizes. Trying to decide which one is right for you? This guide will help you choose.

expensive lumbar support chair for back pain

Reviews – Best Ergonomic Aeron Office Desk Chair

Here I would like to give you a detailed review of all the options. This will help you know more about why the chairs are on sale at a higher price.

1. Different Sizes for Varying Users

If you have heard about Herman Miller Aeron chairs, you must know that all chairs from this collection have 3 sizes available. Each of them will target people of different heights and builds.

Chair SizesSeat HeightsUser HeightsUser Weights
Size A – Small14.75 – 19″up to 5’2″up to 130 lbs
SIze B – Medium16 – 20.5″5’3″ – 6’6″140 – 300 lbs
Size C – Large16 – 20.5″5’3″ – 6’6″180 – 300 lbs

Here is a more detailed review of the 3 sizes.

Small And Short – Size A

If you are on the smaller side, then size A chairs will be the most comfortable ones for you. The recommendation from the manufacturers are people 5’2″ or below in height and weigh no more than 130 lbs. So, this data can give you a chance to judge whether the chairs may do you a power of good.

One of my friends is small and short. She is only 5 feet tall and weighs 88 lbs. So, I have heard her continually complaining about the size of the office chairs on the market. Though most desk seats claim to have adjustable height, they can hardly cater to her needs.

When she tries sitting on the chairs that claim to suit versatile uses, problems always ensue. The chair may have an excessively wide seat for her so that she can’t place her arms on them. This, as time goes on, will induce shoulder pain when you have not even taken notice.

Or, there are occasions when the chair seat is too high for her even at the lowest level. You may think that it can be fun dangling your feet while working. But the truth is right the opposite. The seat height neither allows dangling nor encourages proper postures. When my friend gets seated, she can’t place her feet flat on the floor. So, she has to buy another floor mat to rest her feet. Or else she has to sit in a very uncomfortable position. This, in the long run, will cause leg pains and even backaches.

So, this is why Aeron come up with a specific size for people on the smaller side. This size A chair will help solve the problems mentioned above.

Average Build – Size B

This is the most popular type among all the sizes available. As the manufacturer suggests, size B is for people 5’3″ – 6’6″ in height, weighing  140-300 lbs. So, you can tell from these numbers that most people will fall into this group.

Also, courtesy of this, B-sized chairs is the most popular ones on the market. Actually, I don’t think I need to spend too much time telling you the features of these size B chairs. You can feel free to buy this model if you belong to the medium-build group. However, I would still like to show you some more detailed dimensions of this desk chair for your reference.

According to the manufacturers, the B size group has a total height of 41″. The seat height is adjustable from 16″ to 20.5″. The width measures 27″ and the depth is 16.75″. These figures will be of great help if you know precisely what size of chair you want. However, if you have no idea about that, the size-fit reference is on hand.

Big Guys – Size C

I bet there is someone in your life who is bigger and taller than average. If that guy happens to be you, then don’t miss out on this size C option.

The big and tall guys may also encounter many problems while choosing office computer chairs. Some chair seats are not high enough for them. Because of that, they can not place their thighs parallel to the ground while keeping the angle between their thigh and calf at 90 degrees. Meanwhile, some chairs have narrow seats that they can barely squeeze themselves in there.

Therefore, Aeron made this chair for people on the bigger side. If you fall into the height range of  5’3″ to 6’6″ and weighs between 180 and 300 lbs, then consider this one before you buy.

different sizes of aeron office chair

2. Ergonomic Back Designs for Pain Relief

You may argue that all manufacturers can beat Aeron chairs by offering 4 or even more size options. After all, there are some overlaps in Aeron’s size-fit reference chart. However, when you talk about ergonomics, these Aeron chairs are sure to sweep the board.

Herman Miller PostureFit

Many ergonomic chairs have adjustable lumbar support. Some are the built-in type while others are a detachable lumbar pillow. Both kinds are recommendable and can live up to most people’s expectations. However, the Aeron chairs feature an adjustable backrest that speaks for its price. This technology, PostureFit SL™, is what most chairs lack.

As the illustration shows, there is an adjustment knob on the back of the chair. Turning it is how you engage or disengage the feature. So, you should get seated in the chair first before you want to control the PostureFit function. Then, you can turn the adjustment knob towards the plus icon when you want it to be active.

By doing so, you can feel the backrest getting more curved. Stop at the most comfortable level for you, and the seatback will be the most supportive for you. This process is like custom-making your own chair. After that, the chair will have the most appropriate lumbar support for your lower back. So, it will help you place less stress on your lower back and reduce pains there.

However, you can also disengage the feature when you find the alignment unnecessary. All you need to do is to turn the knob clockwise, towards the minus icon. In this way, the backrest will go back to normal and work as other office chairs do.

Height-Adjustable Lumbar Support

You can also modify the height of the lumbar support according to your needs. Feel free to raise it higher if that is the most comfortable position. If it fits the natural curvature of your back in a lower position, then you can lower it for better support. This design, together with the smart PostureFit SL Adjustment, will give generous support to your back when you sit in different postures.

Breathable Material

Long hours of sitting is always a tough thing. If you are sitting for short periods, you can pay attention to your postures more easily. However, after sitting for a long time, most people will be reduced to bad postures unknowingly. If you have a chair that does not employ breathable materials, things will get worse.

Therefore, Herman Miller uses the 8Z Pellicle elastomeric suspension design to allow for air circulation. Courtesy of this, the chair will not retain much heat on the back and seat. So, you will feel cool even if you need to do extra work and sit in your spot for over 10 hours.
adjustable back of Aeron chair

3. How Do You Adjust A Herman Miller Aeron Chair?

These chairs come with ultimate adjustability that allows you to control almost every part of the chair. Except for the back designs mentioned above, many other features also have amazing adjustability. So, here’s more about how you adjust the Aeron chairs.

Herman Miller PostureFit

Like many other chairs, these are height-adjustable. This allows you to find the position at which you can place your feet flat on the floor. Remember not to place them on the base of the chairs. Plus, do not sit cross-legged. Both are common wrong postures while sitting. They may make you feel comfortable in the short term but will do you harm in the long run.


The adjustability of the armrests is amazing.

First, you can adjust the height of the seat. Therefore, you can place your arms more comfortably on it instead of on the tables. Then, this will help you relieve neck and shoulder pains.

Second, the angle is also under your control. You can swing them in or out for various activities. Take computer work for example. If you are typing a lot, you may want to swing them in. And when you are using the mouse more often, you might prefer swinging them out a bit. Such adjustment will make the armrests more supportive when you work.

Third, the depth is not fixed, either. Instead, you can grasp the front end of the arm pads and slide them forward or backward. This is a thoughtful design because the lengths of people’s arms are not all the same.

Back Support

As I have mentioned above, these chairs have both height-adjustable lumbar support and curve-adjustable backrest. By turning the knob on the backside of the backrest, you can have a more, or less, curved back support. Then, by raising or lowering the lumbar support, you can take better care of your lower back.

Tilting Feature

The premium tilting functions are more flexible than you can imagine. You can lean forward and backward while the seat is going with you. Also, the range of the tilting angle is under your control. Besides, the tension control allows you to decide the resistance you feel when leaning back. More detailed information is coming next.

popular aeron chair

4. Well-Designed Tilting Features for Your Choice

There are also knobs for you to control the tilting feature in different ways.

Forward-Tilting Position

While most chairs allow you to lean back to view the computer screen, this one has gone further to make for leaning forward.

This feature is viable by an outside knob on the left side under the seat. Lean back and turn it forward, or towards the plus icon, when you want to lean forward. Then, if you’re going to resume the straight-up position, rotate the lever backward while leaning back.

What is this adjustability for? If you need to type a lot on your PC or laptop keyboard, you will know. After making the adjustment, you will find the most appropriate position at which the computer screen is at your eye level. This, in the long run, will help you relieve neck pain.

Tilt Limiter

Another benefit of the tilting function is the limiter. This is what allows you to define in what range you can recline while sitting and working. If you want to stay in an upright position, then you can limit the scope by rotating the knob forward. The inside knob is also on the left side under the seat. Sometimes you may also want to sit in a partially reclined position. Under such circumstances, you can rotate the same knob backward. After that, you can relish a more relaxing posture while working.

Tension Control

There is a tilt tension knob on the chair. So, you can turn the knob clockwise while seated to increase tension or counter-clockwise for reduction. This is how you modify how much force you need to lean back. People of different weights may want distinct resistance.

lean forward on aeron chair

5. Eco-friendly Materials to Protect the Environment

As we all know, the earth has long been plagued by human exploitation of natural resources. Under such circumstances, Herman Miller is one of the few furniture brands that do take this in their hearts. Most of the chairs from HM employs recyclable materials. And the same goes for the Aeron series.

These chairs feature recycled materials that make for durable and easy-to-clean constructions. Treating the chairs in the proper way will prolong their life span. So, the manufacturer has given a file on how to maintain the chair under different circumstances. In the PDF, they have provided detailed instructions on how to maintain the various parts of the chair. Also, they have told you how to deal with unwanted dirt like spills and oil. So, make sure to check it after you buy the chair.

best office chairs for posture

More Options – Top-Rated Herman Miller Office Chairs You Can Try

A good Herman Miller chair will give you more than a decade of comfortable, dependable seating in your office. It’s going to be such an integral part of your working environment that it makes a lot of sense to take great pains in picking out the right model. Make the most of the advice you’ve just received and size your HM chair appropriately before you buy it!

1. Best Budget – Sayl Comfortable Rolling Adjustable Chairs for Bad Backs

herman miller sayl office chair

Key Features:

  • Seat: 15.5″ – 20″H
  • Weight limit: 350 lbs (159 kg)
  • Enables unprecedented freedom for the sitter
  • Delivers the ultimate comfort with the least materials
  • The organic shape of the back makes it elegant anywhere, from every angle
  • Fixed arms at 9.4″ above the chair seat
  • Various color options of the cushions with black/white frame for your choice
  • Innovative Y-tower support to help with back pains
  • Less expensive than other Herman Miller office chairs

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2. Best Eco-friendly – Mirra 2 Unique Design Lightweight Chairs Under $1,000

herman miller premium lumar support chair

Key Features:

  • Weight limit: 300 lbs
  • The breathable triplex/butterfly back design looks unique in all settings
  • A hybrid structure, shaped for dynamic support, keeps your body in healthy alignment
  • A reinvented Harmonic tilt creates a smooth and balanced feel as you move
  • Made of recyclable materials, good for the environment
  • Easy maintenance only, convenient for users to keep the chairs clean
  • Adjustable seat (height, angle & depth), armrests (from 5.4″ to 8.5″H) & lumbar support

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3. Fully Adjustable – Embody Ergonomic Office Desk Chairs for Long Sitting Hours

Premium Herman Miller Chair

Key Features:

  • Seat: 18.8″D x 20″W, 18.9″-22.6″H
  • Weight limit: 275 lbs
  • Adjustable armrests & seat depth; tilting, rolling, swivelling functions
  • Six ergonomic functions encourage the most healthful posture for computer users
  • Reclining feature that reduces spine compression and slows down fluid loss from discs
  • Skin-like textile covering allows air to circulate and keeps you cool during long sitting hours
  • Backrests resemble your back for support when you vary your positions
  • High-quality and durable chairs made in the U.S.A

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4. Best Rating – Cosm High/ Low Back Chair with Automatic Support for Good Posture

cosm chair with high/low back

Key Features:

  • High back and low back versions are available
  • Seamless support from the seat and back, ideal for lower back pain relief
  • The automatic mechanism that follows your curvature when you change your postures
  • No need to manually adjust the chairs, convenient designs
  • Made in the U.S.A., no assembly is required
  • A 12-year warranty for a care-free purchase

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5. Best for Lounge – DSR Eames Molded Chairs for Office Dining Rooms

office dining chair

Key Features:

  • Designed for dining rooms, also great for lounge and reception
  • Different colors on sale to blend in with your place
  • Waterfall seat edge design to make you sit more comfortably
  • Simple and sleek design that looks perfect in most settings
  • Employs recyclable material, ideal for environmental protection
  • 100% authentic new Herman Miller chairs, not fake or used ones

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Things You Should Know about the Best Office Chair from Aeron

The Aeron chair was originally introduced by premium office furniture manufacturer Herman Miller in 1994. The chair offered a perfect combination of ergonomic comfort, stylish looks, and premium quality right at a time (the height of the dot-com bubble) when millions of new American offices were being furnished. The Aeron experienced immediate popularity and it’s been a consistent bestseller ever since its introduction.

Even though it’s spawned a horde of imitators, you’re not going to have much difficulty picking an authentic Aeron chair out of a lineup. The surprisingly lightweight back and seat pieces are made of woven mesh, and the cushioned free-floating armrests are attached to the back rather than the seat.

1. A Brief Introduction of the Best Herman Miller Aeron Office Chairs

Herman Miller has produced the Aeron in a small range of different neutral color selections, but the original black-on-black color scheme is, overwhelmingly, the most popular and common option. You can buy this cool highly adjustable Lumbar Support Pad Aeron chair for less than $1,500.

Click here to check details of the Most Popular Aeron Desk Chair.

Aeron Office CHair for Posture

Superior ergonomics was a major selling point of the Aeron when it was first introduced. And even if it hadn’t enjoyed such runaway popularity, it would still make a compelling case for the chair’s value. The manufacturer’s marketing materials noted that there were some distinct holes in the science of ergonomics. For one thing, most statistical ergonomic data is gathered from military test subjects. This leads to an underrepresentation of petite, female, and heavy body types.

Herman Miller has offered a very clear sizing chart for use with their Aeron chairs. It lists a range of suggested heights and weights that each chair is supposed to fit. As a general rule of thumb:

  • A Model chair is only comfortable for those who weigh less than 130 pounds and stand under 5′ 3″.
  • The model B chair – which is also the most common – works for the widest variety of different body types, and it should be comfortable for sitters up to 6’2″ and 260 pounds.
  • Size C, which adds an extra 1.75 inches to both the width and depth of the seat, is recommended for users who exceed the last two measurements. Model C may need some additional support beneath the thighs if you are extremely tall.

2. Size Chart of the Best Office Chair Aeron Series

The problem with designing office furniture based on this skewed view of the “average” body is that a chair that’s supposed to fit 95 percent of the population will in fact only end up being comfortable for 60 to 70 percent of the workers who use it.

In order to provide a better range of seating, Herman Miller has always produced the Aeron chair in three different sizes. These are officially referred to as models A, B, and C, although calling them Small, Medium, and Large is also common. Each model is different from the others in several different dimensions; model C, for example, features a wider (and longer) seat.

You can easily determine what model of Aeron chair you’re looking at in a normal office setting by feeling for the raised bumps molded into the top of the chair back just beneath the Herman Miller logo. The model A chair has a single bump, the B chair has two bumps, and model C has three bumps.

And the illustration below has put it more straightforwardly. This suggestion from Herman Miller will help you make a more informed choice.

Aeron Chairs Size-Fit Reference
Herman Miller Aeron Chairs Size-Fit Reference

As noted above, the B-sized chair is the most common in stores and offices. You can expect to pay a little more for the other models, with A chairs generally being even rarer and more expensive than C chairs. It can be difficult to locate A chairs in the full range of build and finish options offered on the rest of the Aeron line.

3. Choose the Best Aeron Office Chairs

While height and weight recommendations, sizing charts, and chair dimensions are all helpful, nothing will really let you know which chair is right for you better than actually plopping yourself down in all three models. This is easy to do if you happen to have an authorized Herman Miller dealer in your community; it gets more difficult if you have to “hunt” Aeron chairs in the “wild.”

Make a note of the raised-bump code used to differentiate the three models of Aeron chair, described above. The best place to find examples of all three sizes is in large venues where Aeron chairs were purchased in bulk. Government and educational facilities, in particular, tend to have an excellent mix of all three chair sizes.

If at all possible, spend an extended period in each size of the chair before making up your mind between them. In an ideal world, you would spend at least an hour performing ordinary work tasks in each Aeron before deciding which is right for you.

If you have a tight budget, you can buy other ergonomic chairs from Herman Miller. The products are presented again in the table below.

Final Words

If you are looking for ultimate comfort in office chairs, Herman Miller is, by all means, the best choice. They are a bit pricier, but worth every penny of it. So, if the budget is not a worry for you, make sure to buy the chairs I have recommended for you.

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