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Choosing the Best Chair For Pregnancy to Use

Pregnancy is a very crucial and vital period. All pregnant women now have all the equipment and products to make their pregnancy period more comfortable and relaxed. If your body is relaxed, free from pain, and at ease during the pregnancy period, then even your mental health and well-being benefits occur.

The products like best chairs for pregnancy will help you to go through this hard and tiresome period smoothly and comfortably without regular back pains. So, speaking of pain-free and comfort, it is your time to abandon your home chair or routine work and make use of fantastic, cozy, and supportive products.

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How to Pick Best Chair For Pregnancy?

When selecting the best chairs for pregnancy, it is crucial to include essential factors in your order to ensure the chair provides the best lumbar support. Some of these primary factors include;

choose best chairs for pregnancy


The quality of the material used is so important. Whatever material it is, either, microfiber, leather, or polyester, it must be of high quality. You can check the product description and the customer reviews at Amazon to know the material quality.

The use of high-quality material for the construction of the chair assures you of durability, ease of cleaning, and maintenance. Hence, make sure you choose chairs from the right kind of material.


When selecting the best pregnancy chair, it is common to check for a chair with maximum adjustability. These adjustabilities must include the height, reclining positions, and adjustment of the lumbar support. With all these features in place, you can adjust your best comfort position, depending on your preferences.


Best pregnancy chairs must have a swiveling function of 360 degrees. The 360-degree range motion allows you to move your pregnancy chair around with ease. Thus, the feature gives you more comfort and suitability.

Sufficient padding

Sufficient padding equipped at the backrest, armrest, footrest, headrest, and the seat enhances its functions. But be careful when selecting because not all the areas require the same amount of padding. The manufacturers must know the amount of cushioning to add in each place for maximum delivery of relief and comfort.

What Sorts of Chairs Are Designed For Pregnant Women?

After understanding the primary factors to consider when buying a pregnancy chair, let us discuss some of the best pregnancy chairs.

1. Best Pregnancy Desk Chair

Pregnancy desk chairs are suitable for you if you are pregnant and still go to the office. The chair will ensure you are safe and comfortable the whole day.

Best Pregnancy Desk Chair – Ticova High Back Ergonomic Desk Chair With Lumbar Support

high back desk chairs

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1.1. Features of pregnancy desk chair

• Comfortable

Desk chairs offer you excellent support and comfort. The chair has a heavily cushioned seat, headrest, for neck and head support and backrest. Also, the armrest has cushion for wrist and arm support.

Also, the desk chair has a lumbar support mechanism feature that is adjustable to offer lower-back support. Also, the high-back feature is excellent for huge and tall users.

• Steady and robust design 

The chair design is sturdy and durable. It can easily withstand heavy weights without worries for an extended period.

• Ergonomic structure 

The desk chair offers flexible options of various parts to ensure there are maximum comfort and support. The pneumatic lever below the seat helps to raise and lower the chair. However, the backrest has a tilt and tilt-lock mechanism that allows you to adjust the reclining position whenever you are resting.

The chair has a 360-degree swivel feature and hooded caster wheels that enhance your convenience to move around the office or home at the comfort of your chair.

• Breathable mesh back 

Some of the desk chairs have a breathable mesh-back at the backrest. The feature helps in ensuring your back is sweat-free during hot days and maintaining it fresh. The mesh offers a suitable air circulation in the backrest, and this makes you comfortable throughout the day.

• High-quality design 

The chair made of high-quality materials offers you maximum durability. And also, the chair can hold up to 330 lbs.

1.2. Benefits of pregnancy desk chair

Pregnancy desk chairs offer several benefits, including both physical and mental benefits. These benefits include;

· The chairs have a high back and cushioned backrest that gives you maximum head and neck support.

· Some desk chairs have heavily cushioned seats with a waterfall edge, which helps you relieve pressure on the legs.

· The chairs are composed of lumbar support, which offers you maximum lower back support.

· The 360-degree swivelling feature allows you to move freely and with ease around the office or home.

1.3. How to choose a pregnancy desk chair

Selecting the best pregnancy desk chair will help you control and avoid prolonged sitting hours in the office. The following are some of the factors to consider when choosing the chair;


the chair must be able to offer maximum comfort and integrated with backrest, armrest, headrest, and lumbar support.


the materials for making the chair must be of premium quality to ensure you enjoy the maximum durability. Also, the chair must hold heavyweights for a more extended period without worries.


desk chairs should be highly adjustable to allow you to sit in any preferred position without straining.


the seat, headrest, backrest, and armrest should have proper cushioning to offer maximum comfort on your arms, back, head, and neck.

1.4. Special tips in using a pregnancy desk chair

Use armrest pads

The armrest at your desk chair might be too stiff. How do you solve the stiffness issue? You can try to make use of ergonomic arm pillows on hard and plastic armrests. The pads are of super soft memory foam substance, which helps relieve your arm’s pressure and offers proper cushioning.

Use the footrests

While sitting on the desk chair elevating your legs, use the footrest. The footrest promotes a good posture for you and also decreases physical stress in your body. When your feet receive proper support, the strain on the lower body reduces.

Use a lumbar support pad.

Utilizing the lumbar support cushion will help you to relieve back pains. The cushions will help to realign your spine, back, and hips. You are hence reducing the lower body load.

2. Pregnancy Women Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs are best at stimulating the blood pressure and improving your muscle tone. You will find this chair of more significant benefits than any other. Also, the rocking chairs help and prevent varicose veins problems. Besides, the chair has back supported and matching stools to allow you to put your feet and relax.

Best Pregnancy Women Rocking Chair – ACME Tristin Cream Fabric Rocking Chair

safe rocking chairs for pregnant women

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2.1. Features of pregnancy woman rocking chairs

· Adjustability 

rocking chairs have adjustable armrest, backrest, footrest, and seat. The feature allows you to customize the chair at your personal preferences

· Cushioning 

The backrest, seat, footrest, and armrest cushioning are perfect to offer you maximum comfort.

· Swivel function 

women rocking chairs have a 360- degree swivel function to navigate freely at a full range motion comfortably.

2.2. Benefits of pregnancy women rocking chairs


· The chair helps to strengthen the bond between the child and the mother.

· Rocking assists in the development of the fetus and the nervous system.

· Rocking chairs helps in the stimulation of the blood pressure and improving your muscle tone. The rocking process also treats and prevents varicose vein problems to the mother.

· Rocking helps to cut on calories added during pregnancy, hence cutting on weight.

2.3. How to choose a rocking chair

The following are some of the few things to consider when choosing a comfortable rocking chair for you during pregnancy;

>Consider your body size and weight.

The rocking chair must be large enough and steady to accommodate you.

>Consider the price.

Select and buy a rocking chair that best fits your budget.

>Consider the motion.

The best rocking chair for pregnancy should have a back and front motion, for its maximum benefits.

>Consider cushioning and comfortability.

The best rocking chair should have the best cushioning to give you maximum support and comfortability.

2.4. Prices

Pregnancy women rocking chairs are available at online shops like Amazon. The cost of the rocker chairs range is about $55 to $70.

2.5. Tips on using rocking chairs

Ensure the rocker chair is positioned at a flat and spacious surface to avoid the risk of falling.

The rocking chair should be strong enough to hold your weight and your sitting style.


3. Pregnancy Lounge Chair

The chair offers comfort and supports a pregnant woman’s needs when you lie on your stomach.


Best Pregnancy Lounge Chair – Rosevera Teofila Tufted Chaise Lounge Chair

lounge chairs for pregnant women

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3.1. Features

· Compact

The chair is compact and easily folds for secure storage

· Simple design

the chair designed with rugged constructions makes it easy, safe, and efficient.

· Portability

the lounge chairs can quickly deflate and fit into your car, giving you a comfortable time traveling.

· Safe for use in land and water

the lounge chair is suitable at all pregnancy stages, and it can be appropriate even at the beaches.

3.2. Benefits

· The lounge chair is safe and efficient to use

· The chair provides comfort for you by lying on your stomach

· The cushioning on the seat is perfect for supporting the stomach.

3.3. Prices

The pregnancy lounge chairs are available at Amazon online shops at a price cost of about $40.00.

3.4. Tips on using

Using the pregnancy lounge chair is very simple. You just have to lye on your stomach directly on the cushioned stomach stretch band for your body support and stomach comfort.


4. Pregnancy Kneeling chair

Kneeling chairs are the best, especially during the last three weeks of pregnancy. The kneeling chair helps in improving your back posture hence reducing any pains in the body.


Best Pregnant Kneeling Chair – DRAGONN Ergonomic Adjustable Kneeling Chairs For Home and Office

ergonomic kneeling chairs for pregnant

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4.1.Features of a kneeling chair

· User-friendly knee design

Incorporated with adjustable knee height functions, enables you to adjust the knee height to your personal preferences.

· Smooth-rolling hooded wheels 

With a sleek steel frame that allows for easy navigation.

· Gas lift adjustment

Pneumatic gas lift seat adjustment is so convenient.

· Right posture

The kneeling chair can encourage an upright posture at the same time, eliminating the lumbar spine pressure.

4.2. Benefits of kneeling chairs for pregnancy

· Kneeling chair allows the pelvis to be forward-tilted, hence the spine attaining the perfect alignment

· There is improved digestion and breathing because the internal organs have less compression.

· By engaging you in your abdominal and back muscles without backrest, your back muscles are gradually strengthening.

· Kneeling chair offers a 110-degree trunk-thigh angle, which significantly reduces the lumbar disc pressure.

· Kneeling chair helps to eliminate lower back stress and also reducing spinal compression.

· When seated on a kneeling chair, your blood circulation is improved, enabling you to be more energized while engaging your core muscles.

4.3. Prices

Kneeling chair pregnancy are available at online shops at an average price rate of about $70 of low quality to $250 for high quality and more modernized kneeling chairs.

4.4. Tips on using kneeling chairs.

Ensure Your buttocks should touch the back of the chair

Make sure you slide your hips forward and kneel on the kneeling area. Hence your weight evenly distributed.

5. Pregnancy Feeding Chair

Make feeding a comfortable experience during the first few months after delivery. You will have to go for the best feeding chair in the market.


Best Pregnancy Feeding Chair – Angel Line Monterey Ottoman & Glider

cushioned ottoman for pregnant feeding

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5.1. What are some of the critical features of pregnancy feeding chairs?

• Comfort  

Look out for a feeding chair that will give you proper support when feeding and avoid back pains.

• Adjustable reclining positions 

The feeding chair offers several reclining seats to adjust and have a comfortable sitting position while feeding.

• Size 

You can take measurements of where to place your feeding chair to ensure whatever you are going to buy will fit the available size at home. Feeding chairs are available in large and medium sizes.

• Easy to clean fabric 

Feeding chairs can take in every food spill. The material made of it is easy to clean.

5.2. Benefits of pregnancy feeding chairs

· The feeding chair will ensure your back is comfortable and well supported, thus preventing back pains.

· Feeding chairs help you to escape some feared feet swelling during pregnancy.

· The feeding chair will ensure that no pressure put at your back during lengthy feeds.

5.3. Prices

Pregnancy feeding chairs are available at all online shops at a price range of about $150 to $900 for high quality, standard, and modern feeding chairs.


Is It Okay to Use a Vibrating Chair While Pregnant?

It is not merely easy to tell, but it is not advisable to use a vibrating chair during the first trimester. During the first trimester, the body keeps transforming, and when you expose yourself to these vibrations, the chances of miscarriage are too high.

However, during the third trimester, you can use the vibrating chair to facilitate massaging. If your healthcare provider has requested you to avoid sexual activity during this trimester, a vibrating chair could not be better for you. But, for those who engage in sexual activity until birth can just use the vibrator safely.

How Should I Sit and Bend During Pregnancy?

1. How to sitsit correctly during pregnancy

  • A good sitting posture during pregnancy involves keeping your hips and the knees at a 90-degree angle or use a stool to put your legs.
  • Do not cross your legs, and always ensure your feet are on flat ground.
  • Avoid sitting in the same sitting posture for more than half an hour.
  • At work, you can try adjusting your chair to different positions where you feel comfortable. You can also change the chair height so that you can sit closer to the desk.
  • Ensure your buttocks touch the back of the chair, keeping the backrest straight and the shoulders pulled back and rolled downwards.

2. How to bend


During pregnancy, there is no way one can avoid bending. But you can keep the following tips in mind;

right bending posture during pregnancy

  • Spread your knees and then squat instead of turning the whole body forward usually.
  • Make use of your thighs, hands, and knees when you get up from a bending position.
  • In case you are lifting a heavy item, you can place the item under your belly aligning it with your center of gravity.


The pregnancy stage in a woman’s life is a very crucial and tiresome stage that requires a lot of care to have a successful pregnancy period. A pregnant woman needs enough support and comfort while sitting to prevent any back or body pains. Hence, selecting the best chair for you at home or in the office will enhance convenience and well-being, both physically and mentally.

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