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Get the Best Commercial Bar Stools For Pub and Restaurant – Top 10+ Reviews

If you ask most homeowners, they desire to have commercial bar stools in their homes. These stools are very versatile since they can be used in all areas including offices, homes, and entertainment halls. These stools demonstrate a high level of elegance and match with your modern interior spaces. If you want to get answers about the best commercial bar stools, this is the best place for you. This article will answer most if not all the questions that cross your mind about the best commercial bar stools.

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Our Top Pick:

#1. Best OverallFlash Furniture HERCULES Ladder Back Bar Stools
“Swivel design with mid-back facilitates convenience in chatting, while the protective floor glides better protects your hardwood floors.”

#2. Best BacklessAmazonBasics Wooden Backless Bar Stools 
“The compact shape with backless design allows you to use it for small space whether for a commercial pub or for a residential kitchen island.”

#2. Best with Modern StyleHomall Walnut Commercial Bar Stools with Leather Seat
“Multiple colors are available for various home decoration, padded mid-back design comes with a curved armrest to bring comfort in long hours sitting.”

#4. Best StackableZENY Metal 26″ Bar Stools with Wooden Seat
“The metal material guarantees durable and long term use, while the large 330 lbs weight capacity meets the needs for various customers.”

#5. Best Upholstered Christopher Knight Brown Leather Bar Stools For Commercial
“Features leather seat and metal legs, this bar stool offers optimal comfort for customers of short or tall in commercial use.”

Quick Pick on the Best Commercial Bar Stools on the Market


How to Pick the Best Commercial Bar Stools?

Having the best commercial barstool is everyone’s priority or desire. There are many varieties of commercial barstools available and coming up with the best can be challenging. Below are some of the factors that you need to put into consideration to pick the best commercial bar stool.

best commercial bar stools

1. Height and adjustability.

Most if not all bar stools measure at least 24 inches in height. Other bar stools feature greater height measurements. The best commercial bar stools should feature a mechanism to adjust the height to greater measurements and to fit individuals of all heights. With the adjustability mechanism, you can crank up the height of your chair to reach a comfortable height with your counter.

Many barstools boast alternate height options that could reach up to 29 inches. To make them diverse, some stools reach a height of up to 31 inches. The best part is that they can be adjusted to lesser statues with their hydraulic pistons or by opting for leg extensions. It all depends on the system that the barstool offers.

2. Back support and swivel.

Even if most bar stools come with a footrest, this might not be enough and you will not get the comfort that you deserve for your back. If this is something that you are sensitive about, then you should go for the chaired commercial bar stools.

The back support offers you immense comfort and they are very effective if you have been sitting down for a long time. The good thing about a backrest is that it keeps you from developing a sore, falling into a hunched position, or aching back for that case.

A swivel is another great feature if present in your commercial bar stool. The 360 degrees spinning mechanism offers the convenience of reaching and moving out in all directions while you are just sitting in your chair. However, it is important to get control of your swivel movement to avoid getting a headache or feeling dizzy when the spinning is too fast. You should also avoid the risk of falling off your chair in that case.

3. Floor-protectors.

This is an important factor to consider when choosing your commercial chair or barstool. Their legs can leave marks or nasty scratches on your floors. These can scrape some of your delicate materials off your floors leading to damage of irreparable items for that case.

Some stools come with plastic rings as protectors, although they can leave marks on your floors due to the hard substance. The best floor protectors are made of rubber and will do an ideal job in keeping your floor free from scratches even if you are dragging them.

4. Materials.

Materials are the most crucial factors when it comes to commercial bar stools. Although wooden bar stools give the most charming and old-school stools, metal bar stools are the most durable.

But, besides being durable, metal bar stools are pricey and have the risk of getting rusted or getting corroded by the reactive agents or typically losing their elegant Finnish, unless painted. Moreover, you should consider how easy it is to clean your stools depending on the materials they are made of. This will help you come to the right decision before making your purchase.

5. Seat and Cushions.

This is also an important factor to consider for any seating arrangement that you might be thinking of. The cushion as well as the sitting area of your bar stool should give the ultimate comfort that is enough for you to sit for extended periods.

Moreover, you can expect more cushioning if you go for a faux leather cover that has been injected with a foam interior. This will guarantee the best comfort for you and your friends. Although this will depend on your budget, you can consider other foam types that ensure greater comfort, but they are quite expensive.

The 10+ Best Commercial Bar Stools Reviews

#1. Best For Restaurant – Flash Furniture Swivel Metal Bar Stools with Soft Padded Seat

high back black bar stools


  • Curved back to fit perfectly with human body
  • High quality commercial material for long lasting
  • Classic design for contemporary and modern style
  • Perfect for both commercial and residential use
  • Round built-in footrest for comfort


  • Assembly required


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#2. Best Affordable – AmazonBasics Wooden Counter Height Stools

backless wooden bar stools


  • Compact shape for small space
  • Sturdy wooden frame to carry larger weight capacity
  • Easy to storage
  • Convenient to move it around
  • Can be used for both indoors and outdoors


  • Do not come with padded seat and backrest


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#3. Best For Pub – Homall Adjustable Height Modern Bar Stools with Vinyl Seat

leather bar stools with swivel function


  • Adjustable height for meeting various height for commercial use
  • Curved back with short armrest design for cozy time
  • Large scratch resistance bottom
  • Built-in footrest to rest your feet
  • Padded seat and back for comfortable to use


  • Assembly required


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#4. Best Heavy Duty – Christopher Knight Swivel Brown Bar Stools

high back swivel bar stools


  • Look luxury
  • Heavy duty frame with thick padded cushion seat
  • Suitable for long hours sitting
  • Mid back design to support your lower back
  • Faux leather material for easy cleaning


  • A bit heavy to move it around


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#5. Best with Large Capacity – ZENY 26″ Stackable Counter Stools

square backless bar stools


  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Sturdy metal legs with wooden seat for durable
  • Stackable for easy storage
  • Rubber feet to protect the chair from moving around
  • Large weight capacity with 330 lbs


  • Not suitable for long hours sitting for lack of cushioned seat


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#6. Best For Tall Persons – Christopher Knight Brown Leather Bar Stools For Pub

high bar stools for commercial use


  • Modern and sleek look brings a touch of glam
  • Sturdy metal frame with unique footrest design provide incredible structure
  • Easy cleaning leather seat
  • Perfect for commercial pubs or restaurant with large weight capacity


  • The seat may be small for heavy persons


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#7. Best Long-lasting – Boraam Bar Height Swivel Wooden Bar Stools

round swivel bar stools for commercial


  • Heavy duty wooden frame
  • Curved and cushioned back provides comfortable place to rest your back
  • Round foortest to place your feet in use
  • 360 degrees swivel for convenient conversations
  • Faux leather to help easy cleaning
  • High density foam cushions for long hours sitting


  • A bit heavy to move around


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#8. Best Industrial Style – Andeworld Wooden Metal Bar Stools with Removable Backrest

commercial bar stools with mid back


  • Perfect for both residential and commercial use
  • High quality steel frame for stability
  • Removable backrest for easy storage
  • Waterproof and easy to clean with wet cloth
  • Fits perfectly with modern and vintage styles


  • Lack of cushioned seat


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#9. Best with Multiple Colors – Flash Furniture 30″ Bar Stools For Both Indoor and Outdoor

metallic bar stools for commercial use


  • Multiple colors available
  • Affordable price
  • No need to assemble
  • Perfect for heavy persons with large 500 pounds weight capacity
  • Industrial and modern style


  • Do not have backrest


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#10. Best Swivel – Armen Living 26″ Counter Height Leater Seat Commercial Bar Stool

wooden round bar stools


  • Available for counter height or bar height
  • Faux leather materials to bring extra comfort
  • Round steel built-in footrest
  • Perfect for hardwood floors
  • High open back to keep your back aligned


  • The footrest is designed not for bare feet to use


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#11. Best For Small Place – Linon Claridge 32″ Bar Stools For Various Design Style

commercial use padded bar stools


  • Wide and soft cushioned seat
  • Hardwood legs for sturdiness
  • Nailhead built around seat to add up modern style
  • Perfect for both commercial and home use
  • Suitable for heavy persons to use


  • Do not have backrest


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#12. Best With Adjustable Height – SONGMICS Swivel Breakfast Bar Stools

adjustable swivel bar stools


  • PU leather materials
  • Adjustable and swivel
  • Sturdy armrest to rest your arms
  • Suitable for both hardwood floors and tile floors
  • Built-in footrest


  • Kids need to use it under supervision of adults


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#13. Best For Counter and Bar Height – Armen Living 30″ Leather and Wood Finish Bar Stools 

wooden round bar stools


  • Fits well with modern and contemporary style
  • Delicate design combines with wooden legs and steel footrest
  • Curved backrest
  • Easy to move around with 360 degrees swivel mechanism
  • 100% polyurethane material for durable use


  • Not suitable for short person


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What Materials of Commercial Bar Stools Are the Best?

Commercial bar stools have been made from a wide variety of materials to achieve different designs and styles. The type of materials that you wish to consider will depend on the budget that you have allocated for your commercial bar stools. Some of the materials are more expensive than others. For instance, leather commercial bar stools are more expensive, but they are durable and easy to clean. Below are some of the materials that are used to make commercial bar stools.

– Leather.

Although leather has been considered an expensive upholstery material in the past, of late it has become more affordable and common in modern homes. The best part of the leather material is that it resists tear and rips and at the same time, it does not puncture easily. Furthermore, leather breathes and thus it maintains a mild temperature in situations of extreme heat and cold.

To add to that, leather is stain resistant and easy to clean. Leather commercial bar stools come in a wide range of colors giving you the option to choose a color that matches your modern home decor. Commercial leather bar stools will you the ultimate comfort.

Check the top rated leather commercial bar stools for easy cleaning

-Stainless steel.

When the word stainless steel is mentioned what should click into your mind is durability. When your commercial bar stool is made of a stainless steel frame, typically you will not visit a retail shop for bar stools soon. Stainless steel resists impacts, corrosion, and rusting. They can also withstand extreme weather conditions thus the best stools for outdoor activities. These are the best stools for your bars and restaurants since they are heavy thus they will not be moved from one place to another. Stainless steel also matches with your modern home decorations.

Durable and long lasting stainless steel commercial bar stools recommend


When it comes to style and fashion, wooden bar stools takes it all. Wood is easy to decorate and offers an elegant finish that matches your modern home. Most homeowners are not aware that, if you take good care of your wooden commercial bar stool, it can last you longer.

Mostly this is observed if your wooden commercial bar stool is made from hardwood trees such as oak and mahogany. These wood materials are long-lasting and at the same time maintain their fashion for a longer time. However, wooden commercial bar stools are not the best for outdoor activities since they cannot withstand extreme weather conditions. They are best if placed on your kitchen island or any other place in your home, but not meant for bars and restaurants. On top of that, these stools come in a wide range of designs and they are affordable.

Get the best wooden commercial bar stools for long lasting

– Metal.

These are the most common types of stools among homeowners and you will also find them in pubs and restaurants. Commercial bar stools made of metal are admired for their long-lasting durability as you already know, metal is hard to place and thus these stools are best placed in places where there is an occasional impact such as in the bars or if they are meant for outdoor activities. However, you already know that metal is subject to rust and corrosion. Unless the metallic material is painted, it will not last you long. Metal bar stools are more expensive than their counterparts, but they are worth their price.

Getting the metal commercial bar stools for both indoor and outdoor use


What Makes The Best Heavy-duty Commercial Bar Stools?

Many different features make up the best heavy-duty commercial bar stools. Below are some of the features that make the best commercial bar stools:

sturdy backless commercial bar stools

– Heavy-duty material.

The best commercial heavy-duty bar stools are constructed with a heavy-duty galvanized steel alongside other materials that are resistant to scratching or rust and are quite strong.

– Durability.

The best heavy-duty commercial bar stools are made with strong materials that protect the bar stool from harsh outdoor conditions including extreme weather. You are guaranteed a long-lasting outdoor experience.

– Scratch-resistant cushion.

A well-cushioned commercial bar stool should give you the best comfort. On top of that, it should give you the best cushioning that you can imagine. This makes it easier for you to spend long hours when seated. The cushioning material should not be affected by the harsh outdoor weather conditions including direct sunlight and should be uneasy to scratch.

– Stability.

The best commercial bar stools are designed for both indoor and outdoor purposes. They should have the best stability to prevent the bar stools from toppling over outdoors.


Different Types of Commercial Bar Stools

Many types of commercial barstools are available. Below are some of the commercial barstools that you should look at:

-Commercial leather bar stools.

Leather is a precious material when used in the construction of commercial bar stools. Leather materials, especially faux leather, are durable and easy to clean. It is also stylish and fashionable and matches with your modern home. Leather also breathes thus ensuring you stay cool throughout the day and in all seasons. The only drawback with commercial leather bar stools is that they are quite expensive, but they demonstrate a high degree of elegance. These are high-quality bar stools that are worth your money.

-Commercial bar stools with backs.

Commercial bar stools with a back can be differentiated from other bar stools since they feature back support meant for lumbar support. The back can be low or high and it can either be covered with upholstery or not. These types of stools are also best for public use since they are designed to last longer. Commercial bar stools with back are made from metal or wood. All this will depend on your budget or taste. Commercial bar stools come with a wide range of designs including the most recent designs that match your aesthetic preferences.

-Commercial backless bar stools.

Commercial backless bar stools are also a great option to consider. They come in a wide range of styles including saddle backless bar stools. Backless bar stools help you to stay alert since you will not be enjoying extreme comfort. The stools have adjustable height according to your preference. The stools can also be tucked in underneath your countertops since the stools lack back support thus they are space-saving. These are great options to consider in the modern market.

-Commercial bolt down bar stools.

These types of commercial bar stools are mounted on your floor. Some of the stools come with a 360-degree swivel thus you will not find the need to move them around. The barstools are best suited in bars, pubs, and restaurants. The barstools feature a heavy-construction thus difficult to move from one place to another and this is the reason they are bolted down on your floor. Most of the commercial bolt down bar stools are made of metallic construction thus heavy. With this type of stools, durability is guaranteed.

-commercial bar stools with arms.

Some of the commercial bar stools feature an armrest. Armrests are very important since they support your shoulders and even your neck. If your commercial bar stools feature an armrest, then you are guaranteed the extra comfort that you deserve. These stools are best for commercial purposes including offices, waiting rooms, and restaurants. However, commercial bar stools that feature armrests are not pace-saving and thus require a large room to place them. They are also made with the latest designs that will match your modern home. These are among the best barstools that you will come across in the modern markets and they are worth your money.

-Commercial floor mounted bar stools.

Commercial floor mounted bar stools are rooted to the floor as their name suggests. These types of barstools come in a wide range of designs. The best part of it is that they are mounted on the floor and thus no chance of them being moved around. These ensure their durability since they will not be dragged around or collide with other items. Your floor is also maintained since the stools are kept in one position throughout.
These types of stools are among the best stools that you will come across in the modern market.


Are Cheap Commercial Bar Stools Worth Buying?

Although in most cases cheap means expensive, this statement does not apply when it comes to bar stools. There are bar stools that come at an affordable price and do not compromise their features or quality. The important point to consider is what you aim to use your barstools for. Another important factor to consider is your budget. You should work according to your budget since you will find quality commercial bar stools that fall under your price range. You can also opt for second-hand bar stools whose operation and quality has not been compromised.



In conclusion, commercial bar stools are precious furniture that you should equip in your modern home. These stools come in a wide variety of styles and fashion making it easier to find an option that matches your recent home.

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