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The 20+ Best Contemporary Bar Stools Reviews

Contemporary bar stools simply mean bar stools with modern styles. These bar stools are designed with simple but elegant designs that are very beautiful and attractive. They feature quality materials with stylish finishes that make them a great decor completion.

To know more about the contemporary bar stools, this article will provide you with various information about them. Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Our Top Pick:

#1. Best OverallStone & Beam Contemporary High Back Swivel Bar Stools
“Modern gray leather seat comes with a swivel design, bringing a contemporary touch of glam for both breakfast and dining room use.”

#2. Best SwivelDuhome Contemporary Adjustable Leather Bar Stools
“Smooth hydraulic system offers customized height for persons with tall or short, while the wide built-in footrest gives a comfortable place to rest your feet.”

#3. Best UpholsteryRivet 41″ Bar Height Stools For Kitchen Island
“Contemporary juniper blue color adds up its modern style, the mid curved back design gives support to your lower back.”

#4. Best For PubFlash Furniture Adjustable Round Bar Stools with Sturdy Chrome Base
“Round plastic seat saves much floor space for both commercial or residential use, large chrome base with rubber plate resists scratching for hardwood floors.”

#5. Best ComfortableMeridian Adjustable Counter Bar Stools with Gold Base
“Wide seat decorated with nailhead and covered with soft thick upholstery brings the maximum comfort for long hours of using.”

#6. Best CheapRoundhill Contemporary Adjustable Swivel Bar Stools
“With no more than $100, you can get the sleek stool with adjustable height for both the dining room and kitchen island.”

Quick Pick on the Best Contemporary Bar Stools


What Are the Styles of Contemporary Bar Stools?

Generally, there are various styles of contemporary bar stools in the market today, from different manufacturers. Some of these styles include round and square contemporary bar stools.

bar height contemporary bar stools

– Round contemporary bar stools.

The round contemporary bar stools have a modern classy and elegant design, designed with backless or back barstools. These barstools create a stylish and modern appearance in your space. Also, due to the lack of angles and sharp corners, these bar stools look more appealing. These bar stools are ideal for informal sitting, hence ideal for kitchen islands, restaurants, among others. They are also space space-saving compared to shaped barstools due to the lack of edges.

– Square contemporary bar stools.

This is another style for contemporary bar stools. Generally, the shape of your bar stools impacts the look and feel of your decor or space. Square contemporary bar stools are ideal for formal sitting, unlike the round barstools. The style of the square contemporary barstools can either create tension in your visitor or build energy. Therefore, depending on your intended purpose, ensure that the style balances the energy to portray the right atmosphere about the sitting to your visitor.


How to Pick the Best Contemporary Bar Stools?

Contemporary bar stools come in multiple styles, designs, and materials, therefore, there exists a great challenge when it comes to picking the best contemporary bar stools. A modern bar stool is meant not only to provide a seat for your dining or kitchen but also to complement your decor perfectly.

However, getting the best stylish bar stool is quite challenging, but don’t worry about that. The following are the factors to consider while picking the best contemporary bar stools, that will ensure that you get exactly what meets all your requirements.

1. Height.

Height is one of the key factors to consider when buying any bar stool. The height determines the comfort and the tabletop to use with the bar stools. Generally, barstools come with varying heights ranging from 24 inches high to 32 inches high, with the standard height for bar stools being 29 inches to 32 inches high.

Ideally, the best height for a contemporary barstool is determined by the height of the tabletop, therefore, before buying your barstool, measure the height of your tabletop. Generally, the general rule demands that the distance between the barstool seat and the tabletop should be between 10 -12 inches. This is to ensure that you have enough space for your legs, for excellent comfort.

However, there are adjustable contemporary bar stools that allow height adjustment to accommodate individuals of different heights as well as different tabletops with different heights. This is a more versatile option to consider.

2. Material.

The material construction is also a crucial feature in most items, as it is directly related to the quality of the item. Therefore, when picking your contemporary barstool, it is important to consider the material construction.

Typically, different barstools are made with different materials and on the other hand, different materials are ideal for a different location: either outdoors or indoors. Ensure that you get the best material that will fit all your requirements.

3. Comfort.

Comfort is always a top priority when buying a barstool, therefore, it is important to ensure you pick a comfortable contemporary bar stool. Generally, comfort is determined by several features in a bar stool. They include padding, adjustability, swivel, backrest, armrests, and more. To have the best comfort, it is good to consider all these features depending on your intended purpose or the duration when the contemporary barstools will be used.


Different Types of Contemporary Bar Stools

Generally, there are various types of contemporary barstools, classified based on different factors including features and materials. The following are some of the types.

– Contemporary swivel bar stools.

This is one of the types of contemporary barstools based on the swivel function. These barstools feature a swivel seat. The swivel function is one of the features that determine the comfort and versatility of a barstool. The swivel function allows you to easily turn around while still sitting, hence easy to get out of the barstool as well as facing in different directions to talk to your neighbors or viewing different scenes while still taking your drinks at the restaurant.

Typically, the contemporary swivel barstools can be of two types: 360 degrees and 180 degrees. Just like the names, the 360 degrees contemporary swivel barstool allows you to turn around for 360 degrees on either side, while the 180 degrees swivel barstool allows you to only turn up to 90 degrees on either side.

– Contemporary bar stools with backs.

The contemporary bar stools with backs are a type of contemporary barstools featuring a backrest. The backrest can be either fullback or halfback, and both are ideal for different situations and uses. The backrest feature in sleek barstools plays a crucial role in ensuring comfort, extra support, as well as allowing long hours of sitting. Also, some of these barstools come with armrests.

– Contemporary leather bar stools.

This type of contemporary barstools is classified based on the material construction, which is leather. These are contemporary barstools featuring leather seat upholstery, as well as the backrest and the armrest upholstery. These barstools are well known for their durability, easy maintenance, and luxury.

– Contemporary breakfast bar stools.

This type of contemporary barstools are classified based on their intended purpose: the barstools are used for breakfast tabletops or even dining tables. These barstools come at different heights depending on the breakfast countertop. Generally, the standard height for most contemporary barstools is 27 inches and 32 inches for the extra-high breakfast countertops. These barstools consist of various barstools features including backless, swivel, adjustability, and more.

– Contemporary bar stools for kitchen.

These are barstools designed for kitchen use, with a modern style for stylish decor completion. These barstools feature various styles including backless, swivel, armrests, backrest, adjustable, among others. They are designed to be used in the kitchen island together with the kitchen tabletop, for preparing meals in the kitchen.

– Contemporary adjustable bar stools.

These are stools featuring height adjustment function. The barstools can also feature other adjustments like the backrest adjustment. These are versatile barstools designed for different tabletops with varying heights. These barstools can be used at different places including restaurants, kitchens, and more.

– Contemporary backless bar stools.

These barstools have no back: which is their main feature. However, they can feature height adjustability, swivel, padding, and upholstery. These bar stools are very stylish and designed mainly for fewer hours of sitting.

– Contemporary wood bar stools.

The contemporary wood barstools are barstools made of wood. These barstools can be made wholly of wood or partially. These barstools are long-lasting and stylish. They also boast other versatile features including swivel, padding, back, among others.


Counter Height Contemporary Stools Vs. Bar Height Stools

commercial use contemporary bar stools

Generally, both of these stools feature a contemporary design and seem to be so alike, but there exists a difference between the two of them. Ideally, the counter and bar height barstools translate to two different heights, which brings their main difference.

The main difference between the counter height bar stools and the bar height stools is the height. The counter height has a seat height ranging between 24 inches to 27 inches, while the bar height has a seat height ranging between 28 inches to 32 inches.

Another difference between these two contemporary barstools is their usage. The counter height barstool is designed for countertops with a height of 35 – 39 inches high, while bar height bar stools are designed for 40 – 42 inches high countertops.

Top pick counter height stools with contemporary design

Recommended bar height stools with multiple functions



In conclusion, the above article has explained about contemporary barstools. These barstools come with a modern design that adds perfectly to your decor while bringing an attractive look and feel to your space. The contemporary bar stools are stylish, attractive, and quality barstools worth buying.

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