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Top 8 Best Dog Car Step Stool Reviews – Designed For SUV or Trucks

If you have a senior dog or one with any mobility issues, you need to get them the best dog car step stool to help them quickly hop into your car. It’s worth noting that frequent jumping on and off your vehicle can cause joints strains. Read on to gain more insights.

Our Top Pick:

#1. Best OverallPet Dog Car Step Stools For Side And Back Entry
“Foldable design gives it great convenience in packing it up, while the stable design allows both puppy and large dogs to use.”

#2. Best For Small Dogs –  Heeyoo Nonslip Car Dog Step Stools with Lightweight Design
“The shining part of the stool lies in the harness to stabilize the stool in use, while the rubber boards are equipped inside to bear larger weight capacity.”

#3. Best For Large DogsPetSafe Happy Ride Dogs 2 Inch Step Stools
“Large 200 lbs weight capacity allows both puppies and large dogs to use it any time when needed.”

#4. Best Car RampPetSafe 62 Inch Dog Ramp For SUV
“10 pounds lightweight design gives you the chance of carrying it around, the anti-slip surface protects your dogs’ paw for long hours use.”

Quick Pick on the Best Dog Car Step Stools


Importance Of Getting Dog Car Step Stools

A car step stool is incredibly beneficial for the dog that needs it in the following ways.

best dog step stools

It Creates An Easy Access For Puppies

Puppies’ joints are still developing, and frequent jumps or rough landing can cause injuries. Therefore a step stool will help them climb comfortably on your car.

It Alleviates Arthritic Conditions

If your pet has arthritis, hoping down the car can cause more joint strains and pain. Thus, the stool creates easy access to help manage the condition.

It Gives Senior Dogs Extra Reach

As the dog ages, their joints experience a lot of tears and wear throughout the years. Hence, the stool provides a less strenuous route to the car, which benefits your old pet.

It Promotes Better Health in Small Breed Dogs

This type of dog loves to jump off and on surfaces with ease and agility. Over the months and years, this can strain your pet’s joints causing injuries and increases arthritis risk. Hence the car step stool will help prevent these conditions by reducing the number of times your dog leaps.

It’s A Useful solution If You Have A Recovering Dog.

After a surgery procedure, or if your dog just got an injury, then it needs help reaching your car. The step stool comes in handy to help your pet climb up your vehicle with minimal strains.


Top 8 Best Dog Step Stool Reviews

#1. Best For Small Dogs – Snagle Paw Dog Step Stairs with Folding Design For Vehicles

compact dog step stools for cars


  • Comfortable with non-slip design
  • Easy to fold it up and store
  • Plastic board insert to protect dogs’ paw
  • Comes with safety harness
  • Compact foldable design


  • Do not fit for small cars


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#2. Best For SUV – Heeyoo Portable Metal Dog Step Stools with Wide Steps

foldable dog step stools for cars


  • 150 lbs weight capacity
  • Simple to use
  • Comes with rubber coating surface for all weather use
  • Perfect for back seat side entry or side seat entry
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Foldable design


  • Designed with large opening between last step and bumper


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#3. Best Portable For Storage – Hopwin Folding Lightweight Dog Step Stool with Nonslip Design

best lightweight dog step stools for cars


  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Affordable price
  • Durable and long lasting with premium quality levels
  • Adjustable height and angle with foldable design
  • Super easy to fold it up and store


  • 130 lbs weight capacity


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#4. Best For High Beds and Cars – Niubya Nonslip Portable Waterproof Dog Step Stools For Large Dog

foldable dog step stools for cars


  • Thick rustproof metal frame guarantees sturdy and stable in use
  • Easy to carry and storage
  • Adjustable height and angles for both small and large dogs to use
  • Suitable for back seat entry and side seat entry
  • 4 steps


  • Can be used for single dog each time


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#5. Best Safe – PetSafe Happy Ride 62 Inch Portable Step Stools For SUV

compact dog ramp for car


  • Lightweight with around 10 pounds
  • High-traction surface to protect your dogs from slippering
  • Simple and easy to store
  • Carry up to 150 lbs
  • Four rubber feet design for stability


  • It would be better if comes with carpeted surface


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#6. Best with 4 Steps – YEP HHO Lightweight Portable Dog Step Stool Ladder

folding step stools for dogs


  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Low angle design for small dogs
  • 10 pounds weight for convenience storing
  • Suitable for high beds and trucks
  • Bottom rubber pads to add traction


  • May not compatible with some cars


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#7. Best with 200 lbs – PetSafe Dog Hitch Step Stools For Travel 

dog step stools for cars


  • Large 200 lbs weight capacity
  • Sleek look
  • Super easy to set it up
  • High-traction steps to avoid pets slipping
  • Durable design
  • Great alternative to bulk ramps


  • Assembly required


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#8. Best with Nonslip Design – Niubya Pet Ladder Step Stools with 6 Steps For Small Dogs

foldable dog step stools


  • Non-slip surface designed for easy climbing by dogs
  • Adjustable height and angle
  • Accommodate with dogs of all sizes
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Suitable for large trucks


  • A bit expensive


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How To Pick The Best Dog Car Step Stools

With very many models available, purchasing the right dog car step stool may be a challenging task. If you miss out on particular vital factors, you might end up spending money on the wrong tool. Look out for the following qualities before buying a step stool.

car use dog step stools


Safety should be your prime priority while buying any tool for your pet. Since the step stool helps your dog access high areas, there are chances that it can stumble and fall. It can thus lead to worse problems if you have an older or ailing dog.

Therefore choose a stool from a reputable manufacturer and confirm whether it’s tested for quality. Pick one that equally distributes the dog’s pressure while ascending or descending. Additionally, select a non-slip model with in-built side rails to boost safety levels further.

Size And Weight

Your dog’s size will determine the nature of a stool you get. Before heading to the store, measure your pet’s size and weight to help you pick the right option. Note that the step stool has limitations in carrying capacity, and you need to check this out.

If you have a large dog, it would be wise to choose a sturdy and large enough stool to hold the weight adequately. For a puppy, pick a medium-sized one that will serve you for some time. Consider the stool’s depth, width, height. Most dogs require spacious enough and deep steps that are easy to climb. Still, pick a reasonable weight since you will need to carry it from one location to another along your trip.


Be cautious of the materials used to make the step stool. Pick a sturdy and robust model made of wood, metal, or plastic. The material used should have the capacity to support your dog’s weight and resist damage.

For small, lightweight dogs or those with joint pain, consider softwood materials like pine or redwood. On the other hand, if you have vast breeds select hardwood stools or extra denser and durable materials.

Easy Assembling And Storage

Most people expect to buy fully assembled items, but some step stools require you to fix the parts together. Choose one that you can effortlessly erect to save on time. Additionally, pick a flexible model that you can fold after use for easier storage.

Ease Of Cleaning

Just like any other pet product, the dog stairs will quickly get dirty. Hence, it would be wise to choose one that you can easily clean by whipping it down or throwing the cover in a washer.


How To Use Dog Car Step Stool Safely?

Although a dog car step stool is a helpful tool, it can cause severe injuries to your pet when misused. You, therefore, need to follow some precautionary measures to maximize safety.

  • First, when using the car step stool, ensure that you place it on a flat surface. Avoid laying it over a slippery surface. Still, don’t place it on other objects or unstable bases to increase the height since it might fall and injure your pet.


  • Additionally, spread it entirely before use to increase stability, especially for the foldable models. Remember always to check the step stool before use and look out for damages or missing parts. If you suspect damage, do not use the step stool.


  • Train your dog always to face the stool while ascending or descending the car to avoid tripping. It may require proper training. For instance, you can coax your pet with a treat or praise it once it uses the stool appropriately.


  • Be cautious and never move the stool before your pet ultimately descends or gets into the car. Pay special attention if you have a recovering or old pet. Store the stool appropriately, away from excess heat or chemicals. Finally, use the right step stool, and your dog shouldn’t exceed the weight limit.



Which car has a portable step stool?

Most SUVs models give you the chance to purchase additional pet loader steps or ramps from their brand to provide easy access for your dog to and from your vehicle. A good example is the Nissan X Trail SUV.



You have got no reason to leave your pet at home when traveling. As you plan for your next trip, use the above guide to choose the right dog car step stool, and use it safely. Remember that leaping up and down the vehicle often causes sprains, broken toenails, and spinal injuries.

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