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The 12 Best Dog Step Stool Reviews For Small or Large Dogs

Is your dog having trouble accessing areas that are situated way up, like the bed or sofa? Well, you need to get it a step stool. The dog step stools are crafted in a different design than human stools, something you need to note. For example, the dog stools have various stairs to make sure the dog is stable and comfortable to climb up the stool to access these spaces.

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Quick Pick on the Best Dog Step Stools


Why Do You Need a Dog Step Stool?

dog step stools

To access surfaces

With age, dogs tend to grow weak on muscles and joints; hence, they cannot access areas like the sofas, bed, and even the car. So, to ensure the dog can access these places even when you are not around, a step stool will be the best choice.

Saves time for the owners

You don’t have to keep on lifting your dog to access the car or put it on the chair while indoors. Besides, you may not always be in the house to ensure the dog is comfortable to access the bed to rest. So, having a step stool at hand, the dog will learn to be independent even when getting in the car. Keep in mind that the step stools are not only ideal for dogs that are old or sick. Some dogs are naturally born with short legs making them uncomfortable to access higher areas in the house.

Offers support

The step stools are great for aging dogs since they offer support to their joints and muscles. This is because the dogs don’t need to strain their joints when climbing the surfaces or access the upper areas.

Best Dog Step Stools Reviews

#1. Best For Sofa – PetSafe Folding Step Stools For Small and Large Dogs

foldable step stools with 4 steps

Brilliant Features:

  • 4-step design for both small dogs and large dogs
  • Durable plastic design
  • Lightweight for easy moving around
  • Nonskid feet for safety
  • Simple to store
  • 2 colors available

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#2. Best with 3-step – PETMAKER Nonslip Foldable Step Stools 

best folding step stools for small dogs

Brilliant Features:

  • 3 steps design for high bed or sofa
  • Perfect for both cats and dogs to use
  • Foldable design for easy storing
  • Non-slip pads for safety
  • Affordable price

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#3. Best For Small Dogs – Foldable Step Stairs with Soft Foams

soft 3 step stools

Brilliant Features:

  • US certified foam for safety
  • Perfect for both dogs and cats to use
  • Brings no harm to dogs’ paw
  • Multiple colors available
  • Space-saving

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#4. Best with 2-Step – Zinus Comfortable Pet Ladder Stool

2 step stools

Brilliant Features:

  • Three sizes available from small to extra large size
  • High-density foam interior
  • Removable and washable cover for easy cleaning
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable price

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#5. Best For Heavy Dogs – Pet Gear 2-step Stairs For Cats and Dogs

small 2 step stools

Brilliant Features:

  • Wide and deep stair landing designed for dogs with extra-large dogs
  • Easy to snap together
  • Perfect for small and large breeds
  • Easy to clean with machine washable carpet

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#6. Best For Multiple Dogs – Furhaven Pet-Steady Stairs For High Beds and Couch

4 steps stools for small dogs

Brilliant Features:

  • Three colors available for different home decor
  • Lined with plush faux fur to bring soft
  • 3-step and 4-step available
  • Easy to clean and care
  • Perfect for both cats and dogs to use

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#7. Best For SUV – Heeyoo Nonslip Portable Metal Dog Step Stools with Wide Steps

foldable step stools for dogs

Brilliant Features:

  • Large weight capacity
  • Foldable design
  • Metal frame for sturdiness and stability
  • Non-slip surface with rubber coating
  • Portable and foldable design
  • Perfect for large SUV

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#8. Best For High Beds – Pet Gear Easy Step Stools in Cheap Price

dog step stools with 3 steps

Brilliant Features:

  • 3-step for high beds
  • Multiple colors available
  • Removable carpet thread for easy cleaning
  • 6-inch height
  • Easy to assemble
  • Used for both cats and dogs

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#9. Best Easy to Clean – Nova Microdermabrasion Dog Step Stools with Washable Carpet

foldable step stools for dogs

Brilliant Features:

  • Built-in side rails for safety
  • Anti-slip bottom to add extra sturdiness
  • Lightweight design
  • Constructed with premium plastic
  • Removable and machine-washable carpet thread

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#10. Best Durable – Heeyoo Portable Aluminum Folding Step Stools with Nonslip Surface

best large step stools for large dogs

Brilliant Features:

  • 200 lbs weight capacity
  • Non-slip surface
  • Easy to set up and storage
  • Adjustable height from 29″ to 31.5″
  • High quality aluminum material

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#11. Best For Multiple Use – PAWLAND 2 in 1 Folding Dog Step Stairs For High Beds

best folding step stools

Brilliant Features:

  • Heavy duty
  • Convertible from step stools to ramps
  • Easy to move and shift
  • Sturdy wood constructions
  • Hold up to 80 pounds
  • Sleek look

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#12. Best For SUV – Niubya Nonslip Foldable Step Stools with Waterproof Surface

dog metal step stools

Brilliant Features:

  • Stable and durable with rustproof metal frame
  • Nonslip rubber coating surface avoids pet from slipping
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Adjustable height and angle
  • Perfect for large cars and SUV

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Where Can You Use a Dog Step Stool For?

The bed

If your dog sleeps on your bed sometimes, then you need to consider getting a step stool for it to access the bed even when not around easily. The step stools are crafted in varying heights; thus, getting a step stool that reaches your bed height is easy. The step stools for the bed come in different styles, where some are crafted with stairs while others feature a slanted design. The choice may depend on the age and the size of the dog.

For truck

Again the step stools come in different styles, making it easy to get a model that your dog can use to access the truck. Generally, trucks are quite high than other private cars, which may be challenging for the dogs to access the inside. On the other hand, it can be a bit tiring to keep on lifting your dog to either aid it gets in the truck or accesses the truck. Just choose a stool with the same height as the car door, so your dog does not strain when accessing the truck. Also, choose a model that is stable for safety purposes.


How to Pick the Best Dog Step Stool?

folding step stools reviews

The height

Do you need a step stool that your dog can use to access a truck, sofa or bed? The step stool height is a crucial factor to consider since it determines how comfortable or efficient the dog can access these places without your aid. So, when choosing a step stool, consider the area you want to set it. How do you choose the perfect height of the step stool for your pet? All you need to do is measure the height of the space you want to equip it, and then use the measurements to buy the right height of step stool.

The weight capacity

The weight that the step stool can hold determines the dog’s age or size that can use it. An elder dog cannot use a step stool crafted for a puppy since the structure is weaker. So, always check out the amount of weight the step stool can hold before buying it. If you need a step stool to be used by more than one dog, make sure it is strong to withstand the dogs’ different weights and constant use.

The material crafting

The materials will determine the stability and durability of the step stool. Always choose a step stool that has quality materials suitable for different areas. If you need a step stool for outdoors, ensure it has weather damage-resistant materials such that even when touched by wetness, it cannot easily get damaged. Also, make sure the step stool base has an anti slid design for your dog’s safety when it jumps on it.

The width

Does the step stool have enough space to fit your dog, or it will have to squeeze its body to climb up and down the bed or a car? Always put the comfort of your dog in mind when buying the step stool. So, make sure it is wide enough to fit the dog.


Importance of Getting Step Stool for Puppy

Helps them access high places

The step stools help the puppies access the higher areas like the sofa or bed, which they cannot easily access by jumping. This gives them the freedom to get to the places even when you are not around.

Eliminates joint pains

Jumping up and down from such areas may cause joint and muscle pains on the puppies, which may even interfere with their mobility after long. So, avoid these by getting your puppy step stool.


What Types of Step Stool Should I Pick for Large Dogs?


The stairs step stools are great for larger dogs since they can easily balance their weight when climbing up and down the high surfaces.

The dog ramp

These are quite reliable for older dogs with mobility issues, although they can also work for larger breeds. The dog ramps are crafted in a slanted design to ensure the pet has enough support when accessing the higher spaces.


Is Folding Step Stool Safe for Dogs to Use?

Yes! The folding step stools are the best choice for cars since you can fold them to store when traveling. Make sure the step stool you choose has stable and anti-skid feet for stability when you set it up on various surfaces.


How to Use Dog Step Stool Safely?

  • Make sure to train your dog first how to use the step stool to ensure their safety when you are not around
  • Always make sure the step stool is set on a stable surface and leaning on a solid surface so it does not wobble or move when the dog steps on it.
  • Ensure the surface has anti-slip materials as well.



Dog step stools are crucial accessories that aid dogs in accessing places that are too high to reach themselves. The step stools come in different styles and designs to fit both small and large dogs and even your needs. So, read through this article to learn more about the dog step stools and how to buy the best for your dog.

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