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How Can You Choose the Best Ergonomic Desk Chair for Back Pain Relief

We spend nearly half of our day sitting down in our workplaces. Taking care of our work is just as much important as it is to ensure we keep our body fit. The office chair might be contributing to a lot of back pain problems that one is experiencing. Therefore, you need the best ergonomic desk chair for back pain. The chair should be comfortable, one that improves your body health, and a chair that makes you productive in the workplace.

Some good chairs to use are those with lumbar support and a chair well cushioned that allows you to sit upright. When seated in an upright position, the pressure applied to your lower back is alleviated, reducing back pain problems. A chair with additional features like adjustable height, angle adjustment, and armrest can also serve you well.

Which Is the Best Ergonomic Desk Chair for Back Pain Sufferers?


Ergonomic Desk Chair And Back Pain Relieve

An ergonomic chair has many features that all work together to create a comfortable sitting posture. With the backrest, you will have your neck and head resting comfortably without straining. Without it, you will be straining in turning your head and this may cause pains in your neck that may make you uncomfortable.

An ergonomic computer chair has a backrest that will support your back comfortably. While seated, you will rest your back and with the lumbar support, it offers the body good resting place to avoid putting much pressure on your spinal discs. The lumbar support also plays an important part in ensuring it offers the natural sine curve a good place to rest. This will relieve the lower back of much weight, making one avoid getting back pains.

The best ergonomic desk chair for back pain has all these cool features and will play an important role in relieving an individual of back pains or worsening an existing condition.


What Type of Chair Is the Best for Back Pain Relief?

There are various types of chairs that one can use to alleviate the problems of back pains.

These kinds of chairs include:

1. Kneeling Chairs

Kneeling chairs are ergonomic products that one can use to deal with the back pains problems. This kind of chair works by engaging your core while seated. Additionally, these chairs strengthen your abdominal muscles because they force you to sit upright and keep your spine stable and straight.

It works with a principle of distributing weight between the buttocks and the knees.

One is always seated at an angle of 60 to 70 degrees, unlike the traditional chairs, where one usually sits at an angle of 90 degrees. With the weight of your body distributed between the knees and the buttock, it relieves the pressure that is usually exerted on your lower back.

This ensures that your spinal discs are free of much weight, which makes an individual avoid back pain.

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2. Ergonomic Chairs

These are good chairs that can enable an individual to deal with back problems easily. The Ergonomic chairs are fitted with adjustable features that make one be able to set a comfortable sitting position. Most chairs have the adjustable height feature, where one can properly set the height of the table.

It is advisable to always set the chair pan just below your knee caps so that while seated, you can step on the floor comfortably to have your knees at a 90 degrees angle. The lumbar support is another good feature in this chair. It is set on the naturally curved spine position and this will enable one to be seated in an upright position.

While an individual is seated upright, the pressure exerted on the spinal tissue and disc is reduced, reducing back pain problems.

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3. Exercise Ball Chairs

The ball chairs were commonly used for a workout in building strength, stability, and balance. It has been adopted in the office space to be used ad chairs. These chairs can be used to improve your posture and strengthen your back.

Using the ball chair will strengthen your core muscles enabling one to be more stable.

If you have stronger core muscles, this will protect your lower back while improving your posture. It is advisable not to use this chair for a long time since it might cause some problems.

If you have any questions about the effectiveness of sitting on ball chairs, click here to find out the answer.

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Factors to Consider in Picking Ergonomic Desk Chair for Back Pain

Ergonomic chairs can be used at home and the office. To choose the best ergonomic desk chair for back pain, there are factors that one should always consider:

1. Height

People are made different. There are tall and short people. The best ergonomic desk chair for back pain should have an adjustable height feature.

Setting the height, the person should be able to comfortably step on the floor while seated on the chair pan. This will also ensure that the person is comfortably seated to be able to perform any task from any working station comfortably.

If you have tall desks, then we’d suggest you buy the ergonomic task chairs. This type has seats that stand higher off the ground and thus can match your desktop better. With these tall chairs, you can sit more comfortably while working.

Best Height Adjustable Office Chair – NOUHAUS Ergonomic to Relieve Back Pain

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2. Width And Depth

It is also important to get a chair with enough width and depth. The width should be able to accommodate both thick and slander individuals comfortably.

In terms of depth, when a person is seated, one should be able to rest comfortably on the backrest while seated without straining. The depth should also provide a space of your fist between the back of the knee and the end of the cushion.

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3. Lumbar Support

The lumbar support on the ergonomic computer chairs is very important. It is usually curved inwards, and this fits into the natural spinal curve to avoid putting much pressure on your lower back.

It should also be adjustable in terms of the height and the depth so that every individual can set it in the right position.

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4. Backrest

The backrest of the best ergonomic desk chair for back pain should be wide long enough to support all people. If it is separate from the chair, then one should be able to adjust its height and the angle of the backrest.

It should be able to support your lower back properly and one can be able to adjust it backward or forward. Additionally, a good functioning locking mechanism should be in place to secure the backrest any time an individual sets an appropriate angle.

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5. Material

The best ergonomic desk chair for back pain should be made of quality materials to ensure it can support any user. Good padding on the seat’s pan is also important to provide comfort for an individual sitting on the chair.

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6. Swivel

It is important to have this feature in any ergonomic desk chair for back pain. This will ensure any individual can reach any part of the work station easily without straining.

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7. Budget

Ergonomic chairs for back pain vary in price. Normally, ergonomic executive chairs can be more expensive as they often feature higher-quality materials to present a better look and enhanced durability. However, there are still many low-budget ergonomic chairs that cost under $200 and even under $100. These models are also of high quality and can effectively relieve you of back pain.

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Can A Desk Chair Hurt Your Back?

Yes, some desk chairs may hurt your back. Spending a long time seated in a desk chair may cause back pains or even worsen the condition existing before the back pain problem is caused by the increased pressure on your lower back. Sitting in a static position for a long time will increase the pressure exerted on the back muscles and the spinal discs.

While also, some desk chairs with adjustable features may allow an individual to slouch over or down. This causes overstretching of the spinal tissues, spinal discs, and other tissues. With a continued routine of this abnormal sitting posture on an office desk, you will damage some tissues which cause or worsen the back pain.

Why Does My Back Hurt When I Sit at My Desk?

One may experience back pains because of sitting in a bad posture for a very long time. Sitting in a bad posture for a very long time is dangerous because it causes strain on your spinal ligament, disc, and other issues that cause back pain.

When seated on a desk, some things that might cause the back pains include:

Leaning Forward

In most cases, while seated in our seats, we tend to lean forward either to look at the computer screen or the phone screen. When you tilt your upper body forward, it puts more pressure on the spinal cord, especially the discs, as it compresses them. The excess weight may not be supported easily by the disc that causes major stress on it and hence the pain.

Best Ergonomic Computer Chair – Avoid Leaning Forward

Not Sitting Upright

If you are always seated in an abnormal position, you will always complain about back pain. With a desk that allows you to slouch down and up, you may experience the back pains when using such a chair. With a desk chair that does not put you in an upright sitting position, you will always complain about back pains.

When seated in an upright position with the arms parallel to the spine and your legs positioned at 90 degrees, you will never complain of the back pain. This sitting position is recommended since it exerts less pressure on your spinal disc.

Best Ergonomic Kneeling Chair – Upright Improved Sitting Posture

Not Being Active

Sometimes we like to work more than taking care of our bodies. When seated in a chair for a long time, you are likely to experience major strains and cause major stress to your back. It is always recommended to talk a walk after every 30 minutes or even just stretch out.

If you are stationary for long in a chair, then you will always complain of the back pains because of the stress put on your spine. The pressure exerted on the spinal disc may be a lot the causes the back pains or worsen an existing condition.

If you are always practicing these activities while at the desk chair for a long time, you will complain about back pains. You should practice good sitting techniques and do simple exercises after a short time, and this will help deal with back pain problems.

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How Do You Sit in An Ergonomic Chair?

The best ergonomic desk chair for back pain is fitted with various adjustable features that make an individual comfortable. The chair is fitted with adjustable features that provide comfort to an individual. The ergonomic chair will enable one to be seated in a correct posture while giving good support to your weight and your lumbar.

With the adjustable features in an ergonomic chair, it is important to learn how to set it to your best sitting position. This is done by:

Adjusting the Height of The Chair

Setting the seat height is important in ensuring you achieve the right sitting position. To get the right seat chair, one will stand in front of the seat and adjust the seat pan’s height to be below the knee caps.

After adjusting the chair’s height, you can sit on the chair, ensure that your feet touch the floor and that your knees are at a 90 degrees angle.

Best Height Adjustable – Ergonomic Office Chair with Neck Support

Adjusting the Depth of the Chair’s Pan

Most people will always overlook this, but it is the most important thing that can make a difference in how comfortable you are in a chair. While adjusting the seat pan is set either towards or away from the chair back.

Shorter individuals want the pan near the seat’s back while taller individuals might want the pan further away from the chair’s back. It is always advised to have a gat the size of your fist between the back knee and the end of the pan’s cushion.

This is a good position for you, and you should lock the seat’s pan in that position.

Best Office Chair Adjustable Seat Depth – Premium High-Quality for Bad Backs

Setting the Lumbar Support

Most people usually lookout for this feature in choosing the best ergonomic desk chair for back pain. With a chair having this feature, it is also important to adjust it to set it in a good position. When positioning the lumbar support, it should be right on the natural curve of the spine.

In some chairs, the lumbar support is adjusted with the height of the chair but with others, you can adjust them differently.

Best PostureFit SL Lumbar Support – Ergonomic Aeron Chairs

Arms Rest

It is another important feature to consider in an ergonomic chair. The arms should be positioned at your side comfortably. If your hands are not resting comfortably, you will be straining your shoulders and your upper back.

The arms rest can be adjusted to your favorite position to enable you to be seated comfortably whenever you are using the chair.

Top-Rated Adjustable Arms – Fully Ergonomic Office Chair

Setting the Headrest

It is important to set the right headrest on your chair. This ensures it provides the needed support to your head and neck.

Avoid straining your neck which might cause you some pain by not setting the headrest correctly. Adjusting the various features in the best ergonomic desk chair for back pain is what makes them important. It sets a chair in a position where you can comfortably sit while on with your daily activities.

Best Adjustable Headrest – Reclining & Tilting Office Desk Chair to Reduce Back Pain


Bad posture is the main cause of major back problems. While in the office for long hours and sitting in bad chairs, one causes a lot of stress to the spinal ligaments and the spinal discs. We should get good chairs that will take care of our backs while enabling us to deliver effectively. This article is full of what can be done to avoid the problems of major back pains.

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