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Best Ergonomic Office Chair with Lumbar Support – Reviews & Buying Guide

People can spend countless hours in their office chairs so these chairs should be ergonomic and have lumbar support. Not enough people give any serious thought about the chair they sit on while in the office unless they develop backache. Ergonomic office chairs have been developed to have lumbar support to prevent bad posture and severe backache. Here is a guide for the factors needed when looking for the best ergonomic office chair with lumbar support. One of these chairs could allow office workers to be more productive as well as pain-free when working and sitting down in the office.

Who Needs Ergonomic Office Chair with Lumbar Support?

Many people need the best ergonomic office chair with lumbar support to enable them to work in comfort and without being in pain. People in chronic pain need to take steps to prevent it, using a chair with lumbar support is a means of doing so.

  • Back Pain Sufferers

Some people are already suffering from back pain because of sitting in an ordinary office chair. These people should certainly consider using the best ergonomic office chair with lumbar support as such a chair will be helpful in reducing the level of backache.

Best for Back Pain – VON RACER Computer Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Massage

VON RACER best ergonomic office chair

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  • People with Bad Posture

Workers that are developing or have developed a bad posture should obtain a new ergonomically designed office chair that has lumbar support as it will help to correct poor posture. Poor posture is often the root cause of backache so correcting it is a key part of keeping backs free of pain. For these people, an ergonomic chair can help improve posture.

Luckily, there are many ergonomic chairs designed to improve posture. For example, the kneeling office chairs, which are not very common, are the best for this purpose. They effectively prevent you from sitting cross-legged.

Best for Good Posture – Dragonn Ergonomic Kneeling Office Chair

Dragonn kneeling office chair

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  • Pregnant Women

Pregnant women should also consider switching to using an ergonomic office chair as they may find the extra support provided by the lumbar support good for preventing backache.

Best for Pregnancy – Steelcase Premium Gesture Chair 400 lbs Capacity

Steelcase Gesture Chair

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Basically, anybody that sits on an office chair could end up needing an ergonomic chair with lumbar support.

Anybody who works at home and sits at a desk all day should also consider buying a chair with lumbar support. People do not always think about sitting properly and on a special seat when working from home instead of in an office.


Which Is the Best Ergonomic Office Chair with Lumbar Support?


Is Lumbar Support Helpful?

Ergonomic chairs have lumbar support as it is designed to be helpful for people that need extra support for their back. The lumbar support is an extra feature that makes the difference between a chair being an ordinary office chair and an effective ergonomic office chair.

Office chairs without lumbar support are not good for your spine when used over a long period of time, yet those with lumbar support will improve how you sit and you will have your spine and limbs in the best position, and thus preventing bad posture.

Lumbar support is helpful as it prevents pressure building on your spine while you are sat at your desk. It will provide useful spinal support as long as you sit in the chair in the proper posture. This can prevent chronic back pain from ever happening, or it can stop it from forcing workers to take time off work. Chairs that have armrests as well make sure that arms stay in the best position too

Furthermore, lumbar support can be helpful as it can drastically reduce workers’ need to have to undergo spinal surgery. After all, people that keep using ordinary chairs without lumbar support will end up needing operations to fix poor posture and slipped spinal discs. Switching to an ergonomic office chair with support for the spine will keep the vast majority of office workers away from the need to have surgery on their backs.

Best Recommended Lumbar Support – Herman Miller Aeron PostureFit SL Chair

herman miller aeron best quality chair

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Factors to Consider in Picking the Best-Quality Ergonomic Office Chair with Lumbar Support

Various factors need to be considered when you want to pick the best ergonomic office chair with lumbar support. While some people think that an ordinary office chair that is not ergonomically designed and has no lumbar support is adequate, there are many others that would disagree. Switching to these chairs can only resolve issues caused by sitting on poorly designed chairs, sometimes over many years.

1. Extra Support for Your Spine

An important factor that needs to be considered when picking an ergonomic office chair is to assess how much your spine would benefit from using an office chair designed to fit around your body as well as having extra lumbar support. If your spine has already started to get damaged or strained then it is time to evaluate how a purposely designed office chair can prevent further damage to your spine.

Using an ergonomic office chair for back pain relief allows you to recover sooner than if using a normal chair in their office. Ergonomically designed office chairs especially with lumbar support will ensure that injured spines will be able to heal better and faster than if they were sat in ordinary office chairs.

Best Support – Flash Furniture High Back Office Chair with Headrest

Flash Furniture High Back Office Chair

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2. Adjustable Features for People of Varying Sizes

Consider buying the best ergonomic office chair with lumbar support instead of the one-size-fits-all size general office chair that many offices use to save money. General chairs do not help workers to stay comfortable and also many people develop poor posture and only begin to realize that is the problem once they begin to suffer from chronic back pain. Correcting poor posture goes a long way in getting your back in the right position.

Therefore, the ergonomic office chairs, which are adjustable, are the best choice for these people. These chairs are suitable for chairs and people of different sizes.

Fully Adjustable – Duramont Reclining Ergonomic High Back Chair

Duramont chair with lumbar support

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3. Durable Construction for Heavy-Duty Uses

People should consider for how long they will use office chairs, a full-time office worker could easily be sat in their chair and at a desk for 40 hours a week without giving much thought to the impact that poor choices in office chairs and computer desks could have upon their occupational health. Whenever possible people should think that universal makes of office chairs and desks can be detrimental to the backs and the limbs of office workers. Yet the best ergonomic office chair with lumbar support reduces the incidence of bad backs.

Best Durable – HON VL705 Heavy-Duty Ergonomic Chair for Big & Tall Guys

Hon VL705 office chair with lumbar support

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4. Relatively Low Price for Wise Purchase

A switch to chairs with lumbar support will save companies money and lost productivity as it should contribute to workers taking fewer sick days off because they had bad backaches. A normal office chair may cost less than an ergonomic chair with lumbar support yet in the long run it costs companies more money because workers are losing sick days due to bad backs and other issues related to poor posture. In the worst cases, bad backs may only be fixed with surgery, meaning that workers could miss months off work while they recuperate.

Best Cheap – Homall Office Gaming Chair Ergonomic Under $150

homal hot selling gaming chair

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5. Ultimate Comfort for Long Sitting Hours

The need for being comfortable is another reason why people should consider using the best ergonomic office chair with lumbar support. Sitting at an ordinary office chair can be uncomfortable due to the back pain that returns on a regular basis. A new chair with lumbar support will make seating at a desk in the office so much more comfortable.

Most Comfortable – SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Back Padded Seat

SPACE-Seating ergonomic office chair most comfortable

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Lumbar Support for Different Usages

Lumbar support can bring many benefits. However, is it really suitable for your needs? Here we list the different usages of lumbar support to help you decide if you need it.

1. For Ergonomic Computer Chair

Ergonomic computer chairs with adjustable lumbar support are a must if you suffer from backache, and have poor posture. This may be particularly the case if you are sat at a computer desk several hours each day. Non-ergonomic computer chairs should not be used any longer as soon as you start to feel discomfort while sitting at your desk.

Once you have the chair with adjustable lumbar support you still need to sit at the computer desk in ways that reduce the risk of damaging your spine. Whenever possible sit in your new office chair with your knees at 90 degrees and your feet flat against the floor. People should also not stay sat on their office chairs for hours at a time with lumbar support.

Best Ergonomic Computer Chair – Gabrylly Mesh with Flip-Up Arms

Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

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2. For Ergonomic Desk Chair

Getting lumbar support for your ergonomic desk chair will make it more comfortable to be sat at while you are working. It will be easier to be comfortable and more productive sat on a new chair that does not leave you in agony. Switch to a better chair and you will soon feel the benefits of making that change.

A desk chair that allows you to sit at your desk all day and get work done instead of all the time thinking about your back pain has simply got to be worth paying for. Prolonged time sat in the office on an ordinary chair is only going to bring you pain and misery.

Best Ergonomic Desk Chair – Serta Bonded Leather for Executives

Serta AIR best ergonomic office chair with lumbar support leather

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3. For Ergonomic Work Chair

You spend so many hours sitting in an office, so much so that you need to use an ergonomic work chair to make yourself comfortable and to stay that way. You will no longer have to think about your chair and can focus on getting your job done.

When spending most of your day in your office then the best idea for being comfortable and therefore more productive is to be sat in an ergonomically designed work chair. Instead of having nagging back pain, you will be able to concentrate on your work, and not the state of your spine.

Best Ergonomic Work Chair – Smugdesk Adjustable for Long Sitting Hours

Smugdesk adjustable ergonomic chair

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4. For Mesh Chair

Those office workers who have a mesh chair will find that a new ergonomically designed chair with lumbar support is precisely what they need to work without severe or even moderate back pain and poor posture.

Best Mesh Chair – NOUHAUS Breathable Rolling with 3D Adjustable Armrest

NOUHAUS best ergonomic office chair with lumbar support for back pain

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For office managers encouraging their workers to use mesh chairs with lumbar support makes a lot of sense. Such chairs will keep workers in better health and more productive as they drastically reduce the number of sick days lost to most companies every year.


How Does Lumbar Support Help Relieve Back Pain

The lumbar support of an ergonomic office chair relieves back pain as it enables you to sit in the most suitable position for your back. The extra support means that your office chair will be helping your back better instead of worsening the condition of your spine. Ordinary office chairs should not be used by people with bad backs as their continued use only makes the situation worse.

1. Extra Support in the Right Place

The best ergonomic office chair with lumbar support work in the same way as other types of back support, the extra support in the right places eases the strain or pressure on your spine. Ordinary office chairs only ever increase the pressure on the spine. So, the sooner you switch to an ergonomic office chair to relieve lower back pain, the sooner the pressure will be relieved, and the sooner that your spine can begin to heal.

2. Reduce Swelling

Using the best ergonomic office chair with lumbar support takes away swelling from the back and spinal discs in particular. Swollen parts of the spine put pressure on the rest of the back as well as on nerves. Putting your back into the right position will reduce the swelling and then the pain.

Until the old uncomfortable chair is discarded the ache will not lessen. The earlier you use the best ergonomic office chair with lumbar support, the sooner that your back can recover. Sitting in these ergonomic chairs will not harm your back and will keep limbs from suffering aches and pains as well.

3. Heal Injuries

Lumbar supports work by allowing injuries to heal as they prevent the pressure from returning onto the spine and the lumbar discs. Effectively using the best ergonomic office chair with lumbar support will keep the vast majority of office workers away from the need to have surgery.

Getting used to a new work chair with proper levels of support will certainly take place sooner than recovering from lumbar surgery. It also means considerably less working days lost to workers whose backs were too painful for going into work. Workers that are no longer in pain can put more focus on the work that they are performing.

Office managers should consider that other factors can also contribute to the well being of office workers. For instance, taking frequent breaks, as well as not sitting still for long hours. If working from home still follow this advice to look after yourself.

Can I Clean the Lumbar Support on Ergonomic Office Chair?

Whether or not you can clean the lumbar support on ergonomic office chairs depends on what materials the support is made from.

Generally, the lumbar support attached to an ergonomic office chair will be made of a material that can be cleaned such as plastic. Any plastic surfaces of an ergonomic office chair can be wiped clean. However, fabric surfaces of office chairs may not be materials that can be wiped cleaned and specialist cleaning products or services may have to be used.

Each ergonomic office chair should be supplied with instructions regarding how the chair itself and the lumbar support should be cleaned.

Besides, you can consider office gaming chairs. Many of these models come with a detachable lumbar pillow. So, that means you can take off the lumbar support and clean it easily.

Dowinx Chair with Removable Easy-to-Clean Leather Lumbar Massager


Don’t Sit for Too Long While Working

Now many people work from home, either for themselves or for companies remotely. There can be a temptation for home workers to slouch on a sofa to be more relaxed instead of using a work desk and having a purpose made office chair. Just because they are not working in an office does not mean that they should ignore their well-being.

Whether you work in an office or at home, take regular comfort breaks and move around for a few minutes every hour to prevent muscles cramping up and to get your blood circulating.

Also, you can consider a sit-stand workstation where you can alternate between sitting and standing conveniently. Those sit-stand desks and chairs allow you to keep working while not sacrificing your health.

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For people that have bad posture or are prone to backache having access to the best ergonomic office chair with lumbar support is a great way to be more comfortable and not be in pain while at work. Any office worker who has developed a bad back posture should obtain a new ergonomically designed office chair that has lumbar support to correct poor posture. Pregnant women will benefit from an ergonomic office chair as they may find the extra support provided by the lumbar support good for preventing backache. Workers will soon realize the benefits of using the best ergonomic office chair with lumbar support instead of the one size fits all size general office chair many offices use to save money.

Buying the best ergonomic office chair with lumbar support is the best way to make sure that your office chair will not cause any damage to your spine and improve your posture. In other words, the extra support and protection given to the spine will keep virtually all office workers away from the requirement of having spinal surgery in the future. Instead of primarily focusing on back pain by using ergonomic chairs with lumbar support office workers will be able to focus entirely on their work, as opposed to concentrating on the state of their spines.


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