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Burn 6% More Calories with BEST Exercise Ball Chairs – Top 15 Reviews

To sit on exercise ball chairs in your office? This may ring extraordinary to you. But trust me, it is really good for you if you are suffering from back pain or want to lose weight. So, scroll down to see the best exercise ball chairs we select for you.

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What Is the Best Exercise Ball Chair?

exercise ball chair with wheels


Key Features:

  • An energy-booster: created by fitness experts to improve your overall health
  • Ideal height: fit for users 5′ to 5’11” tall and most desks of standard height;
  • Able to add length: 2-inch leg extenders on sale for taller desks
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs

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What Is A Balance Ball Chair?

As the benefits of yoga emerge into people’s consciousness, many people are starting yoga programs to improve their overall health.

One of the common and popular programs are exercising on the fitness balls. As more and more people feel improved health conditions, a question surfaces: can we apply this ball to our daily office hours?

Of course!

These chairs with balls have many different names. Whether you call it an exercise ball chair, yoga ball chair, balance ball chair, gym ball chair, stability ball chair or fitness ball chair, people will get your point.

As you can tell from all these names, the ball chairs feature an exercise ball that you can find in a gym or a yoga class.

yoga balls and exercise
Stability Balls and Exercises

To make them a chair in your office and your home, you can sit on the balls and carry on with your daily routines. But if you are not good at keeping balance on the ball for hours at stretches, there are also bases available.

There are generally two types of yoga ball chair bases available. One is the ring bottom that needs inflation just as the yoga balls do. This is more like exercise equipment. The other type is similar to the bases of ordinary office chairs. They have four legs or a 5-star base, with or without rollers, that can hold in the ball.

Whatever the base looks like, I bet you can reap health benefits from these ergonomic exercise ball chairs.

Are Exercise Ball Chairs Good For You?

Listed below are the ways you can make the best of yoga ball chairs.

1. Benefits of Sitting on the Ball Chairs.

Nowadays, more and more people, especially the female group, have an exercise ball at home. This is because of the various refreshing exercises we can do with the balls.

1.1 Burn Extra Calories While Working.

Apart from the yoga programs, you can just sit on the chairs and let them help you burn more calories.

During yoga sessions, you can easily focus on your form and stance. But when you occupy yourself with office tasks, or when you are concentrating on your favorite dramas, you incline to forget about your postures. This is when yoga ball chairs can help.

While you are on the yoga ball chairs, you will move more often, though you might be unconscious of that. And your core muscles are engaged in your sedentary periods, which is usually not the case on an ordinary office chair. In this way, you will burn extra calories.

1.2 It Is A Relief for Pain Sufferers.

If you are suffering from back pains, the exercise ball chairs will do you a power of good. They will treat your painful syndromes in multiple ways.

  • Core Muscle Improvement for Better Posture

With little or even no back support, your core muscles will have to be active when you are sitting in front of your computer monitor. This will enhance your core strength and muscle tones. And you can sit in a better posture that causes less pain to your low back.

  • Varied Positions for A Smaller Possibility of Pain

On balance ball chairs, you will have to adjust your positions from time to time to keep in balance and to maintain good posture. So, you will reduce the chances of pain induced by sitting in the same position for extended hours.

  • Enhanced Blood Flow for Refreshing Office Hours

Different from normal computer chairs, ball chairs will allow blood to flow to all parts of your body. Then the circulation will better supply oxygen to your brain as well as other organs. Therefore, you will feel more energic and thus work more efficiently.

2. Get Some Exercises with the Balls in Your Office.

Now that you are sitting on a ball, exercise is at your fingertips. This will help you save the budget on gym fees.

To learn how to start a yoga ball program, we find a video on yoga ball exercise instructions.

Special Tips before Buying Exercise Ball Chairs

Ball chairs have some potential drawbacks. Consult your doctor if you are enduring severe illness.

1. Lack of Support for Your Back.

This is a quite common problem for balance ball chair users.

Balance ball chairs that come with a ring base will not support your back while those with a more chair-like base will provide support only to your lower back, which is much less supportive than normal desk chairs.

This is nothing troublesome when you are a seasoned exercise ball user. However, if you are new to the balls, it will take time to accustom yourself to the unique seating option. Chances are that you may find it uncomfortable for the first few times. But I bet that once you relish their advantages, you will love them.

2. Might Be Too High for Ordinary Desks.

Exercise balls are mostly 55-75 centimeters in diameter. For ring-based exercise ball chairs, this is approximately the height from your butt to the floor. Those with a base of four legs or a 5-star construction will slightly add some lengths.

tall yoga balls are not comfy
Tall Yoga Balls Are Uncomfortable Seating

Standard desk table heights are often 28-30 inches (ca 71-76 cm). Accordingly, their chair height should range from 17 inches to 19 inches (ca 43-48 cm).

Therefore, the balance ball chairs on the market could fail to offer the space you want to have between the table and your legs. This will make the ball chairs an uncomfortable seating option. So, it is particularly important to choose the right size for you and your desk.

3. Not Suitable for Some Office Settings.

As you can see, the exercise ball chairs feature a sporty design and look entirely different from other traditional office chairs. This could pose problems if you put the chairs in the wrong setting, like a conference of severe talks among senior leaders.

Some offices will forbid these ball chairs. So, it is better to make sure that your office allows such unique chairs before you make your purchase.

4. Possibility of Losing Your Ball.

Since the balls are detachable from the base, some claim that somehow, they find their balls missing one day. This is the sad side of the story. But I bet you do not have worries over this if your colleagues are friendly and good-mannered.

And another “funny” downside reported by the exercise ball chair user: people will kick the ball when they pass by. Well, I guess this can be an interesting episode for your routine job.

How Can You Choose the Best Yoga Ball Chair?

Want to know what the best exercise ball chairs are? Here are 5 tips you should consider.

1. Is It Suitable in Your Office?

exercise ball in offices
Fitness Balls in Offices

Since many people come to realize the benefits of swapping the plain old desk chairs for the exercise ball chairs, many offices are now open to such unusual seating options.

However, you are still supposed to check if your office will allow such chairs, or you may have to end up using them only at home.

Click here to check the Best Fitness Ball Chair for Office.

exercise ball instead of office chair

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2. What size exercise ball is best for sitting at the desk?

The right size is the one that fits you and your desk. There are several factors you can take into account.

2.1. Your Own Height and Weight.

The diameter of exercise balls is often 55cm (21.65 in), 65 cm (25.29 in) or 75 cm (29.53 in). Here is a chart for their corresponding recommendations on users’ heights.

Exercise ball diameterUser’s height
45 cm (17.7 in)4’8″ and under
55 cm (21.6 in)4’9″– 5’3″
65 cm (25.6 in)5’4″– 5’11”
75 cm (29.5 in)6’– 6’5″
85 cm (33.5 in)6’6″ and above

Note that if you are above the average weight of people of your height, the ball will compress more when you sit down. In this case, the balls of a larger size might be better. Some manufacturers will include the height suggestions in their product description. This will be more precise advice.

Click here to check the Best Exercise Ball Chair with Various Size Options.

balance exercise ball chair

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2.2. The Height of Your Current Desk Chairs.

On average, the height of standard desk chairs is 17 inches to 19 inches (ca 43-48 cm). Because the ball will be compressed when you sit on it, the ball diameter should be about 4 inches higher than your office chair seat height.

So, you can measure your current chairs or refer to the given average heights before you make your purchase.

height of ball chair and other chair
Ball Chair and Standard Chair

2.3. The Height of Your Desk.

To make for comfy seating, there had better be around 9 inches between the desktop and your leg. Standard desk table heights are often 28-30 inches (ca 71-76 cm). Again, you can measure the height of your own desk and take that into account.

Click here to check the Best Fitness Ball Chair for Office Desks.

exercise ball chair stand

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3. Is Material Good Enough?

Many exercise balls now employ burst-proof PVC plastic, making them a safer choice. This will make the ball resilient and expandable so that it can bear inflation and your weight.

Click here to check the Exercise Ball Chair with Best PVC Material.

using an exercise ball as a chair

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Some manufacturers will look for more eco-friendly materials. These will be a better investment.

Those of inferior quality, however, will easily flat. In that case, you will have to refill the ball more frequently, which is troublesome.

4. Is It the Base You Prefer?

Click on the pictures to buy the Best Exercise Ball Chair with Your Favorite Base.

For Kids

yoga ball chair for kid
exercise ball with legs for kid

For Adults

exercise ball base
yoga ball base
yoga ball with casters

As we have told you, there are generally two kinds of bases on hand: the inflatable ring bases and the more chair-like bases.

Both of them are portable, but the ring bases are more space-saving, as you can deflate both the ball and the base. You can buy such bases separately if you have already got a yoga ball.

The other type of base often has casters so you can roll them across the floor. This is a better choice in an office.

5. Is the Band of Help to You?

Some balance ball chairs, especially those ring-based ones, will come with a band. The bands are also inflatable and can help with your stability ball exercise plans.

exercise with ball bands
Exercises on the Yoga Ball with Bands

If you want to include them in your exercise schedule, make sure that they are as high-quality as the balls.

These bands are often attachable, so they are easy to carry along.

Also, their length is adjustable. If you find it too long for you, wrap it around the bottom so it will be shorter. Meanwhile, the resistance will be increased so that you can enjoy a stronger exercise.

Click here to check Best Exercise Ball with Resistance Bands.

isokinetic exercise ball chair

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What Can You Do with Fitness Ball Chairs?

Fitness balls can certainly help you keep fit. But you need to make good use of the exercise balls. Here we list some advice for you.

1. Are balance ball chairs good for your back?

Sitting on fitness balls can do you a power of good, especially for your lower back pain. But keep in mind a few tips.

Tips on Uses for the First Few Weeks

When first get the ball chairs, many will have no idea about how to use them correctly. How we will list you some pieces of advice.

fitness ball infoation
Inflate Your Exercise Ball
  • When you first inflate the ball, it might be smaller than the reported diameter. But don’t worry.
  • Wait for 24 hours or several days, and deflate half of the air, and refill the ball. Then you will find it much bigger than the initial state.
  • For the first few weeks, you will need to pump air in periodically, the frequency depending on how firm you want the ball to be.

With such effort, you will find the ball holding air better and are more comfortable to sit on.

Postures When on The Stability Ball Chairs

If you want to sit on the ball for long working sessions, you should sit in the proper posture. So we list some tips for you.

  • When you are sitting on the ball, your feet should be flat on the floor so that you can distribute your weight more evenly across the ball and on both of your hips.
  • Your legs should rest at a 90-degree angle to the floor. This is viable by pumping in more or less air to change the size of the ball.
  • When your arms are on the desk, it should also stay at a 90-degree angle. If this is not the case when your ball can meet other requirements, you may need to adjust the height of your desk.
  • Your body should not lean forward or backward. Align your neck, shoulder, and pelvis when you are sitting on the ball.
  • To stay more stable, you can widen the distance between your feet, as you do on a bus. If you want to grow better at keeping in good balance, you can do it merely by narrowing the distance.
  • You may need to adjust your computer monitor to your eye level, so you will be working more comfortably, not risking neck pain or shoulder pain.

postures on yoga balls

2. Start A Fitness Ball Program with Your Ball.

Just sitting on your exercise ball seems a bit wasteful. Why not try using it to keep fit?

Note If You Can Use the Ball for Exercise.

There are various exercises we can do with an exercise ball. But be careful that people with some injuries, like some spinal diseases, are not allowed to do such activities.

Do read the manufacturer’s instructions before you start. A safer way is to consult your doctor.

If you are permitted, do it in a controlled and careful manner. And, stop your exercise plans if the pain in you increases.

Sitting on The Exercise Ball Chair Is A Good Start.

how to sit on exercise balls
Yoga Balls for You & Your Family

This is probably the easiest way for you to exercise yourself. Yes, this is less helpful than going out to run, but half a loaf is better than no bread. Make active sitting a habit, and you will see changes in the long run.

If you are sitting without a base, exercises are spectacularly easy – just keep sitting on the ball and roll your hips around. This is a refreshing warming-up that helps loosen up your hips and your back.

More Professional and Targeted Exercises Await.

Many exercise ball chairs will come with guidance on how to exercise with the fitness balls. This will be of great help if you are new to the ball.

The balance ball can help you with a full-body exercise. With the balls, you can do extension exercises to stretch your body for relaxation. Spine rotation exercises will help improve your spinal health. So, whichever part of your body is suffering from pain, there is a wide selection of professional exercise guidance that targets your problem.

If you are on a harder surface, get yourself a yoga mat to help with your yoga session.

3. Balance Ball Chairs Are Good for Pregnancy Too.

exercise on balls during pregnancy
Exercise on Balls During Pregnancy

It is important to choose the best chairs during pregnancy. And swiss ball chairs can be a good way of facilitating labor.

During pregnancy, these rubber yoga balls are your birthing balls. Mild exercises on the ball can help you open your pelvis and position your fetus in the ideal fetal position. This will prepare you for easy delivery.

Click here to check the Best Exercise Ball Chair for Pregnancy

exercise ball and chair

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But for safety reasons, you’d better consult a doctor before you start your program with the ball. And make sure you are doing the movements gently in case of danger.

After childbirth, you can still make good use of the ball. Sitting on the ball, cuddling and breastfeeding your little darling will be warm and soothing family time. As your child grows up, the ball can be a good friend too!

Reviews on the 7 Best Exercise Ball Chairs on the Market

Below are detailed reviews on the top 6 fitness ball chairs we select for you. Don’t miss out.

1. Best Exercise Ball Chairs – Gaiam Balance Ball Office Chair with Exercise Guide

exercise ball chair with wheels
Fitness Ball Chair with Back

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  • An energy-booster: created by fitness experts to improve your overall health
  • Ideal height: fit for users 5′ to 5’11” tall and most desks of standard height;
  • Able to add length: 2-inch leg extenders on sale for taller desks
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Varying colors of the ball and the base: a fun choice for adults and children
  • Easy portability: four detachable casters in the base, two being lockable


  • The back will provide only little support to your back.
  • The metal bar that helps hold the ball is of inferior quality.

These ball chairs are a fun supplement to your office and your home. Different from traditional chairs, you will sit on the ball instead of a foamed surface. If you have ever tried exercising with a stability ball, you will know the advantages of that.

To help you accustom yourself to such a unique “seat,” these exercise ball chairs have a base that is similar to your traditional desk chairs. They have a back that provides support to your lumbar.

Thanks to the metal support bar, the ball will not fall out easily. But you can also take the ball out if you want to do some exercises. This is quite a breeze.

The four casters allow the chair to roll across the floor easily. Two of them have brakes, so you can lock the chair where you want it to stay. If you worry that they may harm your floor, just don’t install the wheels. Buying a carpet for the ball chair will also be a feasible solution.

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2. Best Cheap Exercise Office Chair – Mantra Sports Yoga Ball Chair with Resistance Bands

yoga ball chair with base
Yoga Ball Chair with Band and Base

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  • Easily affordable price: a burden-free choice to try on
  • Satisfying customer service: immediate response to solve your problems
  • Easy portability: able to deflate the ball and bottom, totally weighing only 5.45 lbs
  • All necessary accessories included: inflation foot pump, exercise guide & ball tape measurer
  • Weight capacity: 650 lbs – 65 cm balls; 750 lbs – 75 cm balls
  • Professional guidance on exercise with the ball


  • The base may leak air. Pump in the air if it is flat.
  • Some complain that the bands are for people with long arms only. Try to shorten the length by wrapping it around the base.

These exercise ball chairs have three color options: all-black ones, all-grey ones and a turquoise ball with an orange base. You can choose the most common colors or the more creative ones to blend with your settings.

If you are skilled in sitting on exercise balls, feel free to take the base away. But if you are less seasoned, the base will help you reduce movement of the ball, so the ball will not roll away when you are busy working.

According to the manufacturer, the 65cm / 25.6″ ball fits for people from 5’4″ to 5″10″ and has a weight capacity of 650 lbs. The 75cm / 29.5″ ball is for people from 5’11” to 6’7″ and can hold up to 750 lbs, courtesy of the multi-layer PVC material.

The ball tape measurer that comes together enables you to check if the ball is well-inflated to fit your size.

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3. Best Quality Exercise Holder Chair – Vivora Self-Standing Stability Ball Chair with Handle & Cover

fitness ball with cover
Fitness Ball with Fabric/Leather Cover

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  • Active seating for less pain: alleviating pain and helping you improve productivity
  • Easy to carry: a thick handle on the covering
  • More stable: self-standing base design helping you stay well for extended hours
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs
  • Versatile uses: fit for your office, home, gym, indoor and outdoor


  • No wheels.
  • Prices vary with the coverings and can be pricier than other ball chairs.

These exercise balls come in various elegant colors to provide a tasteful seating option in your office and at your home. Different from most other balls, they boast a cover and a handle, so that they can stand still by themselves. This is good for yoga ball tenderfeet and convenient for you to carry them.

The covers vary not only in color but also in material. The felt ones will lend a touch of warmth to your place and are machine washable. The leatherette options look more elegant, and you can clean it only with a damp cloth.

For standard-size balls, your desk should be at least 26″ tall; for the max size, desks have to be taller than 30″. Check your desk height before your purchase in case of trouble.

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4. Best Office Fitness Exercise Ball Chair – Safco Products Best Cute and Colorful Fitness Ball Chairs

black stable ball chair

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  • Comfy sitting experience: encouraging active seating and proper postures
  • Seat height: 23″
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • A green choice: meeting chemical emission standards to create a greener environment
  • Two bases: both stationary and swivel types available
  • An informed choice for exercise ball greenhorns
  • Various colors available


  • The material may be not warm enough to sit on.
  • The legs might stain.

When I first saw this chair, it reminds me of the ghost-like emoji on the mobile phone. This is definitely cuter than common exercise ball chairs and will be a fun supplement to your place. Compared with those ball-only chairs, these will be more acceptable in office settings.

More surprisingly, there are swivel ones, too. They can spin 360 degrees so that you can face any direction easily. Your kids will love both the options.

Whether they have a four-leg base or a swivel base, their low-profile design can easily blend with your décor. You can tuck the chairs under your desk after using them, courtesy of the backless design.

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5. Best Exercise Ball Ergonomic Chair – Epitomie Swiss Ball Chair with Imprinted Exercise Instruction

exercise ball for home and office
Exercise Ball for Back Pain Relief

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  • Pain relief: able to help with spine and back pains
  • Exercise guidance on the ball for your reference
  • All necessary accessories included: training e-book, hand pump, air plugs & air plug remover
  • Safe: employing anti-burst technology
  • Ball size: 55 cm & 75 cm


  • It can be inconvenient to inflate the ball.
  • The air pumps are not of high quality.

Not having a clue how to start your exercise ball program? The designer of this fitness ball prints 13 pieces of easy-to-follow instructions on its surface, so you don’t have to refer to the paper instructions all the time.

More detailed guidance on over 30 harder moves is available in e-books that come along. The manufacturers do have done their utmost to facilitate a more tranquil exercise session.

These ball chairs are available in original colors that fuel your exercise and sitting sessions. They are for sale at a low price, so feel free to develop a healthier lifestyle with these exercise balls.

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6. Best Large Exercise Ball Chair – Isokinetics Adjustable Pink/Blue/Yellow Workout Ball Chair

pink exercise ball chair
Pink Isokinetics Ball Chair with Wheels

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  • 3 colors available: pink, yellow, blue balls
  • Good for posture: support for the lower back to relieve pains
  • Nice durability: burst-proof non-latex material of the ball to ensure safe long-time uses
  • For multiple desks: height-adjustable legs has 4 positions to fit different users and tables
  • Easy to move: 4 2.5″(60mm) casters on the base that moves smoothly and silently


  • The ball loses ball, but not very fast.
  • Might be small for extra tall guys.

If you find sitting on balls as chairs all day a great challenge, don’t worry. As you can see, these chairs we recommend boast a base similar to ordinary chairs. The only change is that the balls are in the place of normal seats. This will definitely help you get used to the new way of sitting.

Also, these chairs come in different colors. Currently available are pink, yellow and green balls. These are all nice choices that will lighten up your place. Different from the “colorless” black or grey office chairs, these options are better at motivating people.

Besides, as many studies have shown, office ball chairs will help people with core strength. They will encourage active sitting by forcing all the due muscles to work. So, once you use them for hours a day, you will gradually see pain relief. Meanwhile, the back will offer support to your lower back. In this way, you don’t need to worry that much about falling off the chair. Additionally, you are less likely to place too much pressure on your lower back.

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7. Best Cheap Exercise Ball Chair for Kids – Trideer Exercise Ball Chair for Children Aged 3-12

children's balance ball for posture
Balance Ball for Kids

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  • Designed for kids: a fun toy helping with posture correction
  • Necessary accessories included
  • Static weight limit: 300 kg


  • Be careful to keep it from sharp stuff.
  • Not for adults.

As you can tell from its appearance, this balance ball is designed especially for kids. The bright colors and cute paintings on the surface will effortlessly attract your kids.

They can be a fun toy that helps your kids form a better sitting posture. The balls are made of high-quality and durable vinyl. The material is slip-proof and safe for children. With a static weight capacity of 300kg, they provide a safe seating option for your children.

The handle is easy to grip and will further ensure the children’s safety. This is especially important because children don’t often stay static on the ball. Instead, they like hopping and bouncing around. This will effectively prevent them from falling off in the process.

Two sizes are available for kids of different age groups. The 45 cm balls are for kids with a height of 5 feet or under. The larger 55 cm balls are for those with a height of over 5 feet. Choosing the right size will be the first step to a better posture.

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Does Sitting on an Exercise Ball Help with Sciatica?

Your exercise ball can help relieve the symptoms of sciatica pain if used well. Most of the treatment plans for sciatica incorporate the use of exercise balls to help you strengthen your core muscles, while at the same time promoting your spinal cord support. Simply sitting on the exercise ball and ensuring that you maintain a good posture requires the use of your core muscles.

One of the exercises that you can perform with your exercise ball chair to help with sciatica involves laying face down on your exercise ball, with your bulging disc being directly above the ball, then extending your arms straight and extending your legs behind you. This will help you stretch your back and should be repeated about five to ten times for effectiveness.

choosing ball chairs

How Do I Know If My Exercise Ball is Inflated Enough?

The easiest way to determine if your exercise ball is fully inflated is to measure its length or height when fully inflated. Follow the steps below:

  • Check the package of your exercise ball to determine its height.
  • Using a tape measure, measure the distance from a leveled floor near your wall to the part where the exercise ball should reach depending on the height indicated on the exercise ball package, which should indicate the optimal diameter of your exercise ball.
  • Since the ball has a spherical shape, the diameter of your ball will be equal to its height.
  • After making a mark on your wall, proceed to inflate your ball until you attain the height you marked on the wall.
  • This will ensure that you inflate your exercise ball properly.
  • Ensure that after inflating the ball, it does not measure more than the height you indicated on your wall to avoid damaging it.

How Do You Sit on An Exercise Ball at Your Desk?

When you are working on your desk and you are interested in using your exercise ball, you should follow these simple steps:

  1. Sit at the center of the ball and place both of your feet firmly on the ground to offer you additional support and to prevent the ball from rolling side to side.
  2. Your feet should be about your shoulder’s width apart. If it is difficult to balance on the ball you can use a wider stance and then work on reducing the distance between your legs to your shoulders’ width.
  3. You should ensure that your knees are at 90 degrees angle with the ground and in line over your ankles.
  4. You should but sag or slouch while sitting on the ball.
  5. Ensure that your shoulders are straight and not hunched forward.
  6. Your head should be squarely over the neck to avoid straining your neck while working.

Is Exercise Ball Good for Lower Back Pain?

Exercise ball chairs are good for lower back pain. Numerous exercise routines that involve the use of an exercise ball chair are usually prescribed for individuals dealing with lower back pain to help them strengthen their back muscles and reduce their pain. These exercise balls use a concept of proprioception, which is an awareness of where the hands and feet are placed in relation to the body.

The instability of the body when sitting on an exercise ball chair enables the body to retain its stability and natural awareness. Scientists have also shown that the type of spinal movement experienced while using the exercise ball chair helps reduce lower back pain by stimulating the body to increase the number of natural pain inhibitors produced.

Other benefits that you might get by using your exercise ball chair include proper coordination of your core muscles, which will, in turn, stabilize the spine and reduction of pressure exerted on the lower back.

Can Ball Chairs Be Used to Replace an Office Desk Chair?

For people who suffer from low-back pain and spend most of their time sitting down in their officers, using an exercise ball can be an effective alternative for reducing the impact of the office chair on your back and promoting healing. Using your exercise ball as an alternative to your traditional office chair is a good decision as it will ensure that you work both your from and back core muscles, improve your posture, relieve back pain, and assist you in burning extra calories.

By maintaining a good posture and stability, and the lack of the back support that office chairs offer you, you will be forced to rely more on your core muscles to ensure that you do not fall from the chair. This will improve your core muscles strength and reduce back pain.

You will use additional energy to focus on your stance and form while sitting on the exercise ball chair. Aside from that, using these ball chairs requires you to focus on your balance because of the shape of the ball chair. The concentration needed to sit on the ball chair without falling off will help you to burn some calories.

Why You Should Buy a Balanced Ball Chair

Buying a balanced ball chair will ensure that you get the most from your exercise ball chair as it will promote your posture and reduce the risks of putting pressure on your back muscles during exercise or while working. Balanced exercise ball chairs have been created with an ergonomic feature in mind to ensure that you will be comfortable while using the chair and to avoid straining your back muscles. Other health benefits associated with these chairs include strengthening your core muscles, affordability, and flexibility as you can use your balance ball chair as an ordinary exercise ball chair too.

How to Choose the Best Exercise Ball Chairs

When buying an exercise ball consider these factors:

choose ball chairs


Select a ball chair that aligns with your height. For instance, if you are below 5 feet, you should opt for one that has a diameter of 45cm. Check the scale offered by the store to determine the appropriate exercise ball chair for your height.

Intended purpose:

If you will be using your exercise ball chair in your office, you should consider a balanced ball chair to ensure that you are able to retain your posture and concentrate on your work.


Ensure you buy an exercise ball chair that has been made using durable materials to promote its longevity.

Final Words

With consistent uses of the best balance ball chairs, especially with regular exercise with the ball for 15 minutes a day, you will notice a change for the better in your overall health.

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