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Best Folding Step Ladder

Say, you want to change the lights in your house, you will require a ladder to climb up to reach the lights. This an important tool should never lack in our homes and workplaces as it helps us make work easier. There are different types of ladders in the market today made from wood, metal, plastic, and aluminum materials. All these ladders function to help us make work easier and enjoyable. This article will take you through everything you need to know about folding step ladders and a review of the best folding step ladder.

What Is A Folding Step Ladder?

A folding step ladder is a type of ladder that can be folded and kept when not in use. It is sometimes referred to as a multipurpose ladder. They are deployed for small-scale tasks inside the house and workplaces. They generally have large steps, unlike most ladders. A folding step ladder can be set as an extension ladder, stepladder, or side ladder.

Why Do You Need A Folding Step Ladder?

Safety and efficiency are important when it comes to using a folding step ladder. They should be adjusted to the correct height for the user.

Benefits Of Using A Folding Step Ladder Include

– Compact size. Stowage is not an issue, as it can be folded and easily stored away in small spaces such as under the bed, in car trunks, closets, or even balconies.
– Lightweight and portable. The materials used in the construction of these ladders maximally reduce their weight but does not affect the strength and functionality.
– Ease of use. Its design is simple and direct hence can easily be used by anybody.
– It is possible to use it in different surfaces such as on irregular surfaces such as the stairs.
– It is pocket friendly as it removes the need to purchase other types of ladders.

How To Choose The Best Folding Step Ladder?

In the market, we have very many folding step ladders, but you do not need all of them. You are looking for the best folding step ladder, right? Worry not for we will take you through the process of choosing the best folding step ladder that will best suit your needs.

i. Material

It is important to keep in mind the purpose of the use of the folded step ladder when evaluating the type of material of the step ladder. The most common materials used in the construction of folded step ladders are stainless steel, aluminum, and fiberglass as they guarantee durability and safety.

ii. Style

It is important to pick a folded step ladder depending on the style as there is a wide range of step ladders in the market available in various styles ranging from platform to tripod. Each style has a certain weight and height limit, so the best choice for you is to select your ladder style based on your needs.

iii. Height

The maximum allowable limit on a folded step ladder is 2 steps lower than the top step to prevent you from sliding and falling. It is important to choose a folded step ladder keeping your height requirements in mind.

iv. Safety

Safety specification is one of the most important things to look for when purchasing a folded step ladder. It is recommended that you buy a ladder that meets America National Standard (ANSI) standards. This information can be found on the company’s website.

v. Portability and storage

The portability of a folded step ladder depends entirely on its design. Always look for a folded step ladder that is lightweight and when folded can fit into small spaces. No one wants to buy one that will occupy a lot of space in the garage or storage unit when not in use.

What Sizes Of Folding Step Ladder Should I Pick?

The size of your folding step ladder will be determined by the height you intend to reach.

– 2 step

This folded step ladder has two steps and is convenient for picking things on your top shelves and closets in the house. They are also used in the warehouses to pick materials that are not far away from your hands’ reach.

– 3 step

A 3 step features wide steps design. It provides you with extra height and stability when you need to reach or organize hard-to-reach shelves, clean walls, and windows, or painting a room. It is an excellent acquisition for your home and shop, as it also can function as a chair.

– 4 step

It has a maximum of 4 steps. This folded step ladder is a good addition to the home as it helps you reach those high places such as the ceiling, top wall. You can easily change your light bulbs and paint the top areas of your wall when using it.

How To Use A Folding Step Ladder Safely?

A folding stepladder is generally quite safe and easy to use. You do not need to lean your ladder against the wall, as it is self-supporting. The following steps will ensure your safety when working with this ladder.

– If you plan to use a folding ladder as a straight ladder, it is significant to first check the angle of the folding ladder before climbing. A 75-degree angle is perfect. You can test this by placing the tip of your feet at the base of the ladder and stretch out your arms at 90 degrees to touch the ladder. The angle is correct if you can grab the ladder with ease. Make sure that the rungs are horizontal.

– The maximum weight on the ladder is 150 kg, including all the things you have with you.
– Only one person should climb the ladder at any given time.
– Ensure that one hand is always free when climbing this ladder and if it is not possible take extra safety actions.
– Do check that the hinge is positioned correctly and always on lock. If it is not secured properly, slide the hinge back in place, and attempt locking it.
Following all these safety steps guarantees your safety and security when up the ladder.

Where Can I Use A Folding Step Ladder?

Folded step ladders have a variety of uses in our homes and even workplaces.

– Indoor

You can use them when you want to pick food from the top shelf in your kitchen when you want to pick your best snickers from the top shelf in your closet. They assist when you want to change light bulbs in your room, or for repairs inside the house such as changing the ceiling, fixing your fans, even painting the top walls around the house.

– Outdoor

They can be used when you want to paint the walls of your house. Also when changing the lights in your patio, front door light, a folding step ladder can be useful.

– In the shop

Folding step ladders can be used in the shop to access those items that are on top shelves. They are used when you want to clean high windows and also are important when you want to change the lights.

– In book stores

Some books are kept on top shelves that require the action of a folded step ladder to reach them. It is also used when cleaning top shelves and high windows in the store.

What Are The Best Materials For A Folding Step Ladder?

Four main types of materials are used to construct this ladder, these are wood, aluminum, plastic, and stainless steel.

– Wooden

Wooden folding step ladders are cheap compared to the other types. They are your ideal choice of a folding step ladder for reaching top shelves and closets in your house. They are not recommended for any type of commercial or industrial application. Wood does not conduct heat or electricity but it is susceptible to rot and warp.

– Stainless steel

Stainless steel folding step ladders are robust and suitable for heavyweight works. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and moisture. However, it is a good conductor of heat and electricity, and it should not be used for electrical works.

– Aluminum

Even though aluminum folding step ladders are moisture and corrosion-resistant, they are good conductors of electricity and heat. Thus, they must never be used near electrical equipment. They are not ideal for heavy-duty works, as they tend to bend under pressure.

– Plastic

Fiber-reinforced plastic with glass fiber is the best material out of the four used to build a folding step ladder. It is more durable and heavier than aluminum folding step ladders. Besides being resistant to corrosion and moisture, they also do not conduct heat or electricity making them suitable for use anywhere. Nonetheless, it snaps under excess pressure, therefore, it is not ideal for heavyweight projects.

What Is The Difference Between Step And Folding Ladder?

– A step ladder is non-adjustable while a folding ladder is adjustable and becomes compact once folded and can be kept in small spaces with ease.
– A step ladder can allow two people to work on it at the same time while the same is not possible when using a folding step ladder.
– A twin step ladder allows you to climb the ladder from either side since it has steps on both sides of the ladder. On the other hand, on a folding step ladder, you can only climb from one side.
– Some step ladders come with wheels for extra movability and maneuverability. Folding step ladders on the other hand have to be carried around.


How to build a lightweight folding step ladder?

Aluminum, plastic, and steel folding step ladders are quite expensive so you might opt to build your wooden ladder for small-scale use.

The following practical steps might help.

– Gather your material

Assemble all the materials you will require, in this case, wood depending on the number of steps you want to build. For a 5 step ladder, you will need around four pieces at ¾ x 6” and two pieces of 2 x 4”.

– Measuring and cutting

The first step is to cut the sides from the ¾ x 6”. Cut the angle of the A-frame on the top and bottom in the same direction.

– Cut the steps

When cutting these steps you can decide how wide you want your ladder. Cut the steps from the two 2 x 4 boards.

– Layout the steps

Make a layout by attaching the steps to the sides. You can use a protractor to find the angles.

– Attaching the steps

You can decide to use screws or nails when attaching the steps.

– Attach the hinges

Use two hinges to connect the two halves just below the top step. Two hinges give stability and strength to your ladder. You can attach a chain to the bottom steps to prevent them from sliding away from each other on a smooth surface.

– Testing

The last step is to test your ladder and see whether it is sturdy enough to hold you.

How To Remove Rust On A Folding Step Ladder

Over time rust will begin to form on your stainless steel folding step ladder. You will need to clean it often to protect it from rust. The following few steps will assist you in removing rust.

– Wipe it down with a dry rug to ensure it is dry.
– Mix a cup of baking soda and a cup of powdered cleanser in a bucket then add water to make a thick paste.
– Coat it with the paste ensuring that areas covered with rust are completely under the paste.
– Using a scrubber, scrub the folding step ladder several times and then rinse it. If rust persists you can repeat the process over again until it is completely removed.
– Use a piece of clean cloth to dry then you can wax it to prevent it from further rusting.

Best Folding Step Ladder Reviews

1. Cosco 2-Step Household Folding Step Stool

This folding step ladder finds much use in the home environment to assist in multiple jobs such as cleaning, accessing the cabinets, and closets. It is lightweight and folds flat therefore easy portability and storage. The legs tips have rubber to keep the floor clean and prevent scratching.

It features slip-resistant wide steps and hind legs that can be stretched to offer more support making you feel safe and secure when standing on it. Cosco 2-step folding step ladder is recommended for indoor use only. The frames and steps are made of steel therefore extra strength.


– It is strong and can hold up to 225 pounds.
– It is easy to store.
– It is lightweight.


– It is too small for some people.

2. Cosco 3 Big Folding Step Stool with Rubber Hand Grip

Use this convenient stool to make household jobs less of a routine. It features extra-large wide steps with wavy treads that deliver stability while its lightweight design makes it easy to carry around. It is super-space saving as it folds flat hence easily stored in small spaces like under the bed and sofa. The handle grip is durable and comfortable. The legs are non-marrying and do not scratch or damage the floor.

It is a multipurpose folding step ladder designed for indoor use to reach cabinets, closets, cleaning lights, or even painting. The best thing about this ladder is that it comes with a 10-year warranty.


– It has a 10-year warranty.
– It is safe and comfortable to use.
– It is multipurpose.


– It has a limited weight capacity.

3. Delxo Folding 4 Step Ladder

This folding step ladder has been approved for quality and safety by TUV with a GS certificate. Created with safety in mind, this completely assembled folding step ladder is stable due to its non-slip rubber footing and extra-wide steps. It requires less storage space as it is more compact and thin.

The handgrip is suitable making it easy to climb and carry around. The extra-wide steps make you relaxed and stable while working at high heights as it eliminates weariness and foot pain. The design of the Back Cross Brace enhances support, which will give you a fast and efficient climb up the frame and steps. It is essential when changing bulbs, cleaning, or painting.


– It is ideal for both shop and home.
– It is steady.
– It is comfortable.


– It is shaky with excess weight.

4. Best Choice Products Folding 4-Step Ladder

It is designed for indoor use to decorate your ceilings, clean, and outdoor use to paint walls and change lights in your patios. It features wide steps and non-slip rubber feet that make you feel secure while offering you support when completing jobs. The frames are constructed from superior steel metal thus it is durable and dependable and will serve you for a long time. Its lightweight and flat-folding capability make it easy to use and carry around, then easily kept in the garage or closet when not in use. With this folding step ladder, you can attach the tray that holds cleaning supplies, paint, and other small materials to make you work efficiently.


– Easy to open and close
– You can attach your tool tray.
– It is strong and made to last.


– None.

5. Delxo Aluminum Woodgrain Folding 2 Step Ladder

Delxo folding 2 step ladder is your ultra-lightweight and beautiful aluminum step ladder with a traditional appearance that blends perfectly with your home decor. It is perfect for the garage, laundry room, kitchen, and closet. It can be used both in the home and shop.

This folding step ladder is quality and safety approved by TUV with a GS certificate. It comes to you fully assembled and it is convenient for storage and transportation thanks to its easy folding capability together with a simple securing hole mechanism. It fits easily into narrow spaces in your house. This lightweight aluminum woodgrain features large non-slip rubber feet hence can be easily moved without fear of scratching your floor. It is safe and secure for use by the elder folks.

It has a wide top that is locked in position to prevent shifting enabling you to have both your feet on it safely providing you with complete stability and comfortability while standing on it.


– It is attractive.
– The elderly can use it.
– It fits in narrow spaces.


– Some users do not like that it is made from wood.

6. LUISLADDERS 3 Step Ladder Woodgrain Aluminum

This folding step ladder has an attractive design and can be used in the garage, kitchen, or laundry room. It is a perfect selection for your home or shop and it can be used as a chair or plant shelf. Its woodgrain design matches your home decoration. The handgrip is convenient therefore easy to climb and carry. It is space-saving as it was constructed to fold closely so that it can fit into narrow spaces. It features extra-large non-slip rubber feet for frequent moving without worrying about our floors.

It has a large top platform and safety latches that hold it in position ensuring that you can have both your feet on the ladder without it wobbling. It also comes with a one-year warranty.


– It blends well with your decorations.
– It has safety latches.
– It is multipurpose.


– None.


There exists a variety of folding step ladders in the market that are made from different materials. It is advisable to always consider the type of work you plan to use the ladder for before deciding which ladder to buy. Ladders are there to make our life easier and simple. Go buy your best folding step ladder that suits your needs.

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