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The 19 Best Folding Step Stool Reviews For KIDS SAFETY Use

A step stool, generally, comes in the form of a low-hinged set of steps that can be folded into a stool and can be used to reach unattainable heights like lightbulbs, shelves, and cupboards. They come in a wide range of designs that vary depending on use. The good news is that nobody has to have their lives hang in the balance while they try to balance on a rickety chair.

Reaching for items at the top of the shelves has been made easier thanks to these handy little products. This article will give you all the information you need to know about the folding step stools, including picking the right one for your needs. Read on!

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Our Top Pick:

#1. Best OverallHandy Laundry Lightweight Step Stool
“Foldable design with black color allows you to take it around for convenient use, the grip-dot textured surface adds up safety in use.”

#2. Best Two-stepCosco Household Folding Step Stool
“The two-step stool provides suitable height for reaching cabinet or closet, lightweight design brings convenience for multiple usages.”

#3. Best with Handgrip Luisladders Anti-slip Sturdy Steel Ladder Stool
“2-step, 3-step and 4-step types available for multiple functions, the large platform along with the rubber handgrip guarantees safety.”

#4. Best Three-step Delxo Anti-slip White and Black Combo Step Ladder 
“Widen steel pedals and anti-slip handgrip allows easy climbing, fully assembled design frees your time and energy after buying.”

#5. Best For KidsACSTEP Acko Plastic Folding Step Stools
“Anti-skid footpad fits perfectly with any floor surface, the round corner on the seat protects kids from getting hurt.”


Picking the Best Folding Step Stools on the Market

How to Pick the Best Folding Step Stools?

Finding the ideal step stool is not as easy as it seems. With the wide selection of foldable step stools in the market, specific know-how is required to make the best decision. There are several factors that you need to put into consideration. The pointers below will help you purchase the best step stool you can find.

folding step stool ladder


You can never go wrong with any purchase as long as you stick to the right brand. In your search for the best foldable step stools, you need to find out the industry’s renowned brands. A trustworthy brand name may assure you of perfect products that will perfectly meet your needs at a good value.


Many a time, the price of a product will determine its worth. This factor applies to virtually any product. And the foldable step stools are no exception-you get what you pay for. Generally, these products are inexpensive, so spending a few extra coins to get the best will not make a massive dent in your wallet. Also, do not go for the cheap ones and compromise functionality. The repair or replacement may, in the long run, cost you much more.


The materials of the step stools that you ultimately go for will be determined by the purpose you wish the seats to perform. Plastic material is familiar and ideal for a start-up stool. Also, it is perfect for menial jobs around your house. The stainless steel options are more durable and can withstand the rigors of daily use. Fiberglass stools, on the other hand, are ideal for any electrical work.


As you look out for the material used in making the stool, build quality is equally as important. This is mainly because the quality goes a long way in determining your folding step stool’s overall durability. Therefore, you are advised to be more conversant with the grade and build of the options you have to ensure that you get the best step stool.

Folding system

Any time you are buying a folding step stool, ensure that you look out for its foldability. They should be able to fold easily. If you experience any problem folding it, do not buy it. Besides that, we have a one-handed folding system. Step stools that can be folded with one hand are highly recommended.


Thankfully, information on products is always made available and easily accessible from customer reviews as a customer. The thoughts go a long way to give an idea of the product’s weaknesses and strengths. Moreover, they can help you narrow down your options. You can go through them to know precisely what you intend to purchase.

Top Reviews of the Best Folding Step Stools

#1. Best Lightweight – Handy Laundry Folding Step Stools For Kitchen

kids folding step stool


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#2. Best 2-step – Cosco Household Folding Step Stools For Any Rooms

one step folding step stool


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#3. Best For Kitchen – Acko 13 Inch Premium Heavy Duty Foldable Stools

small folding step stool kitchen


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#4. Best with Large Weight Capacity – Utopia Home Foldable Step Stool For Kids

3 step folding step stool


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#5. Best For Kids and Adults – Vigar Compact Lightweight Foldable Step Stools

small folding step stool plastic


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#6. Best Lightweight – Luisladders Sturdy Steel Ladder

plastic foldable step stool


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#7. Best with Handrail – Delxo 3-step Steel Ladder Stool with Handgrip

small foldable step stool


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#8. Best Small – Greenco Super Strong Foldable Step Stools

wide folding step stool


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#9. Best Metal – HBTower Folding Step Stool with Wide Anti-Slip Pedal

extra tall folding step stool


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#10. Best Plastic Double Step – Range Kleen Gray Folding Step Stool

compact folding step stool


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#11. Best Tall Plastic – Acko Black Folding Step Stool For Kids and Adults

2 step folding step stool


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#12. Best For Kitchen and Bathroom – Delxo Lightweight Folding Step Stool

9 inch folding step stool


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#13. Best One-Step For Kids – ACSTEP Acko Lightweight Folding Step Stools

fold down step stool


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#14. Best White – Delxo 2-Step Stool with Handgrip

folding step stool with seat


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#15. Best Heavy Duty – Spranster Super Strong Folding Step Stool

folding aluminium step stool


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#16. Best 3-step – Best Choice Products Portable Folding Ladder Stools

folding plastic step stool large


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#17. Best Collapsible – ACSTEP Acko Non-Slip Foldable Step Stool

two step folding step stool


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#18. Best Sturdy – Acko Lightweight Folding Stools For Kitchen and Bathroom

white folding step stool


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#19. Best with Anti-Slip Surface – Honey-Can-Do Folding Multicolor Step Stool

slim folding step stool


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Benefits of Folding Step Stools

Folding step stools offer their users with numerous benefits. The main advantage of the step stools is that they help you reach for items at unattainable heights, be it in the kitchen, garage, workshop, and so on. These handy gadgets provide you with the additional size to safely get you where you need. They can be used with adults and children alike. These step stools also have a foldable design to add to storage convenience. You can easily fold them to a compact size, so they take minimal floor space.

Also, these stools are sturdy enough to accommodate any user weight. They are made with high-quality and heavy-duty materials to ensure they can support your weight. The lightweight design comes in handy during transportation. What’s more is, these folding step stools are designed with features such as anti-skid footpads, textured grip surfaces, and they provide plenty of footing space.

Moreover, these stools are conveniently portable. Therefore, they can be used for a wide range of applications like in the kitchen, bathroom, RVs, garage, closets, etc. They are straightforward to use for better user experience.

Another thing is the safety offered by the step stools. The safety factor distinguished the step stools from an armchair or a side stool to reach certain heights. These stools feature rubber padding for traction, non-skid surfaces, and so on, offering safety on another level.


Who Needs Folding Step Stools?

Not everybody was endowed with an NBA-worthy height. And even if they did, some sizes require just a little help to attain. Thankfully, foldable step stools help you reach these heights while offering extra convenience, such as a foldable design to take up the least floor space. These little contraptions come in handy in any household.

Often, you try to reach for items on top of shelves with a rickety chair, perhaps dangerous. These help you get in such areas with ease, putting your safety in mind. These step stools allow you to carry out menial jobs around the house. For electricians or any electrical work, the fiberglass step stools come in handy in numerous ways.

A folding step stool is a must-have item in any home. Whether you need to paint a room in your house or reach for something on the top shelf in your kitchen, these step stools will help you get the job done. They can also be used to run for equipment, cabinets, and stands in the ETA laboratory areas. It is intended for use by one person.

Unfold them, use them, and put them away. These folding step stools are ideal for anything you need. You can quickly get things from high shelves, change a light bulb, and install new windows with ease. Afterward, you can easily store them away with no trip hazards or mess. These folding steps stools meet all your elevated needs.


What Are the Folding Steps Stools Designed For?

Every home can profit from having a quality, properly-rated step stool on hand. Here are the different ways folding steps seats can be used:

three step folding step stool

For Kitchen

Not once will you want to reach for something like a jar on the top shelf in your kitchen? Thankfully, this will not be a strenuous task anymore, thanks to the step stools designed for kitchens. These provide just the required height to get you to the shelf safely. Given most kitchen floors’ slippery nature, these step stools feature non-skid pads to ensure your safety is put first. Another feature of these stools is the texturized surfaces and plenty of footing space for enhanced safety. They are sturdy to accommodate a wide range of users, from adults to children.

Recommended kitchen step stools for choosing:

For Adults

Folding step stools are convenient for adults. Besides providing additional height to reach unattainable places, they can be used in their work areas. For instance, folding step stools made of fiberglass are ideal for electricians and any other electrical work. Some help in the garages and workshops. They can also be used to reach for equipment, cabinets, and shelves in the ETA laboratory areas. The step stools designed for adults are made of high-quality and heavy-duty materials so they can support your weight. They meet and exceed all the safety standards to ensure your safety at all times in your working area.

Choosing sturdy folding step stools for adults with heavy weight to use:

For Children

Children have various height-related needs. They may want to reach for their toys on the top shelf, food, or even books. They may resort to dangerous ways of getting for these items. With these stools, you are assured that your child’s safety is put in mind. They are a safer option to reach for things that are out of reach as compared to an armchair or any rickety chair. The step stools designed for children are sturdy and comfortable. They feature an anti-slip top to keep your kids from falling. Usually, they have a maximum capacity of 70 pounds and are ideal for potty training and general use around the house.

Top picked children folding step stools:


What Materials Are the Best for Folding Step Stools?

Different materials are used for the folding step stools. The best material that you need will be determined by what you plan to use the seat for. Below are the common ones.

foldable 2 step stool


Plastic is more familiar material. It is not only durable but also an excellent choice for a start-up stool. You can use the plastic folding step stools to carry out menial jobs around your house. Always ensure that the plastic is durable. They are ultra-lightweight and are the ideal option for light maintenance tasks at the office and home.

Here is the best plastic folding step stools for recommending:


Wooden step stools have a classic look and have long since been used. They are, however, not common these days for work use. Also, this material does not conduct electricity. Wooden folding step stools are conveniently lightweight so that you can easily carry them around. They are also durable and, with the right care and maintenance, will maintain a professional look. These stools are also very sturdy to support any weight. They are applicable for general use around the house.

Check the sturdy and stable wooden folding step stools:


Metal folding stools are more durable and can, therefore, endure hard daily use. The metallic seats have taken over the wooden ones. Furthermore, they are the heaviest, sturdiest, and most reliable. The only drawback is that metal rusts when left in the elements. They also conduct electricity and are therefore not for use with electrical work.

Best metal folding step stools for long term use:


Aluminum is by far the lightest of all the options. Also, it is very reliable and sturdy to withstand various user weights. However, this material is a tremendous conductor of electricity, so the stools should not be used for electrical work. This material may be a metal, but it does not rust and offers extended service use. Moreover, this material has plenty of aftermarket options for part replacement.

Pick the durable aluminum folding step stools:


What Size of Folding Step Stool Should I Pick?

Basically, the size of the step stool you intend to purchase is related directly to how high up you want to reach. Moreover, it is positively affected by the range of duties you wish to perform with the stool.

Mini folding step stools

Most of the mini folding step stools are designed for children. They feature a smaller step platform to accommodate children’s legs. They are also relatively shorter in height. Moreover, most of these have a one-step design.

Small folding step stools

These stools are taller than the mini folding step stools. These are also wider and can accommodate more weight than the mini seats. They can be available in one-step or two-step designs.

Large folding step stools

Large folding step stools are mainly designed for adults. These are made of heavy-duty materials so they can comfortably support more weight. Also, some come in more than one step and help you reach greater heights.


How Many Steps Should I Pick on Foldable Step Stools?

The number of steps and the size of the step stool are somewhat related. The steps determine how high you can get with the stool. Here, you can choose from the one-step, two-step, three-step, and four-step stools.

fold up step stool kitchen

1-step folding step stools

One-step step stools are the go-for choice when you need a good boost. These can be folded flat for easy storage. Also, they can be used with both children and adults. These one-step folding stools’ surface has skid-resistant tops that offer you fantastic comfort and safety for everyone. They are conveniently lightweight enough for children to carry it with them easily. They are multifunctional for use in the bathroom, kitchen, garden, camping, fishing, office, outdoors, and much more.

2-step folding step stools

These stools are ideal for low to medium height tasks. These include stocking shelves, overhead repairs, and filing. This impressive selection of foldable step stools can be easily carried in most places. The non-slip rubber feet offer excellent stability on any ground. It has a great weight capacity making it suitable for adults and youths. These stools are also versatile in their functions and can be used for both commercial and home use.

3-step folding step stools

Three-step folding stools are the ideal choice for maintenance jobs. You can use these stools for washing windows, painting, and making repairs. They are suitable for the home office, garage, or on the go. These are made with lightweight materials to quickly move it from one area to another with less effort. For added security, these stools are fitted with anti-slip steps. Some have rubberized feet to prevent any damage on your floors. The step platform is extra-large for a safe, comfortable, and stable place to stand while eliminating fatigue.

4-step folding step stools

The four-step stools help you perform a wide range of applications. They can get you to higher up areas safely. They are made of heavy-duty materials to enhance its durability and sturdiness. The broad steps ensure comfort and a stable footing to prevent fatigue in your legs. With a foldable design, this stool does not take up much space as it can be stored under a bed, your car’s backseat, or in a cabinet. These stools allow you to reach the high ceilings with ease and feature non-marring legs to prevent scratching on the floor. They are also lightweight, so you can quickly move them from one place to another, and have a great weight capacity for various user weights.


Should I Get a Folding Step Stool with a Handle?

modern folding step stool

Folding step stools offer great convenience, and a handle will enhance the user experience in multiple ways. It is, therefore, advisable to get a folding seat with a handle.

Firstly, step stools with handles always have a sturdy yet lightweight design. They are sturdy to support your weight comfortably. But when it comes to transportation to the desired area, they are conveniently lightweight. On top of that, the convenient carry handle allows you to take the stool everywhere.

Another thing is, these step stools with handles are versatile in their functions. They are ideal for bathrooms, kitchen, garage, closets, and RVs to easily access out-of-reach items. Folding step stools with handles is suitable for a wide range of applications. They are also kid-friendly as they can easily carry them without tumbling.


Is It Worth Buying Foldable Step Stools?

There is an excellent likelihood that you will need to reach for something in at out of reach place at some point. And to do so safely. It may be to get a jar from a shelf that is a little too high, changing a lightbulb, or climbing on the roof to clean your gutters. The only good and advisable way to do such elevated tasks are with a step stool.

Foldable step stools are a good value for your money.

These functional stools are safety certified and feature anti-skid footpads. Also, they exceed other safety standards, such as OSHA, ANSI, and so on. Moreover, they are conveniently portable and can be used in a wide range of applications. Another thing is, both adults and children can use them. They are a safer option to reach for items in unattainable spaces.

Folding step stools fold easily for storage.

They can even fold flat and be stored under a bed or between counters and appliances. Also, they are easy to use to give children an easy time as well. Also, some step stools can be used as a chair. They provide additional seating in any room and are comfortable.


How to Use a Folding Step Stool Safely?

Below are some of the precautions that you need to take when using folding step stools.

    • Always ensure that the step stool is on a level surface and on a solid floor to support all four feet. It would be best if you did not use a step stool on objects such as boxes or any other unstable bases in a bid to obtain additional height.
    • The step stool should be fully spread open and ensure to lock the spreaders. These stools should not be used when partially opened, and the locking mechanism should always be engaged when in use.
    • Ensure that you check the stool before using it-check for missing or damaged parts, the gripping/climbing surfaces’ condition, and the anti-slip feet. In case of any damage, the stool should be placed out of service.
    • Each step stool features anti-slip feet at the bottom. You should ensure that they are always present and in good condition. The surfaces you intend to use the step stools should not be slippery.
    • Any time you are descending or ascending the stool, ensure that you face toward the stool.
    • The step stool should be set up close to the work you are performing. Your body should be near the steps to prevent tipping that may result from over-reaching.
    • It would be best if you never tried to move the step stool while you are still on it- you need first to descend, relocate it, and then re-climb the stool.
    • The step stools should be located far from chemical vapors and excessive heat. Also, refrain from storing any items on top of the step stool.

With these precautions duly followed, you will have a comfortable and accident-free time with the step stools.



Nowadays, folding step stools are used massively in the world. So it is a common searching issue on the internet. Hopefully, this article will be of great help as you go down this road. Never struggle again with out-of-reach items with the best folding step stools. They are designed with your safety in mind and offer great convenience.


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