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Best Home Office Chairs for Home Business Needs – Reviews & Buying Guide

Many people are now starting a home business now. If you are also one of them, or if you have already got one, then you are sure to need the best home office chair.

Whether you work as a freelance writer or a web designer, long sitting hours are inevitable. Lower back pain that comes along, however, has been the leading cause of disability worldwide. Therefore, here, I will recommend some seating solutions to prevent you from or relieve you of lower back pain.


Latest Guide on Choosing the Best Chair for Home Office

There are factors you need to consider before buying home office desk chairs. Here are some of the often-neglected ones.

1. Seat height

Whether you work in office buildings or at home, seat height is always important. Developing good postures to prevent pains from long sitting hours has many requirements. One is your willpower. And there is also a factor that can help with it: a comfortable set of desks and chairs for your height and weight.

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different sizes of aeron office chair

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2. Lumbar Support

Lumbar support is one of the most important parts of an ergonomic home office chair. A prominent problem arising from sitting is back pains. If you further look into this issue, you will find that one main culprit is the poor design of the chairs that fail to support your back. Instead, they tend to encourage bad sitting habits like slouching.

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steelcase office chairs over 1000 dollars

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3. Material

Generally speaking, there two most popular types of materials for seat and back upholstery: mesh and leather. When choosing home office chairs, the material will affect two aspects. One is the touch your chair lends to your interior design. The other is the comfort you feel while sitting on it.

The distinction in comfort lies in the padding and breathability. Leather upholstery can have thicker padding under it while mesh backs bring better airflow. It can be hard to make a choice between the two. After all, chairs with thin padding that wears easily are not suitable for intensive uses. And chairs that fail to allow for smooth airflow are not for long sitting hours since they can make you feel sweaty.

So, we can turn to the touch they lend to your home office area. One way to make a choice is to judge where your working area exactly is. If you have a specialized place, like a study, then leather can be a good fit. They will add a luxurious and professional sense.

And if you work in an open area, say, in your living room, then I’d suggest fabric chairs. They can add a sense of warmth and will look harmonious with your other decorations.

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ergonomic executive gaming chairs

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4. Wheels

In offices, you may need to roll across the floor frequently to talk with your colleagues. Plus, most offices do not have carpets so you will prefer chair casters for hard floor. At home, however, things can be different.

4.1 For Carpeted Floors or Hardwood Floors

Many homes now have carpets to protect the floor or for decorative purposes. Under such circumstances, you need to find a solution that protects your fluffy carpets while allowing you to roll smoothly. One of the ways is to buy a chair mat. Such a mat have different sizes and shapes to satisfy varying needs. So, before you buy, you need to do some measurement. Here is a simple buying guide:

#1. Size up the area you have under your desk.

#2. Measure how far away you roll your chair while sitting.

#3. Factor in the thickness of your carpet. See:

Low Profile Office Chair Mat


office chair mats for low pile carpet

Carpet Thickness: up to 1/4″

Chair Mat Thickness: Up to 1/8″

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Medium Profile Office Chair Mat

office chair mats for medium pile carpet

Carpet Thickness: Up to 3/4″

Chair Mat Thickness: Up to 3/16″

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Plush/High Profile Office Chair Mat

best office chair floor mat for high pile carpet

Carpet Thickness: Over 3/4″

Chair Mat Thickness: Over 3/16″

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#4. Beveled edges of the office chair mats will make you roll more smoothly off and back on them.

#5. Polycarbonate is an ideal alternative for glass materials if you have a limited budget.

#6. Chair mats with lips will further protect the area under your desk when you roll your chair all the way in.

If you don’t feel like cleaning the carpets and have a hardwood floor, then there are special casters for your need. These casters, unlike the common ones on chairs, will not cause harm to your floor even if you roll frequently. The most popular type is the rubber casters. They help your chairs roll smoothly and will not leave scratches on your wood floors.

4.2 Chairs on Wheels or Stationary Chairs

When you work in home offices, you are less likely to roll as often as you do in office buildings. Sometimes you may want your chair to stay in one position so that you are less distracted. If you are not sure if stationary chairs are better for you, try caster cups. All you need to do is put the cup under your casters and try for a week or more. If you find this more comfortable, you can leave the cups there. Also, some chairs come with gliding footers. They can also change your rolling chair into a stationary one.

5. Style

Many people pay extra attention to their interior design. It is not necessarily the most luxurious type, but it is sure to be what makes them feel at ease. If you are one of them, then you must be looking for a chair that matches home decor when you start your home business.

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high quality home office chair for small and short

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Top 3 Home Business Seating for Ladies

The chart above shows three home office use chairs for women. These chairs all have a pink option to satisfy your dream of being a princess. If you prefer other warm colors, then you have ivory and light grey. All the three chairs I recommend have a nice look and will add a sense of warmth to your home decor. Plus, they are so ergonomic that you will feel comfortable even if you have to work on them for long hours.

3 Best Home Office Chairs for Men

Here are the top 3 picks for men. Many men love playing games, so it is convenient to buy the best gaming chair. The one I select has Bluetooth-connected speakers that can play music to fuel your gaming sessions. Plus, considering that some people are overweight or tall, all these three chairs have a weight capacity above average. They also have high backs that can protect your back and relieve you of back pains and shoulder pains.

Reviews of the 7 Best Chairs for Home-Based Business

Here are the reviews of the 7 best chairs for stay-at-home guys’ work.

1. Best Ergonomic – Comfortable Aeron PostureFit SL Home Office Chair for Back Pain

expensive lumbar support chair for back pain


Key Features:

  • PostureFit SL support on chair back to relieve lumbar pain
  • Fully adjustable lumbar support
  • 3 sizes for small, medium-build, and big guys
  • Smart tilting features
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If you are looking for the most ergonomic chair, then here it is. This Aeron chair from Herman Miller is the best seller of this brand. It has 3 sizes to fit for people of varying heights and weights. Size A is for small and short guys and will not be too large for them to feel the arm support. B-sized ones are the most popular one because they are fit for people of average build – generally 5’3″ – 6’6″ tall, 140 – 300 lbs. C size, as you can infer, is for big and tall guys.

The only thing you need to consider before you buy is the high price, but they are worth the investment. The unique PostureFit SL system will give you the kind of support you can never feel on other low-price chairs.

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2. Best Selling – High Back Leather Computer Desk Chairs for Home Under $200

big and tall leather home office chairs


  • Key Features:
  • 3 colors of leatherette upholstery
  • A low price under $200
  • Thick padding on the seat and back
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Looking for the most popular home office chair? This AmazonBasics product is on hand. If you are bad at deciding which chair to buy, then this is when you can go with the tide. After all, chairs are what we use every day, and they will not have such a high sales number if they are of low quality. Moreover, I have seen many customers recommending this chair to people around them.

So, no more hesitation. Go ahead and buy this ergonomic and cheap office chair for your home workstation.

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3. Best Cheap – Fully Reclining Gaming Chair with Lumbar Cushion for Back Support

ergonomic executive gaming chairs


Key Features:

  • Adjustable & detachable lumbar and head pillows
  • 3.15″ thick padding on the seat
  • Reclines from 90 to 180 degrees
  • A low price under $100
  • Ideal and long gaming and working hours
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Gaming chairs are designed for consecutive sitting hours as games often last long. Home business, coincidentally, also last for hours every workday. Therefore, you can consider this product if your old chairs make you uncomfortable at the end of the day.

These gaming chairs have a thickly padded seat. Also, they have excellent reclining functions. The 90-degree angle is best for working in front of computers. If you need to read books, the 120° position is the best for your eyes. Then, you can also further recline to 150 degrees to watch a movie. The fully reclining position at 180 degrees allows you to take a nap to refresh yourself.

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4. Best for Posture – Dragonn Adjustable Kneeling Desk Chair with Thick Padding

Orthopedic Ergonomic Kneeling Chair


Key Features:

  • Immediate posture improvement once seated
  • Adjustable seat and knee pad height
  • Easy-to-maintain faux leather coverage
  • Smooth-rolling casters with designs for locking
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If you have long been troubled by bad sitting postures as I do, then I’d recommend this kneeling chair for you. Don’t be scared away by the new and seemingly weird sitting position. These chairs are better at promoting good postures than all your old seats. When I first sat on this Dragonn kneeling office chair, I felt immediate posture improvement.

This chair has an adjustable seat height from 21″ to 28″, which is suitable for standard-height desks. When you sit on this kneeling, you will naturally place your weight evenly across the seat. And your knees are slightly placed on the knee pads that have thick foam. So, you can feel free to work while sitting on it. Sure, it takes some time to get used to this new type of seating, but it is worth the effort.

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5. Best Active Sitting – Gaiam Exercise Ball Chair with Wheels for Overall Health

exercise ball chair with wheels


Key Features:

  • Fit for users 5′ to 5’11” tall
  • Best for work and exercise
  • Able to improve your core strength
  • Varying colors available
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Many of us spend a large part of our day working in our office but are often reluctant to spare an hour for exercises. I am not sure if the same goes for you, but I have been dreaming of burning calories while sitting and working. Surprisingly, I found these balance ball chairs that can do the magic.

While sitting on the balls, your core muscles will have to work to find balance. So, you can build up your core strength. After sitting, you can take off the ball and do some yoga exercises, which helps you keep fit and healthy. I’d recommend this fitness ball chair for men and women.

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6. Best Small Size – Armless Swivel Rolling Chair for Short Person

armless ergonomic chair


Key Features:

  • 4 colors for sale: black, blue, green, and red
  • Contoured & breathable low back
  • 2″ thick padding on the seat
  • Ideal for small places & short person
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Much as we have talked about the problems from the increasing rate of obesity, small and short guys don’t often get your due attention. Luckily, this chair with no arms is for small places and short guys. Small though they are, these chairs can meet your basic needs for an office chair, including the swivel and rolling features. Plus, they have a mesh back that make you cool even after long hours of sitting. The low back design will also allow you to vary the position of your back more often, which is flexible and comfy.

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7. Best for Bad Backs – Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair for Pain After Long Working Hours

Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair Reviews


Key Features:

  • Full-body massage to relieve you of muscle fatigue after long sitting hours
  • Space-saving zero-gravity positions for deeper and comfier massages
  • Automatic body scanning technology for customized massage sessions
  • Different massage techniques involved to relax your tired body
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However comfortable your office chair is, your muscles are prone to fatigue after sitting for too long. After all, our human body is not designed for incessant sedentary positions. So, I’d highly recommend massage chairs for your home office. They are not for you alone, but for your whole family.

A report says that an estimate of 80% of people around the world has suffered from back pains. And such massage chairs are an effective recipe. They allow you to enjoy massages without bothering to go to find a masseur. Plus, they have incorporated various massage techniques from the whole world. Whether you like Japanese shiatsu massage or prefer ancient Roman therapy, a professional massage chair can meet your needs. Also, they have vibration and heating functions to make the massage sessions more soothing.

This Kahuna LM6800 I select is a popular pick. It has zero-gravity positions that allow you to lie flat on the chair. At the fully reclining position, the chair will fully hug you and cure you of muscle tension.

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What Is the Best Home Office Chair Like

The definition of an office in its typical sense is getting vague by the day. With more and more people using some part of their homes as an office, the traditional concept of an office-building housing office wear is fast fading away.

However, using your house as an office does not mean that you convert some of your home furniture to use as your home office furniture. If this is done, it reduces one’s efficiency, consequently affecting the amount of work done. In this regard, it is important to have in place, appropriate office furniture that allows you to optimize your working environment to have the most done.

One of the most important elements of office furniture in your home is the office chair. While purchasing office furniture, great care should go to in choosing the best home office chair.

High Back Executive Leather Ergonomic Office Chair

New High Back Executive Leather Ergonomic Office Chair Metal Base O15

Chair Reviews: * This chair is tall and gets enough padding for extended periods of sitting.

* And the headrest is tall enough for good posture for a movie or to just relax.

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1. Elements or Features to Look for in A Home Office Chair

Depending on a person’s needs, there are many features that can be of interest and paramount to have in a home office chair. However, there are those features that cut across many people. Such features include the material used in making the chair. The use of good material should enhance the circulation of air thus preventing the accumulation of sweat. It should also be long-lasting.

The design of the chair should also be ergonomically efficient to avoid sustaining long-term back problems. Just as in the case of a typical office, office ergonomics is important to consider if you plan to spend many hours in your home office.

Mid Back Mesh Ergonomic Computer Desk Office Chair

Mid Back Mesh Ergonomic Computer Desk Office Chair O12
Chair Reviews: Reasonably priced & highly functional. Fit for small home and small desk use, you can sit for long periods of time with no back pain.

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2. Personal Factors

Aside from the determining factors mentioned above, there are other personal factors that you should consider. For instance, while choosing a home office chair, you should consider whether that particular chair is fit for playing games, watching TV, or the chair if fit to share as a couple, sometimes your kids or pet may like to sit on your thighs to enjoy time with you.

Flash Furniture Hercules Big & Tall Black Mesh Office Chair

Flash Furniture Hercules Series Capacity Big and Tall Black Mesh Office Chair

Chair Reviews: Hold up to 400 lbs, durable, and comfortable chair. Very perfect for people to run a business at home, or for people to spend a long time in front of the computer.

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