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15 Best Guest Chairs for Waiting Rooms Your Visitors Will Love

Whether your office is big or small, waiting rooms, or waiting areas, are a must. To receive your guests, you will need elaborate decorations as well as comfortable seating. And this is why I am reviewing the best guest chairs for you.

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What Is the Best Guest Chair on the market?


What Is An Office Guest Chair?

An office guest chair is set at the reception or a waiting area of an office. The chairs are designed in different styles where some feature single seating styles, while others are suitable for multiple seating. The guest chairs can either be permanently fixed or in a movable form.

What Is Office Guest Room Seating Like?

Except for the common office chairs, there are also many fun options for the reception area. I have reviewed some top-quality reception area seating above. And here I would like to give you more choices. Some of them will satisfy your special needs like space-saving storage while some will provide more elegant and unique accents for your place.

1. Standard Reception Chairs

Speaking of waiting chairs, the following picks are probably what you first recall. They come with or without wheels and arms. These chairs, also known as side chairs, boast different designs. Many are heavy duty and can stand up to heavy traffic use.

2. Folding Chairs

Foldable chairs are a hot pick for waiting rooms. These chairs make for room-saving storage because you can fold them up. This is helpful if you need to clean your waiting room frequently. They are also ideal if you need these chairs only temporarily.

3. Stacking Chairs

Like foldable guest chairs, stacking reception chairs are of great, too. These chairs can stack on top of one another when you don’t need them. This is convenient when you need to use them in different rooms. Meanwhile, you can rearrange your reception area more easily.

4. Nesting Chairs

Nesting chairs are a combination of folding chairs and stacking chairs. They seats can flip up. In this way, you can nest them into one another. So, these mobile chairs allow for space-saving storage and easy transportation.

5. Tablet Arm Chairs

Reception chairs with tablet arms are a wise investment. They are like mobile and lightweight sets of desks and chairs. You can take notes on the desk arm during the meeting. Also, when interviewees come, they can fill in your application forms or take your written emams sitting on the chairs.

6. Guest Reception Benches

Guest reception benches vary a lot in design. Some of them have a very simple look and are common in hospitals and airports. Some boast a more unique look and can blend with your contemporary waiting rooms very well. The wooden frame with leather upholstery will look very elegant. The feeature they all share is that they can seat many people. This makes them an economical choice.

7. Loveseats

Loveseats are two-seat couches. That is, they will accommodate two average-sized people. Towards the end of the 1700s, chairs that seat only one person came into vogue. But at that time, wider dresses were the trend. So, to make for more comfy seating, love seats came out. And they are warmly welcomed until now.

8. Sofa Couch

Sofas are a very comfy choice in reception area. They make your office more home-like and your guests will feel warm. Also, your employees will love the investment.

How to Choose the Best Guest Chairs

If you have no ideas about how to choose the best guest chairs for your office and your guests, check our advanced guidance below.

1. Number of Guests

This is probably your top priority when you buy guest chairs. If the chairs are for heavy traffic uses, those capable of seating multiple people are more convenient. For example, it is more practical to place benches in the airport than to place legions of one-seat chairs. But if only a few clients will come and visit you from time to time, it is weird to place hospital benches in the reception area. Instead, you can buy chairs with a more inviting look. Then, both your visitors and you will be in a better mood.

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dental office waiting room chairs

2. Budget

Guest seating is available at varying prices. The premium sofa couches may cost thousands of dollars. Meanwhile, the folding plastic chair sets can cost only around 100 bucks. So, before you make your purchase, check your budget and how many chairs you want. This will help you find your favorite seating more quickly.

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fabric waiting room chairs

3. Size of Room and Chair

If you search on Amazon, you will find an unlimited variety of guest chairs. Some are small ones seating only one person at a time. Others may be the long couches that can turn into a sleeper sofa. To make a wise investment, you will need to keep in mind the size of your room and the chairs you want to buy.

Be sure not to buy the chairs with a size not matching your rooms. Oversize chairs will dwarf your reception area. And extra small chairs in large rooms do not look nice.

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small couch chair

4. Portability

Sometimes you will need the chairs for temporary uses, like on an outdoor event. Under such circumstances, it is impractical to buy new chairs within a limited budget. This is when the guest chairs can help. Of course, what I mean here are the lightweight chairs that you can move easily, not those heavy-duty sofas.

Thus, to buy a portable chair, you will need to check their weight. Plus, the nesting chairs are a breeze to move. Also, folding chairs and stacking chairs are good choices as you can move them in piles.

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contemporary nesting chair

5. Storage

Folding chairs and stacking chairs are good not only because of their portability but also due to their space-saving storage. When you want to clean up your waiting area, you will find this a surprisingly good quality. Besides, this is convenient when you need to use your reception area for other purposes temporarily. You can fold or stack them up and place them in the corner. Then, you can use the room.

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Stacking Banquet Chair

6. Backrest

Reception chairs with back will provide more support when your guests sit down. This will be especially relieving when you are placing them in hospitals. The reason for this is simple. Most people are feeling pains there. So, even a tiny consolation will be effective.

But if you have a limited budget, it is OK not to invest in the backrests. After all, in most cases, people will not sit on visitor chairs for too long. Plus, a comfortable seat will make you for the loss of a backrest.

Multiple Office Chair Choices For Back Pain:

7. Upholstery

Many reception chairs do not come with padding. Such chairs are an economical choice if people come and go in your place and won’t stay long. The benches in airports and metro stations, for example, often do not have paddings.

However, if you want to invest in comfortable seating for your visitors, don’t forget about padding. Thick cushions on the back and seat will provide pleasing sitting periods for people. Meantime, you can choose sofas, too. Leather sofas for guests are easy to clean while fabric couches in the reception area will lend a sense of warmth to your place.

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Contemporary Guest Office Chair

8. Armrest

Some chairs are armless while some have a tablet arm. They will satisfy different needs.

In your offices, waiting room chairs with arms will offer more comfort for your clients. But in airport halls, armless benches are a wiser investment.

For classrooms, chairs with tablet arms are super convenient and cost-effective. They can act as a set of desk and chair, providing your students with places to read and write. Meanwhile, you don’t need to bother to buy desks. This helps you save time and money. Moreover, such chairs are often lightweight and folding, so you can easily move and store them.

If you are into couches, some of them have foldable arms. They can stand in a 90-degree position. Also, they can lay down to make the couches a sleeper sofa. This will be a good addition to your waiting room and break room.

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big and tall 1000 lbs guest chairs

9. Quality

This is very important when choosing chairs for waiting rooms.

Generally speaking, there are two types of waiting rooms. One is the place where people wait for an appointment with others such as in conference rooms. For example, job seekers waiting for an interview, or your clients waiting to see you. The other type is the waiting hall in airports or rail stations. Whichever type you belong to, I bet you will never want to let down people in the waiting area.

Therefore, be sure to buy high-quality waiting chairs for your office and home.

Reviews of the 8 Best Guest Chairs for Waiting on the Market

Flattened by the limitless choices of guest room chairs? Here I will provide you more detailed reviews of the best reception seating to help you make an informed choice.

1. Best Guest Chair – Hot Selling HERCULES Series Waiting Area Folding Chair

plastic waiting room chair

Editor’s Note:

  • Storage: folding
  • Weight capacity: 650 lbs
  • Different colors available
  • Very cheap price for mass purchase
  • Material: metal & plastic

▶ Buy Now

Looking for guest chairs for large traffic use? This is the one with the highest sales on Amazon. A pack of 10 chairs is attainable at less than $200. Such a cheap price makes it a worthwhile purchase for your office settings.

Meantime, these chairs boast a weight capacity of 650 lbs, way higher than the standard 250 lbs. In this way, such chairs will stay sturdy after using it for a long time. Also, this is good news for places where people come and go.

If you want chairs for temporary uses, then fold them up for space-saving storage. Since they are lightweight, it is a breeze to move them to the storeroom.

Besides, many colors are available to blend with your waiting room decor. The low-profile colors like beige and black will silently provide comfy seating for your guests. Meanwhile, the red and blue ones will lend a sense of liveliness to your places. If you don’t fancy these options, brown, grey and white versions are on hand too.

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2. Best Budget Fabric Upholstered Home Office Guest Chairs

fabric waiting room chairs

Editor’s Note:

  • Storage: stacking
  • Weight capacity: 800 lbs
  • Thick padding on seat and back
  • Waterfall edge design on the seat for comfort
  • Good for home offices
  • Abundant color options
  • Cheap price

▶ Buy Now

Searching for more comfort for your guests? Here are the receptions with thick padding and high-quality upholstery.

These chairs take pride in their 4″ thick foam, which offers ultimate to their users. The seat has a waterfall edge measuring 5 inches. This helps provide more support for the users’ legs and thus reduces stress while sitting. Further, the premium fabric upholstery will last during long-time uses so you don’t need to bother changing your visitor chairs too often. Such features will tell your visitors that you value them much.

Besides, the chairs come in over 10  colors, each offering a different tone to your reception area furniture. Some of them have dotted patterns while some have only pure colors. It will also be a wise choice to mix these two groups. After all, people all have different tastes. A mixture can provide varying seating for your visitors to look less boring.

Moreover, this fabric reception seating can hold up to 800 lbs. Of course, your guests will hardly weigh 800 lbs. However, such a seating capacity stand for its stability and durability. I mean, which one do you think will last longer in waiting rooms where a lot of people come and go – the ones holding only 300lbs, or those holding 800 pounds? The answer is self-evident. These 800-pound-capacity waiting chairs are more reliable.

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3. Cheap Guest Chair – Customer’s Favorite Bariatric Vinyl Waiting Room Chairs

big and tall 1000 lbs guest chairs

Editor’s Note:

  • Very high rating with over 1,000 reivews
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs
  • Anti-bacterial vinyl for a clean envronment
  • Padded back, seat and arms
  • OFM limited lifetime warranty
  • Simple all black construction

▶ Buy Now

If you go check these items on Amazon, you will be surprised by their sales and rating. If you don’t want to spend too much time selecting reception desk chairs, go ahead and get these.

They have generous padding on the back and seat. This makes for comfortable seating even in a short period. Well, comfort is important regardless of the time you spend on the chairs. As you know, guest chairs are for your visitors, who might be your interviewees, clients or your friends. I bet you don’t want to let anyone of them down. In waiting rooms, satisfying seats count a lot.

Besides, these office visitor chairs employ anti-bacterial vinyl. This is noteworthy because it helps keep your reception area free of germs. People will feel more relaxed and refreshing in a clean environment. And I bet you will be happy to see that.

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4. Best Rating Steel Folding Chair with Left-handed Tablet Arm

folding guest chair with tablet arm

Editor’s Note:

  • Storage: folding
  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs
  • Convenient tablet arm
  • Available at low prices
  • Great additions to your reception area, conference room, classroom and home
  • Easy to clean

▶ Buy Now

As you can see from the picture, what differs these chairs from others is the left-handed tablet arm for the lefty. Also, there is a right-handed version. Both will cater to the needs of people writing with either hand. Placing these two types together in your office will look nice. But the benefit does not end with the decorative functions. These waiting room chairs with desk arms are super convenient and helpful.

They are ideal during meetings which many people attend and need to take notes in the process. If you have a large conference room and enough budget, you can get a large table and many chairs. However, if your room is relatively small and your budget is low, these chairs will help.

Also, such tablet armchairs are good for interviews. They provide the job seekers a place to sit down freely while filling in your application forms. And so, this makes for accommodating many interviewees at the same time.

Except for conference rooms and reception areas, these chairs are also for classrooms. Instead of investing in table and chair sets, this one-piece will accommodate one person. In this way, it is an economical and space-saving choice. I do recommend you to buy these chairs with writing arms if you want to start your training institution.

Additionally, you can use them at home. Taking them as your study is a convenient and space-saving solution for small homes. Of course, you can do your work on the desk arm. Meantime, you can sit on the chair watching TV, with your smacks on the arm. Plus, it is easy to clean the tables. So, go ahead and get yourself one.

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5. Modern Office Guest Chairs – Upholstered Brown Faux Leather Office Guest Chairs

leather waiting room chairs

Editor’s Note:

  • Removable and comfortable cushions
  • 3 colors available: balck, brown and grey
  • Elegant dark walnut finish
  • Wooden frame with leather upholstery
  • Adding a vintage mid-century tone to your place

▶ Buy Now

If you want mid-century guest chairs, here is your top pick. These chairs have a sturdy and durable wood frame with high-quality faux leather upholstery. The dark walnut finish makes the chairs look more charming and inviting than other. The upholstery come in 3 colors, black, brown and grey. Each of the three options will blend with other reception furniture easily.

Buying these chairs for waiting rooms will be a worthwhile investment. Their unique and elegant look will speak for your taste. In addition to a pleasing visual experience, your guests will enjoy comfy sitting spells, too. The premium seat cushions will provide comfort the minute they sit down on them. Both qualities will help make your guests happy.

Also, if you don’t feel like the cushions, or if you want to clean them, you can take them off. This is quite convenient if you love keeping all your furniture clean and tidy.

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6. Guest Waiting Room Chairs – Colorful Modern Side Chair Sets for Reception Rooms

modern office waiting room chairs

Editor’s Note:

  • Weight capacity: 275 lbs
  • 7 colors available
  • Ergonomic seat and back design for comfort
  • Low price
  • Simple assembly
  • Good for commercial and home uses

▶ Buy Now

Though these chairs look simple, they actually boast an ergonomic design. The curvedabck and seat will make users feel at ease when sitting down. Even after just a few minitues of sitting, your guests will know you have selected comfortable chairs for them.

Plus, there are currently 7 colors available. The orange, blue or dark green sets will add color to your places. And it will be refreshing and relaxing to see these varying colors in offices. Also, they will brighten up your guest’s mood, too. If you want more low-profile sets, the black, grey, white and brown ones are on hand. These guest chairs will easily blend with your decor and look good wherever you place them.

Also, the manufacturers have kept your troubles in assembling furniture in mind. Many chairs with similar design require much effort to put them together. These picks, however, allow you to finish easy assembly with 15 minutes. If you are not the DIY type, hit the jump and buy these colorful and comfortable chairs for your reception area.

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7. Guest and Reception Chairs – Top-rated Hospital Reception Chairs for Commercial Uses

dental office waiting room chairs

Editor’s Note:

  • Weight capacity for each chair: 330 lbs
  • 2-seat and 3-seat versions available
  • Capable of heavey-traffic outdoor uses
  • Great for hospitals, airports and waiting area
  • More discounts for larger purchases
  • Good customer services promised

▶ Buy Now

These chairs are the high-quality seating designed for hospitals, airports and other waiting area. As you have experienced in daily life, they can accommodate two or three people at easy. The 2-seat versions are like simple loveseats. The 3-seat one are more convenient for heavy uses. A mixture of them two qill be more flexible, since you can decide where to place the longer version and where to plce the 2-seat ones.

Plus, these waiting benches employ a stainless steel frame with high-quality PU leather upholstery. This allows them to stand up to outdoor uses. The frame will not stain in the rain or rot due to sunlight. Meantime, PU leather is easy to maintain. So, these chairs will perform well even if you place them in wet or sunny places.

Moreover, the manufacturer promises to offer discounts. And the larger the purchase, the more the discount. So, if you are looking for cheap waiting room benches, buying these picks will not let you down.

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8. Leather Guest Chairs for Office – Loveseat & Sleeper Sofa with Adjustable Arms for Guests

sleeper couch

Editor’s Note:

  • Adjustable from loveseats to sleeper couches
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs
  • Ideal for small places
  • Magazine storage pockets on the arm
  • 5 colors available
  • Adding warm tones to your rooms
  • Material: linen / fabric

▶ Buy Now

Hesitating between loveseats and sleeper couches? Here come multifunctional ones that are adjustable from loveseats to sofa beds. When both arms are in a 90-degree position, they can seat two standard-size people. And when you lay down the arms, two more average-size persons can sit on the sofa. Also, in this position, the couches can act as a sleeper. So, you can put these couches in your break room, too.

Besides, there are magazine storage pockets on the arms. You can place in some magazines or your company brochure. In this way, your guests can kill time when they are waiting in your reception area.

Moreover, whether as loveseats or as sleeping couches, these pieces are ideal for small places. Their manufacturer, Novogratz, is experienced in providing elegant and comfortable seating for petite rooms. Choose your favorite ones from the 5 colors, black, berry, gray, navy, and tan. All of them will add a sense of warmth to your room. And there is sure to be at least one pick that best suits your decor.

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Whether you are operating a small or a large business firm, having an office guest chair is crucial. The office chair helps to control the customers’ services around the reception area. Other than this, a guest chair provides comfort to the guests as they can rest there while they wait to be ushered for the meeting.

Why Are Waiting Room/ Guest Chairs Important?

guest waiting room chairs

· Provides safe accommodation

The majority of the waiting room chairs are designed to accommodate everyone safely and comfortably. The waiting room chairs are designed with high capacity such that, even the heavy-weight people can comfortably sit on them. They also feature a relatively reasonable height for all people, including the kids to reach.

· Provides comfort

The guest waiting chairs provide comfort in many ways. For example, the seats ensure the guests have a place to sit while waiting on the line. The guest chairs that are well -cushioned and positioned in a good space to give a good outdoor view encourages the guests to relax physically and mentally. Note that uncomfortable chairs may cause the guest to stiffen or even fidget which may trigger them to leave or be stressed. Therefore, always go for chairs that are made with comfortable materials.

· Ensures order in the company

With guest chairs, you don’t necessarily need to monitor the movements of the guests around the office. It is easy to follow up on the guests’ appointments and you can also easily reach them in case you need to inquire something regarding the meetings for example, in some places like the hospital.

· Provides a hospitality area

In most offices, the waiting room provides a space where you can serve your guests some refreshments. So, a comfortable chair and a table provide a good and stable sitting area for your guests to enjoy the refreshments.

· Makes the reception or waiting room look elegant

The kind of furniture you have set in the waiting area can help pimp your reception area. The chairs are the first things that the guests see when they enter the office, and they also help create an impression of your company and the kind of services you provide. So, even when choosing guest chairs, make sure to select the colors that match with the office, and bring out your company’s theme.

How to Take Care of/Clean the Guest Chairs?

Due to the constant use by different people, office guest chairs ought to trap a lot of dirt and debris. So, make sure to always keep them clean and tidy. The following are simple steps on how to care and clean guest chairs.

  • Using a towel, grab or pick all the visible debris on the chair. Always do this occasionally to prevent the debris from getting stuck on the chairs.
  • If there is any spillage on the chair, make sure to clean it off before it stains the seat.
  • Use the right cleaning products to clean the chairs. The chairs are made with different materials where some may require
  • vacuuming while others require being wiped with a damp cloth. So, check from the sale tag to see the procedures to follow when cleaning the chair and the recommended cleaning products.

How to Make Your Waiting Room Less Boring for Guests?

guest chairs

There are so many ways that you can use to spice up your office waiting or guests’ area. For example,

  • Hang wall decors or any arts-related to your company’s work.
  • Offer refreshments and snacks to your guests you can add a table and set your snacks there for the guests to access.
  • If it is a public premise with kids’ access, consider adding a children’s play area.
  • Ensure the area is neat by reducing clutter.

Can Using Good Office Guest Chairs Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line?

One way to ensure good customer care services by ensuring all your customers are well catered for including those who visit your offices. Therefore, having comfortable, and well-set chairs help the guests feel welcome and at ease. So, guest chairs do play a role in improving the company’s bottom line.

Final Verdict

When you buy guest chairs, never forget to invest in high-quality ones. This will help you satisfy your clients. Meantime, these chairs can stand up to heavy-traffic and abusive uses. In this way, you don’t need to change your chairs frequently, which is a waste of time and money. So, I would like to highly recommend the chairs we have selected for you. Choose your favorite ones and make them a nice addition to your place that your competitors will envy.

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fabric waiting room chairs

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