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The 25+ Best Kids Step Stools Reviews For VARIOUS Use

As kids grow, they want to be independent. Now with these sturdy and safe step stools, they can do it! These gadgets are strong enough to give your child a safe boost, yet lightweight enough for them to carry it from room to room. They are indeed a must-have in any home, not just for the kids but also for adults. They help the kids perform a wide range of tasks- be it going to the toilet alone, washing hands afterward, helping you out in the kitchen, or reaching for books or toys on top of a shelf. They are a safe alternative to arm and any other rickety chairs. Read on to find out more about kids step stools.

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Our Top Pick:

#1. Best OveralliLove 2 Step Stool For Kids
“Plastic material features a lightweight and easy-moving performance, allowing kids to use it in the kitchen or in the bathroom at ease.”

#2. Best FoldableHandy Laundry Lightweight Folding Step Stools
“Foldable design with a handle right on the seat gives kids a chance to take it around, sturdy frame guarantees durability and safety in use.”

#3. Best WoodenWOOD CITY Toddler Step Stool For Kids
“Non-slip feet protect kids from falling off on the stool, and makes it easier to use for both hardwood floor and tile floor.”

#4. Best For Potty TrainingSKYROKU Potty Training Toilet Stool
“Reasonable height design fits most of the toilet, adjustable ladders suit both large toddlers and small kids to learn potty at the early stage.”

#5. Best For KitchenKidzWerk Wooden StepStool For Kitchen Counter Learning
“Birchwood material promises sturdy frame, while the white color adds up modern look for kitchen island use by kids.”

#6. Best For BedHOUCHICS Multi-Purpose 2-Step Stool
“Multiple contemporary colors are available for different home decor, 2-step stool allows small kids to climb safely and easily on the bed.”

Quick Pick on the Top-rated Best Kids Step Stools


How to Pick the Best Kids Step Stool?

Kids step stools come in a wide range of designs. They are also suited for different purposes. Choosing one may be a daunting task. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision.

best kids step stool


You need to evaluate the purpose of the stool and your storage options. With this in mind, you can choose the ideal stool that will perfectly meet your needs. The stool should not be too high or low for the intended task. Also, it should not be too large that it gives you trouble moving and storing it. Most manufacturers indicate the dimensions of the stool.

Safety features

Safety is the top priority when it comes to kids’ step stools. The step stools should have safety features to give you peace of mind. These include non-slip surfaces that keep them from sliding off. Usually, the rubber material is used for the top surface. Another feature is non-skid feet to prevent the stool from gliding under their feet.

Weight capacity

It is a good idea to get a step stool that can comfortably accommodate the users’ weight. This factor is determined by the type of material used in its construction. The material used should be steady, strong, and durable. The kids step stools available in the market can accommodate weights ranging from 200 to 300 pounds.


Before buying a kids step stool, you need to consider the available space for storing the stool when it is not in use. You can consider the folding models for smaller storage spaces, while for larger areas, you can go for the molded step stools that will meet your needs.

Stool usage

The intended purpose should always be in mind as you choose a step stool. For frequent use, you need a step stool that will fit the goal with the right material. The popular step stools include wooden, plastic, fiberglass, and aluminum, which are more portable.


The stool price is an essential factor as it will determine the stool that you ultimately purchase. You are advised to look for the best quality step stool that is within your budget range.

Extra features

Some step stools come with extra features for a better user experience. These include handles for easy transportation and sides for enhanced safety. Moreover, some step stools come with a warranty. This gives you the confidence that the stool does what it is built to do. Kids step stools come in a wide range of colors so they can choose their favorite color. You can select the color that matches your décor as well. Some step stools feature adjustable heights to offer more options for the usage, users, and development stages.


The 24 Best Kids Step Stool Reviews

#1. Best Valuable – iLove 2 Step Stools For Multiple Uses

modern kids step stool

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#2. Best Folding – Handy Laundry Lightweight Stools For Kids and Adults

kids wooden step stool

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#3. Best Stackable – Tiawudi Anti-slip Kids Step Stools 

plastic kids step stools

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#4. Best Wooden – WOOD CITY Bathroom and Kitchen Kids Step Stool

modern kids step stool

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#5. Best Sturdy – BABYBJORN White Cheap Step Stool

best kids step stool

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#6. Best For Potty Training – SKYROKU Potty Training Toilet Stool

kids two step stool

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#7. Best Lightweight – Jool Baby Children Step Stool

kids bathroom step stool

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#8. Best For Kitchen Learning – KidzWerk Wooden White Kids Step Stools

kid step stool for reaching kitchen

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#9. Best Double-Up – Skip Hop Toddler Step Stools

kids step up stool

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#10. Best For Siblings – Simplay3 2 Sided Super Wide Step Stool For Kids

dual kids step stools

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#11. Best with Storage – ECR4Kids Sprout Stool For Kids and Adults

kids step up stool

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#12. Best with Back Support – ACSTEP Folding Step Stools with Seat

personalized kids step stool

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#13. Best For Multiple Use – Squatty Potty Kids Step Stools

kids safety step stool

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#14. Best with Two-step – B. spaces Kids Wooden Step Stool

best kids step stool

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#15. Best Bamboo – Growing Up Green Wooden Bar Stools

kids step stools with bamboo material

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#16. Best For Counter and Bathroom Sink – WOOD CITY Kitchen Helper Stool

kitchen use kids step stools

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#17. Best For Bedroom – HOUCHICS Multi-Purpose Kids Step Stools

kids ii step stool

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#18. Best with Height Adjustment – Little Partners Wooden Step Stools with Handles

foldable kids step stool

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#19. Best Portable – Husun Foam Step Stools For Outdoors

kids kitchen step stool

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#20. Best with Large Weight Capacity – Wildkin Slatted Wooden Step Stools

2 tier step stool kids

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#21. Best with Handles – Guidecraft Kitchen Helper Stools with Quality

kids kitchen step stool

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#22. Best Convertible – ComfyBumpy Kitchen Step Stool and Desk For Toddlers

kids step up stool

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#23. Best Modern – Simplay3 Handy Home 2-Step Plastic Stool

kidkraft step stool

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#24. Best with Wide Platform – Richards Homewares Portable Lightweight Step Stools

kids step stool with name

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Where Do Kids Need Step Stools For?

Step stools come in handy for a wide range of applications.

kids counter step stool

For Kitchen

Many of the kitchen cabinets are beyond the reach of the kids. And that is where the kids’ step stools come in handy. They help them safely retrieve dishes and food from the cabinets. When your child wants to help you out in preparing meals in the kitchen, the step stools give them a boost to the preparation table or kitchen island. With the right seat, your child can comfortably reach for kitchen countertops. You may also send them on errands, such as washing fruits on the kitchen sink without worrying.

For Bathroom

Kids’ step stools are an essential addition in the bathroom. They boost kids to reach for the shower curtain or to reach on top of the medicine cabinet. They are also convenient whenever they want to reach for the faucet or perform other activities in the bathroom, such as brushing teeth. They also enable them to wash their hands adequately and look in the mirror when necessary.

For Potty Training

At some stage of their development, kids require potty training. This may be a challenging stage but made easier by the step stools for potty training. They come in various designs, such as the potty seat or the combo set. They help the children adapt to toilet seats faster and make your work easier. They have unique ergonomic designs and are made with kid-friendly materials, so they do not affect them.

When your child is learning how to potty train, climbing up the toilet may prove to be a difficult task for them. Step stools for potty training are a must-have in toddlers’ development. They help you attain a significant milestone when it comes to helping the toddlers achieve potty training skills.

For Sink

Often, children cannot reach for the sink to comfortably wash their hands or other things. These stools come in handy, so they do not stand on their tiptoes to reach for the sink. They provide the much-needed boost for safe use of the sink. Knowing it is high time for them to reach the sinks themselves, you need an appropriate step stool. They can also quickly grab a cup of water from the sink and easily wash their hands.

For Bed

Toddler step stools are excellent to have in the bedroom. With their toys and books tucked away on shelves, it may not be easy to access them. But with the help of the step stools, they can safely retrieve them. Also, they cannot climb on top of their beds without some help. You do not always have to be there to help them up if you have a step stool in the bedroom.


What Are the Best Types of Kids Step Stools to Choose?

Kid’s step stools differ in build, features, and specifications. Here are the common ones.

Wooden Step Stools

Wooden step stools are made from sustainable and kid-friendly wood materials. They are sturdy enough to give your child the required boost, yet lightweight for easy transportation. They are broad and robust, so your child does not tip over. The hard constructed wood material makes them durable for extended service use. They have non-slip top surfaces and non-skid feet to ensure the safety of your child. These stools are also easy to clean and come in different colors so you can choose an ideal one.

Folding Step Stools

Folding step stools are well suited for bringing the high ceilings and shelves within reach for grabbing, cleaning, and installing, and then you can easily stow them away once you are done with your task. These are very advantageous when it comes to space-saving as you can fit them in a closet, pantry, or between a washer and dryer. They are designed to lock in place when opened and in use. The steps are comprehensive to ensure secure footing. Many of them are conveniently lightweight and feature integrated handles for easy transportation by the kids. You can use them in the bathroom, kitchen, or closets. The best feature about these stools is that you can fold them and lightweight design for convenient storage.

2-Step Stools

Usually, two-step stools are 17 inches high. They boost kids to reach for books on top of shelves 7 feet tall. They are also the go-for option for kitchen use as you can reach for food or dishes on most kitchen cabinet shelves. They are also conveniently lightweight, so the kids can quickly move them around.

Step Stools with Handles

Some kids step stools come with integrated handles to enhance convenience. What’s more, they give the children an easy time moving them from one place to another. The handles help the children reach for sinks, shelves, and get up the toilet by themselves. Moreover, the handles make it easy for the toddler to move the stool near the sink for handwashing. Besides that, the step stools with handles are conveniently lightweight for a better user experience. These step stools are not only convenient for the children but also the parents as well.

Step Stools with Sides

Step stools with sides are a sturdy and safe companion for the kids. They have a unique design to get your child to the desired height safely. Many of them have more than one step. These stools are sturdily made with a large weight capacity so your child can use them with confidence. They come in handy in a wide range of applications such as in the kitchen, bathroom, and other places. The bottom of these stools has non-ski feet to hold them firmly on non-carpeted floors.


How Tall Should Kids Step Stools Be?

kids ii step stool

Kids step stools go a long way in allowing kids to reach new heights around the house. They are a safer and more convenient solution for curious young minds. How tall the step stools should be will solely depend on the purpose intended for the stools. There are many surfaces that the kids are unable to reach. Here are the standard heights of ideal kids step stools.

One-step stools offer a significant boost. The ideal height for this type is nine ¾ inches. You can easily tuck them in a corner or under a vanity or table. They are well suited for bathroom use to help the kids reach the shower curtain or the medicine cabinet. They also work to boost kids to the faucet.

Two-step stools are usually 17 inches tall. These can boost your kids to reach for books on a shelf seven feet high. Also, they can use it to reach for food and dishes on most kitchen cabinet shelves. The three-step stools are as tall as 26 inches to the top shelf-55 inches overall. They can help you reach the average ceiling and the garage to reach for tools hanging from the ceiling.

The three-step stools or any higher, are not commonly suited for kids.


Are Cheap Kids Step Stools Worth Buying?

Kids step stools are a worthy investment in any home. It is always advisable to go for the highest quality as they are still worth it, especially in terms of safety. Safety should be your top priority, but most cheap kids step stools do not assure this. The materials used may be of low quality and, therefore, not be able to support your toddlers’ weight. This may result in a dangerous accident.

The expensive models ensure they use the right materials that will not affect the kids in any way. They also come with extra features that are a great value for your money. Cheaper stools have limited options in terms of designs, features, and functions. The expensive ones have a wide selection and offer you and your child more options to choose from.

Buying cheap kids step stools is not a good idea as it may be expensive in the long run with repairs or replacement. Since you should stick to your budget, do not go for the cheaper ones that compromise functionality. Many a time, they are not as durable, and you may end up buying another one in a short while. Go for the high-quality models that meet all your needs and assure a sturdy and safe use.


Why Buy Modern Kids Step Stool?

Modern kids step stools are a good idea in this modern world. They come in a wide selection so you can choose the ideal one for your needs. Many of the modern kids step stools can be personalized to meet the child’s preferences and taste.

They are made with premium quality materials that put your child’s health in mind as well. These step stools have a durable construction to offer extended service use. Also, they are versatile in their functions to use them in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and many other rooms in the house.

Modern kids step stools come with added features for more convenience. Also, you need not worry about them looking like eyesores around your house. They come in a modern design with a wide variety of colors, so you can find one that blends with your décor.

Moreover, modern kids step stools offer great convenience, such as a folding design for easy storage. Some come with sides and handles for easy movement and enhanced safety. Moreover, modern step stools are a great value for your money with superb performance and functionality. They come incorporated with extra features for a better user experience for the children and parents alike.

Top-rated modern step stools for choosing:


Kids Step Stools Plan: Diy Personalized Kids Step Stool.

kids plastic step stool

For all DIY fans, here is how you can make kids step stool. This stool is not only for kids but also sturdy enough for adults as well. It is an easy build if you use a miter saw. With the cuts already done, it can take only five minutes to complete the project.

The dimensions for the step stool are 16″ by 8 ¼” by nine ¼.” For the preparation, you are required to purchase 3 feet of 1×10 boards, 3 feet of 1×3 boards, and knobs or handles(optional). The materials that you need are Elmer’s wood glue, Elmer’s wood filler, and 1 ¼” pocket hole screws.

Cut two pieces off the 1×10 to 7 ½” long, both of the ends beveled at 5 degrees off square, long point to short point, with the ends parallel to each other. Cut other two pieces of the 1×3 to 13″ long, both of the ends cut at 5-degree angles, shortest point measurement with the ends not parallel. And finally cut one piece of the 1×10 at 16″.

The tools that you require include a tape measure, speed square, pencil, safety glasses, ear protection, Kreg jig, drill, jigsaw, and miter saw. Remember to take all the necessary precautions to build safely and smartly. Use glue with finish nails for a stronger hold.


Safety Use of Kids’ Steps Stools

When it comes to buying kids step stools, do not entirely concentrate on the vibrant colors and decorations. They may be an essential aspect of fulfilling childcare experience and stimulate young children. But safety is vital and should not be an afterthought.

The step stool should have a wide footprint, so your child is not left standing on tiptoes trying to reach items. They may be easily thrown off balance and fall off. Also, ensure that the step stool meets all safety standards. It should feature a non-slip surface to keep your child steady and stable. The feet should be fitted with non-skid materials that will prevent the stool from gliding under their feet. Knowing children for being jumpy and wiggly, these features are a must-have in the step stools. They should be OSHA and ANSI approved.

Besides that, the step stools should be securely stored when not in use. If haphazardly placed, they could fall on the young ones and result in serious injuries. Keep in mind that you should store them in easily accessible areas for the children to use them when needed. It is crucial to avoid placing the step stools near stoves, hot plates, or propane gas. The curious minds might easily reach for these and get hurt. Also, sharp or fragile devices and utensils should be out of reach.



Purchasing a kids step stool for your home is one of the best and ideal ideas you can implement. A step stool becomes essential once your kid wants to do things by themselves. They give your toddler those extra few inches to reach new heights. When you have a step stool that is affordable, high-quality, and is safe for your toddler, you will have peace of mind knowing that your little one will be safe while completing their daily activities.

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