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The Top 10 Best Kitchen Counter Stools You Will Need For Kitchen Areas

Kitchen stools are very important in our daily life. Stools are a beneficial addition to our kitchen; that’s why it is essential to choose the right one at any given point in life. Here in this article, we would give the top 10 best kitchen counter stools reviews.

Now, let’s start!

Quick Pick on Best Kitchen Counter Stools

Our Top Pick:

#1. Best Overall – AmazonBasics Saddle Seat

“Hardwood design with brown color bears large weight capacity and perfectly suits your modern or other decors.”

#2. Best Stylish Type – Nathan James 21302 Hylie Nailhead

“Nailhead trim adds up a stylish look, light grey brings a sleek modern look.”

#3. Best Wooden Type – Hillsdale Furniture Saddle Counter Stool

” Upholstered seat design makes it comfortable even for sitting a long time, while the wooden leg makes it sturdy.”

#4. Best Swivel Stools – Bar Stools Counter Height Adjustable Bar Chairs

“Swivel shape allows a convenient chat with others, black color frees your time on cleaning.”

#5. Best Modern Type Walker Edison Stool

“Light brown color gives it a delightful look, the mid-back gives basic support to your back.”

How High Should the Stool Be For Counter?

The counter stools are always low compared to bar ones. The main difference between them comes in height. The recommended height for counter tables should be around 24 to 27 inches. And the tables are usually above 35 inches high from the ground level.

How High Should a Kitchen Island Be?

Nowadays the Islands are standard in our kitchen. This is mainly because they are convenient and they can esthetically improve our kitchen space. They don’t work for all kitchens; you must choose one that fits perfectly for your kitchen. So how big should a kitchen island be? The height of a kitchen island depends mostly on what it is being used for. For those that used it for normal kitchen activities, it should be shorter.

A kitchen island is mostly used for cooking and preparing food; a kitchen island should be 36 inches tall. It should be thirty-six inches between the standard kitchen table seats and bar stools. If your kitchen island is used mostly for eating or seating, then the recommended height should be somewhere around 32 inches.

A kitchen island should be kept clean all times as it defines the hygienic level of your kitchen, try as much as possible to clean it regularly as it will not only make your kitchen space to look nice but also it will make it last longer.

Best Kitchen Counter Stools Review

#1. Best Kitchen Counter Stool – AmazonBasics Saddle Seat

kitchen counter swivel stools with backs

These classy set of saddle seats are made of solid wood. They are durable and can support weights of up to 220 pounds. They have footrests for extra comfort. Their faddish color makes them blend with any style.

The curved saddle seats distribute the weight, providing a remarkable seating experience. It comes with a detailed installation manual and all the necessary tools. Installation is straightforward, and you don’t need carpentry skills to do it. You can contact their customer care if you face any problems.


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#2. Under Counter Kitchen Stools – Nathan James 21302 Hylie Nailhead

stools kitchen counter

The major highlight of this stool is the 4-inch thick cushion. It not only offers comfort but distributes the weight, ensuring that you relax. The silver nailhead line makes the seat attractive and gives it a traditional look.

The solid wood construction ensures that the stool is long-lasting. The seat can fit into any décor because of the dull color. The fabric upholstery is easy to clean and maintain. You get a lifetime warranty and a 100-day money-back guarantee from the manufacturer. Assembling the seat is secure and can take 15 minutes.


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#3. Modern Kitchen Counter Stools – Linon Claridge Counter Stool

kitchen counter bar stools

The Linon Claridge stool is made from 100% high-quality PU leather upholstery. The PU leather makes the stool luxurious and classy. The black finish ensures that the seat blends into your unique décor.

The dense sponge cushion provides an excellent seating experience. The footrests offer optimal relaxation. The stool is made from solid wood, making it durable and sturdy. It can support weights of up to 275 lbs.

The silver nailhead accents give the stool an elegant look. The seat can fit any high table or counter.


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#4. upholstered Kitchen Counter Stools – Hillsdale Furniture Saddle Counter Stool

counter stools for kitchen island

This traditional looking stool can blend into any décor. It gives the room an old school look. The saddle seat ensures that the weight is evenly distributed. The Taupe faux Leather upholstery provides the seat with a luxurious appearance.

You can put the stool in the office, bar, kitchen, or den. The cushion is thick and spongy to give you a remarkable seating experience. The seat has a footrest for extra relaxation. The rustic grey finish makes the stool attractive.

The seat is made from sturdy wool that enhances its durability. It comes with a straightforward manual to guide you through the installation process. It’s easy to assemble and doesn’t require any skills.


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#5. Swivel Kitchen Counter Stools – Bar Stools Counter Height Adjustable Bar Chairs

kitchen counter stools

The barstools are made of high-quality materials. The metal frame is sturdy and durable. It comes to a swivel that enables you to rotate 360 degrees. They are made of a heavy-duty chrome-covered by a high-quality leather PU upholstery.

The base has a rubber base to protect your floor from scratches. PU leather is easy to clean and maintain. Installing the stool should not be a problem. You only need to fix four screws, and you are done. You can contact the manufacturer if any problem occurs.


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#6. Backless Kitchen Counter Stools – Winsome 94084 Satori Stool, 24″, Walnut

counter stools kitchen island

This saddle stool is stylish but straightforward. It’s an economic stool made from beechwood and walnut finishing. You can also choose matte black instead of the walnut.

The stools have a transitional design, with saddle top and squared legs. The legs are sturdy and can support people of different weights. The seat comes with a manual that’s easy to assemble. The hardware and the tools come in the package.

The stool is made from natural hardwood. The brown, faddish color can blend with any décor.


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#7. Contemporary Kitchen Counter Stools – Walker Edison Stool

kitchen bar stools counter height

This durable seat has a sturdy metal frame that can support people of different weights. The stools come in sets of two. The whiskey brown color can blend with any décor.

The stools come with luxurious faux leather upholstery that is easy to clean and maintain. The powder-coated metal legs are appealing to the eye. The legs have a rubber base that prevents slipping and protects your floors from scratches.

These stools come in different sizes, depending on the purpose. The fabric is easy to clean and maintain—the ergonomic design contours with your body. The stools are cushioned for optimal support. You can use the seats for dinners or in the kitchen.


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#8. Cosco 11120RED1E Retro Counter Chair

contemporary kitchen counter stools

This steel chair is made from sturdy and durable materials. The vinyl upholstery is elegant and easy to clean. The leg tips prevent slipping, protects the floor from scratching, and keeps the floor clean. The seat has a cushion for extra comfort.

The seat can support weights of up to 225 pounds. The chrome finish makes the stools stylish and elegant. It’s multi-purpose and can be used as a counter chair. It comes with a one year warranty.


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#9. Kitchen Stools Swivel With Backs – BestOffice Counter Height Bar Stool

cheap kitchen counter stools

These bar stools are sturdy and comfortable. They are made of high-quality form covered with PU leather. It can support weights of up to 250 pounds. They have a swivel that allows 360 degrees rotation. You can also adjust the seat to different heights.

The chrome base has a rubber padding to prevent skidding. The steel base and PU leather is easy to clean. The stool is easy to assemble and can take less than 10 minutes.


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#10. Cheap Kitchen Counter Stools – Winsome 20084 Satori Stool

kitchen bar stools counter height

This saddle seat is a stylish and economical seating option. The sturdy legs offer stability and durability. The top is wide and curved to provide an excellent seating experience. The package contains the hardware and tools for assembling.


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How Do I Choose a Kitchen Counter Stool?

Finding the right type of counter stool is a very challenging task due to many factors that you have to put into consideration, some of the things one has to look for include but not limited to style, height, and comfort. Below is a guideline on some of the things you have to look for when choosing a kitchen bar stool.

counter height stools for kitchen island

The right height

The height is an important feature to consider. In order to come up with the right height for your stool, you have to measure the height of your counter or table. Keep a distance of about 9-13 inches between your counter and seat for your seating comfort.

The height of the stool should be around 24+26 inches from the seat to the floor and pair with a counter or table to be about 36-39 inches in height. Pay great attention to the height of your stool in order to come up with something that will offer comfort when you are using it.

The number of stool you want

The number of stools you want plays a significant role in choosing kitchen counter stools. Your kitchen needs to have enough space for people to drink, eat and even socialize without having to bump elbows. This is important, especially for your kitchen island, which is the central area of concern when in the kitchen. In case you decide to go for swivel stools, you need to make sure there is enough space between them. The wildest part of your stool should be between 16-18 inches and give an area of 21-22 inches per stool.

counter stools kitchen island

Style of the stool

The style you want to have also played an essential role in choosing a kitchen stool. If you love entertainment chose stools that have a broadly backed seat, ones with deep sitting. If you intend to use your stool where food is served frequently, then it is advisable to choose one that has a low maintenance material. Not ones that will require frequent replacements, in such situation leather, metal or wood would be appropriate. Chose a stool that has microfiber that is easy to clean and with cushion that you can easily swap out.

Different materials of bar stools:

You can easily find kitchen stool that suits your needs well whether it is for rustic, traditional or contemporary, there’s always a stool that will compliment your look.

Are Low Back Counter Stools Comfortable?

kitchen counter stools with backs

Low back counter stools are very comfortable; they perfectly fit under the counter, providing the much needed clean look. The low back stool is a healthy addition to your kitchen furniture. This kind of stools provides the necessary extra support for your back that you will appreciate at the end of your working day. A low back stool will provide you with the additional added advantage that a plain one won’t do. They are made with cushions and spillovers.

What Is the Difference Between A Bar Stool And A Counter Stool?

When you are out there doing shopping for bar or counter stool knowing the difference between is very important. In most cases, people confuse them, but we have a significant difference. Height is the main difference here and also how they differ from one another in terms of functionality. Due to the difficulty in differentiating them, people end up buying a bar stool instead of Counter stool and vice versa.

swivel kitchen counter stools

Counter stools

This is a type of seat where you can conformably seat behind the counter without any struggle. Counter stools can be used in various places like restaurant tables, bar counter, kitchen tops or dining area. Its top is usually designed in a unique way that it is accessible to people who are standing or sitting. In simple words, a counter stool needs to be tall than the usual restaurant ones. The recommended height for this kind of stools should be somewhere around 36” above the ground. In most cases, they will measure somewhere between 24 and 27 above the ground.


This is a kind of stool has a footrest so as to support the person sitting on it. Its tallness and narrowness determine how it is going to be used at both bars and high tables in the restaurants. As its name suggests, this stool is specifically designed to be used in the bars although nowadays it is being used even in kitchen counters.

The recommended height for most bar table is 40 to 42 inches from the ground. The barstools should be somewhere around 30 inches so as to provide the much-needed space between the table and the stool top. The above dimension allows guests to comfortably the table or counter when they are drinking or eating by providing enough space for knee movement.

Just like the counter stools, bar stools are often measured from the floor to the top of the seat. These stools differ in height by about 12 inches.

Top 3 Best Kitchen Counter Stools


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