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The 15 Best Kitchen Step Stool Reviews with PROFESSIONAL Guides

When buying a kitchen step stool, it is wise to scrutinize all the market options before making your choice on the best kitchen step stool to buy. But with the market full of choices picking a good stool goes beyond the normal online search and market comparison task.

You need a full and comprehensive guide on what makes the best kitchen stool for your home.

The guide will outline some buying tips and basic factors that you should any time you go out to replace or upgrade your kitchen island space. We will also explain and outline types of kitchen step stool that you should buy by comparing them with different styles and choosing the right chair.

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Our Top Pick:

#1. Best OverallHandy Laundry Folding Step Stools
“Compact shape with lightweight design allows you to move it around in use, while the anti-skid material guarantees your safety especially for bathroom or kitchen use.”

#2. Best 2-Step Cosco Household Kitchen Folding Step Stool
“The 2-step height meets basic needs for kitchen and closet cleaning, rubber leg tips to protect your floor from scratching.”

#3. Best wite SeatCosco Retro Counter Chair & Step Stool
“Multiple modern colors available for various home decorations, the counter chair combines perfectly with step stools for the kitchen area to use.”

#4. Best For ToddlersWishaLife Kids Learning Stools
“Wooden material better protects your kids in use, the durable design bears larger weight capacity for large kids to use.”

#5. Best Multi-functionalCostzon Folding Wood Ladder Stool
“Multi-functional stool that combines step stool, ladder, and storage shelf together, enabling you to accommodate in the kitchen or dining areas.”

Quick Pick on the Best Kitchen Step Stools

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Step Stool?

2 step kitchen stool


Price plays a key role in choosing a kitchen stool; like any other market product, price determines the quality and size of the stool you should buy. Cheaper options are designed to offer basic supports, but if you need a kitchen stool designed to last and offer both safety and stability to your kids, it is wise to consider options at a reasonable price. Hardwood or metal stools are expensive but offer the best kitchen solution options since they are durable and beautiful.

Material Used

Kitchen step stools are made with metal, wood, or plastic, and each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. As a buyer, it is wise to go through all the material by comparing the supportability of how much weight the stool your buy support? Different material has different weight specifications, and some material allows some adjustments while others have no adjustment.

The Size of your Kitchen

Before going out to buy a kitchen step stool, it is wise to consider your kitchen island space’s size. Buy stools that can fit into your space, not options that will force you to move them around after setting your dining table.

Best Kitchen Step Stools Reviews

#1. Best Cheap – Handy Laundry Lightweight Kitchen Step Stools with One Flip

2 step kitchen stool

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#2. Best 2-Step – Cosco Household Gray Folding Step Stool

folding wooden kitchen step stool

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#3. Best Folding – AmazonBasics Steel Step Stools For Kitchen

3 step kitchen stool

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#4. Best Small – AmazonBasics 2-step Stool with Anti-slip Mat 

folding kitchen step stool

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#5. Best Modern – Cosco Retro Counter Chairs with Step Stool

plastic kitchen step stool

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#6. Best Kitchen Ladder Step Stool – HBTower 3 Step Ladder Stool with Anti-Slip Pedal

kitchen 3 step stool

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#7. Best Fold Up – Vigar Compact Foldable Stool

children's kitchen step stool

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#8. Best For Children – WishaLife Toddler Learning Stool with Safety Rail

kitchen step up stools

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#9. Best 3-in-1 – Costzon Folding Wooden Kitchen Step Stool

four step stool kitchen ladder

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#10. Best For Kids – PP OPOUNT Kitchen Step Stools with Adjustable Platform

wooden step stool kitchen

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#11. Best with Handle – SDADI Adjustable Height Kids Kitchen Step Stools

kitchen stools with backs and steps

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#12. Best Wooden – IKEA Decorative BEKVAM Utility Stools

kitchen stool with fold out steps

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#13. Best Durable – COSCO Stylaire Step Stools For Adults and Kis

wooden kitchen step stool chair

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#14. Best with Back and Seat – KidzWerks White Wooden Kitchen Step Stool

fold up step stool kitchen

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#15. Best Convertible – ComfyBumpy Kitchen Step Stool & Desk For Toddlers

kitchen stool and step ladder

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Why Do You Need a Kitchen Step Stool?

If your home or kitchen space features tall cabinets or storage shelves, you should consider these functional kitchen step stools. These stools not only provide access to the top cabinets or storage shelves but with a pretty frame structure in your kitchen. They can also be used as a sitting point for kids while you cook or have no person to attend to your kids. They are also used as farm stools to help you weed your flower farm in your backyard.


What Types of Kitchen Step Stools Should I Pick?

The market is full of choices, and to make a wise choice, you need some ideas on what makes the best kitchen step stool. Here are some types of kitchen stools that you can look into before you make your final choice.

fold up step stool kitchen

Folding kitchen step stool

Folding kitchen step stools are the ones that allow you to fold them after using them or when you want to clean the kitchen. Most of them are equipped with closing and opening hinge, which play a role in folding and opening the stool. If your kitchen space is small or cannot accommodate many fixed stools, then this model can offer the best solution to your space and other cleaning tasks. Fits well for kids and people with disabilities since it comes with a backrest and adjustable seat pad that you can lower and raise it depending on who is sitting on the stool.

Kitchen stool with steps and seat

Kitchen stool with steps and seat are another type of kitchen step stool that comes with both a step or support for leg support or to help kids climb on the seat. These types are ideal choices for kids and people with disabilities as they are designed to offer an easy climb and are more stable than folded step stools. So, if you have kids or a person with a disability, this is your perfect choice. And if you have enough storage space under the counter, you can buy step stools with seats but with no backrest. But if your kitchen counter space has limited space, then a small step with a seat will do the trick. They come in different sizes, so fitting them into your dining or kitchen island is not a problem.

Kitchen step stools with backs

If you are looking for a stable and comfortable kitchen step stool, then the kitchen step stools with backs will be your best pick. These stools are made with strong frames and a wider base, ensuring that the center of gravity is maintained within the stool frame, making it more stable and reliable with kids moving around. The addition of a backrest makes it the best for kids to rest and ensure that you achieve safety and comfort in your kitchen.

Modern kitchen step stool

Modern kitchen step stools are designed to help you reach higher kitchen counters, and if you are looking for a stool that will help you achieve the cabins in your kitchen, then this is the best option. Most of these types come with two or more steps for easy climbing for both kids and persons with disabilities. If your kitchen also has some storage problems, this will answer your problem because some can be folded and stored in a pile under your kitchen counter after dinner.

Decorative step stools in kitchen

If you are into kitchen décor and wish to maintain your interior décor or colors, decorative step stools come with a range of options to complete your décor. They are also designed to help you fit in all the color match and other interior design. If you also have kids, their stability is also accounted for by having a wider base that ensures the center of gravity rests with the stool base. Their main aim is to fit or support kids to reach the height of your kitchen island. If your counter height is more than one meter high, you will need a tree steps decorative stool.

Rolling kitchen step stool

If you are looking for a stable kitchen stool with the best interior décor for your kitchen, then a rolling kitchen step stool is the best option for your kitchen. Most designed with different colors and with a round base to ensure both safety and comfort. The circular base ensures that gravity is distributed equally, making it the most stable stool for kids or people with disabilities. And if you have some storage problem or limited space, then these options can be folded and stored under your kitchen counter. They are also good as garden kick stool and offer comfort and an elegant look.

Kitchen step stool with wheels

Kitchen step stools with wheels are the same as step stools only with wheels, and if you are looking for step stools that you can easily move around, this is your best gamble. And if your kitchen floor is made of ceramics, then using the wheels to move your stool will protect your floor and reduce scratches that can be caused by other forms of kitchen stools. They also come with a wider base to ensure both stability and safety for kids or people with disabilities.

kitchen step stool with handle

If your kitchen space has no space or storage space, you need some step stools that you can carry around and move them to your garage easily after the meal. The handle is added to help you move or lift the chair from your storage place to your dining or kitchen counter. Most people or residents have limited space in their kitchen, and storing them in their counterposes a challenge; the handle is meant to help you transport or move your step stools around your house or to and from your storage facility.


Picking the Best Material for Kitchen Step Stool

The second thing that you should consider when looking for a kitchen stool is the material; this is the aspect that will determine the safety, stability, and durability of your kitchen stool. But this factor depends on the main material used as the building material. So here are some factors that you should consider when buying wooden, metal, and plastic kitchen stools;


When buying wooden kitchen step stools, it is wise to consider the type of wood used, softwoods or hardwoods. In a random test conducted to test for durability, hardwood stools are the strongest option in resisting breaking. Most wooden kitchen stools don’t have the folded or adjustable part, so flexible or anything of the same should not play any role. The best option you should buy is then designed with hard words and customized to fit into your kitchen space.


When buying a metal frame kitchen stool, it is wise that you consider the type of metal used. Aluminum frames are the lightest and make the best bar stool if you move them around but the weakest options. Other factors that affect metal kitchen stools are rust and the scratching effect on your floor. Pick a metal frame that is resistant to rust or something that you can paint easily. Size also plays a role in metal kitchen step stools, but your kitchen takes the larger part; if you have enough space, you can buy any kitchen stool.


Plastic kitchen stools have a lot of factors that you should always be aware of before buying. One of the most important aspects is the strength of the chair. Plastic materials are known for their weakness in bending or breaking when excess force is exerted on them or someone heavy on your stool. Ensure you buy a strong kitchen stool to be on the safe side. Color is the next thing when it comes to plastic options, they come in multiple colors, and the best way is to that you buy something that fits with your interior kitchen décor.


Small or Large Kitchen Step Stool, Which to Pick?

One of the most confusing moments in any furniture shop is deciding whether to buy a small or large kitchen step stool. The answer to this is based on your kitchen style and space, and you will buy a small stool;

If you have a small kitchen space with shorter kitchen counters, then a small option will do some good. You will also need to buy small kitchen step stools if you have kids or persons with disabilities in the house. This is because the smaller the stool, they’re higher the stool’s stability, and kids with their nature of moving around you can be sure that they are safe. Small stools are also better choices if you have limited spaces in your kitchen space, and you will be required to remove them after and before eating. Lastly, they offer the best choice for kids and people with physical injury, but mainly for kids.

You will need to consider a large kitchen step stool if;

Your kitchen counter is higher, and you have kids in the house; the only way you can get them up there is through buying a larger kitchen stool. The second case where you will be required to buy a larger kitchen stool if your kitchen space is enough and you can get storage or space to keep your stools after using. But this is replaced by the folding and adjustable features that allow you to buy small stools, but when the need arises, you can adjust them to fit the new height requirement. Larger stools also are fit for teenagers and grown people because they can maintain balance while sitting.

Choose the best small kitchen stools for compact space to use

Top-rated large kitchen stools for kids to use safely 


Features of Kitchen Step Stool for Different Usages

To make a full purchase that includes good and best kitchen step stool, you also need to understand different features. These extensions are customized to fit in different requirements, but the most part is to fit the kids and adults.

kitchen step up stools

1. For kids

Any step stool made for kids should at least have the following to ensure the kid’s safety and comfortability.

Back, climbing steps and foot Rest

Climbing steps are customized to help kids have an easy time to climb on the seat while back and footrest is to ensure that your kid gets comfort. The additional base setting is to increase stability; the more the weight is concentrated at the bottom, the more the stool is stable, thus no sliding.

Wide base

This is for safety and stability; the wider the base, the higher the chances of the kitchen step stool line of gravity to rest within the base, making it stable. The goal is to reduce toppling or fall off the stool when your kid is trying to climb or sit on the stool.

2. For adults

Adults kitchen stools have fewer features than kid’s options; this is because adults can maintain the stool’s stability. But if you are buying a kitchen stool for adults, here are some features;

Adjustable height

Since you have no idea who will visit, it is wise to ensure you have adjustable features in your kitchen stools. This will help you use your stools in different counter heights if you relocate. Other features include backrest and armrest to ensure you enjoy or avoid back pains.


2 steps vs. 3 step kitchen stools

Kitchen stools are either a two-step or a three-step depending on your design or need; it is wise to have a copy of where they can fit well and the main factor that differentiates them. We will determine them according to size and the number of steps used to customize these stools.

kitchen stool step ladder

The size

A two-step kitchen stool includes a double stairway to the seat pad, and this contributes to its size; a random and standard two-step stool should be at least 1.2 inches; on the other hand, the three-step kitchen stool includes a three-stair way which increases its size from a 1.2 to 2.5 inches making it the tallest.

Number of Steps

As the number suggests, a two-step kitchen stool includes two steps: to increase stability and act as a footrest for kids or an adult trying to reach for cabins in your kitchen. On the other hand, a three-step kitchen stool includes a three-stair way where the first step is added as extra stability for kids, the second for a footrest, and the last one to aid the person to climb on the stool.

The 2-step stool for closet or kitchen cleaning use

Get the best 3-step stool for reaching high in the kitchen area



Buying a kitchen step stool can be easy but picking a good and beautiful kitchen stool requires some ideas. The guide has made some basic approaches that you can use and buy the best. It is also what you know that helps you choose or pick the best step stools.


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