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The 11 Best Kneeling Chairs Reviews with Adjustable Ergonomic Design

Are you thinking of building a more ergonomic workstation? Here we are taking you to the best kneeling chairs. They will satisfy most if not all of your needs.

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What Is the Best Kneeling Chair on the market?

ergonomic kneeling posture office chair reviews


Key Features:

  • Comfy seating: 3-inch thick cushions promising comfort
  • Adjustable height: 21 inches – 28 inches
  • High customization: both seat height and knee height are adjustable
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs

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What Is a Kneeling Chair?

what are kneeling chairs
Kneeling Chairs for Home and Office

On sight of the kneeling chairs, you might feel confused and distrustful of them, as they look so far away from the appearance of traditional chairs.

Well, we were one of you and thus doubted their functionality. The metal and wood constructions seemed too weak to support me safely and comfortably. But my mind changed once I try on them.

To get on the chair, you will place your buttock on one of the pads and rest your knees on the other. This is a new way of sitting! You are sitting there as if you are kneeling on the chair.

But do not take it wrong. When you are sitting on a kneeling chair, your weight is mainly on your buttocks and partly on your shins. Your knees do not have to bear the weight, or they will suffer damaging soreness.


Why Do We Recommend Ergonomic Kneeling Seats?

Whether at home or in your office, you are spending much of your time sitting on chairs. Though taught about the right postures time and again since childhood, few of us have developed the good habit. Thereby, many are feeling lower back pain as time goes by.

To alleviate your pains, you should first correct your postures. Yes, we can fully understand the pains you have gone through in forcing yourself to sit and standing more appropriately. It is challenging to take conscious control over ourselves all the time.

This is why we are here introducing the kneeling chairs to you.

Your Current Chairs Are Not Helpful Enough.

Are you feeling pains after sitting on your office chair and working all day long? If so, read on to find out the reasons.

They Can Hardly Help You Correct Your Poor Posture.

bad postures causing back pain
Bad Postures will Induce Back Pain

Most office chairs tend to encourage poor sitting postures if they fail to provide adequate support to your back, especially your lower back.

A common mistake that induces physical stress is to slouch in a chair. This will add pressure to your already delicate soft tissue and cause pain.

Also, many like to sit with their legs crossed. Though not regarded as an offense in your place, it is better not to do so for the sake of your lumbar health.

The ordinary chairs you are using will multiply such problems rather than solving them. This is, perhaps, why you are considering changing your chair.

Standing Desk Chairs Are Not Enough for Pain Alleviation.

As the ills of long-time sedentary work emerge to people’s consciousness, some offices now allow for standing desks and chairs. And they do have played a significant role in making for a healthier workstation.

However, studies have shown that they are not a perfect solution. Standing for prolonged hours might give rise to swelling feet and angles. Some reports even conclude that it will double the risk of heart diseases.

Therefore, it is refreshing to add an ergonomic and supportive standing desk chair to your workstation. But it is better not to let standing desks and chairs dominate your working environment.

Benefits Of Using The Kneeling Chairs.

Curious about the benefits of kneeling chairs? Here is a brief introduction.

1. Best Kneeling Chairs Will Improve Your Core Muscle.

different positions on kneeling chairs
Varying Postures on Kneeling Chairs

Traditional computer office chairs are comfortable because they offer complete support to your back, leaving your core muscles “jobless.” As time goes, however, poor postures will take root. Gradually you will start to lean forward, hunching over the desk. This is a posture that causes pain.

The backless kneeling chairs, however, will compel your core muscles to play their role. As they become as active as they are supposed to be, the improvement in your core strength and muscle tone will surface.

This is one of the ways in which kneeling chairs help you.

2. Adjustable Kneeling Chairs Effectively Improve Your Posture.

Can’t help sitting cross-legged? These chairs do not even give you a chance to cross your legs, as you have to put them separately on the shin pads.

Feeling a weak core strength? The absence of back support will encourage your core muscles to get to work and thus become stronger.

Unconsciously placing the bulk of your weight on your lower back and compressing your spine? The tilted seat will spontaneously spread your load evenly and align your neck, shoulders, and back.

In one word, these kneeling chairs will help you form better sitting postures in their way. Try on one in person if you still doubt the magic.

kneeling chairs for better postures
Ergonomic Chairs for Better Postures

3. Pain Relief Is Attainable from Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs.

Lower back pain is a severe problem across the world. In the United States alone, over $100 billion of cost is relevant to this issue.

As potential victims of back pains, we need to nip the worry in the bud. So, kneeling chair designers offer to help. With the above-mentioned muscle improvement and posture correction, we are less likely to suffer from back pains.

4. The Kneeling Chairs Help You Work More Efficiently.

As we have told you, the kneeling posture office chairs will free you of the constant struggle with back pain induced by sitting at stretches. This will be a mood booster that finally helps you improve your productivity.

Now that small investment on the chair can enhance your performance at work and reduce the back pain, why not have a try?

5. Kneeling Posture Chairs Are Good for Pregnancy.

During pregnancy, especially in the later stages, women tend to suffer from back pain. Since kneeling chairs have established a great reputation for back pain relief, some pregnant women consider sitting on them. Surprisingly, the result turns out to be satisfying. This is because when you kneel on the chair, you are placing less pressure on your womb. Besides, the angle between your trunk and your thighs is seeing an increase. In this way, your lower back will get relief.

Therefore, now some companies start to buy kneeling chairs for their pregnant workers. This will do them a power of good. And, of course, you can buy yourself one, too. But before you make your purchase, we would like to buy high-quality chairs with back support.

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kneeling chair for sale

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What Should I Look For In A Kneeling Chair?

Now that you know the benefits of kneeling chairs,  you must be wondering the ways of choosing the best one. Here is how.

1. Check Their Adjustability.

To make the best of kneeling chairs, you must choose the one that matches your height. If you are buying the chairs for heavy traffic use, those allowing you to modify the height of the seat and the knee pads are the best.

But the bad news is that most kneeling chairs come with poorer adjustability than ergonomic office chairs. So, note that if you are big and tall, the traditional high back office chairs with wide seats are more suitable for you. Extra lumbar cushions can help you cope with lower back pains too.

2. Invest in the Best Upholstery.

comsortable kneeling chairs with padding
Kneeling Chair without Padding is Uncomfortable

As your knees rest on the leg padding, make sure the upholstery is thick enough. The thin and low-quality foam will hurt your knees, and you will feel extremely uncomfortable. Also, as most kneeling chairs do not have backrests and armrests, the upholstery on the seat had better be thick and durable.

Another thing to consider over the upholstery is the material, which is often leatherette or fabric. Your knees will easily fall off low-quality leatherette covers, but leather usually looks more elegant. Poor fabric covers can be rough and are not built to last, yet they add warmth to your place.

The best solution is to invest in the premium padding that is durable and comfortable. Double-check that before making your purchase in case of regret.

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kneeling chair benefits

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3. Base Constructions Also Vary.

bases with or without wheels
Different Bases of Kneeling Chairs

Generally, there are three types of bases available: the sled base, the X base, and the 5-star base.

The sled base is best at allowing for an excellent range of motion while the other two are hardly capable. But to move such chairs, you will have to lift them, which can be a trouble if you are not strong enough.

The X base and 5-star base usually have casters, or you can attach wheels to the base. This makes it possible for them to roll across the floor. Such mobility will be a pleasant bonus.

4. The Structure Should Be Supportive.

If you are on the bigger side, do not forget to consider the pieces with a higher weight capacity. This can be important for every purchase, for those capable of holding more weight are usually sturdier.

Meanwhile, if you want more support from the chair, go extra lengths to look for those with chest support. This can also be a wise investment.

5. Different Designs Are Available.

Various Designs are Available

Different bases, as mentioned above, will lend different tones to the chairs. Sled bases are usually more fun as they allow you to rock as if you are sitting on the rocking horse toy. The touch of the X base and the 5-star base is more suitable for formal office settings.

Materials will also make a difference. While metal constructions and faux leather covering may make you feel cold, a wooden base with fabric upholstery will lend you warmth. The latter combination also varies more in color, while the former mixture often comes in black, white, and silver.

And, if you want to work outdoors on your kneeling chair, choose the ones with built-in desks. You can put your laptop on the desk, or use it as a drawing board.

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best ergonomic kneeling chair

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How Do You Sit on a Kneeling Chair?

As you can see, kneeling chairs are quite different from your old seating. You sit on them in a distinct way. Here are some tips.

1. It Takes Time to Accustom Yourself to Kneeling Desk Chairs

The ergonomic kneeling chairs benefit you by enforcing active sitting. You will feel an improvement in your posture on it, but you may need time to tell your body what the better position, though less relaxing, is.

For the first few days, you may feel awkward and even uncomfortable. But do not haste. Transitions can be time-consuming. Take short breaks if your knees feel painful on the chair. Leave your chair and take a walk around. After all, alternating between sitting and standing is the best solution for your health.

2. Put Your Weight on Your Bottom for Pain Relief.

kneeling chairs for posture improvement
Good Postures on Kneeling Chairs

The kneeling chairs stand out from traditional chairs because they push you to place your weight on your bottom and across the seat, instead of adding pressure to your painful and weak lower back.

Some designers of kneeling office chairs are even more considerate. Though the structure of kneeling chairs is already capable of correcting your posture, some products do show extra care about pain sufferers. They boast an orthopedic seat that has some ergonomic curvature.

This design will help you adjust your posture. The flat seats, however, may be a bit slippery. If you are a long-term victim of poor sitting postures, these curved seats will be a better choice.

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rocking kneeling chair

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3. Mind the Potential Drawbacks of Sitting on Kneeling Chairs All the Time.

It is true that the kneeling posture chairs relieve your back of unnecessary pressure. But the problem in legs might ensue.

When sitting on the chairs, your leg is more or less carrying some of your weight. Leg pain might accrue from this. Meanwhile, due to bending on the shin pad for extended hours, circulation to your legs might get restricted.

If you do not take care to address these problems, sitting on kneeling chairs will be uncomfortable and pain-reducing.

4. Vary Your Position Frequently on Your Kneeling Office Chairs.

stretches on chairs
Suggested Exercises on Chairs

To solve the problem mentioned above, you can keep your present office chair and use them two alternatively.

Also, you can do some simple stretches in case your knees feel uncomfortable. For example, you can leave one of the legs on the pad and the other off on the ground, stretching in front of you. Alternate the role of the two legs to relax both of them.

Leaving your chair and taking a five-minute walk will also be refreshing, not only to your body but also to your mentality.

Are Kneeling Chairs Good For You?

Kneeling chairs also being ergonomic come with several significant benefits that are equally good for your health. Kneeling chairs has the following benefits:

pick best kneeling chairs

Relieves back pain

Kneeling chairs are suitable for people who experience back pains in that when using a kneeling chair; the body weight is not only supported by the buttocks on the chair but also by the knees. This means that less pressure is exerted on the back thus reducing back pain.

Enhances good posture

Since little pressure is exerted on the back, one maintains a good body posture.

Kneeling chairs improve concentration

When comfort is maximized; concentration levels tend to increase thus affecting productivity positively.

Kneeling chairs aid in the development of core muscles

Since bodyweight is divided between the buttocks and the shins, core muscles are in use which aids in their further strengthening and development.

Kneeling chairs enhance comfort

By sitting on the kneeling chairs, you will feel the whole body relaxed after long time work or sitting, and the ergonomic design fits perfectly with your body shape.

How Do Kneeling Chairs Work?

Kneeling chairs are set up in a way that positions the body in the most comfortable and natural position possible. Since kneeling chairs ensure a 135 degrees angle, this means that the body weight is divided between the spine, the bottoms and the shins with a rest on the bottoms and the legs. A kneeling chair keeps the body well aligned by reducing the body angle, ensuring the chair is well-positioned for the task.

Are Kneeling Chairs Good For Hips?

kneeling chairs for sale

Yes, they are. This is because when one uses a kneeling chair, the hip tends to slide forward. This means that the other parts of the body, the neck, spine and the shoulders are well aligned as the weight is evenly distributed. Since most of the body weight rests between the buttocks and the hips are held up comfortably aiding in their muscle development.

How to Use Kneeling Chairs Safely

Many people tend to think that kneeling chairs are dangerous to the shins since they believe that shins support most of the bodyweight. Well, this is not the case. If you want to make your kneeling chair to be safe and effective, you can sit on the chair buttocks first just like you sit on an ordinary chair and then rest your shins or rather knees on the kneeling position while your hips rest forward. This means that the body weight will still be supported by the bottoms making the neck, spine, and shoulders to align themselves this enhancing their development.

If you always find it uncomfortable, you can adjust the height of the kneeling chair and support your back onto a normal chair until you get used to using the kneeling chair. One can also leave the right knee on the knee pad while resting the left foot on the floor and vice versa.

Top 5 Best Kneeling Chairs Reviews

Here are more detailed reviews on the 5 top-rated kneeling chairs. Don’t miss out.

1. Best Kneeling Chairs – Hot Selling Adjustable Kneeling Office Chairs for Home and Office


  • Comfy seating: 3-inch thick cushions promising comfort
  • Adjustable height: 21 inches – 28 inches
  • High customization: both seat height and knee height are adjustable
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Convenient mobility: four casters, two front ones being lockable
  • An excellent investment for the price


  • Faux leather coverage is slippery and requires frequent maintenance.
  • Not folding for space saving or traveling purposes.
  • The casters do not roll smoothly on the floor.

These kneeling chairs come in the most typical and classic design of their type. They will look great in most office settings and will not take up much space.

It is no pain to rest your legs on the 3-inch thick padding while placing your weight mainly on your buttocks. The chairs will correct your sitting postures and rescue you from the painful sufferings.

Though seemingly ordinary among the wide selection of kneeling chairs, these options outperform many of its rivals. They have been receiving much praise from users, saying that their pain has gone thanks to these ergonomic chairs.

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2. Best Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs – Mobile Orthopedic Kneeling Typist Chair Seat with 4″ Foam for Lower Back Pain


  • Thick padding: 4″ thick foam capable of holding 230 lbs
  • Comfy seat: orthopedic design, no need to adjust your position constantly
  • Relieve you of pain effectively
  • Adjustable height: 21 inches to 29 inches
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Lockable casters on the base: convenient for moving


  • The casters are of low quality, and it is hard to find a substitute.

This kneeling chair features an orthopedic seat that makes for even distribution of your weight across the seat. In this way, you will feel more at ease than sitting on its rivals. And you do not have to change your position from time to time, which happens with other kneeling chairs with flat seats.

The knee pad is 4″ thick, a lot thicker than other kneeling chairs, which are often at most 2″ thick. This will make you super comfy. Even if the padding wears over time, it is still softer than most other options.

People who have tried this chair report that they feel immediate relief of pain once they get seated. This is because its construction forces you to sit without putting extra pressure on your lower back.

The all-black construction will easily blend with most décor.

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3. Best Kneeling Posture Chair – Sleekform Ergonomic Wood Rocking Kneeling Meditation Chairs for Posture


  • Extra comfort: 4-inch padding
  • Weight capacity: 120 kg (ca 265 lbs)
  • A wider range of motion: rock with your sled base
  • Sturdy construction: employing 20-ply birchwood


  • For some, the assembly instructions are hard to follow.
  • Not recommendable for big and tall guys.

These chairs are of wooden construction with comfortable fabric covering. They employ 20-ply, rather than 14-ply, birchwood to be stronger and more durable.

Besides, they feature a rocking base instead of a common base with wheels. On the X base or 5-start base, your legs have to withstand a narrow range of motion. On the sled base, however, you can rock back and forth, like the way you have fun with the rocking horses in childhood. And you do not have to struggle with the usually low-quality rollers.

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4. Best Wooden Kneeling Chair – Flash Furniture Mobile Wooden Memory Foam Kneeling Chair for Tall Person


  • Comfy seating: memory foam cushion on the seat & ergonomic construction design
  • Affordable price: allowing for mass purchases
  • Leg-rest padding: 17.75″W x 9.75″D x 2.5″ Thick, fire-proof
  • Good for tall users: comfortable even if you are 6’1″ tall


  • The casters may harm the hardwood floor. You can replace them with specialized casters for floor protection.

These chairs are available in a wooden construction with black or grey fabric upholstery. They will lend a cozy touch to your office or home.

They have a unique and elegant height adjustment design. This makes it possible for people of varying heights to use.

The dual wheel rollers bestow exceptional mobility on them. You can also easily lift them as they weigh just over 13 pounds.

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5. Best Adjustable Kneeling Chair – Modern Kneeling Posture Portable Work Chair with Built-in Desk for Bad Backs


  • Built-in desk: a considerate design for outdoor sketching
  • Ergonomic design: effectively helping you improve your posture
  • Ultimate mobility: foldable to 6 inches high & weighing 28 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds for the chair and 15 pounds for the desk


  • Pricier than those with no desks.
  • Not recommendable for people over 6 feet 2 inches.
  • The limited choices in color might seem boring.

As you can see in the picture, the unique feature of this kneeling chair is the built-in desk. This is particularly helpful when you are searching for high portability functions.

When your chair and desk are in one, you can enjoy an independent environment in your office to focus on your work.

You can also carry the foldable and lightweight chairs outdoors and bask in the warm sunshine while working on your laptop. You do not have to bother yourself with an easel when you are in a mood for sketching in the open air.

Such activities are viable because the work surface is adjustable from a flat desk angle to a raised drawing board level.

Of course, it can bring as many benefits as its counterparts as mentioned above do. The seat is adjustable to four positions to fit users of different sizes. And the deep padding will guarantee comfort.

Plus, for more convenience, you can purchase and install four wheels so you can move the chair more easily. A phone holder and a bottle holder that can be attached to the easel will also be beneficial.

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Does a Kneeling Chair Help Sciatica?

benefits of kneeling chairs

Before knowing whether a kneeling chair helps sciatica, it is essential to understand what sciatica is. Sciatica is the painful condition brought about by irritation on the sciatic nerve (the longest nerve in a human being’s body; it runs from the pelvis to the feet). Kneeling chairs are found out to relieve pain brought about by sciatica since the body weight is not only supported by the buttocks on the chair but also by the knees. This means that less pressure is exerted on the sciatic nerve, thus reducing the pain. It also helps in blood proper blood circulation to the lower limbs, which lessen the pain caused by sciatica.

What Is a Kneeling Chair Used For?

A kneeling chair is used for supporting a good posture and relieving back pain by dividing the body weight between the buttocks and the shins.

Is Kneeling Better Than Sitting?

Yes, it is better than sitting since it has a lot of benefits compared to sitting. The benefits include:

a) it helps in the strengthening of both the core and back muscles.
b) It aids in better breathing action and digestion in the body.
c) It relieves back pain.
d) It helps maintain a good posture.

Do Kneeling Chairs Hurt Your Knees?

Kneeling chairs can be painful to the knees, especially for those who are not used to this kind of sitting position. They can also cause leg swelling caused by reduced blood flow to the legs if they are misused. People who have knee-related problems are not recommended to use kneeling chairs since they can cause them more harm than good.

Exactly How Long Should One Use Kneeling Chairs?

One can use kneeling chairs as frequently as possible as long as they are comfortable and using them appropriately.

Final Words

To sum up, kneeling chairs are an active helper in reducing your back pain and promoting proper sitting postures. Having one in your home or office will give you respite from painful sedentary activities.

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best rated kneeling office chairs

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If you want added relaxation after work, you can turn to massage chairs for a healing session.

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