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Choosing Best Learning Towers for Toddlers With the Following Steps

A towering toddler is a great tool to help toddlers reach any height in the kitchen as they want to see what their parents are up to. There are many types of learning towers in the market and you need to choose the best one for your toddler. This guide reviewed some of the best learning towers available in the market currently as well as other details about learning towers for toddlers.

What Is A Toddler Learning Tower?

A toddler tower is a stool used to bring your kid up to the counter height safely. It is also called a kitchen stool or a Montessori tower. It features a four-sided open frame at the top that prevents your toddler from falling.

Are Learning Towers Safe For Toddlers?

Yes, learning towers are safe for toddlers because of the following reasons:

– It has a four-sided open frame at the top that prevents children from falling.

– It has a removable open rod that allows children to safely enter and exit the tower easily.

– Most are characterized by an ‘A’ shaped structure that ensures it is firm on the floor.

– It has anti-slip rubber pads on the legs to ensure that it does not wobble.

Different Types Of Learning Towers For Toddlers

Innovativeness and creativity have made it possible to have different types of learning towers in the market today. We have:

– Convertible tower

This tower is a 2-in-1 combo that serves as a kitchen tower enabling your child to easily reach the counter height. It can also be converted into a table and chair allowing your kid to have his or her own space for playing, drawing, or even coloring.

– Adjustable towers

These are kitchen towers that have adjustable levels. You can easily remove the platform to adjust its level to enable your kid to reach the counter without much difficulty. Usually, there are three levels of adjustments: 12”, 16”, and 20”.

– Foldable towers

These towers help young kids reach the counter heights to assist them to participate in your light-duty chores. After cleaning or cooking it can be folded and kept in small spaces in your kitchen to avoid crowding your kitchen space. They are lightweight and portable therefore can be easily carried from room to room and stored in tiny spaces until they are needed.

– IKEA hack learning tower

Sometimes we need learning towers but most are out of many people’s price range. IKEA hack learning towers enable you to customize your tower and have all the incredible features that ensure the safety of your kid. You can modify how a given design has been assembled to fit your tower requirements.

Learning Towers Vs Stepping Stool

You could probably be confused about the difference between a learning tower and a stepping stool. These two have slight differences such as:

– A learning tower features a four-sided open frame arm at the top that stops your toddler from falling, unlike the stepping stool.

– A learning tower also comes with rounded edges, safety rails, contrary to the stepping stool.

– With a learning tower, your child can easily climb up and down the tower on their own without assistance and without you getting worried about their safety more than the stepping stool.

All these encourage individuality, assurance, and safe exploration. It is, therefore, safe to use a kitchen tower to assist your toddlers to access the kitchen counter.

Benefits Of Learning Towers For Toddlers

Learning towers are very important in a home. They ensure your child is comfortable and safe when they are with you in the kitchen.

– They help you bond with your kids.

These towers help increase the bond between you and your toddler when in the kitchen. Their level of confidence and independence is increased as they learn and try to help you in doing chores.

– They help your kids access the countertops.

Your kids will often want to see what you are doing at the counter table. These towers are perfect to help them safely reach the countertops to see what mum or dad is up to.

– Guarantee kid’s safety

Rounded edges, anti-slip mats, anti-slip rubber pads on the legs, and the side rails all ensure that your child is safe when inside the tower.

– Your toddlers attain practical skills

Every time they are with you in the kitchen, they learn something new such as decorating pizza, cleaning surfaces, kneading dough, and many more activities.

At What Age Can Toddlers Use Learning Towers?

Learning towers are designed for toddlers from 18 months up to 6 years of age. Once your toddler starts standing and walking around steadily, first with the help of the furniture in the house and then following you to the kitchen. You should consider buying a learning tower for them.

It is, therefore, necessary to purchase a learning tower that is durable and long-lasting to serve your kid for a long period.

When To Stop Using Learning Towers For Toddlers

When using the learning tower, kids can learn important life skills like cleaning, kneading dough, decorating, eating, and brushing their teeth on their own.

When your kid reaches 6 years of age you no longer need a learning tower as they can now easily reach the kitchen counter or the bathroom sink without the help of a tower.

How To Choose The Best Learning Towers For Toddlers

Learning towers are convenient and come in handy in your kitchen. However, with a wide range of them in the market, it is quite hard to find one that is the best fit for your home. This guide will ease your tension, as it will guide you on choosing the best tower for your toddler.

– Safety

The safety of your kid on the tower should be your priority. The tower needs to be durable and well-constructed. Anti-slip mats ensure that your child does not fall when on the tower. Consider purchasing a tower that comes with an anti-slip mat for extra protection.

– Material

Learning towers are made using many materials but the most used are wood and plastic. You should consider buying a wooden tower, as the material used is sturdy and strong enough to last longer. Also, it is non-toxic and uses lead-free water-based paint.

– Ease of storage

If the learning tower is to be used in the kitchen, it is advisable to purchase the fold-type tower. With this, you can easily fold it flat and put it in tiny spaces in your kitchen. You can also hang it at the back of your kitchen door to save space.

– Weight

To determine the weight of the tower you need in your home, consider the location you plan to use it, the regularity of usage, and the type. While considering weight, also consider the type of material used. You should therefore consider buying a wood-based tower as it is sturdy and strong enough to last you for years.

How To Use Learning Towers Safely For Toddlers

The safety of your kid is important when using a learning tower. You should always be there with your child to ensure that they are always safe. Below are some tips on how to safely use a learning tower.

– Ensure that all harmful substances are kept out of the child’s reach.

– Keep the toddler away from hot surfaces. Also, when using hot water in the taps when cleaning ensure that the temperatures are ideal for a toddler.

– Always use them on flat surfaces to ensure maximum stability.

– When it is not being used put it out of sight to avoid your toddler climbing it when you are not around.

– Always check your tower before every use to clean and tighten loose screws that might put your child in danger.

DIY Options: How To Build Learning Towers For Toddlers

For DIY lovers below are steps to guide you in making a good learning tower.

Material: 1 1*4*10 board, 6 2*2*8 strip boards, sandpaper, 4 pocket hole screws.

– Cut: five 1 x 4 x 20” platform, four 2 x 2 x 2 x 36” countertop height and nineteen 2 x 2 x 17.5” cross sections.

– Drill holes in the pierce: one hole on both ends of the cross-sections, 3 holes each on the 5 platforms ( holes should be 2” from either side with one in the center)

– Using your design plan assemble the two facing sides, use glue and screws for reinforcement.

– Construct the platform strictly following the given layout.

– Attach the safety cross supports.

– After you are done with construction use the sander to sand all the edges and corners until they are smooth and curved.

– Paint the stool using the color of your choice.

Best Learning Towers For Toddlers Reviews

1. Little Partners’ Kids Learning Tower

Little partner’s kids learning tower has all the necessary features to make your child confident and comfortable in the kitchen. Designed by a Montessori educator, this tower fits flush to your kitchen counter to encourage interaction and togetherness between the parent and the child. Also, this step stool supports up to 250lbs and has adjustable heights. This allows you to grow with your child throughout their growth phase. The stool is also designed with safety rails, round edges, and a handhold for extra security.

To add to this, the tower is constructed using fine wood, it is therefore durable and safe for your child to play in it. This tower has four-sided open frames and two steps that allow your kids to easily climb in and out by themselves. Young children are good helpers and explorers too, so many times they will want to help you work. With this tower, they can do so safely.

Additional accessories that come along with this tower are a silicone play mat and a little partner’s art and education board. The mat prevents the kid from falling since it features a non-slip platform.


– It is portable.

– It allows your kid to participate in kitchen activities easily and safely.

– The height is adjustable.


– It requires a bit of assembling.

2. WOOD CITY Kitchen Stool Helper for Kids


If you have a toddler of around 18 months to 5 years, then Wood City stool will be a perfect addition to your home. This stool is constructed from a solid pine wood material, with a child-safe non-toxic finish. It is therefore durable and long-lasting. Children like to scratch surfaces, with this stool you do not have to worry about scratches or scuff marks since the finish prevents all of these.

Your child is safe when inside this stool as the “A’ shape design makes it very stable, and the railings provide extra support when the baby is inside. Besides, it includes a non-slip mat that prevents your toddler from falling. It comes in an ideal height that elevates your kid to the counter thereby encouraging child independence and a strong family bond as the child helps you cook and clean the kitchen counter.

When it comes to installation, you do not have to struggle as all the parts are clearly labeled enabling you to differentiate each part and install with ease. When your child has grown, you can easily remove the top rail so that it acts as a new stool with a side table.


– It is easy to multipurpose and easy to install.

– It is long-lasting.

– It has a unique style.


– Some users say that the quality is poor.

– It is difficult to assemble.

3. SDADI Adjustable Height Kitchen Step Stool

Are you looking for a tower that is light enough to carry around the kitchen and comes in an ideal size not to crowd your kitchen? SDADI kitchen step stool has the right size and weight 8.8 pounds therefore the right fit for your kitchen space. It comes in grey color thus easily blends with your kitchen decor.

This tower is of high quality and made to last long as it is constructed using solid wood that is coated with durable non-toxic, lead-free coating hence it is safe for your kids. It is completely safe for your kids as the four legs are reinforced with anti-slip strips. The four-sided rails and side supporting tips ensure that your baby is supported, so there is no fear or risk.

Your child is extra productive in the kitchen as they can reach the counter with ease since the height can be adjusted. Besides, you can move it in the bathrooms so that the kids learn how to brush their teeth by themselves. The tower can hold up to 150 lbs and is perfect for toddlers between 18 months and 3 years.


– Coated with lead-free paint.

– It has an ideal double safety design.

– It is easy to clean.

– Height is adjustable.


– You should always be around the stool.

4. SDADI Kids Kitchen Step Stool with Safety Rail

Are you looking to purchase an affordable kitchen stool? SDADI kids kitchen stool is here for you. This kitchen stool has some excellent features. It comes in superior wood finishes with white color. Furthermore, it is coated with non-toxic, lead-free, and durable paint.

The ‘A” shape setting makes it more stable while the four-sided rails provide extra support when your kid is inside, so there is no fall over risk. More to this is, there are four anti-slip rubber pads on the legs to prevent it from wobbling.

This tower is tested to hold 150lbs and is suitable for children aged between 18 months and 3 years. You can make your kitchen have more fun by having your little helper around you to assist with cleaning duties. Also, it can be put in the bathroom to teach your toddler how to brush their teeth by themselves.


– It is easy to install.

– It is easy to clean.

– It has a double safety design.


– You must be around the toddler every time.

5. KidzWerks Kitchen Step Stool for Kids

Do you want a kitchen stool that is designed and tested as the best for learning and helping in the kitchen? KidzWerks kitchen step stool is the best pick for your kitchen. It comes in white color and easily blends with your bright kitchen décor. It offers you elegance, safety, and sturdiness all three in one.

Having this step stool in your kitchen will ensure that your kids learn and efficiently help you in doing small chores. The platforms are removable and adjustable to 12”, 16”, and 20” depending on your liking. Thus, your kids will always find the perfect height to help you in the kitchen.

KidsWerk kitchen tower is constructed using strong, resilient Birchwood plywood material and painted in a nontoxic water-based white color. Moreover, it comes with matching screw covers and four anti-slip rubber pads that prevent it from wobbling. Its size is ideal to match your normal kitchen counter height and it is perfect for children aged 1 to 3 years.


– It provides quality performance.

– It is stylish.

– Easy entry and exit for your toddler.


– Too expensive for that quality.

6. KidzWerks Kitchen Step Stool for Kids

KidWerks kitchen step stool is ideal for parents who have a child aged 1 to 3 years and are looking for extra help in the kitchen. To allow your kid to assist you in the kitchen without having to lift them, this stepping stool has three adjustable levels 12”, 16”, and 20”. According to your preferred height, you can easily adjust these levels by unscrewing and screwing back from one level to another.

This kitchen stool is built from Birchwood that is strong and durable hence the kitchen stool is long-lasting. Some kids like to move around. This product has removable rods that allow easy entry and exit for your kids. In addition to this, it comes with anti-slip rubber pads for the legs and matching screws.

Kidwerks is an excellent addition to your kitchen as it matches your kitchen counter and is easy to move around. To top-up these great features, the tower has been inspected by safety experts to ensure that quality is superior.


– It is inspected for quality.

– It is extremely durable.

– Platform is adjustable.


– It is meant for one child at a time.

7. KidzWerks Child Standing Tower

KidzWerks standing towers are rated as the best for helping and learning in the kitchen. This kitchen tower is made from Birchwood material hence it is durable and strong. Besides, it is coated using a grey water-based color that is nontoxic to your kids. Also, this grey color matches your kitchen decoration. The removable platform can be adjusted to three levels depending on your child’s height allowing them to easily help with chores around the kitchen

The kitchen tower comes in a size that perfectly matches the height of your kitchen counter. Furthermore, it is lightweight and easily movable from one room to the next. Accessories included for assembly are matching screws and four anti-slip rubber pads that all ensure the tower does not wobble.

The removable rods allow for easy entry and exit for toddlers who are learning to assist in the kitchen. This kitchen tower is designed for kids aged between 1 and 3 years, and the recommended weight is 200 lbs.


– Platform is adjustable.

– It is portable.

– Assembling is easy.


– It is not heavy enough for an active kid.

8. KATARUS Kitchen Step Stool

This kitchen stool is ideal for parents willing to spend less on a product with excellent qualities. KATARUS kitchen step stool is built from solid natural wood that is free from BPA or formaldehyde glue, the paint used is non-toxic, lead-free, and eco-friendly. This product is, therefore, safe for your kid. The ‘A’ shaped structure together with four anti-slip rubber pads on the legs ensures that it is double fixed and extra safe.

This kitchen stool can be used in the kitchen to allow your toddler to assist you in cleaning, and in the bathroom to let your kid brush his teeth all by himself. You do not have to struggle with assembling this stool as all parts are correctly labeled. You just need about half an hour working with two people. This stool is perfect for toddlers between 18 months and 3 years and is well inspected to guarantee the safety of your kids.


– It is safe and sturdy.

– It has a generous weight capacity.

– It is easy to clean.


– The screws are not long enough.


This article has mentioned so many things about a learning tower and showed you the best learning towers that are in the market today. It will therefore come in handy the next time you are going out shopping for a learning tower for your toddler.

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