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Find the Best Lumbar Support Office Chairs Right Away – Reviews & Buying Guide

Why do we bother to find the best lumbar support office chair? Does lumbar support really work? What is the best chair for back pains? If you have such questions, please read on and find out my answers.


What Is the Best Lumbar Support for Office Seating?

You may have heard the phrase “sitting is killing you”. More and more people are doing office jobs where they have to spend hours after hours in front of the computer. Sitting for a long time is bad for you in a lot of ways. It increases your risk of certain cardiovascular conditions.

Besides, it can make you more susceptible to headaches. Moreover, it can be bad for your back as well. To make things worse, many people are sitting in bad and unhealthy postures. And this will add to the drawback of sitting long hours at a stretch. However, the good news is that it is avoidable if you buy the best lumbar support office chair. So, here I will review the top-rated chairs for your reference.

Your spine has a natural inward curvature, and when you’re standing or sitting on a stool and not working on a computer, your core muscles will work to maintain this curvature. Sadly, however, when you’re typing, you are very likely to slouch slightly to reach the keyboard. And this is what causes long-term back problems.


But the good news is that you can offset that natural tendency by using a chair with lumbar support. But many people will ask: does lumbar support really work? Well, a lot of portable lumbar support has a shape that ensures good postures while sitting. This design will help you keep the spine in its natural alignment. So, good lumbar support on office chairs will help you protect your lower back.

Before you buy, I’d like to tell you that there are basically 2 types of lumbar support for office chairs. One is the separable lower back cushion and the other is the built-in support. So, here I will introduce the 2 categories to you.

1. Built-in Lumbar Support on Computer Chairs

This is a relatively more popular type among office des chairs. At first sight of such chairs, you may not even notice the lumbar support. This is because it has blended with the chair back. So, generally speaking, this kind of chair has a curved back that follows the curvature of your back.

Type A. Expensive Chairs with Advanced Technology

For this kind of lumbar support, chairs do vary a lot in quality and functionality. Herman Miller, for example, has done years of research with various experts in different areas. They work together trying to create a chair as ergonomic as possible. So, this is how the Aeron, Embody, and Mirra series come in.

The Aeron chairs come in 3 sizes to cater to different needs. The manufacturer has given the recommended height and weight of the users for each size. So, you can make your choice with reference to that. And for the back design, is a leap forward advancement in ergonomic seating. The dynamic chair will follow you in varying positions and make you comfortable and relaxing.

The Embody chairs have a curvature that resembles that of your spine. This allows you to place your back naturally against the backrest. So, it can support you when you change your positions.

As for the Mirra 2 chair, don’t miss its butterfly back. It combines the comfort of upholstery with the strength of the polymer. And the various models with slight differences in design will be cool and supportive.

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Premium Herman Miller Chair

Type B. Affordable Chairs with Great Adjustability

But if your budget is limited, don’t worry. Many manufacturers have made economical and ergonomic chairs to rescue you from back pains. So, when you choose among the cheaper chairs, there are some qualities you can pay attention to. Among them, the most important one is adjustability.

Some chairs have fixed lumbar support. If you are a lucky guy, then you may buy the one with the most suitable curvature. After all, the shape of our back shares some similarities, and the manufacturers have made the chairs on the basis of such features. However, the thing is that these chairs will only suit people of average size. Also, if you have gone through back surgery and need extra care over there, the chairs are not good enough.

However, if you turn to adjustable lumbar support, things are quite different.

The height-adjustable lumbar support will help you solve the problems mentioned above. Usually, the height range is around 2 inches. This variation will meet the needs of almost everybody. With some simple adjustments, it will fit your back curvature better.

The more advanced versions will also include the adjustable depth of the lumbar part. That is, you can move the lumbar support back and forth within a range of 1 inch or so. In this way, you can adjust it not only up and down but also back and forth. So, if your lower back is more inward than normal levels, then you can adjust the support towards your back a bit. Courtesy of this, you can enjoy full support from the chair. Then, in the long run, you will even free yourself of back pains.

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fully adjustable office chair

2. Detachable Lower Back Cushion for Executive Desk Chairs

In comparison to the former category, this type of support is undoubtedly more noticeable. Let’s take gaming office chairs for example. When you glance at the chair, the separable lumbar pillow and head pillow will easily grab your attention.

In the meantime, they are as ergonomic as they are eye-catching. The pillow is often height-adjustable. This allows you to decide where to put the lumbar support. After all, people vary, more or less, in body shape. Also, due to different postures while sitting, the exact spots where ones feel the severest pain differ. Therefore, it is always better if you have the chance to modify your lumbar support.

To make the best of the function, you can sit on the chair in your normal position. Then, use the button to adjust the height of the pillow. I would like to suggest you try every position the adjustment allows. And this effort will bestow on you the most comfortable position for the lower back support.

Besides, if the chair you buy has the reclining feature, then you will relish more. For different activities, you may find a unique reclining angle that brings you the most comfort. At this time, the position of the lumbar support should be adjusted in accordance with your posture. Or, you can even take the pillow off. This often happens when you are in a sleeping mode, lying parallel to the ground.

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180 degree reclining gaming chair

3. Double-check Before You Buy

It takes time to know how lumbar support works. However, there is a more straightforward way to see if it is the right shape for you. You can sit on the chairs and try to place your back on the backrest. Let it support every part of your back. Then, you can self-check if your posture is correct in this position.

Also, you can sit in the posture you are used to and see if the support really does its work. If the support is not adjustable, then probably the chair will suit a limited range of body shapes. On the other hand, if it is adjustable, the range may grow broader. In such cases, you should still sit in your normal position. Then, make the adjustment to see if there happens to be a position that fits your posture.

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herman miller premium lumar support chair

But you may ask, what is the right posture? Well, the basic rule is that your ears, shoulders, and hips should align. Meanwhile, your lower spine should naturally be curved inwards. You should not feel uncomfortable in this position. And you should not feel like there’s no support there, either. And your fee should always remain flat on the floor while your thighs run parallel to the floor.

Choosing A Lumbar Support Office Chair

The most popular office chair design is the ergonomic design with sculpted built-in lumbar support. This works well if you are of average size. However, if you are shorter or taller than average by a fair margin, this might not be ideal. So, you should try sitting in your normal position to see if the support is a good fit. If you find it hard to visualize the proper posture, check the illustration below.

good sitting posture
An Example of Proper Sitting Postures

1. Adjustable Lumbar Support Is An Excellent Choice

An adjustable back support chair is a good option if you can’t find an ergonomic chair that fits you well. These allow you to move the seat back so that the lower spine is properly supported. This is really a ‘one-size-fits-most’ option, and it can work well.

But you will need to pay attention to where the support sits. If a lot of people share the same chair, then you might be tempted to get lazy and just not bother adjusting the chair.

2. Detachable Lower Back Pillow Is More Versatile

A portable lumbar back support is a final option. Also, it is something that a lot of people have started to buy for convenience. Portable back support varies in size and can offer exactly the right support for users. They’re also easy to transfer from office chairs to your car and even the chair you use at home, so if you’re someone that suffers from back problems then you might find that having constant support is a better option. The best-rated portable lumbar back support we recommend is the FitPlus, more than 300 people bought it and all of them gave a high 5-star rating on Amazon. It will not let you down.

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How to Tell if A Chair Is A Good Fit?

Chairs are so common in our daily life that we tend to neglect them most of the time. If you have not paid attention to your chairs, then you may wonder how we can judge if a chair offers nice support. So, here I would like to share with you some tips.

1. Adequate Support Is A Must

An office chair with lumbar support should be comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time. The chair should not just support your lower back, but also offer elbow supports that will allow you to rest your arms at a right angle, to take the strain off the neck and arms. When you are sitting in the chair, your knees should be bent at a right angle, with a footrest if necessary, to take the strain off your legs.

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hon big and tall chair

2. It should Encourage And Support Good Postures

You should be able to look straight ahead and operate the computer while you are sitting in the chair, with no need to look down or crane your neck, and no need to lean forward to reach the keyboard. You might need to use a keyboard tray to move the keyboard closer to you to achieve this posture and position.

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expensive lumbar support chair for back pain

3. Get the Material that Meets Your Need

Generally speaking, there are 2 main materials in making the seat and back upholstery. One is leather and the other is mesh.

On most occasions, the mesh is more breathable. So, you are likely to stay cool even if you sit for prolonges hours. The mesh material will allow nice ventilation and thus heat will not stay. On leather seat and back, however, you are prone to getting sweaty. And it can sometimes be uncomfortable if you sweat. The seat and back get sticky and your clothes may even get wet. However, for people working in rooms that the air conditioner is on, this is not a big deal.

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mesh back reclining pc chair

Also, two materials vary in maintenance. In my experience, leather, be it faux leather, bonded leather, or real leather, is easier to maintain than mesh. But this is simply a personal judgment. If you know any knack for cleaning leather upholstery, I would appreciate your sharing.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, there is also an interesting phenomenon. There are both mesh and leather chairs in my office. And we can choose our favorite type. So, according to what I see, people who like to wear skirts or shorts at work prefer a mesh seat. In the meantime, those who wear suits will care less about the material. So, you can refer to this, too, if you like.

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leather office chair with adjustable lumbar support

4. Take the Cost into Consideration

Office chairs don’t have to cost a fortune. There are some good ergonomically designed budget models with a suitable curvature to them. These chairs can get more expensive if you start buying ones that are made from expensive woods and real leather, but the basic models are just as good in terms of support most of the time, it’s just cosmetics that tend to differ. (Need to know more about the office price range and affordable chairs, you can see: Buy Best Cheap Office Chair For Budget)

For the best affordable chair with lower back support, you can not miss the Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Swivel Chair. It only costs about $100. With this tiny investment, you can get a basic model lumbar chair for a better sitting experience.

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5. Try It in Person Before You Buy

No matter what kind of chair you want to buy, be sure to try it in person first. This will show you whether it really is comfortable. Take a moment to adjust it (most chairs at the very least have to tilt and lift features) and then check that you can get into a comfortable position in it.

However, the problem is that sometimes we just don’t have the time to the bricks and mortar stores for lack of time. And this is one of the reasons why online shopping is getting more and more popular. So, you can just find the best selling and high-rating ones. The result will not lie to you. After all, it is the customers rather than the manufacturers who rank the products. Therefore, I have selected the most popular and cheap one for you.

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