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Relieve Back Pain on this Hot Selling Luraco i7 Plus Massage Chair

How would you feel receiving a full body massage at your home’s comfort using a smart massage chair or massage recliner? Well, the feeling is great, right! With the new developments in technology, there are also some inventions on massage chairs with smart functioning modes. I mean, instead of spending thousands of dollars monthly to visit a spa, you can acquire a responsive massage chair to use at the comfort of your home. One of the smart massage chairs that fall on this category is the Luraco i7 plus massage chair. Here is a review of Luraco i7 plus massage chair and why it is a great massage chair worth considering.

Luraco i7 Plus massage chair review

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Special Features of Luraco Technologies iRobotics 7 Plus Massage Chair

There are many features that speak for Luraco i7 Plus massage chair’s popularity. Please read on to know more.

1. Smart Control Massage Chair

If you can operate a smartphone, rest assured that you will control this massage chair from Luraco i7 plus. The chair is designed with the current technology operation mode, making it easy for everyone to control and even operate it. The remote control features the touch screen mode for easy and smooth selection. The chair is integrated with the remote for smooth operation and quick response.

2. Low Operation Mode

You can set up and use this smart Luraco i7 Plus massage chair anywhere in your house. Unlike other models that work in loud buzzing sounds, this massage chair works at a much cooler sound to prevent room disturbances. This makes it a perfect massage chair to set up in the living room or bedroom to use whenever you feel the need to stretch the body.

easy to operate massage chair

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3. Medically Approved

The Luraco i7 plus massage chair is among the top clinically approved massage chairs on the market. This chair has been tested and verified by multiple health bodies, including FDA, CE, and UL. The medical body treatment results that the chair provides make it a preference for many people suffering from body fatigue.

4. Varying Speed Levels

Anyone, including kids and senior people, can use this chair for massage effects. The remote has three speed levels that are low, medium, and high to choose depending on the kind of intensity you want to achieve when massaging the body. This also makes it easy to target even the body’s most sensitive parts on the lower and upper body. The 3 intensity levels of heat therapy on the massage chair can help soothe your muscles and thus make the massage more effective.

5. Bluetooth Speaker

Your comfort when massaging with this chair is fully guaranteed. The chair features Bluetooth integration, where you can connect with your music devices to listen to soothing music to relax the mind and body for effective massage results.

6. Full Body Massage Results

This massage recliner is designed to target both lower and upper body parts. The chair has foot massage and double rollers for targeting the muscles on the feet area as well. Even if you are a tall person, you can fit into this massage chair.

full body massage chair

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7. Audio Command

For more convenience in controlling the massage chair, it has seven inbuilt human voice commands to change the settings with voice. The voice command features seven different languages to choose from.

8. Memory Settings

You don’t need to set the massage functions every time you use this chair, thanks to the memory setting mode. The memory setting can store five different settings, especially if more than one person uses the chair.

9. 3D Control Mode

This massage chair stands out as the top best robot massage chair due to the 3D massage mode.

10. Quality Material Construction

This chair has heavy-duty frame construction that is strong to withstand persons weighing up to 300 pounds. The chair has a leather cover that is easy to clean by just wiping with a damp cloth. The chair is compatible with most people since it can comfortably fit people with a height range of 4’7″ to 6’7″.

luraco irobotics 7 plus massage chair

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11. Full Body Massage

This Luraco i7 Plus massage chair’s design ensures to cover the whole body parts from the neck to the feet. The chair focuses on the full-back, lower back, down to the feet. The chair has three layers of feet and calf massage to stretch the feet. The massage chair has an automatic body shape detection to ensure you receive the right massage results based on your body size and shape.

Pros of Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus Massage Chair

3D massage recliner

  • This Luraco i7 Plus massage chair has a durable and quality material construction
  • It can hold a person weighing up to 300 pounds
  • The chair has a smart control mode with voice command
  • There are seven different languages to use when operating the chair
  • It is clinically approved to be safe for human use
  • The chair has five memory settings
  • The chair can accommodate most heights from 4’7″ to 6’7″
  • The chair has padding to offer comfort, especially for elderly people
  • The massage chair is easy to clean as it just needs wiping with a damp cloth

Cons of Luraco i7 Plus Massage Chair

  • This Luraco i7 Plus massage chair is quite expensive
  • The chair weighs 265 pounds which makes transportation especially when moving it around a bit difficult
  • Some customers have complained about the remote losing the touch mode after a while of using it
  • Does not have a vibration or shiatsu massage function


black leather massage recliner

  • Dimensions: This iRobot massage chair measures 47 x 38 x 81 inches
  • Roller Back: 32 in long
  • Weight: The chair weighs 265 pounds
  • Materials: The cover is made of real genuine leather
  • Frame: The frame of the chair has metal, wood and plastic construction, making the chair sturdy and durable
  • Colour: Chocolate brown, black, and cream for your choice
  • Reclining Angle: From 120 to 170 degrees
  • Power Consumption: ~150 Watts (Max)
  • Auto-Off: Adjusts from 5 to 30 minutes

Usages of Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus Massage Chair

This Luraco i7 Plus massage chair helps to relax the body after a long and tiring day. The chair work by stretching the body to relax, eliminate fatigue and pressure on the muscles. The massage chair focuses on the entire body to provide full-body massage results. The chair can also be used for relaxing as it inclines to keep the body at a good balance.

These Luraco i7 Plus massage chair recliners are highly recommended for both home and office use. Imagine that you end a long day’s work and finally get back, receiving a massage on these chairs will relieve you of a day’s fatigue. If you are a manager who has a lot of employees, buying such a chair and sharing it in the office will help your people improve efficiency.

Also, please note that if you are a gamer, then the gaming chairs with massager are also recommendable. They are less professional than this massage recliner, but still can offer comfortable massage sessions to your lower back and thus fuel your gaming experience.


Luraco i7 plus massage chair is a medically approved smart massage chair suitable for entire family use. The chair has smart control with a touch screen remote and voice command for quick changing settings. The smart memory tech saves one’s massage setting for continued use, saving five different massage settings.

This chair has a Bluetooth connection to save and listen to your favorite music while enjoying a massage. This Luraco i7 Plus massage chair has quality material construction that can hold heavyweights of up to 300 pounds. Don’t miss it!

Luraco i7 Plus massage chair review

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