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Buy Best Massage Chairs to Minimize Your Stress – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Massage chairs are a good addition to your place. They will help rejuvenate your body and meanwhile relax your mind. If you are suffering from pains, massage therapy on a chair will be a convenient and effective solution. This is why we are here to introduce the best massage chairs for you.

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What Is the Best Massage Chair on the Market?


reai relax massage chair

Key Features:

  • Satisfying massage function
  • Intimate instruction on assembly and usage
  • Two casters on the base
  • Good for the price

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Why Do You Need Best Massage Chairs?

Nowadays, many people are busy coping with pressure or pressure-induced problems, including physical discomfort and mental stress.

One main reason is that a majority of us have developed bad sitting and standing postures and are enduring subsequent pains every day. This does not end in physical soreness. It is also at play in mental problems, which may further induce depression and insomnia.

It is urgent to address this problem. However, the dilemma is that we have to stay in our position in the wrong postures, as changing them is really a hard nut to crack. This is where the ergonomic and pain-relieving massage chairs come in.

1. Your Body Is Physically Fatigued and Painful.

Whether you are a student or already working, you are likely to be susceptible to muscle pains.

As a student, you have to sit at your desk, struggling with endless exercises. When you grow up to be an office worker, you are almost stuck in front of your PC monitor. Or maybe you become a receptionist who is obliged to stand there for extended hours. All these activities, though not as physically demanding as manual labor is, will add up to muscle fatigue.

back pain relief from massage chairs
Pains Will Lay Stress on You

This is a problem for the elderly severer still, for their muscle strength decreases as they age. Those troubled by arthritis and joint pain will be particularly prone to muscle pains.

The above-mentioned scenes are what we can experience in our daily life. Now let’s just put it in a more straightforward way.

In a recent report, experts estimate that as much as 80% of people around the world will endure back pain at some stages of life. Back pain has even become one of the leading culprits for job losses and absence from work.

In face of muscle pain, to grin and bear it turns out to be more of a hostage to fortune than laudable commitment.

2. Getting Massages Is A Recipe.

To relieve yourself of pain and fatigue, massage sessions will be helpful.

2.1 Receiving massages will have a lot of positive effects on your body.

It will help with the circulation throughout your body, stimulate your soft tissues and relieve your muscle tensions. This will notably do you a power of good when you are unknowingly taking to wrong postures at stretches.

Once you derive benefit from regular massages, both physically and mentally, you will find it a wonderful flavor enhancer to your daily routines.

get a massage for stress relief

2.2 Having massages regularly will reduce your health risks and relieve your pains.

Getting help from a professional massage therapist will lend a hand in lowering your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, including heart disease, heart attack, stroke, and arrhythmia.

Therefore, massages hold particular importance among the elderly, who are more liable to these issues. A report says that approximately 9 million people at the age of 55 or older receive massages for a total of 39 million times in a single year, mainly for pain relief and injury recovery.

Also, as most of us are more or less a victim of chronic body pains, relaxing the muscles is an effective cure. Whether you are enduring headache, back pain, muscle tension or postoperative pain, this will act as a respite from the sore conditions.

2.3 It can help with your mental well-being too.

As you may know, mental health is closely relevant to your physical health. Since your body conditions signal a change for the better thanks to the massage, you will feel less stressed and anxious. Also, after a deep massage, deep sleep will ensue. Therefore, depression will slowly go out of you and you can prepare yourself well for the routine coming after.

3. Massage chairs can also do the trick, and more.

Attracted by the goods of massages? Don’t haste. You can enjoy massage sessions on the chairs.

3.1 They are a worthwhile investment.

Massage chairs are available at varying prices. A massage chair pad, which can offer basic massaging functions to soothe your body, might be attainable at less than $200. A luxury reclining massage chair that can imitate the way a masseur massages your aching muscles can cost thousands of bucks. It is up to you about how much to invest in them.

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shiatsu massage chair pad

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Once you make a purchase of your own massage chair, you are entitled to relish consolatory massage sessions 24/7. Instead of traveling the distance for the appointment with your massager, you can benefit from the multiple massage techniques in the chairs comfortably at your place. Thereby, in the long run, it saves time and money spent on massages and helps you form a healthier lifestyle.

 It is true that a massage chair cannot act as the panacea that cures all your pains in a flash. However, keep on using it for 30 minutes a day, and you will find yourself gradually feeling less and less sore. After all, it is better to address the problem before it takes root. Do not wait until your pain reduces you to the jobless.

3.2 Make them a bonus for your own office.

Considering embellishing your office? Massage office chairs will be a good choice.

They boast a luxury look that signifies your taste and status. With a leatherette or fabric cover and thick upholstery, these chairs can easily allure your business guests to try sitting on them. This will be a fun episode for you both.

What outweighs the decorative purpose is functionality. After stretches of sedentary work or mental tension, it is reassuring to lie on the massage chair and enjoy a leisure spell. This is particularly advantageous when you are too busy working to schedule an arrangement with a masseur.

Plus, the sight of your massage chair in your office will remind you of a massage session for the day, and gradually you will probably form a habit of this.

Regular massages, undoubtedly, will improve your physical and mental health and thus enhance your productivity. This is really a kill-two-birds-with-one-stone investment.

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massage chairs for your office and home

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3.3 Reward your employees with these assistants.

Suppose you are a job seeker facing the choice between two positions. The only difference between them is staff welfare: one has massage chairs for employees while the other doesn’t. Which one do you like better?

For me, the former is preferable. This is not just about the comfort I can take from the chairs. What counts more is that this illustrates the consideration that the leaders give to their employees. Working with them will be a great pleasure.

Thereby, for company leaders, this will be a wise way of showing respect for the staff members and boosting their morale. With just a small expense, your employees, mostly diligent breadwinners, will be able to bask in your attentive care and relieve themselves of the heavy burden of life.

This gesture of goodwill, though seemingly insignificant, will be an influx of warmth in your workplace.

Reviews of the 6 Best Massage Chairs on the Market

Wondering the details of the best massage chairs and massage chair pads? Here are the ultimate reviews.

1. Real Relax Full Body Shiatsu Massager – Best Reclining Massage Chairs

reai relax massage chair


  • satisfying massage function: shiatsu and roller massage reducing your muscle soreness
  • intimate instruction on assembly and usage: installation video and user manual on hand
  • two casters on the base: able to assist in moving this bulky chair
  • good for the price


  • Each time you use the massage function, you have to reprogram all the settings.
  • The height is not adjustable.
  • This chair is more recommendable for users on the smaller side.

Astonished by the high-end massage chairs that cost next to $2000 or even over $3000? This chair will be a more cost-efficient purchase, attainable at a triple-digit price. Though cheaper, this massage excels in relaxing your body, from head to toe.

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▶Brilliant Features

【Zero Gravity Technology】

The reclining function features a zero-gravity design that comes in three levels. This technology draws its inspiration from space travel and offers you a virtually weightless feeling. By solely pressing the button, you can adjust the chair to a comfortable reclining angle. Give it a shot and you will fall for this technology, just like many other users do.

【Full Body Massage】

What is the zero-gravity feature for? An exceedingly enjoyable full-body massage, of course!

full body massage real relax

This massage chair is capable of caring for your fatigued body with its extraordinary massage functions. The 50 airbags are distributed all over your shoulder, arms, buttock, and legs will help twist your body while the 8 massage rollers will take care of your neck, back, and waist. The roller massage shall not miss your feet, either. The built-in heater will cover your waist, butt, and feet to further relax your body by lending warmth.

With all these designs, you can enjoy real relaxation with this Real Relax chair at home or in your office, not bothering yourself about an arrangement with a masseur.

【A Plush Arm Linkage System】

The smart design of this chair bestows on it a helpful arm linkage system. Its ergonomic feature ensures that your arms are comfortable while receiving massages, whether you are in a zero-gravity position or in a normal position.

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2. Ergonomic Swivel Leather/Fabric Recliner – Most Affordable Massage Chairs

swivel leather/fabric massage chair


  • an elegant look: fabric & leather options available for intensive use
  • ultimate comfort: thick padding for the armrest and the whole chair
  • effective massage design: 150-degree recline features for a full body massage
  • convenient control: remote controller and power cord included
  • lovely size for small rooms: an ideal match for relatively small places


  • The swivel functions are not lockable.
  • You will need to do some reportedly simple assembly.
  • Some may find the manual control over the massage chair trouble for lack of strength.

If you want to try a massage chair within a limited budget and don’t feel like compromising on a chair, this one should be your pick. Also, it is wonderful if you want a massage chair for small places.

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▶Brilliant Features

【Different Colors and Materials Available】

This is a soothing massage chair coming at an affordable price. The chair allows you to choose from different colors and materials. Its PU leather design with extra thick padding lends to your place a sense of elegance. Make a purchase of a fabric one if leather does not attract you that much.

【Nice Massage Functions】

But the more alluring feature is its effective massage designs. The heating and vibration function for your lumbar that has two intensity levels and five control modes will create an enjoyable massage session. You can also turn the back-heating mode off during the massage. Reline on the chair and enjoy the respite from pains.

【Made for Your Convenience】

To make for convenient massage sessions, this chair has a 360-degree swivel function. In this way, you are able to face any direction you want to without moving the bulky chair. Plus, there are two cup holders and four side bags to store your odds and ends. You can place some magazines you fancy there and relish them as massage goes on.

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3. Kahuna LM6800 Massage Recliner – Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair Reviews


  • professional and considerate massage designs: various advanced technology working together to optimize your massage experience
  • convenient storage: remote holders preventing you from looking for your remote controller everywhere
  • no worries over installation: an online video awaits to offer you detailed help.
  • good warranty service: easy registration for the service; a limited 3-year warranty


  • The foot rollers could be painful. A viable solution is to add extra paddings.
  • Less recommendable for people looking for soft massage.
  • The airbag can cause pain sometimes.

Wait, before the price scares you off, please allow me to take you to have a look at the versatile functions of this Baymax-like massage chair. Bulky though it looks, this chair offers extraordinary massage functions. In terms of user experience, massage pads will be more than likely to pale into insignificance when set against such massage chairs.

On a massage chair pad, you can receive pinpointed massage, targeting your upper or lower back or a specific area on your back. The pad can deliver massage via techniques like kneading, tapping, and shiatsu. All these features are easily available in this professional massage chair. Except for these perks, it will offer more goodies to people troubled by painful muscles.

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▶Brilliant Features

【Popular L-shape Track】
L Track Massage Function

To start with, the L-shaped massage holds its appeal among muscle-pain victims. This considerate design allows the massage function to cover your full back and buttock. This is often accessible only in more costly options. Give it a shot, and you will love the feature.

【Automatic Body Scanning】

Tired of wasting time adjusting the massage functions to find the most comfortable mode? Well, by virtue of development in technology, the automatic customization is now possible. This chair sports a computer body scan technology that will automatically learn your body size and then custom-make a massage plan for you. Thereby, you do not have to go the extra mile to find the comfiest mode.

【The Zero-gravity Position with Space-saving Technology】

The zero-gravity position will help you better distribute your weight while reclining on the chair receiving the massage, so that you can alleviate stress on your body. Meanwhile, this allows for a deeper and more effective massage.

space saving technology

The space-saving technology makes this feasible even when you do not want the massage chair to take up too much space. To put it more specifically, a mere 3″ distance from the wall is fairly enough while transitioning to zero gravity positions.

This will also be a benefit if you are keen on interior design, as you can align this chair with other pieces of furniture to create a more harmonious atmosphere.

【Air Cell Massage】

These chairs promise efficient and refreshing massage session with another high-tech design: the air cell massage technology. This makes for another upgrade in the massage quality. The air cells can inflate independently, causing your body to twist and stretch. They will perform their responsibility quietly.

【Special Auto Massage Programs】
yoga stretching on massage chair

After a day’s sedentary work, doing some exercises to increase your blood flow will make you refreshed and invigorated. Yoga is one of the most popular choices, yet chances are that you do not have access to professional yoga training. This is where the Yoga-Stretching program in this massage chair comes in. It promises to improve your blood circulation and thus revitalize your body.

If you want to relieve your spin pressure, the SH-Chiro is on hand. It specializes in spine care, unlocking the power of the nerve to reduce chronic pain. This is gaining increasing popularity among customers and has won high praise from back pain sufferers. Though not the panacea for your pain sufferings, this function will be of help in alleviating your symptoms.

All these sophisticated bells and whistles well justify the higher price of this versatile chair. If the budget is not a concern for you, I would like to suggest you experience the spurt of technological advancement in the field of massage chairs with this option, and you will find it well worth the investment. Even those coming at over $2,500 will hardly overshadow this chair.

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4. High Back Chair with Adjustable Massage Cushion – Best Gaming Massage Chairs

massage gaming chair


  • well-designed back massager: a consolation during stretches of sedentary activities
  • an ideal choice for big and tall: courtesy of extra-large size and weight capacity
  • maximum comfort: generous memory foam upholstery on the seat & padded headrest, lumbar cushion and footrest
  • functional design for your convenience: 360-degree swivel function & smooth rolling casters


  • Assembly could be a pain to some people.
  • The footrest is a bit flimsy and may not come out easily.
  • People on the smaller side might find it kind of wide.

This is a low-profile massage chair targeting people who need to spend stretches of hours in front of computers. Therefore, this is a wise investment for enthusiasts of e-sport as well as office workers. Just like every other gaming chairs of considerate design, this one has legions of features that will make for comfy sedentary periods.

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▶Brilliant Features

【An Informed Investment for Big and Tall】

The designer must have kept the big and tall group in mind when creating this nice PC gaming chair, as the backrest dimension is 22.4″ W x 32.7″ H while the seat is 22.4″ W x 21.7″ D, allowing people on the larger side to sit comfortably on this stable chair. The extra high weight capacity of 350 lbs further illustrates its capability to hold most users safely.

【Maximum Adjustability】
massage gaming chair adjustability

The full adjustability facilitates a pleasing sedentary lifestyle. You can easily modify the height of the seat as well as the headrest. Meanwhile, the armrests can also be adjusted up and down, or left and right to match the adjusted seat height. Also, the back angle is adjustable so you can find the most appropriate level for different activities.

【Thoughtful Massage Features】

The additional USB electric back massager design is the highlight of this seemingly ordinary gaming chair. The massaging lumbar cushion is adjustable so that it can better fit your body shape and thereby provide a more enjoyable massage experience. Of course, you can turn it off if you feel inclined to focus on the game or work and then on when your body calls for a break from long sessions of concentration on the computer monitor.

Fancy a totally relaxing massage interval while gaming or working? The retractable footrest with high-quality upholstery is to hand. Plus, you can lock the chair at any angle up to 155°. This is next to allow you to lie down on the chair receiving massages.

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5. Snailax Neck & Full Back Massage Pad – Best Shiatsu Massage Chair Pads

shiatsu massage chair pad


  • professional massage functions: diverse ways of massage for different parts of your body with no time limit
  • adjustable height: for users 63″ – 70.9″ (1.6m – 1.8m) tall
  • functional design: adaptable to various seating options, be it a sofa, a recliner, or an office chair, at home or in your office
  • no security concerns: integrated strapping system fixing the massager to your sofas/chairs
  • easy maintenance: separable and washable neck cover & back flap
  • remote control: easily tailor-make your massage mode
  • affordable price: a wise investment both for personal use and as a gift


  • Not suitable for car use.
  • The seat material is kind of slippery, so you may slide a bit sitting on it.
  • Less suitable for people on the smaller side
  • It is better if the back cover is further extended.

This massager is proud of its efficient back massage design for the relief of back pain.

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▶Brilliant Features

【Massage Coverage】

The massage coverage is up to you by virtue of the spot massage function. Of course, you can enjoy a full back massage as with other massagers. The added bonus is that if you are suffering from lower or upper back pain and want to take specific care of that, it is feasible as you can adjust the massage zone to satisfy your needs.

【Neck and Shoulder Massage】

The neck and shoulder massage are awesome for people suffering from neck and shoulder pain. The massage nodes can rotate in two directions and deliver deep tissue massage. This is especially helpful in rescuing you from severe neck and shoulder pain. You can also position these massage nodes to the spot that requires pin-point massage. Complete relaxation, isn’t it?

But that is not all it can do for you. When the massage function is at work, you can select to turn the heating mode on if you like it, or off if you do not. Such a considerate neck and shoulder massage design is definitely what makes this massage pad stand out from the plethora of pads on the market.

【Seat Massage】

This massager will be of great help if you are looking for a seat massager. It boasts two well-designed massage nodes on the seat. The vibration function of it has two intensity levels, so you can apply the proper model to your hip and thighs for comfy massage.

【Shiatsu Massage with Heat】
shiatsu massage on chair pad

This massage chair pad possesses four shiatsu massaging nodes with an optional heat function. During the massage, you can feel the nodes moving up and down along your spine helping you relax. If you prefer extra warmth to your back, feel free to turn on the heating mode. This feature has a system protecting you from overheating, so you do not need to worry about adding too much heat.

【Rolling Massage】

The rolling massage that helps soothe your muscular tension is adjustable. That is, you are able to modify the width between massage nodes to a level that best suits your back. In this way, you will enjoy a more targeted and efficient massage to alleviate your back pain.

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6. Snailax Spot Massage with Heat and Vibration – Best Budget Massage Chair Pad

most affordable massage chair pad


  • comfy back and seat massage
  • easily affordable price: a wise investment especially if you are new to massage chairs and massage pads
  • broad application: able to work well with any chair or sofa at home and in your office
  • remote control available: a breeze to customize your massage mode
  • lightweight and small size: allowing you to carry it along, traveling up or downstairs, indoors or outdoors; will not take up much space


  • It is OK to use it in a car, but not recommendable. And remember not to use it while driving.
  • No neck and shoulder massage.
  • No heat function on the seat.

If you have a limited budget, these massage chair pads will be a wise investment. Not only can you save money, but you will enjoy high-quality massage sessions on them.

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▶Brilliant Features

【Relaxing Massage Techniques】

This massage pad blends shiatsu and vibration functions together. To relax your entire back, the four shiatsu massage nodes can travel along your back to give you comfort. Of course, you can also choose to apply the massage only to your upper or lower back.

massage chair pad for relief

The spot massage function allows you to concentrate the kneading massage nodes on one point. In this way, you will benefit a lot when a specific part of your back is enduring severe pain.

The heat function on the back also has a fairly comforting effect. It will help a lot in relieving your muscular tension. The warmth can go from your shoulder right through to your lumbar. You will find this a real bonus if you are staying somewhere cold.

【Customize Your Massage Modes】

If you find the massage too strong, you can lower the intensity by attaching the separable back flap to your massager. Note that it is a good idea to put a blanket between you and the massager if you would like further softness.

Do not forget that the massage nodes are adjustable. You can adjust them up and down simply by pushing some buttons. By doing so, you can experience a more targeted massage session as the nodes fit your body curvature better.

The vibration seat massage comes with two massage nodes and three intensity levels. Feel free to modify it to your favorite level and enjoy your healing time on this massager!

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How to Choose the Best Massage Chairs

In the review of best massage chairs and ergonomic massage pads, we mentioned many features of them. Some are familiar to you, like the heating function and the fabric or leatherette coverage. But some techniques, like the Shiatsu or kneading massage functions, may seem strange to you.

Here we are going to look through the factors you can take into account when selecting massage chairs.

1. Size

To choose the best size of the chairs, two factors will count.

One is the size of users. Usually, you are purchasing the chair for sharing purposes, and people will differ in their build. It is hard for a chair to fit all the body sizes, but the ones with good adjustability will cater to the need of the majority.

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adjustable massage gaming chair

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Remember that if the seating area is too narrow, people on the larger side will feel uncomfortable squeezing themselves in. When the width between armrests is too large, however, the skinny group will have to bear with uncomfortable arm massages.

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massage chair holding 400 lbs

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massage chair for small settings

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The other is the size of the room, or the chair if you are looking for chair pads. Usually, you do not want to turn your living room or personal office into the recliner’s room.

So, check the size of the chair and the room you want to place the chair in. For pads, make sure they are not too wide for your chair or sofa to hold.

2. Budget

The massage chairs vary largely in price. The massage chair pads, which can work on any seating option with a high back, usually cost under $200. The high-end massage chairs, usually more comfortable and look fancier, can be priced thousands of dollars.

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L track massage chair best rated

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best high end massage chair

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One reason for the price spread is the massage techniques applied. Sure, you can include all the premium features if the budget is not a concern for you. Yet if you want to get the most cost-efficient one, eliminating the redundant functions will be a short cut. Also, you can choose those that come with less advanced but equally effective techniques.

Read on if you wonder how to choose between the more economical and the more high-end massage techniques.

3. Massage Techniques

There are many massage types applicable in massage chairs. They are slightly different from each other and can offer professional help to relieve specific pains. Chairs that properly combine these techniques to target different body parts will be a priceless treasure.

3.1 Shiatsu Massage

shiatsu massage on chairs

Shiatsu, aka acupressure, is a form of medical treatment that originates from Japan. It is to apply pressure to pinpointed parts of the body using fingers. For massage chairs and pads, shiatsu nodes are in the place of human fingers and will mimic the process to make for maximum comfort and relief.

3.2 Kneading Massage

This allows the chair to rub and squeeze your muscles to relax them and to make them less painful. It can apply pressure to deep muscle tissues and improves muscle flexibility. Also, kneading will increase skin temperature and thereby improves circulation.

3.3 Tapping Massage

Tapping massage, also known as percussion massage, is ideal for alleviating muscle stiffness and improving blood flow. It will accelerate the growth and repair of tissues by strokes of tapping, like the way you play percussion instruments.

3.4 Rolling Massage

If a roller massage is accessible, you will feel the rollers rolling up and down your back constantly applying pressure to loosen your muscle tension. This is applicable to your full back.

3.5 Air Compression Massage

Massage chairs with built-in airbags will do the trick. They can be distributed all over your body and give you massages. Usually, the air compression massage function comes with a manual mode to modify the intensity levels and to target specific areas.

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reai relax massage chair

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4. Massage Coverage

Sometimes you may need massage your back only, but sometimes you may want the massage to cover your feet, arms and the like.

4.1 For Your Back

The back coverage often comes in two shapes: S shape and L shape.

The S shape is the most common choice on the market. This is a quite traditional type. You will feel the nodes going along your back in an S shape to massage your painful back.

The L shape is an extended version of the S-shaped technique, covering both your full back and your hamstrings. This will better care for your lower back.

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Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair Reviews

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4.2 For Other Parts of Your Body

If you are suffering extreme pains in specific areas of your body, you can choose a high-end full body massage chair that allows you to concentrate the massage function on specific areas.

A more targeted solution will be to buy a massager exclusively applicable to your painful part, like a neck massager or a foot massager.

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full body massage chair

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5. Other Functions

Except for the massage techniques, other functions like vibration and heating will also contribute to a comfy massage session. Here are the factors you need to consider.

5.1 Vibration Function

A chair with good vibration functions on the back and seat will help you better relax your muscles. Check if they are working well.

Give preference to those with an intensity and speed adjustment function, so you can modify how strong the vibration is to taste.

5.2 Heat Function

Most massage chairs and pads have a heat function. With the extra warmth, your massage session will be more enjoyable and effective, especially on cold winter days.

But make sure that a system comes along to prevent overheating. Too much heat will cause harm to your back.

Plus, it is better if the heating mode and massage mode are independent of each other, so you can decide whether you want warmth.

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massage chair pad with heat and vibration

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5.3 Reclining Function

Massage chairs that allow you to recline usually offer deeper and more intense massages in this way. Pay heed to the degree that the chair can recline to before you make the purchase.

Some recliners adopt zero-gravity technology, which helps you better distribute your weight across the chair. This will make the massage more active.

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reai relax massage chair

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5.4 Memory Function

Do not look down upon the memory function. Most good massage chairs have multiple customization options. This is beneficial when you want to custom-make your massage mode.

But this could also be a pain if you have to go through the complex procedure every time you are in a mood for a massage. This is where the memory function is the most advantageous. It will remember your massage settings and automatically set it up when you want to receive a massage.

You will not regret investing in this technology.

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memory saving massage chair

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5.5 Auto Programs

Many automated techniques are applicable to massage chairs.

Some will pre-program special stretching modes, like Yoga-stretching programs, to relieve your muscle tensions. Some will employ an automatic body scan function to learn the size of your body and thus customize your massage settings.

Such programs and technologies will lead you to experience the benefits of technological advancement by making your massage easier and comfier.

5.6 Manual Modes

Presently, technology can hardly read your mind. So, if you are particular about the massage intensity and style, it is more advisable to choose one quality massage chair with manual modes. In this way, you can have full control over the massage functions and grope for your favorite mode.

Click here to buy the Best Massage Chairs with Manual and Auto Modes.

manual and auto massage chair

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6. Convenience Features

Considerate massage designers will add in more features to offer you convenience. Most will offer the swivel feature, a remote controller and the storage function. These are probably the most useful features other than a wonderful massage design.

Besides, some chairs allow you to turn on the silent mode in case of unnecessary noises. Some chair pads for massage will allow charging in your car. Also, some come with convenient Bluetooth speakers.

And also, some massage chairs are lightweight and thus portable. This is really convenient if you want to carry the chair with you when you are out.

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top rated portable massage chair

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These are good extras to a massage chair, but don’t be fixated on them if your cap on massage chair investment is low.

7. Materials

Considering the usually high cost of professional massage chairs, it is a pain to see them break up. So, it is important to choose a sturdy construction and durable upholstery.

Usually, massage chairs and chair pads are available in leatherette or fabric coverage, or a mixture of the two. This will make a difference in the glamour of the chairs.

Leatherette ones are durable and have a better performance when pets are around. Fabric options look cozier and more inviting and are more comfortable to recline in.

8. Warranties

Warranty information can be tricky sometimes. Some chairs, though claim to have a warranty for years, will have unlimited warranties for all the parts for only the first few months.

So, read the guarantee carefully when deciding on your purchases in case of future problems. Some manufacturers offer warranty extension services. You can also invest in that if your massage chair is pricey.

Final Words

All in all, massage chairs are a good choice if you are constantly troubled by muscle pains, especially back pains. Having one at home will enhance the health conditions of all your family members. If it is immediately available in your workplace, I bet you will work more efficiently than before.

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top pick massage chair


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